If We Were Having Coffee #6

We are reaching the end of another month, which means I will be posting a lot of favourites and catch up posts for the next week or so! I always enjoy reaching these points, they’re a nice time to reflect and get excited for the upcoming month!

Today, I’m drinking my instant Nescafe coffee. It’s the Coconut Latte one which I just adore. So grab yourself a drink of your choice, and let’s chat.


If we were having coffee, I’d talk about how I have the post-holiday blues. It wasn’t even a particularly big holiday, but there’s something so relaxing about not having to wake up by a certain time after you’ve been working full time for so many years. Now that we’re back into the daily grind, it’s a little bit less relaxing.

If we were having coffee, I would say that I can’t get over how comfy my SuperDry shirt (that Jo gave me) is. I wear it a ridiculous amount and for some reason, no other shirt is as comfy as this. It’s an American brand though, so getting another one will take a lot of effort (and time cause of shipping), but I’m so tempted.

If we were having coffee, I’d bring up my recent blog issues again, because it was driving me up the wall for a while. I was starting to think I wouldn’t get my blog back and would have to start a new one, which was an unsettling thought. I’ve put a lot of time, effort and heart into Life of Angela, and I would be a little (a lot) heartbroken if I had to say bye to it.

If we were having coffee, I’d want to end on a positive note and show you the hundreds of photos I’ve been taking with my new camera. I’m still so happy with it and trying to work out what other cool things to take photos of.


If we were having coffee, I’d ask what you guys have been thinking about lately.


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If We Were Having Coffee #5

Another month gone, another round of catch-ups is upon us!

My choice for this catch-up is an iced chocolate!


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you guys how happy I am that it stays light out till past 7pm now! It’s so exciting, I’m not coming home from work to darkness any more. It has made me feel more awake and in the mood to do more in the evening.

If we were having coffee, I’d talk about how we’re settling into our new house well. We’re loving being able to do what we want and decorate it from scratch. However, there is a lot of work needing to be done in the bathroom, which will cost a fair bit. But it’s the only issue, everything else has been perfect!

If we were having coffee, I’d talk about how excited I am for the rest of the year. There’s so much coming up! Jo’s wedding, Rory’s birthday, my birthday and Christmas!! This will be the first Christmas we spend in our own home! I want to get a tree, cause we’ve never had one. It seemed too much in our previous tiny flat! So much to celebrate, and lots of warm weather coming up.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you how you’ve been. Anything you want to share?


If We Were Having Coffee #4

Another round of catch ups over coffee!

Except that I’m having a milkshake, cause I don’t feel like a coffee as I write this!

If we were having coffeeI’d talk about how fast and slow this month has passed. Fast in that I can barely remember what happened this past month. It hasn’t been a memorable one. For that reason, it’s also felt slow, cause the days itself dragged. My work is getting busy as we have lots of new settling babies, so my days have been filled with more crying and screaming than usual, so I’m always tired.

If we were having coffeeI’d mention how we’re finally moving soon! In just over a week actually! I’d also mention that both Rory and I have talked about how we don’t have any excitement about it. We’re more preoccupied with final details to sort. Everyone we talk to has said we must be so excited, but it’s just not there. I think the whole house hunting business has taken so long, on top of this long settlement period, that we’re just bored of waiting. Once we’re there, I’m sure the excitement will kick in full force.

If we were having coffee, I’d talk about the fact that it’s almost officially the end of winter and I’m so happy! The sun no longer sets at 5.30pm, daylight savings will be kicking off soon so it’ll be light out longer. Also, there should now be less freezing icy winds!! I’m well over winter by now, and I’m happy to see it go. Bring on the warm weather!!

If we were having coffee, I’d ask how things are with you. What’s been on your mind lately? Has August just been a hazy blur to you as well?


If We Were Having Coffee #3

Welcome to another round of monthly coffee catch ups. Its still cold here, but I am loving this Jelly Tip frappucino, so I will get this again.


Here we go.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you guys how excited I am once again that we have a house! It still doesn’t feel real yet, so we constantly remind ourselves about it. We have bought a house (nearly, we’re still sorting out the rest of the finance things)! We can do whatever we want with it, decorating wise. We can paint things, buy furniture, get a washer and dryer. So many things that are equal parts boring and exciting!!

If we were having coffee, I would say that I’m getting a travel itch. I want to go somewhere that’s not home. We’ve fully settled back into regular life since returning to Fiji back in April, and part of me is already wanting another adventure. At the same time, I’m aware of our financial situation (see the previous point), so I have to rein in that feeling. But! We are heading up to Auckland and Waiheke island for a week in October for my sister’s wedding. So that should help the itch for a bit.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’m so happy to have gone self-hosted! I would also say that a small voice in my head likes to tell me that my stats aren’t as high as they previously were, and that my follower rate has slowed down significantly since moving over. I have to keep telling that voice to hush. Technically my site is new, it’s still working out hiccups and finding it’s feet, but I still have my previous followers and community, so it’s not like I’m starting from scratch. I am planning on reposting some more of my older favourite posts over  the next few weeks though. I’m so proud of them, and I’d like to give  them a second chance to shine.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I went for a proper run for 20 minutes the other day. That may not sound long to some of you, but it was more than enough for me. I live in a hilly place, and my run consisted of one big up hill to run. I ran it the first lap, jogged slowly up it the first time, then walked it the last time. I feel like I did decently. I got a stitch, so I slowed to a jog and eventually it passed which was nice. However, the next few days it’s been pouring with rain so I haven’t wanted to go for another run.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am over winter. A few weeks ago I wrote a post about What I Like About Winter, but I take that all back. Right now, I’m so sick of the cold. I wake up and it’s cold. I come home, it’s cold. I walk to work in the cold. I look outside and it looks cold. The wind is always cold and galey and icy. The rain is tiny drops from the frozen depths of hell. Please leave me alone. Thanks.

