Wedding Venue and Catering

Wedding Venue and Catering

Ready for another wedding related TBT? Today’s post is about how we picked the venue (and catering)

This is one of the earliest aspects of the wedding we landed on after the date, pretty much. But it is something that both Rory and I spent ages talking about and deciding what would be best for us, which was really fun in the whole planning process.

A few weeks after being engaged, I started looking at venues around Wellington. There were a lot of incredibly gorgeous places, some along the waterfront, some were a lot more private atop hills, but they’re all also crazy expensive. We knew we wanted a small wedding, so we wanted somewhere that could accommodate that, as most places wanted at least 50 people, and we were looking at a guest list of 30 (crept up to 40 in the end).

So, after looking at quite a few places online and weighing pros and cons, there were three places we wanted to look at.

Image result for dransfield house
Dransfield House
Image result for gear homestead
Gear Homestead
Image result for alfred coles house
Alfred Coles House

You guys get the idea of what I was looking for? I like villas. So I emailed all three places and over a few weekends, we visited all three.

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Looking Back on Our Wedding

Looking Back on Our Wedding

Today is a special TBT. One, it’s my four month anniversary for my blog!! Two, I wanted to share with you all lots of extra wedding photos. We recently got back almost 400 of wedding photos from our photographer Kent Yu over the weekend. Going through them all was amazing! So many moments captured from the best day ever.

I’ve compiled 25 (that was as small as I could make it!) to share with you all on the blog. They’re all ones I haven’t shared before, so I hope you enjoy this extra sneek peek into our wedding!

Strap in and have a look!

Wedding 01
Groom and Groomsmen Suits
Wedding 02
Rory and co getting ready

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Wedding Sweets and Treats

Welcome to another TBT! Today’s is another wedding related one. Last year in May, I emailed two businesses about wedding cakes, one called Sweet Bakery and Cakery, and  the other one called Stiletto Studio Cakes. I had heard amazing things about both places. In June, we went to a tasting at each one.

First, Stiletto Studio Cakes is incredible. They do amazing and creative designs.

We went into the tasting with no idea about what we wanted. We just thought, hey…cake. The tasting was a group one with around 20 people. Everyone milled around trying cake. They had lots of little pieces of different flavoured cakes, as well fillings, icings, examples, and all sorts. The lovely people who worked there asked us what we were thinking for our wedding cake. We wanted something small ish, as we were having a small wedding, we didn’t want a huge cake, as who would eat it all? Other than that, we had no idea. We liked a few flavours (vanilla, and lemon and raspberry stuck out a lot), and said we would email through ideas or any questions we had.

Next, we went to Sweet Bakery and Cakery. They were a smaller business, but just as recommended. They did more ‘naked’ cakes, they looked less ‘spectacular’, but just as beautiful.


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Say Yes to the Dress

Say Yes to the Dress

Are you all ready for this week’s little Throwback Thursday post? I was scrolling through Google Photos, trying to think of what I could do for a TBT, and I realised that around this time last year, was when I first tried on what would become my wedding dress. On May 14 2016 in fact, according to the date on these photos. So I thought I would take you through the adventure I went through choosing my wedding dress.

Here we go.

Originally, I was planning on buying my dress online over at JJ’s House. The one I was eyeing up was this one, which you can see from all angles here. There were a few others I liked, but I just really liked the look of this one, and there were lots of positive reviews from this site. Jo and Kruti got their bridesmaids dresses from JJ’s House in the end.

JJs House

However, for fun and giggles, I thought it would still be fun to go into a bridal boutique and try on some dresses. My sister was coming down to town that weekend (May 14), so I thought it would be fun for her and me to try on dresses and to bring along mum. Sounded like a lot of fun in general. So I contacted Sally Eagle and made an appointment to come in.

The below images are not mine, but from the official Sally Eagle site on Google Maps. But it shows just how beautiful and open the boutique is.

Image result for sally eagle bridal boutique

Image result for sally eagle bridal boutique

Image result for sally eagle bridal boutique

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Our Wedding

Hey internet friends! I’m finally back home in Wellington, we arrived yesterday afternoon. I also wanted to formally acknowledge a big thank you to everyone, because I officially hit 100 followers! I mentioned it in my last post The Blogger Recognition Award (100 Followers!), but I wanted to say thank you again, because it really does mean a lot!

Back to the topic at hand, we’ve still got a few days before returning to work which is great. We are currently making our way through wedding cards and gifts, left over decorations, dry cleaning suits and dresses…basically everything we left before heading to Fiji! For now, I wanna hit Pause and think back on the happiest day of my life (so far!)

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