Keeping Cosy

Keeping Cosy

I used to do a lot of outfit posts back when I blogged on an actual schedule. So I thought it would be fun to try do some more. Given the current situation, I thought I’d share my go-to cosy at home outfits.

Red, Black and Yellow

First one is good old fluffy cardigan and leggings.

cosy outfit 01

I got this red sweater from H&M over the holidays. It’s so soft and good as the weather is slowly getting cooler here. I often wear it with my black leggings which are getting older, but it just makes them even more comfortable.

cosy outfit 1

I wanted to accessorize a bit so I threw on my yellow headband to help tame my hair, and my little gold necklace that I’ve been wearing a lot. It’s quite minimalistic which is why I got it. Also, socks, cause my feet were cold.

cardigan flat lay

Finally, I attempted na outfit flat lay, throwing in the shoes I would wear if I was going outside. You can see the texture of the sweater a bit better in this too. It’s super fluffy and fun to feel.

Feeling Spacey

My other choice is my NASA hoodie which I got from H&M and paired it with a classic blue jean.

cosy outfit 2

You can’t beat a hoodie for comfiness. Especially an oversized one. The only downside of this hoodie is that it’s not oversized. I’m still looking for one. Otherwise, it’s comfy, breathable, and also has the NASA logo on it, and I like space.

cosy outfit 02

I wear jeans at home a lot, normally on the weekends. I know some people look down on that, but jeans are comfy too? That and I’m used to wearing them a lot. No accessories for this outfit, cause I’m very covered up.

hoodie flat lay

Another flat lay attempt. Again, if I was heading out, then I would add a bit more. At home I don’t wear a belt with jeans cause it doesn’t matter. I also like pairing this all with good old sneakers.

So yeah, those are two of the things I’ve been wearing a lot lately. Especially as down here we’re sneaking into autumn so it’s getting a bit cooler.

What have you been wearing lots lately while at home?



Maternity Dress OOTD

A few weeks ago, I shared a maternity clothes haul. One of the items I bought was this stripy maxi dress. The dress is so comfy! It’s so soft and feels so nice to wear all day. It’s also perfect as the weather gets warmer.

stripe dress 01

Sidenote: I also bought these prescription sunglasses recently. Driving was getting tricky without sunglasses as I kept getting blinded. So I decided to splurge on these sunglasses, and I love them so much!

stripe dress 04

I don’t have too much else to say about this dress. It’s comfy, pretty and definitely my current favourite maternity outfit. It’ll be fun to see how I look in the dress over the months as my bump grows. I have a few other pieces that I’ll probably share down the line as well.

stripe dress 05


Maternity Clothes Haul

So I’m still not really showing, but I have already started buying maternity clothes in preparation. I’ve been having a lot of fun looking around in stores and online. I’ve bought a few pieces that I thought would share with you guys. Down the line, I’m sure I’ll do some outfit posts with the maternity clothes when the bump is a lot more prominent.

I bought these three from ASOS.

Mummy to ‘Bee‘ shirt, Black Smock Dress, and blue boyfriend jeans

The bee shirt was just too cute to pass up. I wanted at least one ‘novelty’ piece. The smock dress looks floaty and comfy, which will be perfect for the warmer weather. I am also a fan of my jeans, so I knew I had to at least get one pair of maternity jeans.

I’ve ordered these from Jeanswest, and they’re scheduled to arrive early next week. A layered t-shirt, a shirt dress, and striped maxi dress.

More light dresses for the coming seasons. I’m preparing for a hot summer, so I want to be comfortable! I have tried to stick with spring and summer wardrobe choices, as that will be the weather when I’m going to need these clothes.

For now, I’ve stopped looking at more maternity clothes before I get too excited, but I’m sure I may get more down the line. Sorry I don’t have any pictures to share, but I will definitely do outfit posts with them over the next coming weeks.

What have you guys bought online lately?


