Birthdays and More

Birthdays and More

Well things have taken an interesting turn since I last updated the old blog. There’s a pandemic, and New Zealand is the latest country to declare a lockdown for at least a month. It officially starts on Wednesday midnight, and we have been given 48 hours to prepare. Since we’re spending heaps of time inside, I’ve decided to get back into blogging again as much as I can. I have missed it, so what better time to get back into my creative space than now.

Nothing much has really happened since my last post except for our baby’s 1st birthday! She turned 1 on March 21, which was right in the middle of things escalating in NZ with Covid-19 unfortunately. But we were still able to have a small family party to celebrate this wonderful lady before things escalated.

Although I now realize that I missed my blog’s 3rd anniversary on March 6. Also, March 25 is our 3rd wedding anniversary. Which we weren’t really able to celebrate last year with a newborn, and now we’re in lockdown. But ah well, what can you do?

Throwback to 3 years ago

Naomi is now moving everywhere. She crawls at full speed, pulls herself up to stand, and cruises along everything. She’s also getting good at climbing and often stands up on her own for a few seconds. She eats everything, and also loves to drink both water and milk. We’re hoping she’ll stay not fussy. She sleeps through the night from around 7.30 to 8pm to 7-7.30am which is amazing. Her naps throughout the day though, she fights as hard as she can till she crashes. Two naps normally, one short (30-40 minutes), one longer (1-2 hours).

Absolutely hates being restrained, whether it’s her high chair, buggy, car seat or even when we have to change her nappy. Loves hugs though, and songs, dancing, other babies, books, pictures of people she knows and anything she can climb. She’s definitely a bright spot in all this madness.

I’ve been trying to decide what to do with all this extra time at home. Blogging has been at the forefront for a while. I was looking through old posts and thought about trying to play around with all my makeup again, as I haven’t touched that in a while. Baking, outfit posts, little life updates, DIY things, and other ideas. Just some things to have some fun with. Daily posts are still definitely too much, but hopefully a few a week. In between, I have jigsaw puzzles, cross stitching, and of course games and movies to occupy my time. As well as my husband and baby to chill with.

So yeah, that’s where I’m at. How is everyone doing? I’ll be trying to keep up with us who are still blogging as I’d love to reconnect.

Stay safe everyone. Stay indoors. Be kind. Wash your hands, and all that.


Hello 2020

Hello 2020

It’s a new year, and a new decade! Here’s how we greeted in the new year.

I did not stay up till midnight, I went to bed at around 10pm and happily slept in while many people stayed up and saw the new decade in. But that’s alright, I haven’t stayed up till midnight since 2017.

We went away to another little holiday house for a few days. This time, we were closer to Raumati Beach in Paraparaumu. The place we stayed in was less modern than the one we stayed in before. But they had a pool and spa we could use. so it was a fair trade off. The beach was also just a few minute walk down the street. Extra bonus, they provided us breakfast for our stay there.


We stopped by to explore the beach one morning. It was a little windy but not too bad. Naomi was fascinated and looking around heaps.


She enjoyed feeling the sand in her fingers and trying to grab all the shells around her. I was surprised she didn’t try to put any in her mouth. (Later though, in the garden, she ate a flower petal).


She wasn’t the biggest fan of the sea though. The water is quite cold, and she’s only been in heated pools and warm baths.


We also had some fun in the pool. Rory and I swam around for a bit as she had a nap. When she woke up, we brought her into the pool too. It’s not as warm as the pool she has swimming lessons in, so she was a bit more hesitant at first. But she enjoyed herself in the end.

Later on, at sunset, I had fun taking lots of pictures at the beach. I’ve missed using my DSLR to take pictures. Reminds me of all the times I used it for my earlier blogging days. Hopefully I’ll have more time this year to get back into it!


I have gotten into reading more books again. I managed to complete my Reading Challenge in 2019 which I was happy with. I’d only read 4 out of 15 books when I came back into it in November. I’ve downloaded the Libby app on my phone which lets me borrow e-books from my local library. I love it! I’ve set another Reading Challenge for myself this year. I’ve just gone with 20 books. I also heard about the Popsugar Reading Challenge which sounds like fun. I’m going to see how much I can tick off from it. I’ll include it here if you guys are interested!

2020 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

All in all, I’m entering 2020 with lots of excitement and renewed energy. I’m very excited for March when Naomi turns 1. I can’t wait to see what else this year brings.




