Weekly Wonders #3

Weekly Wonders #3

Another week in and what we got up to.



Starting off with lemon cake. It’s really light and zingy, plus we ran out of coffee cake and I wanted more cake.


Made hokey pokey cookies once the lemon cake run out. I’ve made this recipe since I was little, and they’re really easy and nice cookies. Not too sweet, but quite fluffy and a nice cookie to have with a drink, you know?


Extra things including french toast with blueberries, and multiple dalgona coffees. I’m so addicted.

Hanging out with Naomi

I’ve ordered some more things for Naomi to help entertain her at home. This includes this activity cube, fox xylophone and a walker with lots of things for her to grab and pull. She’s been loving using it to help her walk and keep her balance around the house.

Also got her some new pink shoes as her soft sole blue ducky shoes are slowly getting worn out.

We also tried some gloop. She spilled it all over the sun room but it kept her entertained, and gloop isn’t really that hard to tidy up.


Outside Time

Went a bit further out for a walk, by that I mean we went to the end of our street to the park there.

Also spent lots of time in our backyard again.

Keeping Busy

As always, I did some cross stitching, read, watched You Tube, cleaned, and kept up with stuff for work.

I also messed around with my DSLR camera a little. I was outside with Naomi and Shadow and tried taking some close up/portrait style shots of them.

Since Easter is coming, I tried my hand at a few arts and crafts, and also made a whole blog post about it.

easter crafts

What did you guys get up to this week?



Weekly Wonders #2

Weekly Wonders #2

Another week of mostly being inside.

Hanging in our backyard


We try to go out for walks, but Naomi hates being restrained in her buggy. So instead, we set her free outside. She loves going out. She’ll point at her shoes then start heading to the door. She’s starting to stand more and more which is pretty exciting!

More Baking

Made some apple crumble but didn’t take any pictures.


Chocolate chip cookies, using a different recipe which made them more softer and chewier.


Coffee cake, using a really easy and simple recipe I found online.

30 Days of Songs Challenge

I saw an old blogging friend Jasmin post this on her story. I don’t know if she’s still doing it, but I thought it sounded fun, and for no reason, I’m keeping up with it.

Here are the songs I’ve done for each day so far.

Day 1 – A song you like with a colour in the title

Self-explanatory. I was going back and forth between this and that blue da ba dee song. But I like Lorde better.

Day 2 – A song you like with a number in the title

Again, self-explanatory. There are a million songs with a number in the title, but I was listening to this most recently so it was fresh in my head.

Day 3 – A song that reminds you of summertime

This song was a big summer hit in 2016 I think. And it has just stuck with me, it’s so damn catchy. Who doesn’t sing along to the whole chorus??

Day 4 – A song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget

I couldn’t think of a person that I’d want to forget. So I spun this prompt and thought of 10 year old me and my friends doing a choreographed dance routine we made up to this song…in front of the whole school. I’ve blacked out most of the memory, but I still cringe about it.

Day 5 – A song that needs to be played loud

I have loved this song since it first released. I have also got Naomi hooked on it which is great. This has to be played loud, because I like to sing along with it but I do not have Idina’s range, so if it’s loud enough, I can’t hear my voice crack.

Staying Social while Distancing

Had our first zoom work meeting last monday. That was nice to see everyone. Also called a few of the families from work, just to catch up and see how they were doing.

Skyped with a few friends I hadn’t seen in a while. We sometimes don’t talk for ages cause we all get busy with life, so what perfect time than now to catch up.

Played games online with my siblings, and had our weekly skype catch up with the parents too.

Keeping Busy

More of the weekly cleaning, as things get messier faster since we’re home all the time.

Have managed to keep up with my 30 days of yoga still which is good!

Tried that whipped coffee thing that’s been circulating online. The first time, I mixed it just for a while so it didn’t really work. The second time I used my electric beater for around 10 minutes and it worked really nice. It tastes like a really sweet coffee which I prefer.


Went out to do the weekly grocery shop as Rory went last week. I haven’t been since all the new precautions have been put in place. They only allow a certain number of  people in at once,  so there’s a line outside. They have cones set out that you stand next to, so we keep our distance. Also inside, there’s lots of signs about limits on products, reminders to wash your hands and all that. It was really nice to get out and drive to the store I have to say. I miss the daily drives to and from work, and just the daily grind in general.

Making progress this past week on my big cross stitch project that I’ve been doing for over 2 years now.

Playing games, reading books and occasionally fretting about the reality of our current situation.

What have you guys been up to this past week?