Some New Products I Like

I have some thoughts I want to share about some skincare and hair products I’ve been liking lately. I tried really hard to come up with a snazzy title, but it just wasn’t coming. So anyway, here’s some products I’ve been liking lately.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater

facial spray

My sister had recommended this to me. It’s fairly cheap, so I figured I’d give it a go. It’s easy to mist on your face, and it feels nice and refreshing. I like to use it in the morning and evening. I mist it on, and it helps to ease redness as well as moisturize a little. For the price it costs, this is really worth it. There’s a few other variations of this spray with different ingredients, so I’m keen to try more.

Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer

hair primer

I bought this after hearing lots of great reviews. Since my previous heat spray, I haven’t found one I really like. This one has been really good! It’s a lightweight spray and smells really nice (bonus!). It doesn’t make my hair feel sticky or crunchy. My hair is less frizzy after blowdrying now, and feels softer. I really recommend giving this one a go if you’re looking for a good heat protection spray.

Bumble & Bumble Surf Infusion Spray

sea salt spray

This is one that can be a little hit or miss. I had heard about sea salt sprays before, and since I like Bumbl & Bumble, I thought I’d try their travel size one. It smells nice and definitely reminds me of the beach. I spray it on damp hair and scrunch it up and leave it to dry. My hair will feel a little sticky/crunchy on bits, but otherwise it leaves it looking ‘naturally messy’. Other times, it’s just a mess. But it has worked on more occasions for me, so I still think it’s worth a go!

What skincare or haircare products have you been liking lately?


Essential Makeup Tools

I haven’t been doing much makeup posts lately. I’ve gone a bit more minimal with it lately. I tend to not be bothered with it most days since we get up really early for work. That being said, there are a few tools and brushes which I consider essential for my makeup kit.


For a while there, I would either just use my hands or the brushes that came with products. As I started getting more into makeup though, I realized the benefits of having some good brushes. Depending on how much makeup you like using, will guide you on how many different types of brushes you want. I have a handful of brushes, but lately I only use a few.

The two I use on a daily basis are the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, and the Wet’n’Wild Crease Brush.

The face brush works really well for me when it comes to blending out my foundation. Whether it’s a mineral or powder, this brush does a really good job of evenly spreading the foundation around my face. There’s minimal streaks, and also not much fallout from the brush. I’ve had it for almost a year now and it’s still in really good shape.

The Wet’n’Wild Crease Brush has been my go-to for my eyes. It has a nice fluffy shape and picks up the product really well. It does a great job of blending out whatever I’m putting on my eyes. I normally use it for transition shades as well as blending. Lately, I just use bronzer as a transition shade and leave it there for my eyes. It gives them a bit more definition without having to do too much.

Beauty Blender

I have two beauty blenders. One was a really cheap one from a department store. The other is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I use the latter a lot more. When it comes to any liquid product, this is my go-to. I use it for my cream foundation, as well as concealer. The blender tends to soak up extra product so you’re not slathering too much on your face (a problem I had when I used my fingers). It’s worth getting as it applies the makeup without streaks and also just speeds up the process.

Eyelash curler

I only consider this an essential if you wear glasses. Mascara tends to lengthen lashes as well as define them. So if you haven’t curled them first, your lashes rub against your glasses every time you blink. It’s annoying.

That’s all really. There’s a lot more out there to explore and play with, but this is all I consider essential.

What are some of your essential makeup tools?


10 x 10 Outfit Challenge Completed! (Winter Edition)

So I’ll be upfront with you guys. I didn’t take these photos on the day I wore the outfits. Why? Because before and after work, it’s pitch black. So instead, I took notes on what I wore each day (and pre-planned a few days ahead) and just took all the photos this past weekend.

Anyway, if you haven’t read this post first, I suggest you do as it explains this challenge! As a refresher, here’s my 10 items.

Here are the 10 outfits I came up with!

Outfit #1

Outfit 01

I’ve been loving my overalls again! It’s so comfy and even more perfect for winter. I often wear this outfit nowadays.

Outfit #2

Outfit 02

This outfit embodies my love of layers. The hoodie is an added bonus as random rain happens often at the moment.

Outfit #3

Outfit 03

Good old tights. They allow me to still wear my skirts in winter.

Outfit #4

Outfit 04

I really love wearing this big heavy cardigan, it makes any outfit so much more warmer.

