Weekly Wonders #7

Weekly Wonders #7

Another week, another post talking about the highlights.

Paddling Pool Fun

Got Naomi another new toy, which will hopefully be in use for years. This inflatable paddling pool/ball pit. Naomi likes to chill in their and bring in all her friends. This includes stuffed toys and her baby.


We also put in water the other day and let her have a splash around in the warm sunroom.



I followed this recipe as well as I could. I’ve never worked with yeast before so I was worried it wouldn’t rise well,  but it did! The end result was delicious and quite filling. I might make mini  versions next time. I’ll probably make this a full post to share later in the week cause I’m really proud with how they came out!



Still love to get out when we can and get that fresh air. This morning I took photos in was a little chilly as we had just had a cold snap that past day.


One of Naomi’s favourite things to play with is the selfie mode on my phone. I like to hit record and see what she does. I’m always adding these on Instagram. Also, it’s just fun to stop and take a selfie.

Keeping Busy

Again, still playing lots of animal crossing. I’ve given in and decided to also get a switch cause the new horizons game is just calling me. This lockdown has caused me to spend more money than is probably wise, but I’m thinking of it as an investment.

Also been squeezing in daily yoga still and occasionally cross stitching.

Feels like all my spare time has been taken up lately. But I’ve still been able to do lots of fun stuff so I’m happy.

What have you guys been up to this past week?



Weekly Wonders #6

Weekly Wonders #6

Another week has passed us by. I haven’t been taking as many photos or going outside as much, as the weather has been getting a bit gloomier. Also, the sun has been setting earlier so our days are feeling shorter.


I didn’t bake as much this week. I wanted to try bread, but I couldn’t find any yeast at the store. So I tried some different baked goods I hadn’t made before. Chocolate brownies and russian fudge. Both came out really well!

A New Toy

I ordered a toy kitchen for Naomi and it arrived this week. We have a similar one at daycare and she loves it, so I thought it would be nice if we had one at home. She’s been having lots of fun with it.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Pictured on the left here is where I’ve been spending a lot of my time. Sitting on the couch playing Animal Crossing. It’s been a lot of fun, and I keep on expanding my house.

Tattoo Craving

This was a weird title for this section, but it was all I could think of. I got my last tattoo in December 2017. It’s a small delicate flower on my left wrist. In July of that same year, I got my favourite tattoo, this shoulder mandala. I had actually made a booking to get a new tattoo a few weeks back, but what with the current situation, we had to reschedule. It’s now for the end of this month, and I’m hoping we’ll be able to stick with it but who knows?


That’s all that happened for this week. I haven’t been spending too much time on social media, so I’m really behind on reading everyone’s posts. I’m still doing yoga videos everyday, working from home when I can, reading a little and just riding this out. Hope you guys are all doing well.


Weekly Wonders #5

Weekly Wonders #5

Back for another recap of what went down this past week. Not a whole lot really. Spent most of it playing Animal Crossing. I’m so hooked.

Animal Crossing New Leaf


Like I said, this is most of what I’ve been doing. I don’t have any photos to share, so I’ve attached some of the ones I’ve sent to my sister, along with my strange grammar. I’m having so much fun being mayor, shaking trees, fishing, planting, catching bugs and trying to figure out this turnip business.


To the surprise of no one, I’ve been doing more baking. Once I run out of one batch, I make another. I may have a problem. Made Anzac biscuits, and more hokey pokey biscuits. I’m also thinking of making a feijoa cake down the line cause we have heaps.

Outside Time

Despite my game addiction, we still also get outside most days. This past week had lots of nicer days, so we took advantage and headed out. Even if it’s just in the backyard. Fresh air does wonders for clearing your head.

Getting Creative

I made homemade paint. It’s basically equal parts flour salt and water. Then add food colouring. Since Naomi is 1, she basically ate it straight away. It may be the saltiest thing she ever ate as she immediately started spitting everywhere then crying. She did this multiple times before we gave up on the endeavour.


I’ve always liked trying origami. Half the time it works, the other half I give up. I found a youtube clip to make an origami lotus and decided to give it a go. I’m pretty happy with how it came out!

Keeping Busy

As always we stay at home unless we’re out for walks, or I go to the supermarket for our weekly shop. Naomi now loves playing with the camera on my phone. I find it hilarious to hit record to see what she does. I share a lot of these on Instagram now. Even though Naomi comes with me at work, it’s nice being able to have so much one on one time with her during this lockdown.

