1000 Followers Party Hangover

Well hello all. You may know that I recently hit 1000 followers during the week, and to celebrate, I had a little (big) blogging party. I reposted it a few times to give everyone a chance to come by, and boy did the party get huge. My notification feed was going nuts, and since I get an email for every like and comment, my email got pretty full as well. But I’m not complaining, in fact I’m doing the opposite. I wanna say thank you to everyone who came by and celebrated reaching 1000 followers with me. So many people brought something to the party, talked to everyone else, and even when I left to go to sleep, the party just kept on swinging 😂

So this post will be a wrap up of the party of sorts, I’m now going through all the comments and collecting what everyone has brought. This way we can all get a visual of how crazy this party got.

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1000 Followers – Let’s Party!

1,000 Follows!

Well shit. Not the classiest intro I’ve ever had, but that’s what I said when I realized that 1000 followers was within reach, and it’s now in fact here. There are now 1000 blogs that get my ramblings showing up in their reader every day.

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Same Ben, same.

I’m glad that my blog is entertaining to all of you, and I love that you guys enjoy my content! I do consider myself a part of a larger community, I love that there are so many of us supporting and encouraging each other as we talk about our lives. Speaking of, like many other bloggers that have celebrated reaching a milestone, I’ve decided to celebrate with a blog party!

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Now, I don’t have anything super organised for this party, I’ve never been one to host any kind of huge get together. The most I do is offer my place for people to get together to play games, eat food and hang out. So this is pretty much again what I’m going to do.

Now, here’s what would be cool. In the comments below, let’s have a little party. Introduce yourself, your blog, and then just chat to each other. Also, say what you’ll bring to the party. It could be an item, food, a game, a drink, a skill, a karaoke machine, whatever. I’m curious to see what this party will end up like. It’s not just because I can’t organise a party all on my own haha (coughs).

Anyway, as hostess I’ll go first. Hi, I’m Angela and this is my blog. You would know that already since you’re reading this. For my offering to the party. I bring baked goods, as I love baking and I’d love to share them.

Come on in when you want guys. Till then, I’m just awkwardly hovering by the door, helping myself to the cookies, and hoping people will come by. Also, I may sporadically appear and vanish in the comments as I will also be working. But you know, I’ll come by and party in the breaks.



900 followers. You guys keep surprising me. It’s been almost four months since my blogging debut, and I never expected my blog to get much, if any attention. I have so much fun discovering more about the world of blogging, finding new friends, reading about far off places and lives on the other side of the world.

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I have been blogging everyday since March 6. I’ve shared so much of my life with you lovelies in the community and I’ve received nothing but support and encouragement. I’ve made many blogging friends, some of who I talk to outside of the blog. This blog has encouraged me to get back into many hobbies, both old and new. Baking, photography, videos, creative writing, and more! It’s even encouraged me to give self-hosting a go soon as well.

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I still can’t thank you guys enough for the support you’ve had for my blog. Each view, like, comment and follower still gets me excited. It’s fun to look back at older posts, and compare the engagement of them to how I’m going now.


I’m so proud of my blog and how it’s growing. I’m still confused by all this, but I’m learning to accept it, and use it to fuel my creativity and writing so I can keep writing entertaining posts for you guys to read every day 😀

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March 6 – Life of Angela officially started blogging

April 2 – 100 followers

April 14 – 200 followers

April 23 – 300 followers

May 11 – 400 followers

May 24 – 500 followers

June 4 – 600 followers

June 14 – 700 followers

June 22 – 800 followers

July 3 – 900 followers

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Harry Potter Party!

Did you guys know that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone came out on June 26 1997? Which means today marks the 20th anniversary! How awesome is that! In recognition of this, I’m sure you guys have seen the new fancy covers they’ve come out with.


Isn’t the Hufflepuff one the best??? (no bias here 😛 )


Before I get started, my fellow Harry Potter fans and blogging friends Hannah and Pamela have also posted about this Harry Potter milestone too!

The Books

Back in June 1997, I was only 5 and a half years old. We were living in the Philippines and I didn’t even have a clue what Harry Potter was.

In fact, I didn’t start reading Harry Potter until I was 11. That’s right, I didn’t start reading them till 2003, when there were already a few out. Order of the Phoenix was just coming out and people were freaking out cause apparently someone kinda important dies. I had not much interest in the books, but I picked one up at random from the school library, and I was hooked. It was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Yes, I read the fourth one first. No idea why, ask 11 year old me. Once I finished that, I went back and read the first three. There was no turning back at this point.

I read the fifth and loved it. In 2005, I read Half-Blood Prince and finished at midnight, yelling at my sister about Horcruxes. In 2007, I read Deathly Hallows and cried at the end. I loved these books, since finishing Deathly Hallows, I have gone on to read the entire series countless times.