Outfit #5

Outfit 05

Wearing a pompom beanie is great when your hair isn’t behaving. I really like this outfit, it felt a bit more dressy than my normal outfits.

Outfit #6

Outfit 06

I had to bring back the overalls, but to make it different, I swapped out the sweater underneath.

Outfit #7

Outfit 07

Another favourite outfit of mine. Comfy and perfect for spending all day chasing babies.

Outfit #8

Outfit 08

My last overalls outfit for the challenge! It was a bit cooler, so I chucked on my big cardigan to make it a little different.

Outfit #9

Outfit 09

Could you tell how windy it was? This was similar to outfit 7, so I wore my boots this time round.

Outfit #10

Outfit 10

Ending the photos on the same pose as in outfit #1!

I’m pretty happy with the outfits I came up with. I don’t think I wore the same one twice, even if a few are quite similar. Since the items I picked were all similarly coloured, I was able to mix and match really easily! It made for a fun 10 days, and honestly, I’ll probably wear these outfits again as winter continues.

Let me know which outfit you liked the best!


If I Could Only Keep One – Makeup Tag

So I haven’t been doing tags lately, especially since now I’ve gone down to three posts a week, I’m keen to write about other things. That being said,¬†Cleia¬†recently tagged me for this makeup tag! It reminds me of the Ride or Die tag from a while back, and it’s fun to think about which makeup product I would limit myself to “if I could only keep one”.

The gist is, you look in your collection, and if you have more than one type of product, you need to decide which one you’d keep. I won’t be including eyebrow products, concealer, blush, primers or setting sprays in this list, cause I only have one of each of those at the moment.

Okay, here we go.

Eyeshadow Palette

Tarte Treasure Box

Okay, so this is cheating a little, since this comes with more than just eyeshadow. But I really do love this palette. I have two Colourpop ones which I’m pretty keen on, but lately, I’ve been coming back to the Tarte one. It has a bigger range, more colours, and it’s pretty high quality, so I can’t see myself separating from it.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

I’ve used a fair few mascaras up, but I keep coming back to this one. It can cause pretty intense lashes from just one application, so it’s well worth it.


Tarte Double Liner

I keep getting more eyeliners for whatever reason. I do love playing with them, even if I can’t go beyond a basic one (winged liners remain a fantasy). This one from Tarte comes with both a liquid and pencil liner. Both work great, so this seems to be the obvious pick for me!


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London

Okay, so my lipstick collection has grown quite a bit. I mostly have liquid lipsticks. That being said, I like my neutral one from NYX the best still. It goes with any look! While I love a lot of my other ones, this is a staple for me, so it has to stay.


Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick

I still really like Bare Minerals, but I’ve found myself reaching for my Hourglass foundation stick more recently. I can apply it quite quickly in the morning, it has amazing coverage, and I also use less foundation. I went through my previous foundation in around 2 months. But I’ve been using this one for over 2 weeks, and I’ve barely made a dent in it!


Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer

I don’t really have that much bronzers, but this one has become my go-to. It smells like coconuts, and the texture is so smooth and buttery! I’ve been using it as a transition eyeshadow quite a lot too.


Becca Shimmering Skin Pressed Perfector Opal

I also don’t have too many highlighters, the ones I do have were when I really got into trying lots of different ones. That being said, this one really is the most incredible. The amount of sheen you get from just one teeny stroke is so beautiful! I just like looking at it.

That’s all for this post! If you guys had to pick just one of these types of products, which would you go with? Feel free to do this tag yourself!


Bath Bombs Galore #2

I did a post on this back in November, but since then I’ve tried more bath bombs, so I thought it was time for a part 2!


This has still been one of my most favourite bath bombs. Ingredients include lemongrass, bergamot oils, avocado and olive oil. All of this left my skin feeling so nice and soft. The water turned into this really pretty, shimmery blue-green kind of colour too, and it smelt so nice! All in all, while it wasn’t flashy, it definitely left my skin feeling hydrated and nourished, and that’s all I need.


This one is very golden and shimmery, and also kind of a pain to clean up afterwards. Sunnyside is a bubble bath bomb, so along with making the water golden and sparkly, it also filled up with lots of bubbles! The scent was very citrus-y, which is no surprise as the ingredients are a blend of orange, lemon and tangerine oils. All in all, it was quite refreshing, but I don’t think I’d try it again.

