30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 19

30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 19

Day 19 – A Favourite Actor

Okay, so I don’t have just one favourite actors. I have many. So let’s just talk about them. Also, a lot of them will come from television shows more than movies, as I just watch more tv than movies.

Also, my favourite actors aren’t always based solely on acting skills or other talents. To me, if they’re also super nice and genuine, that immediately makes them more endearing.

Anyway, let’s get into it.

Chris Pratt

Image result for chris Pratt

You guys will primarily know him from Parks and Recreation and Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s very funny and charasmatic, even before he get super buff. He can french braid hair, he’s super genuine and nice, he’s always visiting children hospitals, how can you not love the guy? Plus, he’s a good actor on top of all this.

Donald Glover

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I primarily know him as Troy from Community. But he’s been in an endless amount of shows, both live action and animation. He’s been in a handful of films, and is set to star in a few upcoming ones like the Han Solo spin off (as Lando), and The Lion King live action remake (as Simba!!). He is also talented in the musical world as Childish Gambino. As far as anyone is concerned, he’s a triple threat. So besides all this talent already, he’s also insanely funny!

So anyway, here’s two songs from him. A classic one, and his latest one which threw me when I first heard it, but now I’m into it.

This got a bit off-topic.

Lin Manuel-Miranda

Image result for lin manuel miranda

Literal cutie pie and genius. You guys will know him off Hamilton, but I remember seeing him in House when he guest starred. He’s also guest starred in a few other shows like How I Met Your Mother. He’s also incredibly kind, aware of issues, and seems like such a fun person to be around.

John Oliver

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Another Community alum. He’s also appeared in a number of other shows and movies both in live action and animation. He is just so funny, and incredibly quick-witted. Have you guys seen Last Week Tonight? I can’t stop watching that show and that’s the only way I ever really know what’s going on in the US politically. As a comedian and political satirist, he strikes me as someone who won’t bullshit you, on top of being hysterical. He has a very self-effacing humour and often mocks himself as well as everyone else which is just fun.

So there you go. A number of favourite actors of mine who I like for a whole bunch of reasons. They are just talented, funny, and seem really nice, which is enough for me to brand them as favourites.

Who are some of your favourite actors?


1000 Followers Party Hangover

Well hello all. You may know that I recently hit 1000 followers during the week, and to celebrate, I had a little (big) blogging party. I reposted it a few times to give everyone a chance to come by, and boy did the party get huge. My notification feed was going nuts, and since I get an email for every like and comment, my email got pretty full as well. But I’m not complaining, in fact I’m doing the opposite. I wanna say thank you to everyone who came by and celebrated reaching 1000 followers with me. So many people brought something to the party, talked to everyone else, and even when I left to go to sleep, the party just kept on swingingΒ πŸ˜‚

So this post will be a wrap up of the party of sorts, I’m now going through all the comments and collecting what everyone has brought. This way we can all get a visual of how crazy this party got.

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1000 Followers – Let’s Party!

1,000 Follows!

Well shit. Not the classiest intro I’ve ever had, but that’s what I said when I realized that 1000 followers was within reach, and it’s now in fact here. There are now 1000 blogs that get my ramblings showing up in their reader every day.

Image result for ben wyatt confetti gif
Same Ben, same.

I’m glad that my blog is entertaining to all of you, and I love that you guys enjoy my content! I do consider myself a part of a larger community, I love that there are so many of us supporting and encouraging each other as we talk about our lives. Speaking of, like many other bloggers that have celebrated reaching a milestone,Β I’ve decided to celebrate with a blog party!

Image result for party gif

Now, I don’t have anything super organised for this party, I’ve never been one to host any kind of huge get together. The most I do is offer my place for people to get together to play games, eat food and hang out. So this is pretty much again what I’m going to do.

Now, here’s what would be cool. In the comments below, let’s have a little party. Introduce yourself, your blog, and then just chat to each other. Also, say what you’ll bring to the party. It could be an item, food, a game, a drink, a skill, a karaoke machine, whatever. I’m curious to see what this party will end up like. It’s not just because I can’t organise a party all on my own haha (coughs).

Anyway, as hostess I’ll go first. Hi, I’m Angela and this is my blog. You would know that already since you’re reading this. For my offering to the party. I bring baked goods, as I love baking and I’d love to share them.

Come on in when you want guys. Till then, I’m just awkwardly hovering by the door, helping myself to the cookies, and hoping people will come by. Also, I may sporadically appear and vanish in the comments as I will also be working. But you know, I’ll come by and party in the breaks.


What’s In My Bag?

Hi all! Like the title says, I have finally done a post about what I carry around in my bag. I thought it would be fun to make it into a random little video instead of just writing it. So that’s what I did.

Enjoy this random videoΒ πŸ˜‚

What’s in your bag?? πŸ™‚



900 followers. You guys keep surprising me. It’s been almost four months since my blogging debut, and I never expected my blog to get much, if any attention. I have so much fun discovering more about the world of blogging, finding new friends, reading about far off places and lives on the other side of the world.

Image result for pusheen hug

I have been blogging everyday since March 6. I’ve shared so much of my life with you lovelies in the community and I’ve received nothing but support and encouragement. I’ve made many blogging friends, some of who I talk to outside of the blog. This blog has encouraged me to get back into many hobbies, both old and new. Baking, photography, videos, creative writing, and more! It’s even encouraged me to give self-hosting a go soon as well.

Image result for hug gif

I still can’t thank you guys enough for the support you’ve had for my blog. Each view, like, comment and follower still gets me excited. It’s fun to look back at older posts, and compare the engagement of them to how I’m going now.


