If We Were Having Coffee (September Edition)

Hey all, we’re back to the coffee again! Nothing really happened this weekend, so I wanted to do a little catch up post on life lately. I feel like I’m doing a lot of mini updates recently, but I always find them fun!

If we were having coffee, I’d say I’ve been a bit lax about interacting in the blogging community. I’ve been starting to get into the swing of writing posts again, but I haven’t been great at keeping up with reading everyone’s posts. I try to read every now and then, but if you haven’t heard from me lately, I’m trying to get better at it! I do honestly love reading what everyone is up to. Sometimes all I have time for is to show my support with a like, but I want to get back to commenting lots too. I love being a part of this blogging community!

If we were having coffee, I’d bring up the change of seasons. Spring is really starting to take hold, which I guess means, all my American and European friends are entering Fall. Spring and fall are two of the best seasons in my opinion. Nature changes the most during this time, before it settles into being too hot or too cold. It’s always just a lovely time of year, whichever one you’re in! For us, we’re getting lots of blossoming trees and flowers, warmer sun, and longer days.

If we were having coffee, I would talk about how I’m gaining more confidence in driving! It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally started driving around on my own. It’s nice to be able to take myself places, instead of always relying on Rory driving me, or taking public transport. I will say though that my parking skills still need a bit of work (especially parallel parking, yikes), but I’m getting more and more comfortable with being behind on the wheel.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask what’s been going on with you guys lately.


If We Were Having Coffee (July Edition)

Another month, another update post. So sit down with some coffee, or whichever drink you prefer and let’s catch up!

If we were having coffee, I would talk about how we now have a new car. Our previous car was a little blue Nissan March, and it seems to be on it’s last legs. It’s got a few quirks which are more annoying now, so it’s time to upgrade. Still, Rory got it back in 2012, so it’s lasted us a nice while. So now we have a black Toyota Corolla. I just now need to get used to driving this one, cause it took me a long time to adjust to the previous one haha.

If we were having coffee, I would talk about the lovely Shadow. Our shy black cat. We got her home last week, and set up her own space in our office/spare room. Each time we come in, she has found a new place to catloaf herself into. She really loves little hideyholes. The first few days she seemed to be a bit confused as to what was happening, but she’s been warming up to us. We play with her each evening after work, and there’s definitely a bond forming which is nice. I’ll probably devote a post to her at some point, cause she’s amazing.


If we were having coffee, I would stress that I am over winter. Sure it has some perks, but the commuting in darkness, and constant barrage of blocked noses and coughs are wearing me down. Literally. I don’t know what’s up with my immune system this winter, but I keep catching them all, and it’s hard not to feel sorry for myself all the time. So, I’m patiently waiting for August to come and go, so I can head into spring!

If we were having coffee, I’d ask what’s going on with you guys lately?


If We Were Having Coffee (June Edition)

Another month, another coffee catch up! I missed this last month, what with getting back from Japan and all. It just passed me by, but now I’m ready to sit down and catch up on things. So, grab whatever beverage you want, and let’s do this!

If we were having coffee, I would talk about how much I miss our Japan trip. The post holiday blues are on their way out, but every now and then I do wistfully think back on our trip. The warm weather, the new places to explore, and the fact that we didn’t have to worry about chores.

shinjuku garden 06

If we were having coffee, I would talk about how much I’m loving working on all my indoor activities. I recently completed a 1000 piece puzzle and it was so much fun! It only took a few days and I’m keen to redo some of my older puzzles. I’m working on a Harry Potter one at the moment. I’ve also started really getting into cross stitching again. It’s just so calming and I always feel so happy and at peace when I do it. I finished my little hot air balloon one that I bought at the beginning of the year. I found my old bag filled with other kits I haven’t touched yet. It’s pretty much what I do for most of my time at home now.

hot balloon cross stitch

If we were having coffee, I would say that I’m getting into home workouts again, but mostly yoga. Just yoga actually. I’m finding it more enjoyable than any of the previous cardio or strength exercises. I’ll get back into those eventually though. I’m trying out the 30 Days of Yoga with Adrienne, and I’ve been sticking to it really well! I’m halfway through and once I’m done, I think I’ll try some of her other ones she’s done too.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you we’re adopting a cat! We’ve been talking about getting a pet since we bought our place. But first we wanted to settle in, then we went to Japan, so it kept getting pushed back. These past few weeks we’ve been visiting rescue shelters around town, and seeing the animals. We knew we wanted a cat, preferably more of an indoors one as we live near a busy street. We found a gorgeous black cat called Shadow at one of the centres. She’s 2, and they don’t know too much about her since she was just dropped off at the centre. She’s quite shy and keeps to herself (she pretty much stayed hiding in her corner while the other cats zoomed around), but we got along really well when we visited. We just hung out with her in her corner and she was just so sweet! She still needs some vaccinations so she’s staying at the centre for a few more weeks till we can take her home. We plan to visit her every weekend until then.