Sex Bomb

This was highly recommended to me in the store, and I was keen to try it out. It smelt floral, but not overpowering. When I hopped in, I immediately felt more relaxed. The ingredients include jasmine (helps with stress and anxiety) ylang ylang (helps sooth worries) and clary sage (helps to clear the mind). The water was a pretty pink/purple colour, and made my skin nice and soft. Also, as a little surprise, that mini rose at the top of the bomb stays for a while. It was just floating around like a little boat, before finally dissolving around 15 minutes later. It’s definitely one to try for yourself!


experimenter 01

This is one of the more pricier ones. Like Intergalactic, it’s cause you’re going to get a show as you drop the bomb in. There was lots of colours swirling, as well as different scents. I got a bit of vanilla, and something else I couldn’t quite place. As the water settled, the colours all mixed, so the water was a bit murky. The appeal is definitely in the beginning stages of this bath bomb, but I still enjoyed it.

Creamy Candy

creamy candy

This was the first bubble bar I’ve tried, and I really liked it! The water turned into a nice light pink, and it felt so moisturizing on my skin. I came out with very smooth and velvety skin which I really enjoyed. The scent was also sweet, kind of like candy which is never a bad thing. The ingredients include almond oil and cocoa butter while helped with the overall hydration and softening experience! Definitely give it a go some time.


marmalade 01

This is the first jelly bomb I’ve tried, and I didn’t really understand what made it different from a bath bomb at first. From what I can tell, rather than fully dissolving, there are little bits of jelly covering the water which you can squish in your hands during the bath. It was very satisfying feeling it dissolve in my hands. The ingredients include orange and grapefruit oils, so it had a nice citrus scent and colour. All in all, it was very refreshing and a lot of fun!

Over and Over

over and over 01

This is another bath bomb that is fun to watch as you throw it in. It rolls over and over, releasing lots of pinks, oranges and golds everywhere! It was definitely refreshing, and the cocoa butter left my skin feeling nice and soft. My one issue with it though, is that it did stain my tub more than other bombs. I had to spend some time getting the colours off the side.

The Big Sleep

big sleep 01

This was one that Rory got me as a treat, after I’d had a bad day at work. I was drained and grumpy, so this was a really nice surprise! I immediately got scents of lavender and chamomile, which definitely helped me relax. When I popped it in, it turned the water into a nice light blue colour. While in the tub, the mix of lavender and neroli oil helped me feel so relaxed. Which was a good bonus, as I was in a crabby mood right before the bath. I was so relaxed in the bath that I caught myself almost falling asleep way too many times to count. After getting out, I headed straight to bed and had such a good sleep! I really recommend trying this if you’re in need of a relaxing night in!!

So I’ve tried a lot of bath bombs in the past 6-8 months, and I definitely plan on getting more! Which bath bombs have you tried recently?


10 x 10 Outfit Challenge (Winter Edition)

I loved doing this challenge back in summer, so I thought it would be fun to bring back for winter. As before, credit for this challenge goes to the lovely Style Bee. The rules of the challenge are pretty simple, come up with 10 items that you can mix and match into 10 outfits over 10 days.

Winter is a time for all the layers, so I feel like I can do quite a lot of combinations and come up with 10 different outfits. I noticed that I have a neutral colour scheme in most of my clothes though. For this round, I chose three tops, two bottoms, two outer layers, and two shoes.

Here’s what I landed on.

  • Grey school sweater
  • Blue zipper sweater
  • Light grey baggy jumper
  • Blue hoodie
  • Blue skinny jeans
  • Blue mini skirt
  • Black overalls
  • Black woolly cardigan
  • Light brown combat boots
  • Dark grey boot wedges

I’m pretty happy with my choices. I can layer quite a few of them, and I feel like they’re pretty versatile. The only problem with taking photos of the outfits are that it’s always dark when I’m home now (yay for winter hours!). I might try take selfies, then take full outfit photos during the weekend. I’ll work something out.

Have you guys tried this outfit challenge before?