Songs From Work

So this post is a little random, the idea popped into my head because I was thinking about allΒ the latest songs that the kids at my centre have been interested in.Β We love to sing songs. A lot. The songs often go in and out of popularity, but they’re all catchy, and I will come home inevitably singing or humming some earworm and getting it stuck in Rory’s head. So I thought I would share with you guys, the current popular songs going around my centre.

The Classics

As always, there are the usual songs that are popular.

Wheels on the Bus is great. There’s lots of actions, and recently, one of the 14 month old girls has worked out how to do the “Shh” noise, so she always wants us to do the song.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat. But with the crocodile ending of course, because what one year old doesn’t love screaming.

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed is also huge right now. We love to do the actions, and the kids love wagging their finger as we say “No more monkeys jumping on the bed”

The Cultural

So New Zealand is a bicultural (or multicultural really) country. The Maori language, Te Reo is often used in the centre. We have lots of key phrases we use, and do our best to incorporate songs and prayers in Te Reo during out day to day activities. These include Tutira Mai, Ma is white (Colours), One Day a Taniwha, etc.

Currently, our toddlers are obsessed with Poi E. A kiwi classic, all in Te Reo. I recommend you guys watch the song. I have always loved it myself. Plus look at all the 80s fashion!

One particular little boy will swing his pois around like projectiles, and we have to move him to his own area so he doesn’t hit his friends as much. Our pois are soft, as they’re made from cotton and plastic, but he swings them fast enough that his friends get annoyed when he accidentally swings it into their face. For those wondering what a poi is, it’s featured a lot in the clip. It’s a small ball attached on the end of a string which is used a lot in Maori dance and culture.

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500 Followers Around the World

Hey, so I’ve reached 500 followers on Life of Angela!! I’m so excited! That’s crazy! So to celebrate, I want to look at all the other milestones that we’ve managed to get this blog to!

500 Follows!

First off, have you guys looked on the stats tab, and looked at the countries section? And then clicked on the all time part? Cause I did, and woooow!!

Country Views
All Around the World!

America, you’re literally on fire! Thanks for the love you guys over there! I took a screenshot of the first part of all the numbers underneath, and there is still so much below. Looking at this definitely left me speechless. I’m aware that this blog is available to be viewed from all around the world, but these statistics really put them in perspective!! Let me know in the comments which country you’re reading this from! I really want to know.

Country Views Numbers
This is only the first portion, the list just kept going…

Let’s look at some other stats you guys have helped my blog get to πŸ˜€

All Time Views

Also, please don’t think I’m showing these to show off (I mean, maybe, a tiny bit πŸ˜› ), but all of this is thanks to all of you who come by and read my blog. All of your support means so much to me, and I really think you guys should take a look at your own stats too.Β I never imagined I would reach over 10,000 views, let alone 1000. Or that over 3600 people would stop by and read my rambles.

Gosh I’ve written a lot for someone who hasn’t even been blogging for three months… This month in particular, with the added challenge blogs, I’ve gotten up to three posts a day for most of the week. I don’t think I can keep that momentum up for longer than a month. As much as I do love daily blogging, even I can feel a bit overwhelmed by how much work I’m putting into it. I was talking to Cheila (shoutout!) the other day, that this can feel like a full time job. Course I do this as a full time hobby, on top of working full time, I am still working on finding that balance. I’ll still be on here every day though, literally πŸ˜€ (nothing can stop me!)

The last stat I want to share is that I want to thank you guys who come by every day, every other day, or every week. The traffic on my blogΒ is often all over the place, but it’s still consistent. I like balancing what kind of posts I write, including the ones that I know are the most popular (Photo heavy ones, or awards/tags), along with random ones that just pop into my head and I have to write down. I literally have 10 drafts right now of half baked ideas which will soon become full post ideas in the next coming week. Spoiler! That’s how I write most of my posts. Lots of drafts, scheduling posts, rewrites, moving things around. All noted down in my little planner so I can keep track of what I’m writing about. I try not to do the same kinds of posts day after day. Especially as a daily blogger, I like changing things up πŸ˜€

daily stats

If you’d like to see some past milestone posts, I’ll list them below. Also, for reference I’m going to include the date at which I hit them, because I personally find that interesting in a statistical way.

