DIY – Memory Scrapbook

DIY – Memory Scrapbook

So I have a lot of random projects going on to fill my time while I’m on maternity leave. Specifically that awkward time where I’m too pregnant to work, but baby isn’t born yet. So I’m at home, not sure what to do. I have been playing games a decent bit, working on another cross stitch project, and other bits and pieces, including this scrapbook.

I got a HP sprocket for myself back in Christmas 2017. I used it in my little zine which I shared a while ago. I’ve also used it to start filling in this scrapbook album that I bought years ago and did nothing with.


I decided to start it from 2012, as that is officially the first full year that Rory and I were together. It’s also my last year of studying music at uni, and also I just don’t have too many photos from before then. I wanted to devote  a year per page. Trips and special events got their own dedicated page though. As time goes on, these years got at least two pages, as extra special moment began to happen. Engagements, weddings, and even more trips.

scrapbook 01

scrapbook 02

I used my sprocket to print out photos, some I would make a collage so that I could have different sized photos around the page, making it look a bit more interesting. Then I looked for inspiration for doodles and frames on pinterest that I could add to the pages. All in all, I love how they came out!

scrapbook 03

I’ve now filled up the book up to 2017.  I’ve sorted out the photos, but I still need to add the embellishments. I’m also starting to plot out the 2018 pages. I’m looking forward to seeing it get filled up over the years! I’m hoping I can get up to the year 2022, cause then it’ll have 10 years worth of memories in the scrapbook, but we’ll see!

scrapbook 04

Have you guys ever made a memory scrapbook?


Looking Back on April

Here’s how my month of April went.

It started off with the end of Easter, and spending some time with family. I also finally managed to finish my 3000 piece puzzle my sister got me for Christmas! I was really sad to discover that like 5 pieces were missing though. But I’m so proud that I managed to do the whole puzzle!

finished puzzle

The following weekend ended up including lots of blog prep. I baked some Carrot Cake Balls, tried out my new Tarte Lip Paints, and took photos for my Letterman Jacket OOTD.

It also started getting a lot cooler that week. Temperature dropped so much, and there was lots of wind and rain. I got to pull out my gloves, beanies and jackets. The following week though it got warm again. It’s been a very confusing fall.

The next weekend again we spent going around second hand stores looking for bookshelves. We found none, but we did go out for milkshakes! I also did more blog prep as I do. I had fun making a little zine, making candy sushi, taking photos for my blog collab OOTD and figuring out what makeup to bring on our trip to Japan!

After a full on work week with lots of babies, the next weekend came along. This one was a lot quieter. I mostly watched YouTube, but I did manage to film a video for the collab post where I try some UK snacks courtesy of Sarah over at Vintage Tea Rose! That will be coming out tomorrow!! Rory and I hung out a lot and played games together, it was really nice!

uk snacks

Finally, the last week of April tended to pass me by quite fast. We did try an escape room this past weekend though! I’ve always been curious about them, and it was so much fun to try all the puzzles! We didn’t quite make it out in the hour limit (we solved it 5 minutes after, so close!), and our brains were getting fried by the end. It was definitely worth trying though, and we’re keen to try some of the other rooms!

That’s how my month was. The weeks are for work, the weekends are for blog prep and housekeeping. The joys of adult life.

How was your April?


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Looking Back on March

Here’s how the month of March went down for me.

The first weekend was packed with lots of blogging prep and taking photos. How packed you say? Well I took photos for my blogiversary, DIY Wall Hanging, Favourite Cruelty-Free Brands, Flat Lay Inspirations and Pinterest Outfit Recreations posts. This was pretty much all on Saturday, as Sunday saw us driving a few hours up North to visit Rory’s family. This amount of blog prep on one day is not at all normal for me, but I was feeling inspired!

After a regular week of work, the following weekend was again fairly busy. I spent most of Saturday taking a Revalidation course to keep my First Aid certificate current. A fun moment happened during my lunch break where I walked into the kitchen and saw the face masks from the CPR dummies all drying on a rack. I had to take a photo. I also did some baking this weekend. Red Blood Cell cupcakes! There was some kind of theme going on.

The following week was again very busy. My boudoir photos were ready for collection so I was very happy! I also spent two days at a Professional Development course focused on Infants and Toddlers. I learnt heaps and walked away buzzing with lots of new ideas which is always nice. Halfway through the week I started getting a cold, but I powered through. The weekend was again pretty busy. Lots of errands, some blog prep, and again another trip up north to visit some family.

Now we come to the worst week for me. Remember that cold I’d been powering through. Well as I didn’t really give my body time to rest, the cold developed and got pretty bad. By Tuesday afternoon, after a very busy morning looking after babies, I was down for the count. No energy, weak and tired body, coughs, headaches, stuffy nose, all of that. I was sent home and basically crashed for the rest of the week. A few of these days, I had an issue with the reader. My blog posts didn’t show up for two days, and dealing with that on top of my cold made me pretty grouchy for the whole time. On the bright side, during this time, I finally caught up on Game of Thrones and watched all of Season 6 and 7!