As it’s my birthday, I felt compelled to write a little post. I’ve celebrated the past two birthdays with a special post, so I figured this one should be no different. This past year for me has been a whirlwind. My last birthday, I was 25 weeks pregnant and today, I am a mum to a very chatty, cheeky 8 month old.


We celebrated my birthday this year with a mini trip up to Paraparaumu beach. The weather…was not great. We arrived on Friday and it was sunny with a bit of cloud, and a lot of wind. We settled into our little bach and wandered out to the beach. Naomi kept gasping and clutching us close, as the wind whizzed around. So we gave up on that and just sat outside the bach for a bit. It was a bit more sheltered there, and we got to get some lovely photos.

The next day, we went shopping then just stayed inside and watched movies. As it was even windier, and also raining lots. That night there was even a proper thunderstorm, with much lightning and thunder. Again, Naomi was not a fan.

Excuse the terribly quality, I screen shotted this from a video I took that night. We got to see lots of lightning strikes like this which I found exciting. It lit up the whole room, and the following thunder would shake the room.

We headed back home on Sunday. I do wish the weather stayed nice for a bit longer, but hey what can you do? It was still nice to get away from the daily routine and hang out somewhere new with the husband and baby. Despite being freaked by the weather, Naomi did well spending time in a new place. She slept fairly well and was her happy, playful self even in new surroundings. She also slept the whole car ride there and back.


For my birthday day today, Rory and I have the day off to just wander around town and see a movie. Naomi will be at work without me, so we are free to do whatever which should be fun.

All in all, it was a fun way to celebrate turning 28.



Eight Months Old

Eight Months Old

Today, Naomi is 8 months old! It’s crazy to think of how much she has grown in that time. I’ve seen lots of kids grow up from around 3-6 months till up to 5 and beyond thanks to my job, but this is the first time that I get to experience it as a mum. So I’m just going to go over highlights that I  can remember off the top of my head. There are many, so I will try not to do too many words.

The first month was a wild ride of just being so tired all the time. We were learning how to look after a newborn, and Naomi was just trying to deal with being out in the bright, loud world. Things that do stick out to me though, are when she was finally able to make eye contact with me. She slowly started responding to our faces and voices, which was very exciting.

The next few months, she got longer and began outgrowing all her clothes. She also started making interesting noises, like grunts, honks, squeaks. This was the time that I began taking her out to playgroups so we were able to socialize a bit more. Being less stuck in the house definitely did lots of good for us. Naomi’s sight and hearing kept developing, she’d follow us move around the room, and watch a toy that we’d be waving in front of her. She also started to smile and giggle, which is the most beautiful sound ever.

The next few months, Naomi just kept growing and learning. She can now grab everything. She takes a close look at it, twirling it in her hands, then immediately puts it in her mouth. When she turned 6 months, we introduced her to solids, and to say she loves it is an understatement. She will take the spoon off us and not give it back. If we’re not watchful enough, she will grab the bowl and try feed herself. At the same time as this, she started teething. Which is not fun.

Now, Naomi is starting to move. Rolling over, scooching around, leaning over while sitting unsupported. At some point, she’ll work out crawling, and we really will need to start baby proofing things. She’s talking more and more, lots of new sounds and lots of big laughs and giggles. She reaches out for us when we pick her up which is adorable. She’s just becoming much more aware of her surroundings and learning she can do so much. It’s all very exciting.

That’s all for this update!


Shadow Update

Shadow Update

I feel a bit proud that I’ve managed to post at least a few times a week. This hasn’t happened in so long. But it feels so nice. Anyway, I talk about Naomi a lot. She’s my baby daughter, and obviously I love talking about her on here. I realised however, I haven’t talked about our fur baby in a while. Although, we talk of Shadow as our fur teenager. She’s 2 and a half, almost 3 possibly (they weren’t sure of her age when we adopted her last July, they guessed around 1 or 1 and a half). So I think in cat years, she’s in her teenage years, or early adulthood.

Anyway, Shadow has come a long way since we first adopted her from the rescue shelter. She was really skittish and nervous at first, we could barely pet her without her jumping. Nowadays, she’s fine with being pet, cuddled and picked up. Not for too long however, she likes to let us know that she doesn’t like us that much (we know she loves us though). She loves food. She’s no longer the super skinny timid cat we adopted, she’s a healthy, strong cat.


She spends most of her time outside. Guarding her territory, sunbathing, wandering off around the neighbourhood (she always gets confused when we meet her outside the house), and hunting birds. She has learnt that if she brings her dead (sometimes dying) trophies inside, they are taken away and put in the trash. So now she just hides them in the backyard.


