July Favourites

A lot of my favourites in this month are all about things that kept me warm.

july faves

Hourglass Foundation – I’ve talked about this a lot recently, and I even dedicated a whole post to why I have been loving this! The formula is really concentrated, so it doubles as both a foundation and a concealer. It’s made getting ready faster in the morning. I dot it where I need it, then use my beauty blender to blend it out.

Bath Bombs – Another favourite that had it’s own dedicated post. Bath bombs are such a nice way to relax, and definitely a perk of the colder season. I’ve tried a lot recently, and I always like going into the store to see what other ones have come out.

Overalls – I have been wearing these a lot lately. They’re super comfy, and useful for layering. I prefer them to my regular jeans, especially since they have around a million pockets which is always helpful.

Grey Beanie – The perfect winter accessory, a fluffy beanie with a pompom.

Wooly Boots – I don’t know if I’ve mentioned these boots before. They used to belong to my sister, but she let me take them a few years back. The inside is lined with sheep skin, so it’s super warm and comfy! I have been exclusively wearing them on all the colder days.

As a bonus favourite, I’d like to bring up Shadow, our cat!

I decided to take the feature photo of this months favourites on the floor of our bedroom. Shadow likes to hide under the bed, and as I tried to take photos, she wanted to see what I was doing.

Shadow has definitely been a favourite this month. We’ve had for a few weeks now, and it almost feels like we’re a little family 😀

What’s been one of your favourites of July?


June Favourites

We’re now entering the second half of the year, how crazy is that! I’m excited to see what next month brings. Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve been loving this past month.

Unicorn Slippers

unicorn slippers

I feel like I’ve been talking about these a lot lately. They’re cute and protect my feet from the cold floors. As soon as I get home, I pretty much immediately get into them.

Coconut Beach Candle

scented candles

I’ve always liked coconut scented things, so I was bound to like this scented candle. I’ve been using a lot of our candles, but I keep coming back to this one.

Grey Sweater

grey sweater

As always, I tend to include some kind of clothing item in my monthly favourites. I’ve been wearing this sweater a lot lately. It’s so soft. It doesn’t keep me too warm, but once I layer it, I’m good to go. I’ve been pairing it with my overalls a lot lately.

Cross Stitch

hot balloon cross stitch

This whole month I’ve fallen back in love with cross stitching. It’s literally all I do at home now. It’s sometimes led me to forget to do other things, but I just love it so much! It’s so calming and I love seeing the picture slowly come to life.

Hot Water Bottle

hot water bottle

This has gotten so much use the last month. I hate getting into bed at night and freezing myself in the sheets. Having the hot water bottle speeds up the warming process, and it’s so toasty warm climbing into bed. Getting out of bed in the morning is getting harder each day though.

That’s what I’ve been loving this month! Lots of things that give me comfort as I battle through winter.

june faves

What have you been loving this past month?


May Favourites

Another month gone. We are officially halfway through the year now everybody!

Hufflepuff Pin and Butterbeer Keychain

I had trouble focusing the items, so here’s two photos instead of one. Anyway, a lot of my favourites this month are from our recent Japan trip. Because it was amazing, and I’m currently having post-holiday blues. Anyway, visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was definitely a highlight of the trip! I bought quite a lot when we were there, but these two were my favourites. The butterbeer keychain is so neat! Those frothy bubbles move around when you turn  the mug upside down. It’s hypnotizing. Also, I needed to get this Hufflepuff pin to support my house.

Gudetama and Totoro

I bought these early on in our trip, and man were they hard to bring home. Totoro isn’t too big, but he is heavily stuffed. You can’t squish him. I love that, but it was hard to pack him in the bag. Gudetama on the other hand is ginormous, but definitely squishable. It’s some stuffing in there, but mostly air. I love him too. I am a 26 year old who still loves stuffed toys, and I’m so happy they both made it home with me!