I was feeling better by the time our anniversary came around luckily!!

The last week of March was spent catching up with friends and family, and just having a restful Easter.

How was your month?


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Summer Memories

I have another little montage video for you guys! I always have fun editing these together. Plus, I have a habit of taking lots of little video clips in my day to day life, aided by my 1SE app. This one is all from the last few months though. During the months of summer, we did quite a few road trips, spent heaps of time with family, had lots of milkshakes, and enjoyed the sunshine!

Now that it’s March, we’re leaving summer and entering Autumn. So I wanted to share with you all this little video of what I’ve been up to this past summer!

Some of the moments I showed in the video, I also wrote blog posts about! Visiting the Botanic Gardens, having a picnic at Percy Scenic Reserve, and taking a road trip up to Cape Palliser!

As I begin entering these colder seasons, I pass all the summer vibes over to you guys on the other side of the world. Enjoy it, cause it’ll definitely come back to me at the end of the year! 😛

What’s one of your highlights from the past months?


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Looking Back on February

The first weekend was pretty eventful. We went bowling one night with some of Rory’s friends. On Saturday, we had lunch with Sarah and went out to the neighbourhood cat cafe. It was such a fun way to spend an hour. Even though most cats were sleepy, it was nice to be surrounded by adorable cats!

jackson st bistro pancakes


We went out shopping later in the month, and we even got bouts of cooler weather. It was a nice break from the super hot sun lately.

The middle of the month led us to Valentine’s! I made some cupcakes in a collab with Anni, and Rory and I watched a really weird movie.

Chinese New Year came by afterwards, and while I don’t personally celebrate it, I loved all the decorations around town.

Later in the month, Rory suggested we go out for dinner, as we don’t do that often. We went to La Bella Italia and were so impressed with the food! We definitely plan to go back some day.

I also received a makeup kit I ordered earlier in the month from Sephora, as well as a new palette from Colour Pop!

I made another recipe from Nerdy Nummies, Petri Dish Jellies!

petri dishes 06

Finally, the end of the month saw me doing a Boudoir Shoot! It was an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to see the photos!

lingerie bag and shoes

A few days ago, Victoria (the photographer) shared a sneek peek on her Facebook page of one of the photos. It’s a before and after shot in the same place in my house. The after photo had me with my hair and makeup done, a backdrop, lighting, and of course, lots of direction from the lovely Victoria. I’m in love with this photo, and I really can’t wait to see the others next week! Depending on the nature of the photos, I may share more on the blog haha!

How was your February?


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How Do You Measure a Year?

I sometimes like to peruse Reddit, and one of my favourite subreddits to read is AskReddit. It’s a great way to kill some time. It has also led to some long car conversations when me and Rory are stuck in traffic. So, get ready for a rambly kind of post. One question that caught my attention last week was “In your mind, how do you measure a year?”

My first thought, was that song from Rent. The one with 525,600 minutes.

Then, I started thinking about it more. It’s definitely an interesting concept, and I loved reading all the answers. Some viewed it in seasons, others said they saw it via school/college semesters, while others saw it through a series of events. One person said that as a child, they thought it was weird when parents were talking about an event and couldn’t remember what year it was. That seems like something you should know immediately right? But even now, I find myself struggling to remember what year that particular thing happened.

I realized that I measure a year by a combination of seasons, holidays and events. If there’s anything that stands out, like a holiday or whatever, then that helps to make that year more memorable. I’m someone who likes to remember dates. When it comes to my relationship with Rory, I know the first date we met, went out, first kiss, all that. However, with Rory these dates are more mixed up. Is that a girl/boy thing? We both know the big dates though, like birthdays and official anniversaries. Also, when I asked Rory this question, he said he doesn’t really measure a year in his head. Events stand out, but after a while, they all just start to mix together.

Another thought I had, is for school years. Down here, our summer holidays fall in December to February. So the school year starts in February, and ends around December. However, those of you guys in the other side of the world,  a school year starts in September and ends in around July right? That has always confused me, cause your school year is technically crossing over into two years. But again, it’d be something you guys are used to, like having Christmas in winter.

Random tangent aside, I’m curious about your thoughts. How do you measure a year? By seasons, events, school, holidays, by the traditional months and days? When you think of a year in your life, how does it roll around in your head? Chronologically? Does it jump around? Do these questions just confuse you? Let me know!


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6 Months of the 1 Second Everyday App

A long time ago, back in August last year, the lovely Anni shared about an app called 1SE (which she first saw from Zoella!). Basically, the app runs like the title says. It gets you to record a second of you day, everyday, and this builds up. February marks the sixth month I’ve been using this app, so I wanted to share it with you guys.

It starts from August 2 and the last one I’ve included is from February 10. Hope you enjoy this random little peek into my everyday life.

