I can’t quite wrap my head around this, but apparently there is now over 3000 followers on this random little blog! You may know that I have a habit of celebrating each milestone I hit, and it’s just cause it’s literally so incredible!! I celebrated my blogiversary only a few weeks ago. I’ve been blogging for just over a year and in that time my blog has grown more than I could have ever expected.

I love blogging so much and I just get so much joy out of it doing it. The community I’ve become a part of is so wonderful. I enjoy having this creative outlet to try out new things, explore, and share bits and piece of my life. It does take up a decent bit of my time, and I continue to work on balancing my blogging world and everyday world, but I have no regrets!

On a more soppy note, it’s made me feel more connected with all my lovely blogging friends around the world. I’ve made real friendships through this hobby, as well as reigniting passions in my many and never-ending interests.

So I want to end this on a big thank you again to everyone in the blogging community! I’d also like to share this link from Huffington Post UK, where I was contacted by the author to use my DIY – Travel Scrapbook (Peru Adventures) in their article about what to do with your holiday photos. It’s definitely something that I never expected to come out of blogging, and even though it’s just a snippet, it makes me even more proud of my blog and motivated to keep going!

Thanks for all the online love friends!! ❤

Leave a comment below about what made you smile recently!


Wedding Anniversary Celebration

It’s still crazy to think that we’ve been married for a year!!

Here’s how we celebrated our anniversary. We originally planned to go up to Taupo but I didn’t have enough leave for Taupo and Japan, so we decided to cancel the trip for now. We pretty much had a chill day together.

In the morning we visited the Neko Ngeru Cat Cafe again. It’s becoming a favourite hang out. They had a new cat there called Jake, he was 6 months old and so playful! There was also another cat called Eva, who was magnetised to anyone who had food. Like Rory. She kept cuddling him while at the same time trying to steal a bite of his pie!

I managed to capture a video of two of the older resident cats having a play fight which was fascinating to me. I’ve never owned any felines, so it was interesting watching them wrestle each other. Then they would stop and have a cuddle.

Sarah was with us, and afterwards, we all had lunch together at a nearby cafe. It was a really good catch up! Once back home, we decided to give each other our gifts. The traditional gift for your first anniversary is paper.

As you know, one of my gifts to Rory was my boudoir album (which was well-received), but I also wanted to get an extra something. I got him a concept art book on one of the Magic the Gathering collections. It’s been a long-time hobby of his, and I’ll be honest, I like the art on all the cards too!

rorys gifts

Rory got me three things, which I was low-key offended by as I thought we agreed on two and he went and one-upped me. But the gifts were all amazing so I’ll forgive him 😛

He got me another of the Harry Potter Illustrated Editions which I was not expecting at all! Soon I will have them all! He also got me two of the blogging books I’d heard lots about and kept talking about buying as I couldn’t find copies to loan from the library. These were Big Magic (all about unlocking creativity), and Capture Your Style (a guide in OOTD, and getting the most out of Instagram). I’m so keen to dive into these books already! I know they’re going to be great for inspiring me! (Also, I can use them in flatlays hehe).

angelas gifts

For dinner we went back to our current favourite restaurant, La Bella Italia. We didn’t eat too much as we were still full from lunch.


All in all, it was just a nice relaxed day to spend together and reminisce. We’ve been dating for over 6 years, and now we’ve been married for a year. Things are going great.  My original original plan (before taupo), was to go to Japan, but with work scheduling, we had to push it back to May. So now we still have that to look forward to!!


I would never have imagined this time last year that in a year we would be living in our own house. Who knows where we’ll be in life when we celebrate our second wedding anniversary?? 🙂


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas everyone! If you’re not celebrating Christmas, then I wish you a Happy Holidays instead!

For everyone not on this side of the world, then it’s probably still Christmas eve, but I’m sure you may already be in a festive mood since Christmas is lurking around the corner. But for me, it’s here, so I’m off to celebrate.

Today, we’re going to hang out with Rory’s family, and tomorrow, we’re celebrating with mine. Lots of celebrating, eating, and hanging out with loved ones!

I just wanted to wish all my lovely blogger friends a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays as well!


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