March Photos

As always, here are my favourite photos from the past month!


  • My celebratory cupcake for reaching my first blogiversary!
  • I baked some creepy looking Red Blood Cell Cupcakes
  • A delicious Oreo donut
  • My recent baking post for Chocolate Peppermint!


  • The first two are my favourite photos from the outfits I recreated from Pinterest.
  • Next is one of the only makeup selfies I took this month, where I tried to recreate my wedding makeup.
  • The next three aren’t photos I’ve taken, but I’ve included them as they are photos of me. More specifically, from my amazing boudoir shoot!
  • The last one is the latest selfie I have taken with Rory. We hadn’t taken any in a while, so I wanted one!


  • I did two DIY posts this month. The mason jar wall hanging, and marbled jars.


  • Two of my favourite flatlays I’ve created recently
  • I’m always a sucker for a sunset!

Those are my favourite photos for the month! What have been some of your favourite photos?


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Trying Manual Camera

I finally did it guys. I’ve been taking some shots on my DSLR in manual mode. Cue the applause! I still really don’t understand it though.

I found this chart helpful though. It’s from PicMonkey.

Your ultimate photography cheat sheet guide. Complete with info about aperture and how it relates to depth of field, shutter speed, ISO, and exposure. All the essentials.

The aspects I control in manual mode are Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Exposure. It took me a while to figure out how to fiddle with my camera to control these on my camera. The chart does a great job of explaining the feature of each of these aspects, and from here on out, I’m going to be writing about how I understand it, and how I used it to take some photos. I fiddled a bit with the controls as I took photos and I did notice some subtle (and not so subtle) differences.

Aperture is for changing the depth of field of the lens, for deciding what is in focus. The lower the number, the more shallow the image. So if you’re doing a close up shot, or a portrait shot. An object or a person, you want the focus on them. The higher the number, the deeper the focus. So it’s better for wider shots, or landspace shots.

I like how the chart has the shutter speed diagram. Slower is good for night shots, or more blurry shots, but a tripod is recommended. Faster is better for action shots or freeze motion, and handheld is okay.

Next is ISO, which the diagram explains is for light sensitivity based on film speed. If it’s bright, you use it on low (so you’re letting less light in the shot). If it’s night time, or less bright, then you use it higher (to let more light in). Finally this links in a bit with exposure, which basically you want to keep on 0. Otherwise the shot will be either overexposed or underexposed.

These are the main terminology when it comes to using the manual setting on camera. There may be more out there, but this is enough for me to try wrap my head around. I really do want to take a photography course out there. There’s a few options in my town, some one day ones, some longer ones. As well as online options. I’m going to explore a bit and see what I can find.

Have any of you taken a photography class before? What was it like?


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DSLR vs Phone Camera

So you all may know that I love taking photos.

This habit has been supported (or enabled) by my blogging habit, and it led me to wanting to a DSLR. I wanted to practise my photography, and a manual camera felt like the next step for me.

I’d also had my old point and click camera for a few years and it was starting to have quirks, so I wanted to upgrade. The quality of photos I took on my phone were pretty good, but I had less control over  the settings. Sometimes, I couldn’t get it in focus, or the light wasn’t good, so I wanted a camera where I had more control over those. But in general, I was pretty pleased with the camera on my phone.

When I first got my DSLR, I was so happy with the quality of the photos! They were sharper, and even when I zoomed in, the quality remained perfect (something the camera on my phone couldn’t do). It also helped when filming my videos. The audio quality was much better than my phone. It’s a bit bulky to try do vlogging activities, but I wanted it more for taking photos.

I still haven’t explored too much in manual mode, preferring to use the presets. I have been looking more into how to use manual, and I hope to practice with it soon.

All in all, I’m really happy with my decision to get a DSLR. I’m still only scratching the surface with what I can do with it, and one day, I’d like to buy a new lens or even a more advanced camera! If you’re thinking of buying a DSLR, definitely put lots of thought in and don’t get it on impulse. If all you want is good quality, there are a lot of good cameras that come with phones, but if you want to work more on photography then this is a good option!

What do you use to take photos for your blog?


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30 Day Photography Challenge – Days 11-15

Here’s the next installment in my photography challenge!

Day 11 – Something Blue


You guys may recognise this spot as the river near our house. I love going there for photos. I was trying to do that photo effect where you slow the shutter speed so you get a more ‘misty’ photo of the water ripples. You need a tripod for this shot, as any shake will mess up the shot. I did not have a tripod, and this was the best one I could get!

Day 12 – Sunset


I was wanting to get a sunset photo during the past weekend, but we had nonstop rain. One evening in the week, we had sunny weather and we took advantage. We went uphill so we could get a better shot. I took so many photos, and it was hard to narrow down! This is definitely one of my favourites.