Inside, she has claimed one of the big living room chairs for her own. We added a blanket to it, so it’s officially her seat now. She spends her time there, on one of the chairs under the dining room table, or on the windowsill, watching the world go by.

She’s used to Naomi now. She didn’t have the best opinion of her when she first arrived. She kept glaring in her direction when Naomi would cry all night, then glare at us (it is technically our fault), then she’d slink out of the room. Now, her ears twitch but she deals with it. As Naomi has gotten a bit bigger though, she’s taken more of an interest (Naomi is very interested in the black fur ball that runs around the house). She will sniff her, sometimes sit near her. Not too close though, Naomi sometimes dives in her direction, so Shadow shoots off. But then she’ll come back, still a fair distance away. Be interesting to see how they get on as Naomi starts moving.

What even is that sleeping position?

But yeah, just wanted to update on our cat. I don’t talk about her too much, but she’s around. We love her. She’s Naomi’s sweet, grumpy, furry sister.

Tell me about your pets if you guys have any. Link to pictures if you can 😀


Random Little Things

Random Little Things

I was trying to come up with a title for this post but was struggling. I just wanted to share some things I’ve liked over the past few months. I always liked doing my monthly favourites post, and I haven’t done any pretty much in a year. So get ready for a random post where I just talk about some little things that I liked recently.

Bao Boy

I have recently gone back to work after half a year’s maternity leave. On one of my breaks, I decided to wander around and saw a few new digs. I wandered into this one, thinking it was a cafe, but it’s a Japanese style restaurant. They do dumplings, noodles and all sorts. What caught my eye was the donuts, cause I wanted a sweet pick me up. They were deep fried milk bun donuts, coated in cinnamon sugar, condensed milk, and drizzle. It was soooo good. I definitely want to head back and try some of their savoury dishes too.

Colin the T-Rex


Another place I hadn’t visited in a while was Avalon Park. It’s a really big park near us, with an amazing playground, mini golf, grassy areas, and they recently redid the pond. It looks beautiful, but my favourite part is the t-rex in the middle. There’s a sign that says his name is Colin.

Finale Bouquet

If you’re ever in Wellington, you have to visit Te Papa. It’s the national museum of New Zealand, and there’s just so much cool exhibitions on. On my first trip with the kids there since I’ve been back, they had this new art exhibit up called the Final bouquet. It’s a simple idea, but the execution is so mesmerizing.

So yeah, these are some random little things I’ve liked recently. What’s something that made you a little happy recently?


Hello November

Hello November

How is it already November? This year has gone both super fast and super slow at times, but that’s life with a baby. Hey guys! How is everyone? It’s been the longest while since I’ve blogged, but it popped back in my head and I wanted to check in.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen the occasional updates of little miss Naomi. She is now 7 and a half months. She’s super smiley and bubbly, and is figuring out that she can move her body more and more. She can sit up unaided, but will still flop over at a moment’s notice. She leans over to grab stuff and gets mad when things are out of reach. She adores her baths and going swimming.


I’m back at work 4 days a week. I plan on going fully full time next year, but for now, I like having a 3 day weekend, as I get exhausted. I’m back to looking after many babies during the day, and then I head home and we look after just one baby. It still takes up a decent bit of energy. We all just crash by around 9 o clock. All that aside, I am loving being back at work. I’ve settled back in, the kids all know me well again, and Naomi gets so much love and attention from all the kids and teachers.

November has so far been bringing some really lovely sunny weather. We’ve gone on quite a few trips at work, and it’s been so nice getting to chill in the sun. My birthday is in just under a month, and we have a fun little weekend getaway planned. Then of course, Christmas is pretty close too. We have another getaway planned around new years too. All in all, I’m excited for the coming months!


It’s been fun opening up wordpress and typing up this update. I have no idea what the future of this blog is, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully walk away. It’s too much fun! Even if I vanish for months at a time lol.

How have the past few months been for everyone? I’m hoping to catch up on the last few posts people have posted, do let me know how you guys are going!


The New Normal

The New Normal

I was completely meaning to post when Naomi officially turned three months old, but time just keeps getting away from me. I am loving being a mom, it’s definitely keeping us busy, and this once beloved blog of mine keeps getting forgotten about. But, as the title says, this is the new normal for me.

So, Naomi is now three and a half months.

