Exploring the Gardens at Aston Norwood

So I mentioned in my weekend recap post that we had high tea at Aston Norwood. The food itself was okay, but we were blown away by the gardens! I was so excited to see all the cherry blossoms! A lot of the other trees were also starting to bloom, so we’re thinking of returning in around a month to see how it looks then. We’re sure it’ll be even more stunning.

We wandered around for a whole hour just drinking it all in. I took so many pictures, and the best I could narrow it down to share was 20. It’s just all so beautiful!

We went down every path, even the one that went uphill. After a while I realized I was getting winded a bit (hello baby), but we were near the top so I persevered. I think if we come back next month, I won’t be able to go up that path. The views were worth it though!

I love that I got my cherry blossom fill in the end.We may have missed it in Japan, but it’s in full swing in this garden at home!

I love looking back at all of these photos, it’s making me more excited to visit even more gardens. Even just doing general exploring as the warmer weather kicks in.

Have you guys visited any gardens lately?


Instagram in Winter

So I used to share my top photos from Instagram at the end of each month. However since a few months back, I haven’t been as active on Instagram. Since then, I kind of stopped the series. I still like the series though, so I thought I’d bring it back seasonally. I only really go on Instagram a few times a week instead of everyday, and I post even less. Life gets busy sometimes though you know.

Anyway, here’s my top photos from the past few months.

Hanging out at Ghibli Museum

ghibli museum 02

I shared a lot of Japan photos on Instagram over the past few months. Obviously, Japan was amazing and we saw so much amazing stuff. One of the highlights was definitely stopping by Ghibli museum. Totoro even greeted us at the front.

Looking Down on Tokyo

skytree 05

Seeing Tokyo from 350 floors up was insane. The city is huge and stretches on forever. It was awesome being able to be that high up and just look all around at the city.

Hot Balloon Cross Stitch

hot balloon cross stitch


I bought this little kit around at the beginning of the year and never started it until June. It has reminded me of how much I love doing cross stitch, and since this one I’ve started working on another one.

Sakura Sunrise Canvas Painting

bedroom decor

Rory and I have talked about hanging something above the bed for a while. Rory found this on Amazon, we ordered it, and there we go. It’s really pretty, and kinda fits the Japan theme.

Warmer Days

warmer days

This was taken back in March, when the weather was still really warm. I miss being able to wear dresses and not having to wrap up so much. That being said, the weather has slowly been getting nicer here, and the sun is staying out later.

I haven’t been as active on Instagram lately. There just hasn’t been much photos I want to share since Japan. Maybe as the weather gets nicer and we head out more, I might go on it more. Who knows?

What have you guys been posting on Instagram lately?


June Photos

I actually didn’t take that many photos this month. I got caught up in my many other hobbies, which I’m alright with. Honestly, I blame winter. It makes me want to stay inside and cross stitch. When it was warmer, I wanted to go out on trips and take photographs of everything!

Anyway, here’s some of my favourite photos from the past month.


I’ve noticed that I’ve been lax in taking selfies lately. I always would take them after playing around with makeup, but lately I haven’t been too inspired. I also realized I’m wearing the same sweater in two of them. To be fair, it is my favourite at the moment!


I still really like taking photos of things though. Hot chocolates and bath bombs are perfect for winter. I really loved completing my hot air balloon cross stitch. Also, this canvas print we added to our bedroom is so pretty. We’re thinking maybe we could paint that wall, so it makes it stand out even more. Could be a fun project ahead!



Finally, I wanted to share this sneak peek of our cat Shadow! We’re getting her in around a week, and I managed to take this photo of her on our last visit. It’s the only non-blurry one I have. The camera on my phone is slow at reacting nowadays, and also I was trying not to take too many photos as we’re still getting to know each other. Her name definitely fits her perfectly though!

That’s it pretty much. As the weather stays cold, I stay bundled up inside with all my crafts and hot chocolates. I do still like taking photos, but it’s been put on the backburner next to my other interests.

What have you been taking photos of lately?


April Photos

Sharing a bunch of photos I took this month!


  • I only baked once this month, and it was another Nerdy Nummies recipe! This time, I made Carrot Cake Balls.
  • I also tried a Popin’ Cookin kit to make some tiny candy sushi! It was fun to make, and they look adorable!
  • The last photo is of a Coffee Caramel Crunch milkshake. It was amazing.