The New Normal

The New Normal

I was completely meaning to post when Naomi officially turned three months old, but time just keeps getting away from me. I am loving being a mom, it’s definitely keeping us busy, and this once beloved blog of mine keeps getting forgotten about. But, as the title says, this is the new normal for me.

So, Naomi is now three and a half months.

She is a happy (mostly), chatty, and occasionally giggly little lady. She has met lots of new family members over these past six weeks, including great grandparents and her aunt and uncle. She loves all the attention and smiles she gets from everyone, and we noticed that she doesn’t get as grumpy at them as she will with Mum and Dad. Once it’s just us again, then she suddenly gets all tired and grumpy lol.


She is a lot more active and alert when she’s awake now. Even during feedings, she’ll suddenly get distracted by things on the wall and start chatting to them instead. Her great grandparents gifted her a colourful playmat, and she loves lying on it and happily shouting at her toys. She keeps discovering new ways to use her voice. She vocalizes a lot, quietly, loudly, high pitched, and then little growls. Her favourite statement is “ah-boo”, sometimes “ah-goo”. Often followed by a big shout or laugh.


Her neck and shoulders continue to get stronger with tummy time. She can hold herself up with her arms for quite a while now. She’s also starting to rock side to side, so she may figure out rolling at some point. All in all, she is definitely starting to explore the world around her more.

Even sleeps are getting slightly easier for us. We can now put her down in her bassinet when she’s drowsy and she settles herself to sleep (by loudly sucking on her fingers). Although the past few days she’s started to fight against this, but we keep persevering. She tends to sleep better when she has settled herself to sleep than when we rock her.

I have found new energy to this being a stay-at-home thing by taking her out a few times a week. Sometimes Rory gets a ride into work, so we can take the car out too. We only have energy for one trip in a day, as it exhausts both of us. But I love getting out and about, as sometimes I get a bit cabin fever-ish being at home all the time. Places we’ve gone to include a Bring Your Baby to the movies event at the library, Playcentre groups, the supermarket, coffee meet-ups, and even visiting my workplace. She was very popular there. It was nice catching up with all my co-workers, and seeing all the kids again. None of the babies remembered me (I’ve been away for four months though, so it makes sense), but most of the older kids did remember me. They kept asking where I’ve been, and I kept explaining that I went and had a baby, who I was currently holding. I missed them all. I’m looking forward to heading back there with Naomi in a few months.

That’s my catch-up post for now. Hopefully I can keep doing these at least once a month, as I like looking back on what’s been going on.

Hope you guys are all doing well too!


One Month Old

One Month Old

We’ve reached another milestone, Naomi is officially one month old! We are so in love with this little lady, it’s amazing getting to watch her grow!

She’s just been through another growth spurt, so she was feeding and sleeping heaps lately. The cluster feedings definitely exhaust me as I try to keep up with her demands, but it never lasts longer than a few days, before we get back to regular feeds. We’ve definitely got into a rhythm with breastfeeding which is so good. We had lots of issues during the first two weeks, so I’m glad that things have settled.


Sleep still has it’s ups and downs, but this past week has been really good. She’s having shorter naps throughout the day, and having longer sleeps in the night. She sleeps between 2 and a half to 3 and a half hours at night, waking up in between for some feeds. She goes back down to sleep quite fast in between the feeds, so that I’m able to get back to sleep too. We’re hoping this sticks around for a while!


Naomi has periods where she’s quite alert, especially during the day. Her big blue eyes are often content searching the room. We read books to her, sing, do tummy time, and just spend time together. When we’re holding her close, her eyes do seem to focus directly on us now. She often turns her head towards me or Rory if she hears us going by, so it’s nice to see that she definitely recognizes us! As she gets older, it’ll be fun to see her as she begins to interact back with us.


That’s all for this update. Hope you guys are all doing well!


2019 So Far

2019 So Far

I wanted to do a catch up post of what 2019 has been like so far. Feel free to let me know how your year has been going so far too!

Kicking off 2019, I did not stay up till midnight. I tried, but I fell asleep. I end up in bed by 9pm most nights now anyway.

So January passed by fairly fast for me. Lots of routine appointments and antenatal classes. The weeks were spent trying to get through work, and then after our antenatal classes on the weekend, the rest of the weekend was spent looking after the house. Summer was getting really hot here some days though. Which, for me, was pretty much unbearable some days. I decided to get my hair cut thanks to that. Meanwhile, I was getting bigger faster thanks to baby. Then all of a sudden, it was February and my last day of work was coming up.