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The Movies

When the first one came out, I had no interest, but everyone else did. I was the new kid back from overseas and had no idea what this fuss was all about. After I got into the books, I went to the movies to see Chamber of Secrets. It was okay. I wasn’t wowed though. Neither was my dad, as he fell asleep. I lost interest.

Then around 2007, they were marathoning the first four on tv. I decided to watch Prisoner of Azkaban and my mind was blown. The movie was good! It didn’t follow the book to the letter, but the acting was decent, the effects were good, and it looked good. I was suspicious that this was a one-off deal. So the next night, I watched Goblet of Fire. It was also good, the child actors were now growing up and beginning to hold their own. I was getting attached to the movie characters as much as the ones in the book. Well shit, now I need to see it in the theatre.

Order of the Phoenix, I watched that in the movies. Then while waiting for the sixth to come out, my friends and I had Harry Potter movie marathons where we watched all five. We watched Half Blood Prince in theatres in 2008 and cried. Then we had more marathons. Finally, we watched both parts of the Deathly Hallows at midnight screenings in 2010 and 2011. During part 2, I bawled my eyes out and cheered with the crowd. I was among my peeps, and you could feel the emotion in the room. I went home exhausted at 3 am, and got up for a 9am class for uni. It was cancelled as our professor was sick. So two of my friends who also went to the midnight viewing, decided to see it again. I agreed. We went and cried again. Later that week, a friend who hadn’t seen it wanted to go. I came with, and yes I cried. I now watch it without crying but I still get all the feels. I have yet to do a marathon with all eight movies. I don’t know if I could now, but I would be willing to try.

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The Obsession

This all helped to fuel my love of the magical world of Harry Potter. I joined Pottermore the second it opened. I was sorted into Hufflepuff which I always felt a kinship with. It led to endless conversations with my friends, and speculations about how it would end before we knew. It led to me owning all the books, and all the movies. It led to my friends and I buying each other Harry Potter merchandise and gushing about how amazing it is. It led to endless gift ideas for me, as you know I’ll love it as I love anything Harry Potter related. It led me to admire the actors from the franchise, to watch them grow alongside me and see how incredible they have become.

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Now that my rant is over, it’s time to party. If you’re a fan (like me!), then share your own story of how you came across Harry Potter, whether it be books or movies or both. Share what house you’re in, and what your favourite characters or moments are. For today, Harry Potter has been around for 20 years, and that is amazing.

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Image result for harry potter party

Image result for harry potter party

Image result for harry potter party

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All the images come from Pinterest. I don’t own them.


800 Followers Q’n’A Celebration

Hey, I tried to get it up in time 😛

Anyway, welcome to the mega Q’n’A that has come together. I asked for questions at the beginning of the week in Time for Another Q’n’A?

You guys asked a lot of questions, and while some said not to do all of them. I did! So it’s very long.

However, I do want to say Chanelle and Jo, I’m sorry I didn’t answer your questions in the video! I looked back and I was never clear on when I would film and if there was a cut off date so my bad. I filmed it on Wednesday, and I didn’t get to your questions. So I will answer them now.

Chanelle asked:

Is blogging anything like you expected? I came into this with no expectations, I just wanted to write and share my experiences. It has so far been blowing my mind on a daily basis.

What’s your favourite part about being a female? (Wearing makeup, painting nails, shopping etc.?) I would say clothes. We have a crazy amount of range compared to guys and I love it!!

Jo asked:

When & why did you start your blog?

I started back on March 6. I don’t even remember what I said. But basically, I wanted a place to store all my travel memories. All the photos and stories. That’s how it started, then when I ran out of travel stories, I just shared lots of thoughts, personal stories and pictures. Now I just talk about anything and everything.

Do you regret anything in life?

I kinda regret not taking more opportunities back in school/uni. I was never one for too much extra curricular activities, but I feel like I should’ve stretched a little more out of my comfort zone.

Thanks for the questions everyone!! There was more than I ever expected, to the point where i misjudged how long it would take to film. I hoped to do it before work (I set aside 20 minutes), but then I  ran out of time and just filmed the rest after work! 😀 So halfway through the video it becomes night and weird lighting. Hence the title “Day and Night Q’n’A” 😂

I really hope you enjoy this video. I put a lot of effort in, I spliced in random bits of clips from travels, wedding and other life events, as well as throwing in a lot of random pictures. Basically, I had way too much fun editing as always!

Enjoy and thank you again for getting my blog to 800 followers!


Time for Another Q’n’A?


It’s me, Angela!


So, I’ve been eyeballing my follower count and it looks like I’m past the halfway point to 800 followers! Sure, not everyone is active, but the numbers are still a cause of celebration I like to think!