Slower progress on my cross stitch. You can see more flowers appearing around. I want to do more on it, but I keep getting distracted.

Another two weeks of mostly being at home. But restrictions around takeaways and online shopping are mostly back to normal, so I’m excited for that. Hopefully NZ can continue keeping our numbers low and we can slowly get back to ‘normal’. Till then, we’ll just hang at home.

Stay safe all.


Weekly Wonders #4

Weekly Wonders #4

I’ve been keeping myself busy with games heaps this week, which means I haven’t been blogging much again. But, it has been nice to step away a bit. Anyway, here’s some highlights of our past week during the lockdown.


As always, I’ve been doing more baking. This week I made Apple Cinnamon Muffins, Lemon Slices, and scones. I am going through so much flour. I also made Dalgona coffee lots more times as well. I’m still very addicted to it.

Cross Stitch

I’m unable to finish my previous cross stitch project as I’m out of thread and can’t get any more until the lockdown is over. So I started one of my new ones. I’ve made pretty good progress in a week.

Hanging Out

We still went out for walks when we could, but the weather wasn’t the best this past week. So we mostly all hung out inside.

Keeping Busy

So Rory dug out his old Nintendo 3DS for me, as I was playing an old Pokemon game on an emulator on my phone. That kept me busy for a bit, then I realised that I could get an older version of the Animal Crossing game on it via the e-Shop. So now, I’ve been doing that non stop and I literally have to be pulled away from it. It’s somewhat taken over my life. In other news, New Zealand may be leaving our lockdown in the next few days. We’re not sure yet, but there’ll be an official announcement sometime today. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

That’s all for my past week. How was yours?


Weekly Wonders #2

Weekly Wonders #2

Another week of mostly being inside.

Hanging in our backyard


We try to go out for walks, but Naomi hates being restrained in her buggy. So instead, we set her free outside. She loves going out. She’ll point at her shoes then start heading to the door. She’s starting to stand more and more which is pretty exciting!

More Baking

Made some apple crumble but didn’t take any pictures.


Chocolate chip cookies, using a different recipe which made them more softer and chewier.


Coffee cake, using a really easy and simple recipe I found online.

30 Days of Songs Challenge

I saw an old blogging friend Jasmin post this on her story. I don’t know if she’s still doing it, but I thought it sounded fun, and for no reason, I’m keeping up with it.

Here are the songs I’ve done for each day so far.

Day 1 – A song you like with a colour in the title

Self-explanatory. I was going back and forth between this and that blue da ba dee song. But I like Lorde better.

Day 2 – A song you like with a number in the title

Again, self-explanatory. There are a million songs with a number in the title, but I was listening to this most recently so it was fresh in my head.

Day 3 – A song that reminds you of summertime

This song was a big summer hit in 2016 I think. And it has just stuck with me, it’s so damn catchy. Who doesn’t sing along to the whole chorus??

Day 4 – A song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget

I couldn’t think of a person that I’d want to forget. So I spun this prompt and thought of 10 year old me and my friends doing a choreographed dance routine we made up to this song…in front of the whole school. I’ve blacked out most of the memory, but I still cringe about it.

Day 5 – A song that needs to be played loud

I have loved this song since it first released. I have also got Naomi hooked on it which is great. This has to be played loud, because I like to sing along with it but I do not have Idina’s range, so if it’s loud enough, I can’t hear my voice crack.

Staying Social while Distancing

Had our first zoom work meeting last monday. That was nice to see everyone. Also called a few of the families from work, just to catch up and see how they were doing.

Skyped with a few friends I hadn’t seen in a while. We sometimes don’t talk for ages cause we all get busy with life, so what perfect time than now to catch up.

Played games online with my siblings, and had our weekly skype catch up with the parents too.

Keeping Busy

More of the weekly cleaning, as things get messier faster since we’re home all the time.

Have managed to keep up with my 30 days of yoga still which is good!

Tried that whipped coffee thing that’s been circulating online. The first time, I mixed it just for a while so it didn’t really work. The second time I used my electric beater for around 10 minutes and it worked really nice. It tastes like a really sweet coffee which I prefer.


Went out to do the weekly grocery shop as Rory went last week. I haven’t been since all the new precautions have been put in place. They only allow a certain number of  people in at once,  so there’s a line outside. They have cones set out that you stand next to, so we keep our distance. Also inside, there’s lots of signs about limits on products, reminders to wash your hands and all that. It was really nice to get out and drive to the store I have to say. I miss the daily drives to and from work, and just the daily grind in general.