Keratese Dry Shampoo with Oats and Too Faced Hangover Primer

too faced primer klorane dry shampoo

I had to throw in some beauty products I’ve been loving this month too. I’ve already talked about the Too Faced Primer a lot, but I really do love it! It especially came in nice for all our plane travel. I would just use it to freshen up my face and would feel waaay better. I’ve had this Klorane dry shampoo for over a year but never really used it. I finally started using it these past two weeks since our bathroom was being renovated. Which means we had no shower for a week and a half. So we went to my parents place to use theirs. In between, I used dry shampoo for my hair. It actually worked really nice, and now the can is nearly finished. But hey, the bathroom is done now, so it’s business as usual.

Lovisa Earrings

lovisa earrings

I don’t tend to wear jewellery much, other than the occasional necklace. But one day, I bought a bit of rings and earrings from Lovisa, cause there was a sale. I don’t wear them much still, but I have worn these earrings once or twice. I just really like them and they look pretty! They’re fairly unusual, and make any outfit look more dressed up.

may faves

So yeah, those are my favourites from May! What’s something you guys love from last month?


April Favourites

The end of another month has arrived, so it’s time for me to share some favourites!

Letterman Jacket

jacket ootd 05

I love this jacket so much that I dedicated an OOTD post to it. I found it at an opshop and fell in love. The colours, the patches, the design and just how warm it is has made it so nice to cuddle into at the end of a long work day.

Combat Boots

combat boots

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve worn this already. They are so comfortable and sturdy. I love the colour and design of them, they also appeared in my recent OOTD post about moving from summer to fall. I’ve never had a pair of boots like this before, but I’m so glad I found them at an opshop!

Tarte Lip Paint in Epic

tarte lippies 06

I had to include one of my new Tarte lip paints! My favourite is Epic at the moment. It’s quite a deep pink/red. I really like how it looks on me!

Capture Your Style

capture your style

Rory got me this book last month and I’ve been enjoying flicking through it! I liked reading this book, and Song really gives some great tips and inspiration for outfit photos and the like.

UK Snacks from Sarah

uk snacks

This is technically a post in the works, but a while back Sarah (from Vintage Tea Rose) and I agreed to do a snack swap. Basically, we grab popular snacks from our country and send them to the other. Sarah sent me this massive box jam packed full of snacks. I’ve already started digging into them! Thank you again Sarah! The post for this will be up in a few days!

april faves

Here are my favourite posts from April:

That’s all for my favourites for this month! What’s some of your favourite things from April?


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April Photos

Sharing a bunch of photos I took this month!


  • I only baked once this month, and it was another Nerdy Nummies recipe! This time, I made Carrot Cake Balls.
  • I also tried a Popin’ Cookin kit to make some tiny candy sushi! It was fun to make, and they look adorable!
  • The last photo is of a Coffee Caramel Crunch milkshake. It was amazing.


  • The first three selfies aren’t related to any blog posts. I was just happy with my makeup on those days and wanted to document it.
  • The next two are from my OOTD posts this month. My transition to fall OOTD, and the OOTD starring my letterman jacket.
  • The last one is from my Tarte lipstick post, I really like how that shade looked on me.


  • The first DIY I did early this month was melting crayons on a canvas to make this top left masterpiece. I really recommend trying it.
  • The last three pictures are all from my Zine DIY. I loved creating it, and I’m already planning on making more!

These are my favourite photos from this past month! I always love looking through the photos I take at the end of the month.

What’s your favourite photo from the past month?


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Products that Lived up to the Hype

There’s a lot of beauty products that lots of people can agree on are incredible. They often become cult favourites, and some definitely live up to the hype, while other’s don’t. It definitely depends on individual needs and preferences, but I wanted to share some of the products that did live up to that hype for me.

Too Faced Hangover Primer

hype 03

Our replenishing face primer is your instant cure. It hydrates, smooths and brightens skin for a dewy, healthy looking finish (Too Faced).

I’ve talked about this primer quite a bit lately. It’s considered a really good primer in the make up world. On Sephora, it’s rated 4.2 stars out of over 2300 reviews. On Influenster, it’s rated 4.5 stars out of over 12,000 reviews, and is ranked #2 out of all the face primers. It includes coconut water, smells really good, and really hydrates my skin. It’s so moisturizing and I really recommend giving it a try! It’s lived up to the hype for me, so if you’re looking for a primer, definitely try this!

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

hype 04

A best-selling, full-coverage, vegan, blendable concealer that instantly brightens, smooths & shapes skin (Tarte Cosmetics).