From watching this, I’ve realized that I spend a lot of time in a car haha! It is really fun watching all the clips back, as I can place where I was when I took each one. If you guys don’t use this app, I highly recommend checking it out! I’m always one for reminiscing and looking back, and this app is perfect for that!


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Looking Back on January

Let’s see what happened this past month.

We celebrated the New Years by making these star constellation cookies! I even managed to stay up till midnight which I rarely do, preferring to go to bed instead. Course, once it ticked over to midnight, I was asleep and in bed within 5 minutes.

cookies 2

We were also still in summer holiday mood from Christmas, so we decided to go out and have a picnic! We went to Percy’s Scenic Reserve, and had a lovely day out! We didn’t get too fancy with our lunch, but it’s so much nicer to eat outside than it is inside.

picnic basket

With all my days off work, I also spent lots of days experimenting with makeup and trying different colours that I normally wouldn’t. Mind you, I didn’t go too crazy. I just veered into more purple and pinks than sticking with my neutral browns and peaches. Still ,it’s progress.

Eventually though, it was back to work. Lots of kids were still on holiday though, so we got to do lots of trips! However, since then, we’ve had all our kids come back and some new ones start. So now it’s lots of noise again.

I also tried another recipe from Nerdy Nummies. This time, her signature mascot, Smart Cookies! This was seriously so hard to do. Piping is trickier than I imagined, and those glasses were a pain to work with. But I did it, and they came out so cute!

smart cookie hiding

We also decided to take another day trip out, this time to Cape Palliser. I’d heard of the lighthouse before, but I didn’t know it was fairly close to us. So during the week I threw the idea to Rory and he agreed it would be fun. The joys of summer and endless road trips to be had!

cape palliser 14

Here’s some more tidbits from this month.

  • I got straight addicted to Horizon Zero Dawn. I mean, I lost hours at a time to that game. I’d sit down and tell myself to only play for one hour, then suddenly it’s five hours later. Yikes. So much fun though.
  • I’m still working on my 3000 piece puzzle. It’s so huge and takes up our entire dining room table. It’s taking me way longer than I thought it would.
  • I read a lot.
  • I had sushi for lunch pretty much three days in a row. I love sushi.
  • I have lost count of how many times I’ve complained about the heat. Look, our summers are normally very tame. They rarely get higher than 25 degrees on a good day. But lately, we’ve had runs of 30 degrees, and I’m not cut out for heat. Yes, I love sunshine, but not that much. I’m sure some of you guys are used to that kind of weather but I’m not. Also, trying to sleep when it’s hot is impossible.
  • I keep falling asleep in the car rides home from work. It takes us around 45 minutes to an hour depending on traffic to get through rush hour, and I cannot stay awake for that long in a warm car no matter how hard I try.

That’s all for my January! How was yours?


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Silly Accidents and Injuries

So, in my Christmas Memories post, I mentioned a few memories that consisted of silly accidents and injuries I got into. After writing that, I realized that I had done a lot more of these, and thought I would share.

In case you hadn’t read the previous post, I shared two incidents. One, where I tried to jump over a badminton net in my rollerblades (didn’t end well). Two, where I jumped off a seesaw and landed on my arm weird, spraining it pretty bad.

Here’s some more shenanigans I got into.

One time, I decided to try stick my pinky into a keyhole. I have no reason for it, nor can I remember why I thought I should do that in the first place. It got stuck. I cried. The adults around had to rub butter all over my finger, and eventually, I was able to wriggle my pinky free.

angela 08

One time, while I was practicing piano, I dropped some of my sheet music. As I bent down to get it, I hit my forehead on the corner of the piano. Hard. I got a cut above my eyebrow.

Another time, I was hanging out on a playground with some friends. We were running around on all the equipment. I decided to go down the slide headfirst, without putting my hands first. I had a decent bump on my head.

angela 12

One time, I was playing statues with friends. You guys know that game right? Someone is at the front, everyone else is way back. The person at the front turns, so that they’re facing away from everyone else. You all move forward, but then you have to freeze when the person turns back to face you, or you’re out. The point is to tag the person at the other end without getting caught out. You get it. Anyway, we were doing that game. I thought it would be funny to do a dramatic pose as they turned. Sliding across the floor on my knees dramatic. Thing is, we were playing on rough carpet, and I was wearing ripped jeans. Basically, I got carpet burn along my knee. Really bad.

angela 15

One time, I was running around the house, and managed to slam my leg into the corner of a chair. It’s still the worst bruise I’ve ever had. Took weeks to go away.

Another time, I was running around the backyard, and forgot that there was a small dip where the lawn meets the concrete. I jammed my foot in the groove and twisted my ankle.

angela 19

So yeah, don’t run around and be silly or you’ll most likely hurt yourself. But that’s a part of growing up right? Although, the last two happened when I was technically a young adult and should know better. However, I haven’t recently hurt myself. Not since last week when I turned and banged my head into an open cupboard door. The struggles of being clumsy, and not really paying attention to your surroundings.

Anyway, feel free to share some of the weird accidents or incidents you got into growing up. Or just laugh at mine.


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