A Haul of Sorts

Hello again. I’ve been buying stuff lately, and thought it would be fun to do a random haul post. I also keep falling off the blogging wagon, so let me know how you guys are as well!

Anyway, here’s what I got recently.

2019 A5 Planner

I’ve tried keeping diaries in the past, and I always tend to give up a few months in. However, I got this on impulse as I liked it. It’s got monthly and weekly pages, as well as other random bits and pieces. I think I just have a weakness for stationary in general.

Mickey Mouse Earrings

mickey mouse earrings

Again, another impulse buy. But they were cute and on sale, so I figured why not.

Watermelon Shaped Charger

watermelon charger

This was sort of an impulse buy. I have been wanting a portable charger for a while, as it seems convenient. I like being able to use my phone without having to be near an outlet cause it’s always running out of battery (cause of all the apps and games, so it’s my fault really). Plus, this is shaped like a watermelon, so I was swayed to get it.

Maternity Work Out Clothes

workout clothes

So now to clothes. Most, if not all, clothes I have bought in the last month have been maternity related. I decided to sign up to a pregnancy yoga class, and used that as an excuse to buy maternity work out clothes. They’re basically really comfy leggings and a top, that are super stretchy and accommodating as my bump grows. My previous workout clothes are not as comfortable now.

Maternity Swimsuit


I also am planning to try out some prenatal swimming classes. It’s like low-intensity water aerobics basically. I always love swimming around in water and being weightless. As my bump gets bigger, swimming is even more appealing. So, I wanted to get a maternity swimsuit that will also grow with me.

Hush Puppies Flats


I invested in some comfy flats. I have a weird habit of buying the cheapest ones and going through at least 2 pairs each spring/summer. This was a long time coming.

Mecca Beauty Box

mecca box

So I didn’t really buy this. But I’m part of a beauty club programme with Mecca Maxima (a makeup store), and I’ve now spent enough money there that I get complimentary boxes with samples and goodies! I haven’t bought much makeup lately, so I was excited to get this email and see what they sent.

mecca box opened

  • Too Faced Melted Liquified Longwear Matte Lipstick in ‘Sell Out’
  • Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Intense Black
  • Kate Somerville Cold Cream Moisturizing Cleanser + Makeup Remover
  • Origins Clear Improvement Mask

I’ve only really tried the lipstick so far, and I like the colour.

I also have heard really good things about the liner. The other two, I’ll try out at some point, let me know if you guys have tried any before. I’m really happy with all the samples though, and I can’t wait to get the other boxes throughout the year!


I also didn’t buy this. I was lucky enough to have an old coworker gift us hers. Her own little bub has outgrown it, so she messaged me asking if we would like it. We said yes, and now we have a bassinet! She also gave us sheets and a newborn sleep swaddle too.

That’s all for my haul post. What have you guys bought recently?


June Favourites

We’re now entering the second half of the year, how crazy is that! I’m excited to see what next month brings. Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve been loving this past month.

Unicorn Slippers

unicorn slippers

I feel like I’ve been talking about these a lot lately. They’re cute and protect my feet from the cold floors. As soon as I get home, I pretty much immediately get into them.

Coconut Beach Candle

scented candles

I’ve always liked coconut scented things, so I was bound to like this scented candle. I’ve been using a lot of our candles, but I keep coming back to this one.

Grey Sweater

grey sweater

As always, I tend to include some kind of clothing item in my monthly favourites. I’ve been wearing this sweater a lot lately. It’s so soft. It doesn’t keep me too warm, but once I layer it, I’m good to go. I’ve been pairing it with my overalls a lot lately.

Cross Stitch

hot balloon cross stitch

This whole month I’ve fallen back in love with cross stitching. It’s literally all I do at home now. It’s sometimes led me to forget to do other things, but I just love it so much! It’s so calming and I love seeing the picture slowly come to life.

Hot Water Bottle

hot water bottle

This has gotten so much use the last month. I hate getting into bed at night and freezing myself in the sheets. Having the hot water bottle speeds up the warming process, and it’s so toasty warm climbing into bed. Getting out of bed in the morning is getting harder each day though.

That’s what I’ve been loving this month! Lots of things that give me comfort as I battle through winter.

june faves

What have you been loving this past month?


