A Relaxed Day in the Life

Our weekends lately have been very laidback. We haven’t had much to do. So last Saturday, I made the decision to film snippets of what we got up to during the day.

Here’s what came out of it.

I had a lot of fun editing this, and I’m really happy with this little video I ended up with! It’s short, cute, and something I haven’t done before video wise.

What did you guys get up to last Saturday?


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A Day in The Life

A Day in The Life

Hello! So I’ve seen a few of these going around, and they look like fun to do! So, yesterday, during my regular Friday, I made notes and took photos so I can share with you all what a typical Friday looks like for me. As you guys know, I like to ramble a lot. So this will be a detailed Day in the Life kind of post, because I can’t do it any other way. I’m also Knackered as I write this, but hey, a day full of working with toddlers will do that.


Rory’s alarm goes off. I don’t have one because his wakes me, and I’m on the closing shift this week, which means I work 9-5.30 instead of 7.45-5.

No one gets up till 6.40 though. Rory goes to have a shower, and I check my phone to see what’s been happening overnight on the old blog.


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