Finally, I just want to say thank you again to all of you guys who follow me, read, like and comment on my posts. While all of this is amazing, a small part of me wonders if I can keep this momentum going, if I’m still going to be blogging as frequently in another almost three months. I keep telling that voice to shush, because I totally plan to keep going, this has been such an incredible experience, I’ve met so many lovely people, and gotten to read such a range of stories and posts! Here’s to blogging!!

Image result for fireworks stock image

I really love thinking up of what I can write about next. Let me know if there’s any kind of posts you’d like to see more of πŸ™‚

Also, especially to my new followers please keep commenting and saying hi! I would love to check out your blogs, but you guys are coming faster than I keep track! I do my best, but leaving a comment gives me a separate notification to remind me to say hi back!! πŸ˜€


Tattoo Wishlist

So hey! You guys may know about that one tattoo I have cause I talk about it a lot.

Here’s a more recent picture of it:

unnamed (1)

It’s no longer bumpy, in fact I can’t even feel it when I put my hand on in. It’s fully healed! Which brings me to my next point. I now want that full mandala tattoo I was originally planning.

I emailed back Angie, and told her I was keen to return. I saw a recent drawing she had done on Instagram, of a floral mandala:

Inline image 1
So pretty!!

I don’t really want the rose, as I’m not too keen on roses, but I loved all the delicate leaf details, and the twist from a stand-alone mandala! So I went in last Tuesday after work for a consultation. Angie says she loves to come up with custom drawings, so she would work on an original mandala pattern for me. I promised to email through the styles I liked. She also talked about putting the mandala in the middle part of my upper arm, and having the leaves coming out above and under, but curving with my arm, so it would look like it was moving as I moved. I couldn’t really picture that but it sounds cool! So now I’m really excited. The appointment date is set for Sat 1st July. The reason it’s quite far is because we had to book in 4 hours (cause this is a larger tattoo) so also it’s going to cost a lot more, and I gotta save up specifically for it. I don’t think it’ll really take 4 hours, but more time is better just in case. My lotus was meant to take 2 hours, but really it was only around 30 minutes, so I’m feeling good.

Anyway! This all led me back down the Pinterest hole of looking at tattoos, both mandalas and everything else. So from here on out, let’s look at more tattoos and possible future tattoo ideas for me (or you guys)!

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400 Followers!! Time for a Q’n’A

Image result for harry potter celebration gif

Hello all! First of all, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who supports me on my blog! 400 Followers is a big milestone and I’m still in shock. Two days ago, when I announced I was going to do this Q’n’A, I was at 397, now I’m at 415! That’s awesome! New followers, I really appreciate the support, and please feel free to stop by and say hi so I can get to know you! It’s getting harder for me to keep up with all you guys, so I can only check out your blog if you let me know you’re around! πŸ™‚

You guys who have been with me for a while, and constantly show your support for my blog, thank you!! You make blogging such a fun experience.

Also, thanks for leaving me a ton of questions! I was nervous that I wouldn’t get any, and things would be awkward, but you guys were too cool to let that happen πŸ˜„

Okay, enough rambling, let’s get to the questions. There’s a lot to get through!

Tabi BeeΒ asks:

What is something that made you really happy/laugh in the last month?Β I told my parents about my blog! Specifically this post:Β Things I Learnt From My Dad. Mum and Dad both said it made them cry and they loved it so much. Dad even left a long rambly comment, clarifying about the soccer incident. It made me smile so much that my face hurt!
Have you ever traveled and had a weird experience?Β I had a kind of weird experience in Peru. Everyone thought I was a local there. I would get spoken to in Spanish, and I would stare at them with wide, lost eyes till they realized their mistake. Good times.
Waffles or pancakes?!Β You can’t make me choose between them Tabi!! I refuse! I will take them both, thank you! πŸ˜€

Image result for wafflesΒ Image result for pancakes

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Time for a Q and A?

Hi! So, I’ve just noticed that my little blog has been creeping every so slightly to 400??

Image result for harry potter celebration gif

When did that happen? I’ve been so busy writing posts that I haven’t been paying too close attention to my follower count, but wow you guys!! We’re a few off 400, so as celebration, I thought it might be fun to do a kind of Q and A post.