Winter Haul

Yesterday, I shared some items I bought from Romwe. It dawned on me that I’ve bought quite a few things recently, so I wanted to combine them all to make a seasonal haul post.

Here we go!


I bought two sweaters from a thrift shop recently. I love layering, and every year I always buy more jumpers/sweaters. They’re so comfy and you can never have enough. This ‘P’ one is my favourite. It reminds me of my letterman jacket, and I really like the colours. I also like this black crop knit sweater. It’s super warm! I also got these unicorn slippers which I mentioned in an earlier post.



I don’t often wear jewellery, or buy it for that matter. But one afternoon, I impulsively bought these. Two pairs of earrings and five rings. I picked gold items, and I do love looking at them. It’s very rare for me to remember to wear any though.

Skincare and Makeup

beauty products

I haven’t been buying makeup much lately. Partly because I’m wanting to save, and also cause nothing has been jumping out at me. I have used up two travel sizes of the UD All-Nighter Setting Spray, so I bought the full size one as I really like it. I also wanted to try a new primer, and decided to give the UD Quick Fix one a go. Recently, I also picked up this little face mask from Lush. It smells nice and calming. I’ve yet to use it, and I hear that the product can sometimes be hard to work with, but I’m keen to try it.

Cross Stitch

cross stitch kit

I’ve mentioned my love of cross stitches a few times, so I ended up buying one. This was before I found my big bag filled with cross stitch kits waiting to be done. Still, this bunny picture was too cute, and I’m definitely going to complete it!


scented candles

We have been into scented candles more and more. It’s nice to have them fill up the house. I’ve been really loving the coconut one lately.

bedroom decor

We also bought this piece of canvas art to go above our bed. We’ve been wanting to fill up the empty space for a while but we couldn’t find one we liked enough. Rory found this oil painting (Sunrise Sakura it’s called) on Amazon and we really liked it. It reminds us of our Japan trip and it’s also just pretty.

art decor

That’s all for this wintry haul! What have you bought recently?


Romwe Haul

So I first heard about this from my good friend Siyana over at Siyana Online. She shared the site, Romwe, and some things she had bought from it. I immediately went to check them out and fell in love with some things myself. The main thing I loved about this site, is that they have an Australian site. Why is this important? Well they’re selling Fall & Winter items! I love ASOS, but they mostly cater to the Northern Hemisphere, so it’s hard for me to find things I like and can actually wear anytime soon! That being said, the items can be a bit of a hit or miss situation.

So, here’s what I got.

Rose Applique Drawstring Skinny Pants

I fell in love with these pants because of the rose patch. It’s so cute, I also don’t really have sweats that often so I thought I could get these. They are really warm and have a nice fit, but they’re waaaay too long on me. I always have this issue since I’m so very short. If I was longer I think this would be perfect. I’ll still keep these as lounging around pants though.

Wide Striped Sweater

I have a thing for patterns, I think I’ve mentioned it before. I liked the colours on this sweater and it looked comfy. The material is knit, so it’s a bit itchy, but not too bad. If I wear something underneath, I’m fine all day. It’s really warm though, and it falls right at my hips which I like.

Cat Faced Print Sweatshirt

I love this sweater! The material is soft and so comfy! It’s long, but not too long. Perfect for both lounging at home and wearing at work all day. The cat print is also adorable, so it’s just a bonus. This is by far, my most favourite sweater at the moment!

romwe haul

That’s all I got this round, as I didn’t want to go overboard. It took around 2 and a half weeks to get to me, and they were all really well packaged. I’m pretty happy with everything I got, and I’ll definitely be checking them out again.

Have you guys heard of Romwe?


An Autumn Haul

I wanted to share more things of what I’ve bought recently. There was a mixture of clothes and beauty products, as that’s where I love to buy things the most!

Here’s the beauty products I bought recently!

beauty haul

I bought two hair products, and two makeup products.

OGX Coconut Milk Conditioner

I have the shampoo version of this, and as I’ve recently run out of conditioner, I decided to grab this. I’ve yet to try it, but if it’s anything like the shampoo, I’m sure I’ll love it!