Now it’s your turn, what’s been going on with you guys this past month?


If We Were Having Coffee (April Edition)

Another monthly catch up with some kind of beverage. I opted for a milkshake since I recently tried Sweet Bakery & Cakery’s milkshake of the month. It was Coffee Caramel Crunch and it was amazing! Rory took photos of me with it, and this was one of the candids where I was enjoying it way too much.

If we were having coffee, I’d talk about how fast this month went by. I had fun trying some new recipes, doing some crafts and catching up with friends. All in all the month slipped by me fairly fast. You guys ever have months like this?

If we were having coffee, I would talk about how I’m liking my new blog schedule. I’ve gone from everyday to just Monday-Friday. I’m sure some people still think that’s a lot, but it’s perfect for me! During the week, I’m no longer writing posts after work, I have time to just chill which has been really nice.

If we were having coffee, I would once again talk about Japan. I feel like I’ve been talking about it since the beginning of the year (cause I have been), and it’s literally only 2 weeks away!! By the time I do my next coffee catch up I will have already been!

That’s all I have for this catch up. It’s short and sweet. Tell me something that’s been going on with you guys lately!


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If We Were Having Coffee (March Edition)

Time for another mid-month coffee catch up!

So, what drink will I be having? Probably a hot chocolate if I’m being honest. It’s getting cooler some days (although some days are still really hot, make up your mind weather!), and honestly, I can feel myself getting a bit unwell. It always tends to happen as seasons change. Heaps of kids and teachers are starting to feel unwell at work too, so it’s just that time. Plus, as we keep heading into colder weather, I’m sure more sicknesses will start creeping around. The joys of the cooler seasons.

Anyway, let’s catch up.

If we were having coffee, I’d talk about work and how things have been going well. We have more settling babies at the moment, but I got to spend some time outside of the centre for professional development too. I revalidated my First Aid, and attended a course at another centre focused on Infants and Toddlers. It’s been a nice addition to my work life, rather than just the regular 5 days a week on the floor.

If we were having coffee, I’d mention that Rory and I are having to take out a huge chunk of savings due to work needed for renovations in our bathroom. We have been trying to sort this for a while, and it seems we’re close now. But the quote for the work needed is pretty huge. Since we’re also planning to go to Japan (which will also cost a fair bit), we’re now laser focused on saving up. Which is a slight bummer for me as I’d been eyeing up a few makeup products but hey, I’ll live 😀

If we were having coffee, I’d want to end on a positive note. I would share some of my final shots from my boudoir session! I got nine prints in this beautiful album, which will be part of anniversary present to Rory. I’ve already talked about it in a few posts, but it was such a fun and empowering experience! I definitely recommend it if you want a little boost, or to just have some amazing photos of yourself hehe.


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If We Were Having Coffee (Feb Edition)

Time for a mid-month catch-up! Here’s what I’d ramble about if we were having coffee (or some other kind of drink).

If we were having coffee, I would say that this month has been going fairly slow. We’re only halfway through, but I feel like it’s moving at a snail’s pace. It may be because the holiday season is officially over. I’m back to my full time work of 5 days a week, and waking up at 6 am. But hey, at least the weather is nice!

If we were having coffee, I would nervously bring up that I’ve decided to do something a little out of my comfort zone. I haven’t told family about it (but if you guys are reading this, well then you know now), but I’m going to be doing a boudoir shoot! I’m fairly excited about it. I’d been considering it back before the wedding, but I chickened out. However, thanks to some posts I read lately, it came back into mind, and now I’m going for it! I’ve found a lovely photographer I get along with (I went with a woman, as I felt more comfortable with that), and the shoot is scheduled in a few weeks. I didn’t realize that I also get my hair and makeup all done up as part of the package which is an added bonus too. I’m 50/50 nervous and excited!

If we were having coffee, I’d point out that next month will be my one year blogging anniversary and my first wedding anniversary! So that’s two big exciting things! We’ve made plans for wedding anniversary celebrations, but I’m still not sure what to do for my first blogiversary. A party? A post looking back? A combo? Who knows? But come March 6, Life of Angela will officially have been active for a year!

If we were having coffee, I’d ask how your 2018 has been so far? Anything exciting coming up?


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If We Were Having Coffee

I was considering not doing these anymore, but I absolutely love these coffee catch up posts! So, without further ado, let’s have our first coffee catch up of 2018!