I mean, I share a lot with you guys a lot, unprompted, either through tags, or just cause I feel like it πŸ˜„ But hey, I haven’t answered any specific question from you guys. I’ve been reading a lot of Q and A’s from other blogs lately and they’re always so entertaining to read.

So if you guys have any questions you’d like to ask me, here’s your chance. It can be about me, my blog, my preferences, my hometown, my wedding, my travels, anything random that’s on your mind really! Feel free to leave them in the comments below πŸ™‚

I’ll plan to do it in a few days, so even if I reach 400 before then, just know that my celebration post for you guys is coming up, in the form of this possible future Q’n’A. I’ll aim for Friday, hopefully I’ll collect enough questions by then πŸ™‚

Image result for celebration gif


Dream Home

Dream Home

Today’s post is part of the “A Girl Can Dream” series, collaborated by two amazing ladies.

Jenny from Sit Back and Just Live and Jayee from Jacqueliine Joy. Both great blogs, run by even greater women.

This month’s theme is Dream Home, which I am excited to jump on board for.


I think a lot about my dream home. I often build a lot of fancy houses on the Sims, packed ton with lots of impractical and pretty things. Also, Rory and I are saving up as much as we can so we can buy our first home sometime over the next few years. I’m very practical at the houses we look at, weighing pros and cons. But for this post, I’m focusing on both the practical and impractical things I would want in my dream home.

I went on a Pinterest spree, and I will show you all the pretty things I would like in my dream home. Let’s break this down.

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April by the Numbers

Hey all!

I don’t normally post anything about my blog stats, but I do like to look at them. I hit the insights tab and wow. April has been a month of unexpected surprises and milestones for my blog.


So, for this little blogs, I wanted to share all the love that you guys have given my blog in the past month. In March, I got up to 886 views, and I hoped that for April, I would get at least 1000. Well I did get at least 1000…I didn’t expect to get an extra 3694 on top of Β that. As well as over 2000 likes, almost 1000 comments, and nearly 1500 visitors.

April has been a month of milestones and has also been the month with the most growth of in my blog. My blog is still a baby, at just over two months old, but seeing all the support that you guys have given has made me really proud of my wee corner of the internet.

This month, I got nominated for so many awards which I never expected. I still get nominated now, and I’m so thankful for each one. Even if I’ve already done a post on that specific award, I’m so happy when you guys think of me and nominate me πŸ˜€

I hit 100 followersΒ on April 2. I hitΒ 200 followersΒ on April 14. I recently hitΒ 300 followersΒ on April 23. As I’m writing this post, I have 354 followers. Β That’s amazing and crazy πŸ˜€

On AprilΒ 10, I hit 1000 likes. On April 13, I wrote my 50th post, and at this rate, in a few weeks I will have written 100. On April 15, I hit 1337 likes. An odd number, but thanks for telling me WordPress. On April 20, I hit my best day for likes, I reached 106. On April 27, I beat that record, by getting 123 likes.

I started really putting an effort during April with getting involved with the community here on WordPress. I have always done the Weekly Photo Challenge and have been involved with the Daily Post Word Prompts, Community Pool and First Friday. But during April. I also made an active effort to read every post in my reader, every day. To check out the blogs that you guys have nominated for awards, so that I can find awesome new bloggers and content. I try to reply as soon as possible to your comments, and to like and comment on your own posts as well. I credit this a lot for the growth of my blog.

I also think I’ve gotten better at writing my posts. I have a couple of series going, and I try to keep the content interesting and funny (I hope). I have also gotten better at taking pictures using my phone. I feel like I’ve developed a better eye for what will make a good photo. It does mean I will spend longer standing or sitting in one place with my phone. But I’m always happy with what I’m posting, and that’s the most important thing.

So really, this is a spontaneous bonus blog that I wanted to share. I just kept looking at all the stats and comparing them with where I was a month ago. It’s crazy! I have been having lots of fun with this blog, and I can’t wait to see what will happen during this next month.

On an unrelated note, Rory has kicked me off trying to cook dinner because I cut my finger while cutting the vegetables. I swear I’m normally very careful. I only mention this because I put the band aid on weird and it makes typing a little more complicated.