Kenra Blow Dry Spray

I heard good things about this heat spray, so I wanted to try it. It’s really light. I don’t feel much product on my head, and it does speed up the hair drying process! I’ve been really impressed, and I use it everyday.

Too Faced Hangover Primer

I’ve heard nothing but praise for this primer, so I knew I wanted to give it a go. My previous primer ran out, so this seemed like the perfect time to try it. It smells so good, I always love coconut scents. It also feels quite refreshing on my face, and I do feel like it helps prep my skin for makeup and keep it looking fresh longer! I really like it!

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

Another product I’ve heard nothing but praise for! I finally caved and got it. It also smells really good, that’s always a plus for me. It’s quite light and creamy when I apply it, and it does blend easily. The shade is quite good on my skin tone which is a plus, it doesn’t have that orange-y undertone which I prefer.

Here’s the clothing that I bought recently!

clothes haul

Brown Combat Boots

I spotted these in the Red Cross opshop. They looked really cute, and I liked the colour. I’m always fond of boots, and as we head into cooler weather, I’m sure they’ll come in handy!

Grey Pompom Beanie

I love beanies with giant pompoms. I haven’t had one in a while though, preferring my black crochet one. However, I spotted this in the store, and it immediately grabbed me. So I grabbed it!

Pink and Yellow Letterman Jacket

Another impulse thrift buy. It’s so bright, and definitely not my usual colour choice in jackets. I often stick with neutrals, but this jacket is so comfy!! It’s a little puffy, and I love the ‘letterman’ design of it. There’s lots of patches and stuff on it that add to it’s unique look. I can’t wait for it to get even cooler so I can wear it without sweating haha!


What have you bought recently?


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Recent Everything Haul

I haven’t done a haul post lately, not since Homeware Haul and Beauty Haul. I haven’t bought much specific things from any one store lately, so I just thought I’d share a bunch of stuff I’ve bought over the past few months.

Okay, let’s go!



Whitcoulls – Writing Notepad, Journals, and Postcards

The notepad and postcards were for writing to friends across the world. They all have them by now 🙂 The journals were cause I just liked them.


The Warehouse – Craft Paper and Sticky Notes

These were for my Travel Wall project.



Specsavers – OSullivan

I was getting bored of my old pair as I’d had them for a few years, so I thought I was due for a new pair!



Mirrou – Singlet

I love me some Patterned Tops!

Thrift Store – Black Merino, Blue Bohemina Top, Blue with Gold Pattern

I visited Rebound a couple of times, and I found some cute tops!

Kmart – Loose Black Pants, Circle Scarf

During our Kmart shops while looking for house things, I would have to walk through the clothing area. So eventually, I was going to get something 🙂



Kmart – Fake Plants

Good old Kmart. This was when I was starting to think about flat lays, and also fake plants don’t need to be looked after, and they look nice.

Salvation Army Family Store – Grey Couch, Blue Office Chair

We wanted a couch for our living room. We’d been eyeing up one at The Warehouse when we decided to check out Sallies. This time, we found a grey two-seater that we really liked. It was so comfy, and it still is. It also only cost us $15!! I also wanted an office chair, and this blue one caught my eye. Again, the comfort level was amazing, so we got it for $10.

Kmart – Black Shaggy Rug

Our living room looked a bit empty still, and a rug is always nice for added decor.

Camera and Camera Bag

PB Tech – Nikon D3400

JB Hi-Fi – Flea Market Twin Lens DSLR Bag

You guys know the story of the camera. I’ve been wanting one for ages, and there was a sale so I went for it! Then, of course, I wanted a proper bag for it to keep my camera and the lens safe.

Bath Bombs

Lush – Intergalactic and Dragon’s Egg Bath Bombs

Bath bombs! They’re the best, and I would love to try another one before the bathtub goes.



Farmers – Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette and Master Strobing Liquid

Two makeup products I’ve been wanting to try. I’m a fan of Maybelline, so I thought I’d give their eyebrow palette and highlighter a go. I’ve been really liking them!

That’s all! Nothing too crazy, but I just wanted to share a haul of some kind. What have you guys spent money on lately?


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A Week in Outfits

Meg recently did a post sharing all the outfits she’d worn that week. I thought it sounded like fun, so here I am!! Thanks for the idea Meg!


