Namaste Collective

Namaste Collective

Hey guys! So I bought temporary henna tattoos from Namaste Collective a long time ago (last September actually), and I just came across them. I totally forgot about them! I love their products though, so I consider myself an Avidย fan of their work. I really suggest you check them out!

I found them through Amanda Faye, a YouTuber I follow, who has the cutest daughter (Luna), and lovely husband (Matthias, another YouTuber). Her Instagram isย hereย and she also has an Etsy shop I believe, but whenever I try go there everything is already sold out! They also have a joint channel called Matt & Amandaย (formerly Nerds in Love), which I have been following for years. They are one of my favourite YouTube couples (just behind Felix & Marzia, and Jenna & Julien).


Anyway, she talked about Namaste Collective who are an Australian company who make and sell henna tattoos, as well as a few other products. This was my first little foray into the tattoo world, and they also led me to look into mandala designs. I needed to spend $55 to get the free shipping as well, so I bought three packs of the temporary henna kits. Two in brown, and one in white. They also sent me a free henna kit on top of that !

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300 Followers! Tell Me About Yourselves!

Bonus blog! So hey, it wasn’t too long ago that I was at 200. But you guys keep coming!! Thank you for all the support, whether you’re someoneย who stops by every day or every week, if you read, like or comment on all my posts, or just some…THANK YOU! I didn’t meant to shout, I’m just excited ๐Ÿ™‚

Image result for confetti tumblr
Is this a festive enough photo? I searched for Confetti

Since starting my blog in early March, I have had so much fun writing posts about anything and everything. I’ve had even more fun discovering lots of different blogs, and reading everyone’s posts. I follow a combination of travel, crafts, baking, beauty, lifestyle, personal and everything else kind of blogs. I love that we can write about anything on here, and that we all support each other.

So, in celebration of 300, instead of another post where I share more about me, I want to know more about all of you guys who follow me! I got the idea from the ever amazing Cheila over atย Pink for Days, who has recently reached over 800 followers! I love how interactive she is with her followers and readers! I always have such a great time reading her posts and talking to her. Go follow her and read her posts, if you don’t already ๐Ÿ˜›

So some (possibly most, they’re really good questions!) of these, I have borrowed from Cheila (I hope you don’t mind!), and others I’ve just come up with now.

Feel free to answer in the comments below, skip any questions you don’t want to answer, I really want to get to know you guys more ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. What’s your first name?
  2. Do you have a middle name?
  3. How old are you?
  4. What country are you currently living in?
  5. What’s the time where you are right now?
  6. Do you have a current best friend? What’s their name? How long have you known them for?
  7. What’s your current relationship status? If you’re in one, how long have you been together for? What’s your partner’s name?
  8. Do you have any children? How many? What are their names?
  9. Do you have any pets? What kind?
  10. What do you do for a living?
  11. What did you want to be when you were younger?
  12. Any piercings or tattoos?
  13. What’s one of your favourite quotes?
  14. When did you start your blog?
  15. How did you come up with your blog name?
  16. What are your favourite posts to write about? (leave a link to it if you want!)
  17. How did you find my blog?
  18. Whatย was the first post of mine that you read (if you remember ๐Ÿ˜› )?
  19. Do you prefer any types of posts more?
  20. Is there anything you’d like to see on my blog?

20 questions seems like more than enough. I really invite everyone reading this to take part, no matter when you started following me, or if you literally just stumbled across this post.

I’m going to round up this post, with one final THANK YOU (I shouted again), and I will sign off.


The Marry-Wed Game

The Marry-Wed Game

Hello all! I found this cute variation of the Newlyweds game on Pinterest. Rory and I were doing our own thing at home a couple of days ago when I came across it. As newlyweds ourselves, we thought we would give this a go. It was a fun way to kill some time as we finished household errands and wound down from the day. This may be a long post, so skim read if you want ๐Ÿ™‚

the MARRY-WED game- a lot like the "newly-wed" game, but for those of you married couples! How well do you really know your spouse?! FUN and FREE printable! :):

There were only 20 questions, and we had a lot of fun thinking about our answers. First, I wrote down what I thought Rory’s answers for these questions would be. Then came the fun part, talking it through and seeing what the other person thought! As we went through this, I thought it would make a fun blog post, so I asked if he minded, and he laughed and said of course not. So you will have both of our voices in this blog, which makes this my first collaboration, of sorts. Rory’s voice will be in bold, as I will continue being in regular text. Here we go.