This seems to be the holy grail concealer of many in the beauty world. Everyone I talked to just loved it. On the official Tarte site, it’s rated 4.5 stars out of around 6000 reviews. On Influenster, it’s rated 4.8 out of around 24,000 reviews, and is ranked #1 in concealer. This concealer really is full coverage. There is so many shades available that you will definitely find the perfect one for you. The formula does smooth and brighten my skin, and I really love that. It definitely lived up to the hype!

Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray

hype 05

Is makeup meltdown ruining your midnight mojo? Mist on this weightless spray to give your makeup serious staying power. All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray keeps makeup looking gorgeously just-applied for up to 16 hours—without melting, fading or settling into fine lines (Urban Decay).

This is the only setting spray I’ve tried as it came highly recommended, and it didn’t disappoint. On Sephora, it’s rated 4.4 out of over 7000 reviews. On Influenster, it’s rated 4.7 stars out of almost 32,000 reviews, and is ranked #1 in setting sprays. It feels quite moisturizing yet light when I spray my face. It definitely helps to keep my makeup in place all day. I’m already onto my second bottle. I really recommend it!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter

hype 06

Our best-selling creamy highlighter formula is now available in an unparalleled shade range that caters to all skin tones. Find the shade that makes you glow! (Becca)

I heard about this from a few bloggers, as well as from the beauty community in general. On Sephora, it’s rated 4.4 out of over 1100 reviews. On Influenster, it’s rated 4.8 out of over 17,000 reviews, and is rated #3 in highlighters. It looks beautiful, and when I finally got to try it, I wasn’t disappointed! It’s so pigmented and creamy, and definitely can be blinding. I was so impressed!

Wet’n’Wild Mega Glo Highlighting Powder

hype 07

Its ultra-pearly finish and easy-to-blend formula makes it a fan favorite! The silky smooth, highly-pigmented powder gives an all over glow when applied to the cheek bones, brow bone, and cupid’s bow (Wet’n’Wild Beauty).

When I first heard about highlighters, I wanted to try one and looked up good drugstore options. This one came out on top by a long shot. On the official Wet’n’Wild site, it’s rated 4.9 out of 380 reviews. On Influenster, it’s rated 4.7 out of over 9300 reviews, it’s ranked #4 in highlighter. While I now use my Becca one more, I still absolutely love this one! It’s very pigmented, creamy and bright! It’s not really blinding unless you build it up, which I sometimes prefer. If you want to get into highlighters, and are wanting to look at a good drugstore option, definitely go for this!

Physician’s Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer

hype 08

Ultra-luxurious bronzer, infused with Murumuru Butter, delivers a radiant Brazilian goddess glow! Incredibly creamy and soft texture combines the best features of a powder and cream bronzer, to deliver a lit-from-within tropical glow unlike any other (Physicians Formula).

I’ve heard a lot of good about this bronzer from bloggers recently. Whenever I ask about a good bronzer, this one always pops up. On Influenster, it’s rated 4.7 reviews out of 8500 reviews, and is ranked #1 in bronzers. The main thing I love of this bronzer is the smell. It smells delicious!! It’s also very creamy and soft, and so easy to blend! It gives such a nice glow, and has definitely become my go-to bronzer! I really recommend giving it a go!

Those are all the products I want to share today that have lived up to the hype! I definitely understand why these products are so highly rated and are considered favourites.

hype 01

What products have lived up to the hype for you?


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March Favourites

I have now been sharing my favourite things each month for a year! I love that! Here are five of my favourite things  from the month of March.



The weather is slowly getting cooler and for me that means bringing out some of my favourite layers. One of them being this circle scarf. I’ve had it for a few years and I add it to most outfits. The colour is this purple/maroon shade, and it’s quite light. So I don’t get too hot with it on if the weather isn’t that cold yet. It’s just a nice addition, and I’m glad I’ve been able to start using it this month!

Wedding Guestbook


This month had two big anniversaries for me. My blog, and more importantly, my marriage with Rory! I still can’t believe it’s been a year since the wedding. So much has happened since then! I got really nostalgic and going through our polaroid guestbook is always a highlight. So much love and joy from friends and family are always waiting for us in that book. I love it! Plus, it also looks beautiful!