  • The first three selfies aren’t related to any blog posts. I was just happy with my makeup on those days and wanted to document it.
  • The next two are from my OOTD posts this month. My transition to fall OOTD, and the OOTD starring my letterman jacket.
  • The last one is from my Tarte lipstick post, I really like how that shade looked on me.


  • The first DIY I did early this month was melting crayons on a canvas to make this top left masterpiece. I really recommend trying it.
  • The last three pictures are all from my Zine DIY. I loved creating it, and I’m already planning on making more!

These are my favourite photos from this past month! I always love looking through the photos I take at the end of the month.

What’s your favourite photo from the past month?


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March Photos

As always, here are my favourite photos from the past month!


  • My celebratory cupcake for reaching my first blogiversary!
  • I baked some creepy looking Red Blood Cell Cupcakes
  • A delicious Oreo donut
  • My recent baking post for Chocolate Peppermint!


  • The first two are my favourite photos from the outfits I recreated from Pinterest.
  • Next is one of the only makeup selfies I took this month, where I tried to recreate my wedding makeup.
  • The next three aren’t photos I’ve taken, but I’ve included them as they are photos of me. More specifically, from my amazing boudoir shoot!
  • The last one is the latest selfie I have taken with Rory. We hadn’t taken any in a while, so I wanted one!


  • I did two DIY posts this month. The mason jar wall hanging, and marbled jars.


  • Two of my favourite flatlays I’ve created recently
  • I’m always a sucker for a sunset!

Those are my favourite photos for the month! What have been some of your favourite photos?


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Flat Lay Inspirations

A while back, I recreated some selfies I found on Pinterest. As an endless source of inspiration, sometimes a picture sticks with you and you want to try recreate it, or put your own spin on it. One of the boards I am obsessed with adding to is Flat Lays. I love them so much, but I struggle with coming up ideas for them. This is where Pinterest comes in!

For this post, I will share the original pin, and also my take on it. This was seriously such a fun way to kill a few hours on a laidback afternoon!

Here are four flat lays, and my recreation of them.

Flat Lay #1



makeup products

This one caught my eye, as I was really impressed that they used the actual product in it. It was splayed out so impressively, that I knew I had to try it. Although a small part of me was really unhappy about wasting a bit of makeup for flatlay purposes, I argued it would just be this one time. My take was a bit more colourful, but I have less neutral coloured tools and products, so I made do. It was definitely fun trying to arrange all the powders, creams and tools everywhere!

Flat Lay #2


flatlay 2


makeup flatlay

Side by Side

A lot of flat lays I see have lots of extra themed details that I don’t have, so I can’t really recreate. Ones that just have products tend to catch my eye more because of this. I loved this flat lay, as it seemed like organized chaos. The best way to run things. So I looked the photo over a few times, before collecting lots of similar makeup items I had to try recreate it. We both have the Marc Jacobs mascara funnily enough!

Flat Lay #3


flatlay 3


lifestyle flatlay

Side by Side

I don’t have a single slogan shirt. I really need to fix that. That aside, I said before I tend to veer away from flat lays with lots of details for decor, but at the same time I love them. When it comes to more lifestyle flat lays, the more details the better. This one had a running theme of photographs and living in the moment, so I did my own spin on it. Mine is definitely less refined, but I love how it came out all the same!

Flat Lay #4


flatlay 4


flower flatlay

Side by Side

I wanted to end on one that was more minimal and simple. Plus, I had some fresh flowers around, so I had to include them somewhere! I didn’t have a small notebook with a cute message that included a love heart, but I did have this card. I really love this one, it’s sweet and simple.

Flat lays are seriously one of my favourite things to search up on Pinterest. The endless creativity and inspiration on there leads me down so many rabbit holes!

Have you created a flat lay recently?


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February Photos

Sharing my favourite photos from the last month.


  • Top left are gummies that showed up at my work. They were all so cute, and I had to take a photo of my coke and hotdog gummy before devouring them.
  • Top right is my incredible pancakes from Jackson Street Cafe & Bistro
  • The middle three are from my dinner out with Rory at La Bella Italia. The drinks, main course and dessert were all incredible!
  • The last two are my baking posts for the month! The Chocolate Heart Cupcakes, and Petri Dish Jellies!