I’m grabbing my usual instant coffee in the morning. It’s a vanilla latte, and I will be having it from my giant mug.

If we were having coffee, I would talk about how nice my recent break over Christmas and New Years was. It’s the longest break I’ve taken from work since getting married, and we didn’t do much. We did short little day visits, but some days we just stayed home and relaxed. I played a lot of Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s been a while since I’ve spent a day just playing video games, and it was a lot of fun.

If we were having coffee, I’d talk about how I’m still fairly focused when it comes to my 2018 resolutions. I normally bail out after a week, but I’m still going strong on a lot of them. I’ve been doing some workouts, reading books, completing Japanese lessons on duolingo, baking, and I’ve even been able to work on my photography! I hope I can keep that motivation going.

If we were having coffee, I would go on and on about Japan. We finally bought tickets, and we’re off in May. May!! It’s still a few months away, but I’m sure it will arrive in no time! I’ve booked hotels already, and now I’m looking at things to do and places to see there! I have a friend in Japan currently (she’s teaching English there), and we’re hoping to meet up for a bit there too. I haven’t seen her in years, so that should be fun as well!

If we were having coffee, I’d share this video with you guys, because I’ve been obsessed with it. I love this song by Imagine Dragons, and this video is just so cool!

If we were having coffee, I’d ask how 2018 is going for you guys so far? Are you settling back into familiar routines?


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If We Were Having Coffee #8

The last coffee catch up for the year!! Let’s get into it! I’m sure many of us are busy catching up with friends and family, so we’ll make this quick!

I’m having a milkshake again. It’s a Christmas Spice one from Sweet Bakery and Cakery. Tastes like toffee and gingerbread!

toffee nut milkshake

If we were having coffee, I’d talk about how much fun this year’s festive season has been. It’s my first year celebrating Christmas with my newfound blogging community, and it’s made me much more excited than I normally would be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always feeling extra festive this month for multiple reasons, but being a part of this blogging world has me feeling extra festive by about 1000% 😀

If we were having coffee, I’d also get all reflective talking about how amazing 2017 was. I had many milestones this year, both in life and in my blog. I started my blog in March with a vague idea of using it to save memories of my earlier travels, and now it’s become an online journal full of thoughts, memories, ideas, and basically a happy space I can call my own on the internet. I’ve also grown to over 2000 followers which is just insane. In terms of life, I got married, went on a honeymoon, bought a house, and celebrated 6 years of being with Rory!

If we were having coffee, I’d talk about the direction I would like to take my blog next year. I’m trying to think of getting a little more stability in my blog. I’d still like to post daily though. I talk about a huge number of things, but I’d like to get some sort of schedule going. Having certain days to talk about certain things. It’s just a brainstorm at the moment, but it does sound appealing to me.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask how your holidays are going, and what you’ve been getting up to. Then I’d let you get back to spending your day however you are, and wish you an amazing holiday season!

That’s all I wanted to share in this coffee catch up!


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If We Were Having Coffee #7

I can’t believe how many coffee catch up’s I’ve been doing. It’s just become habit now to end the month on a bunch of catch up and update posts. But at the same time, it’s really nice.

I’m still loving my instant coffees at the moment. Mostly cause of my new cute mugs!

If we were having coffee, I would talk about how excited I am that December is upon is. December comes with so many amazing moments. My birthday, my dating anniversary with Rory, Christmas, summer, new year, and holidays!! I’m taking off both the Christmas and New Years weeks, as well as a few days around my birthday. I plan to relax and recharge, and get myself ready for 2018!

If we were having coffee, I would say that I’m feeling kind of guilty about how much I’ve spent this month. I haven’t bought anything big. But I have bought quite a few beauty related products. I got a little overexcited, and have been aware that I should be saving more. But the closer we get to my birthday and Christmas (December), the more in a spending mood I get. Here’s hoping I have better control next month (probably not!).

If we were having coffee, I’d bring up work. There’s been some bumps and crazy days, but it’s slowly winding down. Children are starting to leave on holidays, and while I love looking after them, it’s also nice to have slow days. We also are having our big centre and family Christmas party soon which is always an amazing time!

If we were having coffee, I’d talk about how much fun I’ve been having writing all my Christmas cards! I was only going to do 10, but I’ve gone a little over that now. It’s just so much fun to think that all these cards I handwrite will be received by friends all over the world!!

If we were having coffee, I’d ask how you’re feeling now that December is upon us and 2018 is starting to rear it’s head. I’d ask if you have any Christmas plans, or if it’s something that you don’t really celebrate. Let’s talk!


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