A Summer OOTD

I’m sure we all have many go-to outfits that we always come back to for each season. In summer, I always go back to a singlet and shorts. I do love skirts and dresses, but the wind can be unpredictable and I’d rather not be worried about accidentally flashing people.

My picks for this OOTD, are my favourite blue shorts, my black and white singlet (with a cute peekaboo section on the back), and these yellow sandals I found recently in a thrift store. These sandals just yell summer at me. The colour is so bright, and the shoes are so comfy, they’ll definitely become a stable.

Anyway, here comes the photos.

I’m fond of any outfit where I get to show off both my tattoos. I’ve been loving this whole ensemble lately, and I wear it a lot.

The top and shoes combined cost me around $5 which is amazing. The shorts were full price though, but I’ve owned them for a year now and wear them a lot, so it’s worth it.

What’s one of your staple looks at the moment for the season?


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A Swishy OOTD

I wasn’t quite sure how to describe this one. When I wear this skirt, I like to make is swish and swoosh around. Hence the title.


The weather is starting to get so much more warmer now guys! I don’t have to wear layers a lot of the time, and wearing a singlet blouse and skirt doesn’t make me freeze.

We’re back to backyard photoshoots now. Although this was my most fun one to shoot, as I pranced around the backyard in my outfit. You may notice that I’m wearing all blue again. I keep doing that. I can’t help it though, blue is a nice colour, and it always looks good.

Anyway, on to the photos!

I love that I can show off both of my tattoos in this. Also it was getting pretty windy, so I had to tie up my hair. I often wear a ponytail though, so this is a pretty standard spring outfit for me.


Blouse – Dotti

Skirt – Thrifted

Shoes – Thrifted

What’s your favourite colour to wear?


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A Wedding OOTD

For this OOTD post, I’m not taking photos in my backyard! Shocking I know. But I wanted to show what I was wearing to Jo and Tibor’s wedding. Also, I’m just having fun with these OOTD posts, plus I just like sharing pictures.

All these photos have been taken by the husband. Rory was also snap happy that weekend, and we took turns with my Nikon camera. It was exhausted by the end of the day, and ran out of battery, despite it being fully charged that morning.

There were so many beautiful spots at Mudbrick. We all enjoyed walking around finding spots for photos. The balconies, architecture, gardens and views all provided lots of gorgeous backdrops. My favourite was at the lavender garden, it smelt and looked amazing.

On we go.

Now to the details.

I got this blue dress from Mirrou. I wore it a lot back when I was in Fiji, and I’ve been wanting to wear it again. It is so comfy and floaty. I love the light blue colour and all the patterns. It seemed perfect for a spring wedding up on Waiheke Island. I paired the dress with my favourite pink quartz necklace and strappy nude wedges. I was also wearing some pearl bracelets and a charm bracelet that my mum lent me on the day.

That’s all for this OOTD.


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A Rainy OOTD

I’m really starting to have fun with these OOTD posts. I was hoping to get to wear like a dress or something, but then it rained, so here’s my Plan B outfit.

I fell in love with this poncho when I saw it in the store. It’s adorable. It’s light, so unlike my rain jacket, I can wear it in warmer weather. It wasn’t a cold day, but it was raining decently, so I needed a hood of some kind. I also brought an umbrella, cause I thought that would be cute prop.

Okay, here are the pictures.


Poncho: Amazon Surf

Top: Kmart

Leggings: Farmers

Gumboots: Number 1 Shoes

Umbrella: The Warehouse

What’s your go-to rainy day outfit?


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A Spring OOTD

Welcome to another OOTD. Over the weekend, we had a decent bit of sunshine. Enough for me to decide I could pull out my favourite pair of denim shorts from deep in my dresser! I’ve declared this my first Spring outfit for  the season.