Overall Selfie2


Good old moving day. I literally also wore this outfit on Friday, but I couldn’t be bothered wearing anything special for moving day. I wanted to wear something I didn’t mind getting a little dirty and was super comfortable for moving things around. I wore my grey jumper, black overalls and little ankle boots.



The day after moving, we still had heaps to unpack and spent most of the day in and out. Doing errands like laundry, groceries, and going to buy supplies like mops and shower curtains. So I opted for comfiness. My new pink off the shoulder sweater (which conveniently shows off my mandala tattoo), my light blue jeans and comfy shoes.



We still had the day off, but I felt a little dressier than jeans. So I threw on my favourite grey jumper, blue mini and tights, cause it’s still cold. I also wore my brown boots, but they’re not pictured. Another comfy outfit as this time we had errands to do in town. So I wanted to be comfy, but not a total slob you know?


We had more of a relaxing day planned, filled with just hanging out at cafes and chilling at home, so I had fun dressing up. I got my new Mirrou top and paired it with my blue summer skirt from the July thrift list. I did wear the skirt for a little, but it’s not that warm yet, so I had to change to jeans. But I did really like wearing the skirt till my legs started getting cold.



Our first day back to work. Lucky it’s a short week! I wore a typical work outfit which is a jumper, jeans and sneakers. All things loose and comfy so I can spend all day looking after babies and toddlers. Which I did. I always forget how exhausting my job actually is until I’ve had a few days off. Takes a while to get back into maintaining that level of energy all day.


Another work day. Today I chose my big comfy black cardigan, on top of my Mirrou short and another hidden light cardigan. Of course I wore jeans, and my boots. My work outfits are often dark coloured, for good reason. Things get on them.



The end of another work week. As you guys have probably identified, I like to wear jeans, boots, and a comfy top. Today I went with my zip-up hoodie. I have many go-to outfits for work, and these are a few of them. I never dress up for work, I feel like I would if I worked in an office, but whatever comes to work, I have to be prepared that something will get on it.

So that’s a typical week’s worth of outfits for me. Like I said, it’s nothing too fancy. I focus on comfort and what I can move easily in. If I’m not heading into work, I like to dress up a little more, unless I just feel like staying home all day.

What do you guys wear on a typical day?


Cardigan Collection

Cardigan Collection

So to continue this batch of beauty/fashion posts I’ve decided to do for the next week I thought I should dedicate a post to the most important item in all of clothing. Cardigans.

Every time I go into a store, it’s the one thing I have to stop and look through. It’s a weakness, and possibly a sickness. When I tell Rory I’ve bought something, he’ll ask “Is it a cardigan”, eight times out of ten, it is. So, anyway, I’ve decided to compile all the cardigans I own and show you the whole collection.

Long cardigan. You guys may have seen this before. I’ve showed it every now and then. This is one of two long cardigans I have. I like it as it’s good when it’s windy, it doesn’t blow up, so if I’m wearing a skirt, it weighs it down so it doesn’t fly up. This is also the oldest item in my closet, dating back to 2007 or 2008 (also it was my sister’s originally).

Extra Cardigan. I bought this during my office job days. I didn’t like lugging around my extra thick jacket around, so I got this extra thick cardigan. It’s warmer than a regular cardigan, but easier to lug around than my big jacket. I still occasionally wear it, but not as much as I used to. I can’t bring myself to get rid of it though. I’ve had it since 2013.

Peru Cardigan. One of the souvenirs I brought back from Peru (alongside Pedro) was this cardigan. It’s made from alpaca fur I believe. I bought it in a market stall. It caught my eye immediately, it was so cute, and sooo soft. It’s still soft now, but not as much. It’s so warm to wear. I wear it quite a bit still. I’ve had this since early 2014.

Glassons Cardigans. Glassons is one of the biggest stores for clothing here. They tend to have everything, including the basics, in every single colour and size basically. I lost my favourite black cardigan back in 2014 which I also got from here. So I came back and got one in a dark blue (which I wear all the time), and also got a light grey for the fun of it. I wear the blue one waay more (to the point where it’s starting to fall apart in places), but you guys know I like blue.