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Letters to Past Angelas (200 follows!!)

Letters to Past Angelas (200 follows!!)

Hey guys, guess who woke up to see that she had over 200 followers! ย 203, as I write this actually.

200 Follows!

Yesterday, I hit 50 posts, and overnight, we hit the big 200! Thank you everyone for reading my blogs and rambles! They seem to get more rambly as time goes on, and I just go with it. Don’t get me wrong, I still put a lot of time into writing my posts, and thinking of ideas. When I write though, I let my finger just do their own thing and see what my brain comes up with. This brings me to today’s post! Letters to my past self.

I have always liked this idea, I know my past selves have as well. I always wanted to do a time capsule of sorts but never got around to it (thanks past Angela). So for today’s blog, I’m going to write letters from where I am now, to myself in different parts of my life.

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I am Pleasedย to announce that this is my 50th post!ย That is a lot of posts over the course of around a month. I’m also breaking my one post a day rule, because I’m ย excited about this! My first post,ย Hi, was uploaded on March 6. I actually haven’t been blogging for very long, but I have already learnt so much from all of you guys! My little blog has already grown more than I thought it would, I hit 100 followers just under two weeks ago, and now we’re almost at 200. Thank you so much for all the support! I do my best to read as much of all of your posts as I can, I love seeing what what you guys get up to! Basically, I love being a part of this community and I plan to continue blogging for the forseeable future.

In celebration of the big ’50’, I thought I would do 50 facts about me, which as I’m writing this seems a tad insane. But I’m committing to it. If you get to the end, congratulations ๐Ÿ˜„

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Angela’s Favourite Musicals

Angela’s Favourite Musicals

Okay, so my kryptonite is musicals. I’ve seen a lot of them, especially the newer ones. I’ve always loved music, and I wish I had that level of singing and dancing skills, but for now I’m happy to just jump around and sing along. I watched a few while I was away, because we had downtime, and why not?

I’m going to exclude some from this list as I don’t technically count them as musicals. That is Disney, Broadway shows (I seriously still can’t stop listening to Hamilton), movies where the characters sing only on karaoke or on stage (it’s not quite the same), and television shows (go watch Galavant, it’s brilliant). Okay, here we go.

So here’s my list of musicals that I have watched many times and still listen to the songs on a regular basis. I will narrow it down to five, because even with the restrictions I put, this list could go on forever.

The Last Five Years (2015)

I stumbled across “I Can Do Better than That” on tumblr and I really liked the song. So I did some digging and found where it came from. On first viewing, I was a little bored. But I listened to the soundtrack and got addicted to the songs. I also love the concept of the timeline. The musical starts with Cathy at the end of the relationship, and then Jamie at the beginning. Cathy goes backwards through the relationship through song, Jamie goes forward and the only time they meet up to sing together is when they get married.

Favourite song: “Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You”

Honorary Mentions: “See I’m Smiling” “Shiksa Goddess” “A Summer in Ohio” “I Can Do Better than That” – Okay, so I love a lot of the songs on the soundtrack, I struggled trying to narrow it down.

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Personality Quizzes Overload

Personality Quizzes Overload

Hello! I may not have shared this yet, but I love to do personality quizzes. I often rifle through StumbleUpon, Buzzfeed and the general internet trying to find some to do. I always take them with a grain of salt, some I agree with completely, while others I will just laugh at. But they’re so much fun! My favourites are those where they break down your character/personality into different sections and give you insights.

So I thought it would be fun to track down some of my favourite quizzes and talk about the response I get. The quizzes I will be doing areย ย 16 Personalitiesย (which is essentially a free version of the 16 Personalities Quiz), and theย Who am I?ย andย Personality Quizย from Visual DNA.

Here we go.

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