I’m so proud of my blog and how it’s growing. I’m still confused by all this, but I’m learning to accept it, and use it to fuel my creativity and writing so I can keep writing entertaining posts for you guys to read every day πŸ˜€

Image result for pusheen blog

March 6 – Life of Angela officially started blogging

April 2 – 100 followers

April 14 – 200 followers

April 23 – 300 followers

May 11 – 400 followers

May 24 – 500 followers

June 4 – 600 followers

June 14 – 700 followers

June 22 – 800 followers

July 3 – 900 followers

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June Goals – Looking Back

Well hey guys, guess what Angela found in her trash folder. I made goals for the month of June but I couldn’t find a good time to post it, so eventually I trashed it.

So let’s pull this out and have a look cause I actually did pretty well.

June Personal Goals

  • Read at least two books

I did do this! I finished After You in the beginning of June. Then went on to read Buffering and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Image result for buffering bookΒ Image result for the subtle art of not giving a f book

  • Bake more

I baked three out of the four weeks in June, that’s one more than in May.

  • Finish more colouring pages

I got one more done.


  • Save up more for upcoming tattoo

My tattoo (which I’m getting today) is bigger than the previous one, so obviously would cost more. Since this is not a ‘necessary’ cost, I felt I should work more on saving specifically for the tattoo. I did.

  • See more open homes, maybe make another offer?

Yes we did, and we made multiple offers, but they all fell through.

  • Complete another month’s worth of Beginner Workouts on Spotebi

Not even a little. In May I did this no problem, in June I didn’t even try which I feel really bad about.

  • Drink more water in general, eat more fruits/veggies

To be honest, it was the same as in May. So I have a few fruits and veggies during the week, but I could have more. I also only get up to 3 or 4 glasses of water most days which isn’t great either.

June Blog Goals

  • Reach 750 followers


  • Milestone post for 600 and 700 followers.

I missed the 600, but I did one for 700 and 800 so I think I can count it.

  • Consistently read other’s blogs

Still doing well on that. I feel like I’ve kept on top of all the blogs I follow most days.

  • Reach 20,000 all time views, and 5000 visitors


All time views

  • Beat May monthly views and daily views


may monthly views

May daily views

That was all the June goals I had. Maybe I’ll try do one for July. It’ll probably be similar to these current goals but just upping the ante, so to speak πŸ™‚


June Favourites

June Favourites

Hello friends! So we are now at the end of June. We’re officially entering the second half of 2017. Before diving into my favourites for the month, just a heads up! I’ve been commenting on lots of posts this morning and they’re vanishing again. So please check your spam and free me from there if possible πŸ˜€ (Why does WordPress do this to me every two weeks??) Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

Let me share with you some favourites of mine from the past month.


Wonder Woman

Aaah! I can’t get over how much I love this movie. I’m a sucker in general for superhero movies, but this one just got me so pumped. It may be because it has female lead, but the fight scenes seemed so much better to me than other superhero movies. Plus Gal Gadot is amazing. I also loved her relationship with Chris Pine’s character, the romance came second to their partnership of getting the job done, which really more action movies should do.

Sleeping with Other People

Not a recent movie, but one I recently watched. I haven’t watched any rom coms in ages, so I figured let’s find a random recent one. This one wasn’t the greatest, but it was just silly fun. It’s all about sex basically, and the ‘modern’ dating scene, which I don’t really get, but I liked the two leads. Also, I saw lots of familiar faces in this movie, and it made me laugh.


Hayley Kiyoko – Grovel to Tempo

The only other song I know of Hayley’s is “Girls Like Girls”, I was going down a YouTube hole, and after listening to that one, I was curious about this. It’s very catchy and makes me want to do some crazy dancing of my own. I have it stuck in my head a lot.

AJR – Weak

A catchy song to sing/yell and dance too. I love dance/electronic songs. They often find their way to me, and then I listen to them over and over for weeks until I find another one. Rory and I often sing/yell this together in the car when it shows up. We know the whole thing off by heartΒ πŸ˜‚


Buffering by Hannah Hart


I am a fan of My Drunk Kitchen, always have been, so it was interesting to learn more about the life of the person behind it all. I’ve been following Hannah since 2013, and she is such a positive, amazing person. It was really inspiring to read about her life, and how in a way, we’re all still learning. We need time to ‘buffer’, and to figure things out.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson


Another non-fiction read. This is like a self-help book for millenials. The title is misleading, it’s not about not giving a fuck about anything, it’s about finding out what things we should give a fuck about. The important things in life, and letting the not-so-important things go. This book reminds us that it’s okay to fail, to get mad, to suck, we’re not perfect, no one is.



So I haven’t played this much this past month. Just once, but I forgot how much I love singing ABBA! I am not a great singer, but I’m not terrible either, I just love karaoke. I haven’t yet worked up the nerve to do karaoke in public, but at home, let me at it!


Okay, so another game I’ve only played once, but it was so much fun! Once we all got the hang of the rules, it was really fun. I could see it leading to some disagreements though, as you fight over certain countries, or keep losing battlesΒ πŸ˜‚

Something New

Vlogging is the new thing I’ve done this month. I have now done two videos, where I sit down in front of the camera and chat. It’s feeling less weird now than the first time I did it, but I would love to do other kinds of vlogs. I like the idea of a “Day in the Life”, or a “Come with Me”, a “House Tour”, or maybe even baking? I’m already thinking of future ideas, but I may give it a while, I’m still recovering from the Q’n’A postΒ πŸ˜‚

What are some of your favourites from this month?