30 Day Blogging Challenge

Hey. Guess what? I’m jumping on the board wagon,Β CheilaΒ andΒ Maggie. I thought about it all day, and while three posts a day sounds like a lot. You know what? Why not? It sounds like fun. I have no idea what the full list of prompts are, and me being a day ahead from you guys this may be tricky. But as a pro pinterest pinner, I think I found the 30 day challenge to which you are referring πŸ™‚

Blogging Challenge – Days 1 and 2: Intro and 10 Facts AboutΒ Me
I also took this photo from Maggie’s original post. It seems like a thing now.

If I’m wrong, Maggie or Cheila, if you could email me the whole list, that would be nice πŸ™‚

So it’s past 9 pm on May 4 for me, so I gotta do four days worth of blogs and wrap it into this one. Hang on to your socks everyone.

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