Making progress this past week on my big cross stitch project that I’ve been doing for over 2 years now.

Playing games, reading books and occasionally fretting about the reality of our current situation.

What have you guys been up to this past week?


Weekly Wonders #1

Weekly Wonders #1

I was trying to make a clever title to sum up what we got up to this week, and this is the best I could come up with.

As most people in the world, we are currently on lockdown. New Zealand will be on lockdown for at least four weeks, then see how the situation has progressed. So that’s at least a month where I will hopefully be able to come back into blogging. The aim is at least twice a week, but who knows?

So this past week has been okay. Just feels like we took some leave off work and are hanging out at home. The only difference is, if it was just a holiday, we’d probably head out to the shops and parks at some point. Although, I’m still working a little as we have an online platform that we’re using to keep connecting with the kids and their families.

Here’s some highlights of the past week. Or ‘wonders’ to keep it in line with the title.

Chocolate Cupcakes


So I was originally going to make a chocolate cake to bring into my work to celebrate Naomi’s birthday last weekend with the kids…but that didn’t happen. So instead, I made a bunch of cupcakes using this recipe from Nerdy Nummies. I also added the wafer daisies which I got to be on the cake. I love this recipe, the cupcakes are so light and airy, and with vanilla buttercream on top, it’s just so good. We three, demolished them.

Mini Fort


As part of my job, we post videos and activities that the kids can do at home. I was brainstorming ideas and thought of blanket forts. We decided to make a mini one in the living room and see if Naomi would like it. She did…for around a few minutes before deciding she’d rather play elsewhere. Still, I count it as a win.

Staying Connected


Good old Skype. It’s awesome that we have so much ways to keep in contact through online means. I caught up with my family, and Naomi enjoyed seeing everyone’s faces and hearing their voices. I’ve also been messaging people on Facebook, Whats App and Insta just to keep seeing how everyone is.

Keeping Busy

I’ve been staying on top of cleaning, I like to spread it out everyday. I used to try do everything on a weekend day, but now I got more time.

I have started a 30 Days of Yoga with YWA. I’ve been doing with keeping up with it. On top of that, I try do occasional other workouts too.

When we can we go for quick walks outside. It has to be quick cause we’re carrying Naomi. Why don’t we bring her in the buggy you say? Because she hates being restained and just screams at us when we put her in it, that’s why. She enjoys being outside. She likes touching leaves and trees.

Also, I’ve been doing my best to keep up with blogging. Reading posts, planning content and such.

Finally, I’ve also been reading, cross stitching, playing some games, and obviously hanging with Rory and Naomi.

What have you been up to this past week?


Birthdays and More

Birthdays and More

Well things have taken an interesting turn since I last updated the old blog. There’s a pandemic, and New Zealand is the latest country to declare a lockdown for at least a month. It officially starts on Wednesday midnight, and we have been given 48 hours to prepare. Since we’re spending heaps of time inside, I’ve decided to get back into blogging again as much as I can. I have missed it, so what better time to get back into my creative space than now.

Nothing much has really happened since my last post except for our baby’s 1st birthday! She turned 1 on March 21, which was right in the middle of things escalating in NZ with Covid-19 unfortunately. But we were still able to have a small family party to celebrate this wonderful lady before things escalated.

Although I now realize that I missed my blog’s 3rd anniversary on March 6. Also, March 25 is our 3rd wedding anniversary. Which we weren’t really able to celebrate last year with a newborn, and now we’re in lockdown. But ah well, what can you do?

Throwback to 3 years ago

Naomi is now moving everywhere. She crawls at full speed, pulls herself up to stand, and cruises along everything. She’s also getting good at climbing and often stands up on her own for a few seconds. She eats everything, and also loves to drink both water and milk. We’re hoping she’ll stay not fussy. She sleeps through the night from around 7.30 to 8pm to 7-7.30am which is amazing. Her naps throughout the day though, she fights as hard as she can till she crashes. Two naps normally, one short (30-40 minutes), one longer (1-2 hours).

Absolutely hates being restrained, whether it’s her high chair, buggy, car seat or even when we have to change her nappy. Loves hugs though, and songs, dancing, other babies, books, pictures of people she knows and anything she can climb. She’s definitely a bright spot in all this madness.