Day 13 – Cannot Live Without

something I can't live without

I chose to do another flat lay thing for this one. There’s many things I can’t live without biologically speaking. But for my photo, I went with a different approach. My family, my husband, and me. My thoughts, inspiration, brain, are all important parts of me. Also, I am just so into Winnie The Pooh Quotes lately.

Day 14 – Eyes


This took a surprising amount of time to co-ordinate. However, I’m really happy with how this photo came out! Fun fact, if you look deep into my eyes, you can see the reflection of my arm holding out the camera. As well as my messy office.

Day 15 – Silhouette


It took me the longest time to figure out how to take a silhouette shot. Finally, I realized that you needed to wait a while after sunset where the sky is still bright, but the sun is down. That’s Rory there. I was crouching really low on the ground, so I could get more of his silhouette against the fading sky 🙂

That’s it for this round!

30 Day Photography Challenge #designerssweetspot

Which one was your favourite?

Part 1 – Days 1-5

Part 2 – Days 6-10


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Recent Everything Haul

I haven’t done a haul post lately, not since Homeware Haul and Beauty Haul. I haven’t bought much specific things from any one store lately, so I just thought I’d share a bunch of stuff I’ve bought over the past few months.

Okay, let’s go!



Whitcoulls – Writing Notepad, Journals, and Postcards

The notepad and postcards were for writing to friends across the world. They all have them by now 🙂 The journals were cause I just liked them.


The Warehouse – Craft Paper and Sticky Notes

These were for my Travel Wall project.



Specsavers – OSullivan

I was getting bored of my old pair as I’d had them for a few years, so I thought I was due for a new pair!



Mirrou – Singlet

I love me some Patterned Tops!

Thrift Store – Black Merino, Blue Bohemina Top, Blue with Gold Pattern

I visited Rebound a couple of times, and I found some cute tops!

Kmart – Loose Black Pants, Circle Scarf

During our Kmart shops while looking for house things, I would have to walk through the clothing area. So eventually, I was going to get something 🙂



Kmart – Fake Plants

Good old Kmart. This was when I was starting to think about flat lays, and also fake plants don’t need to be looked after, and they look nice.

Salvation Army Family Store – Grey Couch, Blue Office Chair

We wanted a couch for our living room. We’d been eyeing up one at The Warehouse when we decided to check out Sallies. This time, we found a grey two-seater that we really liked. It was so comfy, and it still is. It also only cost us $15!! I also wanted an office chair, and this blue one caught my eye. Again, the comfort level was amazing, so we got it for $10.

Kmart – Black Shaggy Rug

Our living room looked a bit empty still, and a rug is always nice for added decor.

Camera and Camera Bag

PB Tech – Nikon D3400

JB Hi-Fi – Flea Market Twin Lens DSLR Bag

You guys know the story of the camera. I’ve been wanting one for ages, and there was a sale so I went for it! Then, of course, I wanted a proper bag for it to keep my camera and the lens safe.

Bath Bombs

Lush – Intergalactic and Dragon’s Egg Bath Bombs

Bath bombs! They’re the best, and I would love to try another one before the bathtub goes.



Farmers – Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette and Master Strobing Liquid

Two makeup products I’ve been wanting to try. I’m a fan of Maybelline, so I thought I’d give their eyebrow palette and highlighter a go. I’ve been really liking them!

That’s all! Nothing too crazy, but I just wanted to share a haul of some kind. What have you guys spent money on lately?


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30 Day Photography Challenge – Days 1-5

So as you guys know, I have a brand new camera which I’ve been having so much fun testing out! I want to work on my photography skills, so I found a photography challenge on Pinterest which I’ve decided to try!

Here are the first five days of the challenge.

Day 1 – Self Portrait


You may have seen this in  my latest OOTD post, but this is technically the first selfie or ‘self portrait’ I took with my camera!

Day 2 – What You Wore

what I wore

On a Monday morning to work, I wore my favourite overalls and striped shirt. It got a bit chilly, so I did throw on a blue cardi as well.

Day 3 – Clouds


There was a lot of picks for this one, clouds are just so much fun to look up at.

Day 4 – Something Green


Again, the river provides some great photo opportunities. I’m glad it’s so close to our new place!

Day 5 – After Dark

after dark

Seeing a bright full moon behind clouds just seemed like a good photo opportunity. Reminds me of something supernatural, or maybe I’ve been watching Buffy too much lately. Who knows? 😀

That’s it for Days 1-5. I’ll post the next five on the 11th!

30 Day Photography Challenge #designerssweetspot

Which one was your favourite?


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