Well, well, well. Look who’s got 1500 followers! I mean, it happened a few days back, and I kept meaning to write a thank you/celebration post, but I put it off cause I had other posts I was working on. But I knew if I kept putting it off, I’d get to it in a month, so I’m sitting down now and writing this.


Thank you so much to everyone who engages with me and my weird little blog. I keep calling it little, but it has grown so much more than I could have imagined. I’ve been active on my blog since March (even though I made it last July), so Life of Angela has only been around for 7 months really. I still get surprised each time I hit a new milestone, and I’m touched that people like what I’m writing (also a lot of random company/business blogs for whatever reason).

When I started blogging in March, I wrote a tiny little intro post. I didn’t want to dive in with my (many) pre-planned travel posts, I wanted to introduce myself first. I didn’t expect it to get noticed, but it did. It got like 4 likes. 4!! I know that seems small, but it was a lot more than I expected…which was zero. Then after a few weeks, my posts got to 10 likes and I just lost my mind all over again. Imagine how I felt when I got a notification that someone actually now follows my blog.  I still feel that way now. I may not screech each time I get a follow or a like, but I do bounce around in my seat and sometimes high five myself (is that a little sad..nah).

Life of Angela

My blog has continued to grow more than I could have expected. It’s also taught me a lot about skills that I haven’t pursued in years, as I now have a platform to share my thoughts and experiences on these. It’s made me feel more sociable and connected with the world. I’m so glad I started blogging 🙂

Here’s a little doodle I tried to do, expect a Pinspiration post on doodles at some point.


Thanks for 1500 all!


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Celebrate All The Milestones!

Hey! So, I mentioned a while back that I wanted to do another celebratory post about follower milestones. Back in July was my last one, where we had the biggest Blog Party the world has ever seen. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that insane, but it was pretty crazy! 429 comments!! My notification feed was non-stop and it was hard for me to keep up. It was amazing.

Since then, I went self hosted, and my engagement rate slowed down a tad. As someone who was starting to celebrate reaching milestones quite often, this dampened my enthusiasm a little. The numbers have still been steadily rising though. When I reached 1100, I thought, “I should do a celebratory post!”, but I didn’t. Then I reached 1200, 1300, and most recently 1400. As I write this, my count stands at 1451. So over the weekend, I was determined to do something fun to celebrate and show my gratitude for all you lovely people who read my ramblings!

I was going to do a House Tour, but it’s still pretty messy. But after reading some posts, I got inspired by doing this “50 Questions You’ve Never Been Asked Tag“. I decided since it was a huge number, I would break it up by answering all over the house. In video form!! So you get a sneek peek at our place, and hopefully learn more about me.

Here it is!

I had the most fun I have ever had filming a video! It was also super planned out, I wrote out all the questions, and decided which room or spot to film it in. The whole process was confusing and hilarious, and Rory kept finding me everywhere, tripod in one hand, notebook in the other, and phone in mouth cause I was out of hands.

In fact, out of all the bonus footage, I decided to make a little bloopers video out of it, which makes me laugh at least!

As fun as all this was, I really just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who supports, reads, likes, comments and follows me on my blog! I still consider myself a newbie, I’m still learning as I go, but this whole blogging business has been so incredible! I have never felt more connected with like minded people all over the world, have friends in so many timezones, and spend so much time writing, filming, taking photos, and having so many new experiences!

Thanks for being a part of my blogging journey, lovely people!