Multi-Coloured Cardigan. I remember in 2015, it struck me that I was wearing a lot of black sometimes. Or just lots of dark colours in general. During thrift store runs, I found this cardigan. It had pockets, lots of patches of colour, and I figured I could have fun wearing this. I’ve often worn this on top of my standard dark blue, grey or black tops and pants, and suddenly I’m less neutral coloured which is always fun! It’s also fun to wear it to work and name all the colours on my tops with the kids.

Blue Cardigan. Yes, another blue cardigan. I got this one in 2016. We were in Sydney, and my previous trusty blue cardigan from Sydney got a huge rip in it. A loose seam caught on my bag and pulled it, creating a very noticeable hole. Understandably I was heartbroken. So, we searched through stores, and I came across this blue cardi. It’s a different shade of blue, but it’s also way softer and warmer. It’s fast become my preferred blue cardigan,look closer at a lot of the weekend review photos, I’m often wearing this cardi.

Polka Dot Cardigan. This cardigan actually has shorter sleeves than the others, it means I don’t have to roll them up which is nice. This cardi is quite thin though, so it’s more of a layer for those warmer seasons. It had polka dots and it felt so nice on that I had to buy it when I saw it back in 2016. The first time I wore it to work, one of the little bubs who was painting grabbed my sweater to catch her balance, leaving a purple stain that took two washes to come out. I don’t wear it too work anymore 😀

Big Black Cardigan. This is my current favourite cardigan. I bought it back in June, and I wear it constantly. It’s huge, baggy, and so warm. I can wear it around without a big jacket on top as it’s that warm. I normally button it up which I never do with cardigans, but I like to be extra snug and warm. If it’s not too cold that day, then I’ll leave it open. But you guys would have seen this cardigan a lot lately. I wear it heaps.

On top of these I also have quite a few sweaters, jumpers and other long sleeves. I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to layers for winter. For summer, I wear a few of these (mostly the thinner ones), for added layers on those cooler summer days or evenings. For now though, it’s good to wrap up as I wait this long ass winter.

What are your thoughts on cardigans? Do you guys also have a weakness item when it comes to clothes?


Skirt Collection

Skirt Collection

I decided to do a post showing all my skirts since Pamela did a posy about her own dress collection and included skirts (as did Cheila)! So thanks for the extra inspiration again ladies! Here we go.

I have seven eight skirts at the moment.


This black and white skirt. My sister Jo made back in 2010 or 2011. She left it behind when I moved out so I asked if I could have it. I quite like it, it’s stripy and comfy.

This denim skirt. I got it from a thrift store back in 2012. It’s from Levi’s, which is a well known denim brand. I got it for $6. I love this skirt, it’s got pockets!! I wore it constantly back in 2012, then for some reason I stopped wearing it so much. But I can’t get rid of it!

This blue mini skirt. I got it from the Warehouse back in 2012. I got it for $15. This was around the time I was doing temp office work so I was getting lots of office clothes as all I had was jeans. This is from Garage, which is an in-house brand that has nice stuff.

This blue maxi skirt. I got this from Temt back in 2013 I think. I got it for $25, full price, as it was not on sale. I tried it on and it fit perfectly without me having to hem it, which means an automatic buy for me. This is from Paper Scissors, which is an in-house brand for Temt.

The last three skirts are all from Paper Bag Princess which is a local thrift store.

This blue dragonfly skirt. I got it for $8 back in 2015. According to the tag, the skirt is from ASOS. It was so cute and swishy. I fell in love with it straight away. It’s a perfect summer skirt! I even wore it on our engagement shoot.


This cream/white lace floral skirt. I got it for $9 last year. According to the tag, the skirt is from TopShop. Again, another swishy, cute skirt. It also has laced floral designs. I again fell in love with it!


This white woollen skirt. I got it for $8 earlier this year. According to the tag, the skirt is from Zara. This is my only proper winter skirt. It feels nice and looks good on, so of course, I got it.

Finally, there is my most recent skirt I bought as part of Kali’s Thrift List! This blue button up summer skirt. It’s not included in the featured picture as it wasn’t in my possession when I first posted this. But I seriously love it so much! It only cost $5 from The Salvation Army!

So that’s it for my skirt collection!

Let me know which one is your favourite! Also, how many skirts do you guys have?