I’ve been trying to decide what to do with all this extra time at home. Blogging has been at the forefront for a while. I was looking through old posts and thought about trying to play around with all my makeup again, as I haven’t touched that in a while. Baking, outfit posts, little life updates, DIY things, and other ideas. Just some things to have some fun with. Daily posts are still definitely too much, but hopefully a few a week. In between, I have jigsaw puzzles, cross stitching, and of course games and movies to occupy my time. As well as my husband and baby to chill with.

So yeah, that’s where I’m at. How is everyone doing? I’ll be trying to keep up with us who are still blogging as I’d love to reconnect.

Stay safe everyone. Stay indoors. Be kind. Wash your hands, and all that.


Hello 2020

Hello 2020

It’s a new year, and a new decade! Here’s how we greeted in the new year.

I did not stay up till midnight, I went to bed at around 10pm and happily slept in while many people stayed up and saw the new decade in. But that’s alright, I haven’t stayed up till midnight since 2017.

We went away to another little holiday house for a few days. This time, we were closer to Raumati Beach in Paraparaumu. The place we stayed in was less modern than the one we stayed in before. But they had a pool and spa we could use. so it was a fair trade off. The beach was also just a few minute walk down the street. Extra bonus, they provided us breakfast for our stay there.


We stopped by to explore the beach one morning. It was a little windy but not too bad. Naomi was fascinated and looking around heaps.


She enjoyed feeling the sand in her fingers and trying to grab all the shells around her. I was surprised she didn’t try to put any in her mouth. (Later though, in the garden, she ate a flower petal).


She wasn’t the biggest fan of the sea though. The water is quite cold, and she’s only been in heated pools and warm baths.


We also had some fun in the pool. Rory and I swam around for a bit as she had a nap. When she woke up, we brought her into the pool too. It’s not as warm as the pool she has swimming lessons in, so she was a bit more hesitant at first. But she enjoyed herself in the end.

Later on, at sunset, I had fun taking lots of pictures at the beach. I’ve missed using my DSLR to take pictures. Reminds me of all the times I used it for my earlier blogging days. Hopefully I’ll have more time this year to get back into it!


I have gotten into reading more books again. I managed to complete my Reading Challenge in 2019 which I was happy with. I’d only read 4 out of 15 books when I came back into it in November. I’ve downloaded the Libby app on my phone which lets me borrow e-books from my local library. I love it! I’ve set another Reading Challenge for myself this year. I’ve just gone with 20 books. I also heard about the Popsugar Reading Challenge which sounds like fun. I’m going to see how much I can tick off from it. I’ll include it here if you guys are interested!

2020 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

All in all, I’m entering 2020 with lots of excitement and renewed energy. I’m very excited for March when Naomi turns 1. I can’t wait to see what else this year brings.




As it’s my birthday, I felt compelled to write a little post. I’ve celebrated the past two birthdays with a special post, so I figured this one should be no different. This past year for me has been a whirlwind. My last birthday, I was 25 weeks pregnant and today, I am a mum to a very chatty, cheeky 8 month old.


We celebrated my birthday this year with a mini trip up to Paraparaumu beach. The weather…was not great. We arrived on Friday and it was sunny with a bit of cloud, and a lot of wind. We settled into our little bach and wandered out to the beach. Naomi kept gasping and clutching us close, as the wind whizzed around. So we gave up on that and just sat outside the bach for a bit. It was a bit more sheltered there, and we got to get some lovely photos.

The next day, we went shopping then just stayed inside and watched movies. As it was even windier, and also raining lots. That night there was even a proper thunderstorm, with much lightning and thunder. Again, Naomi was not a fan.

Excuse the terribly quality, I screen shotted this from a video I took that night. We got to see lots of lightning strikes like this which I found exciting. It lit up the whole room, and the following thunder would shake the room.

We headed back home on Sunday. I do wish the weather stayed nice for a bit longer, but hey what can you do? It was still nice to get away from the daily routine and hang out somewhere new with the husband and baby. Despite being freaked by the weather, Naomi did well spending time in a new place. She slept fairly well and was her happy, playful self even in new surroundings. She also slept the whole car ride there and back.


For my birthday day today, Rory and I have the day off to just wander around town and see a movie. Naomi will be at work without me, so we are free to do whatever which should be fun.

All in all, it was a fun way to celebrate turning 28.