She is a happy (mostly), chatty, and occasionally giggly little lady. She has met lots of new family members over these past six weeks, including great grandparents and her aunt and uncle. She loves all the attention and smiles she gets from everyone, and we noticed that she doesn’t get as grumpy at them as she will with Mum and Dad. Once it’s just us again, then she suddenly gets all tired and grumpy lol.


She is a lot more active and alert when she’s awake now. Even during feedings, she’ll suddenly get distracted by things on the wall and start chatting to them instead. Her great grandparents gifted her a colourful playmat, and she loves lying on it and happily shouting at her toys. She keeps discovering new ways to use her voice. She vocalizes a lot, quietly, loudly, high pitched, and then little growls. Her favourite statement is “ah-boo”, sometimes “ah-goo”. Often followed by a big shout or laugh.


Her neck and shoulders continue to get stronger with tummy time. She can hold herself up with her arms for quite a while now. She’s also starting to rock side to side, so she may figure out rolling at some point. All in all, she is definitely starting to explore the world around her more.

Even sleeps are getting slightly easier for us. We can now put her down in her bassinet when she’s drowsy and she settles herself to sleep (by loudly sucking on her fingers). Although the past few days she’s started to fight against this, but we keep persevering. She tends to sleep better when she has settled herself to sleep than when we rock her.

I have found new energy to this being a stay-at-home thing by taking her out a few times a week. Sometimes Rory gets a ride into work, so we can take the car out too. We only have energy for one trip in a day, as it exhausts both of us. But I love getting out and about, as sometimes I get a bit cabin fever-ish being at home all the time. Places we’ve gone to include a Bring Your Baby to the movies event at the library, Playcentre groups, the supermarket, coffee meet-ups, and even visiting my workplace. She was very popular there. It was nice catching up with all my co-workers, and seeing all the kids again. None of the babies remembered me (I’ve been away for four months though, so it makes sense), but most of the older kids did remember me. They kept asking where I’ve been, and I kept explaining that I went and had a baby, who I was currently holding. I missed them all. I’m looking forward to heading back there with Naomi in a few months.

That’s my catch-up post for now. Hopefully I can keep doing these at least once a month, as I like looking back on what’s been going on.

Hope you guys are all doing well too!


Two Months Old

Two Months Old

I was definitely intending to write more than once a month, but honestly, I’m just happy spending my days hanging out and chilling with Naomi. We spend most days either hanging out in the living room as the weather turns yucky, and getting out when we can. In the evenings, we hang out with Rory. In the weekends, we’re a happy little family often going out to the shops and visiting extended family. Things are going great, and I often forget about blogging.

That being said, I still like having this little space to collect memories and experiences. So here comes another update.


She is still feeding very well. She goes through phases of ‘cluster feeding’, especially in the evenings. They tend to happen when she goes through a growth spurt. So she wants to feed lots to keep up with her body’s demands.


She is sleeping longer at night, still around 3-5 hours. Then during the day, she’ll nap anywhere between 20 minutes to just over an hour. She’s starting to settle herself to sleep now sometimes which is good. She’ll lie in bed, coo, suck her fingers then eventually fall asleep. Other times she decides she wants to be rocked and will call out or cry for us till we come over.


She is talking quite a bit now. By talking, I mean cooing. Lots of ‘oohs’, ‘aahs’, and gurgling noises. She gets even chattier when you look directly at her and talk. It’s so cute. She also smiles lots more, a few times she’s returned our own smiles which just melts my heart!


Her eyesight is definitely stronger now. She will follow us with her eyes as we move around the room. She also loves looking at things. Especially high contrast stuff, like black and white. We currently have put up these two black and white prints just above her nappy change area. She loves staring at them as we change her, which is a welcome distraction.

She’s starting to stay up a little longer in between her day naps. Anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour. We play heaps in this time. Reading books, singing songs, doing tummy time. We have also started venturing outside every few days too. I was really nervous about doing this at first, but now that she’s a little older, it’s nice to go for a walk around the block outside.

Some random tidbits to add at the end of this update.

  • She absolutely loves baths now.
  • She is starting to outgrow her newborn clothes. We’ve bought a few clothes the next size up in preparation. It’s amazing how fast babies grow!
  • I’m getting a lot more confident during our days at home together. I used to struggle quite a bit, and felt overwhelmed a lot of the times. But now, we know each other quite well and I can read her cues. We still have the occasional bad day, but never as bad as it was in those first few weeks.


I’ve rambled enough now. I had fun writing this post, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to write another one anytime soon. Hopefully I can keep up with these monthly updates.

Hope you’re all doing well!