As always, I love playing with makeup then taking selfies. It’s my thing. You can really tell what’s my go-to pose. Head tilted, looking down, and a little smile. What can I say? It never lets me down ;D

I’ve been trying to experiment more with eyeshadows and trying do that cut crease thing. It’s a work in progress.



  • Did you know, that cats are drawn to Rory? No matter where we go, if there’s a cat, they’ll go to him and ignore me. I’m always offended. The pictures in the top row of us at the cat cafe prove this fact.
  • The last one on the top row is a candid I took of him at La Bella Italia which I just like.
  • I also tried a new bath bomb from Lush, it was the Sex Bomb. It was already really warm as we’re in summer, and I put it in really hot water. I made our bathroom into a sauna. It was actually pretty nice.
  • While walking through town on my break, I came across decorative lanterns for the Lunar New Year celebrations. They were really bright!
  • Finally, two pictures I took for blog posts that I really loved made it in here. One from my Lipstick Collection, and the other is the element jars I made.


Those are all my favourite photos from this month! I quite like doing this post, it’s nice to do a bit of a photo dump here haha!

What’s something you took photos of this month?


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January Photos

I’m starting yet another series! You guys know how much I love taking photos of things, and they stack up. Not all make it onto the blog, but a lot do. So at the end of each month, I’ll be gathering my favourite photos from the month and dumping them here!

Get ready for a lot of photos!


We had a few day trips this month. Out to Percy Scenic Reserve for a picnic and to see the lighthouse at Cape Palliser.


I shared two new baking posts this month! Both from the Nerdy Nummies recipe book! I made Star Constellation Cookies and Smart Cookies!


This group of photos is for those random photos I’ve taken for the blog, or just in everyday life.


As you can see, I like to take a lot of selfies. Mostly to show how I’m experimenting with makeup. It’s always a fun part of my day! I’ve noticed that I now have a go-to selfie pose. Eyes down and head slightly tilted. Never would have noticed until I looked at all these photos in a row.

Most of these are taken with my DSLR, but a few are from my phone. I always enjoy taking photos more with my DSLR now. The photos always seem to have much more detail.

What did you take photos of this past month?

Also, just a reminder to feel free to leave me any questions which I’ll answer in my Q’n’A when I reach my next milestone! 🙂


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A Walk to the Botanic Gardens

Continuing on from yesterday’s post, here are more of my photos from the Botanic Garden!  I’m just gonna say now, there’s quite a few photos in this post, but this is the most I could narrow it down. Just skim if you’d like!

I have a thing for taking photos from the ground up. I like squatting down and taking a photograph looking up at giant things. I may look weird as I do it, but the photo always comes out nice. This tree needs more leaves don’t you think?

gardens 01

This next tree on the other hand needs to get it’s branches under control.

gardens 02

This is the main garden. The official entrance takes you through here, but we like to come through the random side gates and make our way down. There’s always an impressive array of colours and pretty flowers here.

gardens 05gardens 03

I like these ones. I never confirmed it, but they may be baby’s breath. They are a favourite flower of mine (it’s tattooed on me and everything). Seeing so many of them together made them look like a fluffy cloud.

gardens 04

As we moved away from the main garden, we climbed up our usual path to make our way to the Rose Garden. The cafe is also in that area, and since we left just before lunch we were getting hungry. I like to stop at the highest point of the walk to take a photo of the garden from above.

gardens 06

In the middle of the rose garden is this little fountain. It’s nothing too impressive, but it makes a nice focal point. Also, ducks.

gardens 07

As we waited for our food, I galavanted around taking lots of photos of the flowers. If you want to see those photos, check out yesterday’s post! Next to the cafe is the Begonia House, which is always very warm and home to many tropic plants. My favourite part is the lily pond at the end.

gardens 08

There were many goldfish around which I kept trying to photograph, but they were all blurry. I did luck out with one particular shot though.

gardens 09

Finally, we just walked around aimlessly. Enjoying the sights, the sun, and each other’s company.

gardens 10

I did ask Rory to take some shots of me. I normally hesitate on asking people to take photos of me, preferring to take selfies (also I feel like I’m bothering people), but the background was too pretty to pass up. Here are my favourite ones from random places around the garden!

gardens 12gardens 11

gardens 13

The last stop we made was to the duck pond. Because you have to say hi to the ducks.

gardens 14

Hi Duck (and Pigeons).

gardens 15

Have you gone on any walks lately?


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