It wasn’t that warm yet, so I did wear a long sleeve top too. This is my new merino top I bought a few weeks back. I stuck to simple blue colours for my outfit, so I decided to accessorize a bit. For my shoes, I went with nude wedges, and then I grabbed my rose pink quartz necklace. I love this necklace! It’s so pretty, and very delicate. Then, I headed out to take some outfit photos with my new camera.

It took a while to figure out, since there’s a lot more buttons and dials to mess with, but I’m happy with how they came out!

I also feel like I’m slowly getting more comfortable taking these outfit photos. There were a lot less awkward photos in my roll this time round. Progress.

We also took to the river later that evening, it was cooler, so I changed into jeggings and my booties. With Rory’s help, I got a few photos in my outfit out in nature! It was a nice walk, as it was just before sunset, so everything looked nice. It also gave me another chance to play with my camera, which I’m all for.




That’s it for this OOTD! What’s your go-to accessory at the moment?


A Lazy Sunday OOTD

Hey! I had a lot of fun doing my last OOTD (the laidback edition), that I’m doing another one! I’m turning into a series, cause I’m having fun wandering around my backyard with a tripod. Why not ask someone to take the photo for me? Well, I’m picky, and I don’t want to ask someone to take hundreds of photos for me, and still not be happy. So, this is better for everyone 😀

For this one, I’m wearing my favourite (and only) black overalls. As we get into warmer seasons, I’m keen to try find a blue pair, but shorts instead of pants. Back to the outfit, it was a grey Sunday morning, but not too cold. So I paired them with my red stripes t-shirt (it’s my favourite shirt at the moment), and just some sneakers. My hair was pulled into a bun-esque thing as it was windy. As I say in the title, I was in a lazy sunday kind of mood, so I couldn’t be bothered to put in contacts.

I don’t know about you guys, but I just really like stripes with overalls. That or chunky jumpers if the weather is a bit colder. It’s also nice not having to think about matching the top with the bottom half of your body. Jumpsuits, dresses, rompers, and now overalls. So handy. On an unrelated note, after sitting on the grass, these overalls may need a wash..

Here come the pictures!

That’s it for this post really. I’m just really having fun doing these little outfit posts, and isn’t that what blogging is all about? Just having fun with it all 🙂 I feel like poses are slowly starting to feel more natural to me. My facial expressions on the other hand? I have no idea, I still look squinty and confused. I’m hoping time and experience will help me with that! ?

What outfits have you guys been wearing lately? Do you have a pair of overalls? What do you like to wear with it?


Community Lookbook

So, has anyone watched Community?

Image result for community tv

If not, I suggest you do. I mentioned it in my A-Z Challenge (anyone remember that?), and it’s a sitcom based around a study group in community college.

The point of this post is that I was watching some episodes and thought that I dress similiarly to Annie. She wears a lot of cardigans. From that thought, I decided to try do a lookbook inspired by some of the characters from the show.

Let’s get into it.

Annie Edison

She’s the overachiever of the group. She studies the hardest (too hard) and is incredibly ambitious and kind of highly strung. She often wears bright cardigans, floral themes, lots of patterned dresses, mini skirts, and mostly ballet flats.

Image result for annie edison outfit Image result for annie edison outfit Image result for annie outfit floral shirt mini skirt

Since she’s into bright patterns and florals, I chose my floral sweater, and paired it with my favourite blue mini. For the shoes, I went with ballet flats.

annie outfit flatlay

Image result for annie outfit floral shirt mini skirt annie1


Britta Perry

She’s the ‘activist’ of the group. She gets riled up over anything and everything, and while her heart is in the right place, she can mess up a lot. She normally wears leather jackets, striped sweaters, singlets and always jeans with boots. As well as normally some kind of necklace.

Image result for britta perry outfit Image result for britta perry leather jacket Image result for britta perry outfit

I couldn’t find my striped sweater, so I went with my striped shirt, and paired it with a dark blue vest. I then matched it with my blue jeans (since I don’t actually have black jeans), and my dark grey booties.

britta outfit flatlay

Image result for britta perry outfit britta 1

britta 2

Abed Nadir

Somewhat socially unaware and awkward, Abed is analytical and ‘meta’. He talks a lot about the fact that their life is like on a television show. He often wears a graphic print tee, with a cardigan or hoodie on top, skinny jeans, and sneakers.