If we were having coffee, I would try stop glaring at the cold for a second to ask you how your month has been.


If We Were Having Coffee #2

If We Were Having Coffee #2

Well hey friends, welcome to another round of coffee catch ups. I did one of these last month, which you can find here. Also,

Another unusual TBT, but I like to do these at the end of each month.

I’m cold over here, so I’m having a hot chocolate. Also some kinda snack cause I’m peckish. You get what you feel like 🙂

Image result for coffee hot chocolate

Image result for bakery treats

Okay, so here’s what’s been rattling around my brain from this month.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how excited I am that my “Have You Met” series is going really well. I’ve been loving diving more into my favourite blogs and finding out more about them and sharing my favourite posts of theirs. Each time, new people find their blogs, and everyone has lovely conversations in the comments. It’s so much fun!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that while filming and editing the Q’n’A video was a lot of fun, it also cost me a lot of energy. I was so exhausted after all of it. But after a sleep, I realized I just needed to manage my timing better, I tried to do this all after a day’s work and by then I’m already tired. Better to save this kind of thing for the weekend where I have more time.

If we were having coffee, I’d lowkey say that I’m looking more into going self-hosted. I was considering the personal plan only, but to be honest, I find it more appealing to fully dive into a self hosted blog. To make it completely my own. I still want to research heaps before going into it. Like which provider to go with. There’s so many… But I am planning to make this move sometime near the end of July.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I wish I had more time for my hobbies. Baking, cross-stitching, puzzles, playing games, reading…I love blogging, don’t get me wrong. But I now find myself expending most of my energy on it, that sometimes I don’t have time to do everything else I want. Of course, I also work full time on top of that. Sometimes I wish I worked in a kindergarten instead of a daycare, so then I could have school holidays back. But I think I’d miss my babies too much.

If we were having coffee, I’d be practically bouncing out of my seat to tell you how excited I am for tomorrow. Why? You may ask (as I continue bouncing around spilling my hot chocolate everywhere). Well I got an email from our wedding photographer that the rest of our wedding photos are scheduled to be sent to us tomorrow. That’s aaaallll the photos he took, there should be a few hundred at least, and he was with us all day, so going through them all will be like reliving the day. I loved the previews (which is what I keep showing you guys all the time), and I cannot wait to see the rest!!

If we were having coffee, I’d mop up all the hot chocolate everywhere before telling you about how I’m also excited about getting my second tattoo this weekend too. Lots of exciting things happening and I just want this week to be over already!!

What would you want to talk about if we were having coffee?


If We Were Having Coffee

If We Were Having Coffee

Hey! So I’ve seen this post idea floating around for a bit, most recently with Natalie and Georgia. I like the idea of doing one every now and then (maybe an end of the month thing), as coffee dates are good for a catch up right? Also, you guys will know by now that I’m a joiner. I love joining in with whatever fun things are happening. Just look around, and soon enough you’ll see me, creeping closer and closer (in a hopefully friendly way) asking if I can join in 😀

First off, let’s set the scene. I like sitting in mushy couch chairs so I can get comfy. I also like having a table so I can use it for said coffee. I also like sitting across from who I’m talking to, so there’s no awkward constant head turning.

Image result for gloria jeans cafe
Somewhere here we will be sitting

Now, for the drinks. I am fond of every single frappucino in the world. Even if it’s freezing weather. You guys order what you want.

Image result for frappuccino
I normally order only one, but sure three will work.

Okay, here we go.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that this past month has been really good. Blogging has been going great. I’ve made a ton more blogging friends, as well as continued to learn more about bloggers I’ve known for longer. I’d tell you about how fun and exhausting that 30 Day challenge was. But that it made me search for more challenges to do, and I may have a problem. I’d also wonder why my follower count keeps climbing higher and higher, as it does confuse me. I’m super proud, but also, you know, where are you guys coming from? Some have just followed without liking any posts or commenting..that really confuses me.

If we were having coffee, I’d let you know that I’m still kinda bummed that we didn’t get that one house. Blogging friends, non blogging friends, Rory and family have said that we’ll get something better and not to worry. But I was liking the idea of owning our own place, of paying mortgage rather than rent, so our money can be going towards something we really want. I will say that I’m excited to check out more open homes though, see what else is out there.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m already so sick of winter and it hasn’t even officially started. June is the official start and I’m already over it. It’s going to get colder, wetter and darker. I hate that the sun sets just after 5, and that when I finish work at 5.30, it’s already getting pitch black. Bring back the sun!!

If we were having coffee, I’d show you more wedding and honeymoon photos because I literally can’t stop showing people them. I’d also let you know that I’m beyond excited for the rest of our photos to come through either next month or July. We’re going to get hundreds, and it’ll be like reliving the day all over again through high def pictures. Plus it means I get to make it into an album of sorts!!

If we were having coffee, I would also mention that I am worried I’m getting sick. I can feel my energy draining sooner at work than normal, and at the end of the day I’m more shattered than usual. I’d let you know that as much as I love the babies and toddlers I work with, I wish they wouldn’t accidentally sneeze and/or cough in my face. I’m doing my best to stay healthy, but my immune system can only do so much.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask about how your month has been. What things you’ve been excited about, things that could have gone better, and what’ll be happening for you in the next month.

After our chat I’d ask if you also want something to eat, because I have been staring at their wall of baked goodies and I can’t resist any longer.

Image result for bakery goods cafe

Looking forward to our next catch up at the end of June!