So, as mentioned before, my pregnant belly is looking impressive. My belly button hasn’t popped out though. It just kinda squished itself instead, which is weird. I always heard about how your belly button would pop out, but I don’t think mine will at this point. Each body goes through pregnancy differently, and you have no idea what yours will do pretty much. I don’t really have stretch marks on my tummy, I have found a few on my thighs and hips though. I can’t get over how huge my tummy is though. It also feels so rigid, where the uterus is. I feel baby girl all the time now. Every single tiny or huge move she does, I feel. She’s running out of space now, we both are really.

My last day of work was Friday 8 February. It was bittersweet really. I’ve worked at the same centre for four years now, so it feels strange to be leaving for 6 months. Leaving at 34 weeks may seem early for some, but the last few weeks of work for so hard for me. I couldn’t really bend down and pick up the kids for a while at this point, and I was always tired and out of breath. My colleagues were so lovely and pooled together this massive hamper for me full of goodies for both me and baby. A lot of the parents came during my farewell afternoon tea which was so nice!

So now I’ve been off work for pretty much a week, and it feels weird. I keep thinking I need to be doing something. I do have some stuff I want to get sorted, which I’ve slowly been getting through. Like finalising the nursery, packing our hospital bag, washing baby’s things, etc. At the same time, I just want to relax and do nothing while I still can. Once baby arrives, I’m sure relaxing and playing video games won’t happen as often as it can now.

So much teeny things

I had a maternity photoshoot a few days ago, and I’m so excited to see the pictures. I went with Charlie Horse Photography and Sarah (the photographer) was so lovely. She does really unique, stylized shots. Lots of drapery and whooshing fabrics which was a lot of fun to do. Also, I’m now officially 35 weeks. Pretty much a month to go till the due date.

So this post was a little all over the place. Lots of words and not so many pictures. But it’s nice to get all my thoughts out in blog form again. I have ideas for other posts to do as we get ready for baby. Who knows if I’ll get round to them though. I’ve been spending a lot of time playing games, trying to organise things, and then reading about labour and all that fun stuff. I’m slightly all over the place.

See you guys in the next post, whenever that is. Hopefully sooner rather than later.


P.S. Ending on a fun fact, baby is starting to descend. Is that TMI? Possibly, you can stop reading if you want. But at the end of the pregnancy, baby basically ‘drops’ or descends down into the pelvis. So I can breathe a bit easier, there’s less heartburn, etc, but that also means baby is pushing even more against the bladder. Currently, baby girl is 2/5ths of the way into my pelvis according to my midwife.

Looking Back on September

So guess who is slightly falling behind on blogging again? I’m starting to accept that I’m always playing catch-up now, but I still can’t bring myself to fully pull away from blogging. I’ve put so much into this, and even though I’m often distracted by the many things going on everyday, you can bet I’ll always come back to this little blogging space.

So September started with me driving on my own. I mentioned this in my latest coffee post, but this was a long time coming, and I’ve been super proud of myself! I find it quite relaxing just driving around and listening to music (and loudly singing along).


Rory and I had our 12 week ultrasound. It was awesome to be able to have this. We saw baby moving and jumping around in there. It was surprising to see how active baby is, even at 12 weeks. This is a big milestone, as it means that the risk of miscarriage has dropped to less than 1%.  Also, it means that I’m pretty much done with the first trimester!


During that weekend, we officially announced it to social media, and it was so nice to receive so much love from everyone!

The following weekend was pretty packed. We went and saw Chicago live on stage.


We visited Aston Norwood to see the gardens. It was such a beautiful place, and seeing all the cherry blossoms everywhere was a perfect way to spend our Sunday.

This past weekend, we heard the NZSO (New Zealand Symphony Orchestra) play music from Harry Potter as part of their 2018 season. I love hearing orchestral music (especially when they’re from films) live, its just so much more magical!

Seriously, hearing this theme live nearly got me crying, and I haven’t watched any of the movies in many years.

Throughout the month, we got caught up in our day to day life of work and home. It was nice to take breaks and go out and see some shows. The weather is also improving, the sun is staying out longer, and things are looking up in general!

How was your September?


Weekend Snapshots (Sep 8-9)

Hello! I feel like returning to my roots a little with some posts, and sharing more about my everyday life. I have lots of fun with my other posts talking about food, DIY, makeup or what have you, but I feel like I’m running out of creative juice for those kind of posts. So, let’s talk about what happened over the weekend! After all, this blog is about my life.