Image result for abed nadir outfit Image result for abed nadir outfit Image result for abed nadir outfit

I don’t have any shirts with cute designs on them apparently. I looked through my whole closet but since I decluttered recently, I must have donated them. So I borrowed one of Rory’s graphic shirts. Then I added my stripy cardigan, blue jeggings, and sneakers.

abed outfit flatlay

Image result for abed nadir outfit abed 1

abed 2

Troy Barnes

His identity used to revolve around football, until he embraced his nerdy, laidback side. In the first season, he often wore his letterman jacket. But normally, he just wears a regular sweater and jeans. Sometimes a hoodie.

Image result for troy barnes outfit Image result for troy barnes outfit Image result for troy barnes outfit

For my take, I got my blue sweater, and matched it with blue jeans and sneakers. It dawns on me that I have a lot of blue clothes and not much other colours.

troy outfit flatlay

Image result for troy barnes outfit troy 1

troy 2

That’s all I have. I don’t know how well I matched to the outfits, but it was fun looking through my wardrobe to see what I could do!

Let me know which one was your favourite, and if you’ve seen the show!

Community Lookbook.jpgAngela.

Patterned Tops Collection

I’ve shared a fair collection of my wardrobe. My dresses, skirts, cardigans, shoes, jewellery and now I want to show you my tops. All the ones with patterns anyway. These are the ones I pair with my jeans and cardigan, to make a typical Angela outfit.

Here we go.

Black Singlet

Otherwise known as the shirt that can’t be photographed. I don’t know why, but every time I try to take a photo of this shirt, it goes blurry. It’s weird. The patterns are lightly gold dots that go all over the top. But from far away, it looks like a regular top. I bought this back in 2013 from Rebound (a thrift store).

Jandals Shirt

This is sometimes my pyjama shirt, it’s super soft and comfy. I also wear it a lot in summer, since the jandals fit the theme. It’s also got a nice loose fit, so I don’t get hot wearing it. I got this from the Red Cross Opshop back in 2012.

Blue and White Stripes

I like stripes. The colour blue is another things I like. I got this from Portmans back in 2013. It’s got longer sleeves than a regular shirt, and it’s super comfy. I prefer loose shirts in general.

Floral Diamonds Shirt

I got this from Jay Jays back in 2015. It was again blue and white, which you will realize is a colour combo I love. The singlet is super flowy (it flies up a lot too actually), and I love the patterns. They look like little flower/leaves shaped together into diamonds.

Diamonds Galore Shirt

Literally, there’s diamonds everywhere. From top to bottom. I like the choice of colours, and the detailing along the edge. There’s also a little peek-a-boo section. I got this from Paper Bag Princess I think, back in 2016.

Flowers Everywhere Shirt

I got this from Salvation Army a few months back. There’s flowers everywhere. But I like that it has a pattern running down the middle. It makes it look more unique. The singlet does require a strapless bra so it looks less weird though.

Blue and White Florals Shirt

This is the most recent buy. I got it from Mirrou last week. I love the pattern. It’s a mix and match of random florals, framed with lines, dots and more flowers and leaves! You can’t see this in the photo, but the back is sheer, which made me love this even more. I’ve been wearing it a lot lately.

fave shirts

What do you guys think about patterns? Do you have a lot of patterns in your closet?


A Laid-Back OOTD

For my first ever OOTD, I was just playing around with my camera and tripod outside, trying to look casual and laidback. The whole process was just so much fun and so awkward, so of course I figured I’d share it.

The outfit is just a regular Angela standard. Top, cardigan, jeans and flats. It’s easy and super comfy, I wear this a lot.

This will be a super short post. Now let’s move on to the pictures.

It was bright outside and I was super squinty. I don’t know how to avoid that.