Boudoir Photos 


I mean yes, there’s also the album of boudoir photos which I love, but I have a fondness for the USB. This is what gives me access to share and save all my photos from the shoot. I’ve talked about them a lot this month, but it was seriously such a huge highlight! Also, the USB stick itself is quite snazzy!

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda

simon book

I’ve been a bit lacklustre with my reading lately, but this book was so much fun! I read it in a few days. It was fun, refreshing (compared to other books I’d read recently), sweet and a little tender. Becky’s writing style was so easy to read, which for me, is very important in the whole YA/contemporary genre. I had seen the trailer for Love, Simon and it intrigued me. Once I realized it was based on a book, I had to give it a go, and I’m so glad I did!

Too Faced Hangover Primer Mini

too faced primer

I mentioned that my last primer has run out, so I needed a new one. On a whim, I bought this as I’d heard lots of good things. I’ve only been using it for a week, but it’s already made it on the favourites list. It makes my face feel refreshed as well as smooth. I haven’t really noticed if it’s better for keeping my makeup on, as I also use a setting spray I love, but I’m gonna say it does. It also has this coconut scent, which I’ve really been into lately. I’m very happy to have this in my makeup collection!

mar faves

I also like to include some of my favourite blog posts from the past month:

What’s been some of your favourites this month?


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March Photos

As always, here are my favourite photos from the past month!


  • My celebratory cupcake for reaching my first blogiversary!
  • I baked some creepy looking Red Blood Cell Cupcakes
  • A delicious Oreo donut
  • My recent baking post for Chocolate Peppermint!


  • The first two are my favourite photos from the outfits I recreated from Pinterest.
  • Next is one of the only makeup selfies I took this month, where I tried to recreate my wedding makeup.
  • The next three aren’t photos I’ve taken, but I’ve included them as they are photos of me. More specifically, from my amazing boudoir shoot!
  • The last one is the latest selfie I have taken with Rory. We hadn’t taken any in a while, so I wanted one!


  • I did two DIY posts this month. The mason jar wall hanging, and marbled jars.


  • Two of my favourite flatlays I’ve created recently
  • I’m always a sucker for a sunset!

Those are my favourite photos for the month! What have been some of your favourite photos?


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Instagram in February

Time to share my top photos from Instagram this month!

Makeup Selfie

jan 21

This was uploaded on February 1. I share a lot of selfies lately on Instagram, especially when I’m super proud of how I did my makeup that day. This day, I came up with a bronze/gold look. I will say though, my skin was going through some crazy issues that week.

Makeup Selfie with Glasses

feb 11 selfie

This was uploaded on February 4. This is also another selfie! My phone is seriously filled with these. I did keep my glasses on this time though. This time, I played around with a maroon/purple look. My two favourite combos are either dark pink/purple, or brown/gold. They’re just my go-to.

Tongariro Crossing

This was uploaded on February 9. This time last year, Rory and I did the Great Walk over Tongariro Crossing. It took almost 6 hours, and we went through so much changing scenery at that time. My personal favourite of the spot was Emerald Lakes, pictured above. If you want to see more pictures from this walk, I wrote a post about it here!

Chocolate Heart Cupcakes

heart cookies 10

This was uploaded on February 12. With Valentine’s around the corner, I wanted to do some baking. As always, I turned to my Nerdy Nummies cookbook, and used the chocolate cake recipe, turning it into cupcakes. They were so delicous, and actually were all gone by Valentine’s rolled around haha! I did a post about it here.

Hanging Out 

This was uploaded on February 13. This was a throwback to last September, when Rory and I went to a walk down by the river. I really like this one, it was a candid one Rory got of me laughing. Whenever I ask him to take a shot of me somewhere, he always takes a million, normally while saying something dumb to crack me up. He’s gotten some pretty cool shots of me like that haha! Plus, the scenery was really pretty.

I haven’t been posting on Instagram as much this month, I normally like to post everyday, but sometimes I just don’t know what to post. Or I forget, if it’s been a crazy busy day at work. I still love using it though! It’s a fun and visual way to see what you guys get up to!

What’s one of your favourite photos from Instagram lately?


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