Before I keep going, thank you so much for all the well wishes from my last post! We’re so excited about this pregnancy, and we love being able to go on this journey. I can’t even imagine what life will be like in a year, or even 6 months from now!

On to the post.



I had last Friday off because we had our 12 week ultrasound. I love being able to see baby during these! When the technician first took a look, we saw our little baby doing a headstand. They were literally upside down just hanging out. As the appointment went on though, they flipped around and started laying down instead. We even saw their little legs and arms! It was very exciting. Afterwards, I shared the photo all over my social media. Now that I’m 12 weeks along, we’re happy to let everyone know that we’re expecting.

New Cookbooks

recipe books

I’d been eyeing up these cool cookbooks from Kmart for a while. They’re each only $5 and each come packed with so many recipes! We grabbed 5 of them since they were cheap, and have already tried a few of them. They’re really good! We tried Pumpkin Soup with Lentils, Rice Pudding, Burrito Bowl, and we’re eyeing up more  to do.

Walking Around

Rory’s sisters were down in town for the day on Saturday, so we had lunch together. Afterwards, we were walking around town for a while checking out shops. I normally am fine with walking around for a few hours, I’ll get a bit tired but nothing too major. Except, I haven’t done this much walking since being pregnant. I got wiped out pretty early. Once we got back home, I crashed and had a two hour nap. #pregnantlife

Spiderman Game

So this last bit is random, but I have been having so much fun with this game! I was a big fan of the Spiderman 2 game on PS2 cause it was so silly and fun. This new Spiderman game reminds me so much of it and I’ve already spent way too many hours on it. It’s all I want to do.

That’s it for my weekend! I wanted to do some house cleaning, but I ended up playing games for hours instead. What did you guys do?


If We Were Having Hot Chocolate

I haven’t been into coffee too much lately. Hot Chocolate has been a pretty good choice. So that’s what I’ll be having in this catch-up post.

If we were having hot chocolate, I’d talk about blogging. I have put a lot of myself into my blog, and I do love it, but most days it still feels like a lot of effort. I post a few times a week, but even with that I have a hard time coming up with ideas. I’m often quite tired after work, and I no longer have the energy to keep up with everyone else’s blog which I’m sad about. I don’t know if this feeling is going around much with others, but if it does…let me know. It’s such a strange mindset for something that I used to be so passionate about.

If we were having hot chocolate, now that I’ve got those thoughts out, I’d talk about spring. It feels like it’s so close now. We’re over the hump of winter, the sun is out for longer, and we’ve had some pretty warm days. It seems to be arriving early this year, which makes me wonder if we’re due for another really hot summer. I know you guys on the other side of the world are having a pretty intense summer. Hopefully it’s starting to cool down a little!

If we were having hot chocolate, I would mention that I’ve been addicted to these simulation apps. Specifically The Sims Free Play, and Sim City. I was very into them when they first came out, and then I got bored and stopped for years. Recently, I found my tablet again, and got back into it. It takes up way more of my time than it probably should. I can’t help it though. I love those simulation games. They give achievements, you finish quests, etc. It’s addictive! Let me know what apps or games you’re into at the moment.

If we were having hot chocolate, I’d ask how things are going with you. What are your thoughts about blogging at the moment?


If We Were Having Coffee (July Edition)

Another month, another update post. So sit down with some coffee, or whichever drink you prefer and let’s catch up!

If we were having coffee, I would talk about how we now have a new car. Our previous car was a little blue Nissan March, and it seems to be on it’s last legs. It’s got a few quirks which are more annoying now, so it’s time to upgrade. Still, Rory got it back in 2012, so it’s lasted us a nice while. So now we have a black Toyota Corolla. I just now need to get used to driving this one, cause it took me a long time to adjust to the previous one haha.

If we were having coffee, I would talk about the lovely Shadow. Our shy black cat. We got her home last week, and set up her own space in our office/spare room. Each time we come in, she has found a new place to catloaf herself into. She really loves little hideyholes. The first few days she seemed to be a bit confused as to what was happening, but she’s been warming up to us. We play with her each evening after work, and there’s definitely a bond forming which is nice. I’ll probably devote a post to her at some point, cause she’s amazing.


If we were having coffee, I would stress that I am over winter. Sure it has some perks, but the commuting in darkness, and constant barrage of blocked noses and coughs are wearing me down. Literally. I don’t know what’s up with my immune system this winter, but I keep catching them all, and it’s hard not to feel sorry for myself all the time. So, I’m patiently waiting for August to come and go, so I can head into spring!

If we were having coffee, I’d ask what’s going on with you guys lately?