I celebrated reaching 400 with 400 Followers!! Time for a Q’n’A! So I thought since I’m now double that, I will do another Q’n’A session. Also, I plan to answer them in a video format! I’ll compile the questions over a few days, and then film it some point and edit it all together, and hopefully it’ll come out when I reach 800, unless it happens in the next few days (please don’t, it’s scary 😛 ), then give me some time.

As for reaching 900 and 1000 (!), I don’t know what to do. I’ve been blogging for three and a half months and my numbers have been going nuts lately. So thank you! But also, if you guys have any ideas for milestone celebrations, let me know.

So yeah, feel free to leave me questions, and I will answer them in video form so you guys can hear my voice (and accent, since it seems to enthrall you all 😂).

Ask me anything. Serious, funny, weird, random. About me, my blog, my life, my travels, my country, whatever. I love answering questions. I really do.


700 Followers?! Time for a Video.

So I’ve now reached 700 followers! I paid very close attention this time, since the last one kinda past me by as 600 came so fast! I still can’t thank you guys enough about all the support and encouragement! Life of Angela has been a great experience for me, and has even led me to trying so many new things!

Speaking of which, I wanted to do something different for this milestone. I really enjoyed making the video of us driving around Wellington, it was a fun experience. So I wanted to try out a vlog. I’m not good at just talking about anything though, so I found something through pinterest about 32 Random Questions and just decided to do that.

So I realized watching this back that there is a massive glare happening from my glasses, as well as a weird constant creaking noise (no idea what that is) but I can’t be bothered recording all this again. Lesson learned for next time though I guess 😀

I had fun doing edits and adding random music. I cut out a loooot of rambling, but it still ended up being almost 10 minutes long. So watch bits and pieces, or all if you want. It’s up to you! But if you’re curious to see how I speak or any mannerisms I may have, well have a peek.

This was a fun little experiment, I don’t think I have enough energy to do more videos any time soon, but maybe once a month? That sounds like fun 😀

See you all on the internet 🙂


May by the Numbers

May by the Numbers

So hi! Last month, I posted about my blog stats at the beginning of April. It’s still one of my most top liked posts. I originally wanted to do this last week, but I was worried that it would come off as showing off, and also I had recently done a similar post for hitting 500 followers, so I held off. But you know, I am really proud of my not so little blog now. It’s three months old, and I’ve put a lot of hard work into it, and your support and seeing these numbers grow has been incredible and bewildering.

So, allow me this indulgence of talking about how crazy amazing May was through numbers.

I thought April was crazy, but May reached the next level.

May Stats

In April, I had 4984 views, 1449 visitors, 2244 likes, and 957 comments.

In May, it reached 8935 views, 2486 visitors, 4536 likes and 2186 comments. It essentially doubled. Now while I assume a lot of this growth is from my blog naturally growing and getting a wider audience, it may also be that I was posting two to three times a day thanks to the 30 Day Blogging Challenge (Shout out to Maggie and Cheila!). I normally only do one or two a day, which I’ve now returned to this month. Do you guys want to know how many posts I published in May? 77. 77 posts in one month. Maybe I really do have a problem.

I can’t call this blog little anymore, but I don’t feel ready to call it big either. You guys may disagree, but it freaks me out still. So I will stop calling it my little blog, and settle for not-so-little. Sound like a good compromise? No…well I’m gonna stick with it anyway 😛

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Past Letters (and 600 followers!)

Hi! Before I get into today’s planned post, I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone, as I’ve reached another milestone. I now have over 600 followers! I am both proud and bewildered at the (alarming) rate my blog has been growing. I really don’t think I can call this blog little anymore XD Seriously though, I reached 500 only 10 days ago. I was keeping an eye on the count, and I thought I had time to think of a special post to do in celebration of reaching 600, but it came waaay faster than expected! So I will simply say thank you once again to you guys. I will think of something to do when I reach 700. I have no idea what though, but if the numbers could rise slower that would be great, cause it is lowkey freaking me out 😛 But also, thank you!!

Back to the planned post.

Have you guys heard of FutureMe? You can use it to send letters to your future  self. It sends it to your email, and you choose the date. Once you write the letter, you need to verify it’s your email, and then it gets saved and sent to you on that date. I found it in the beginning of 2015, when I was just out of uni, jobless and just spending time on the net. I wrote one to myself one year in the future, as well as one that I will receive on my 30th birthday. I honestly can’t remember what I wrote. It bugs me, and I won’t get it for another 5 years! Anyway, I thought it would be cool to share with you guys the letters I wrote to myself.

I mostly write one at the beginning of the year, and the date is set for the following year. I’ve done this every year since 2015. My first one was written on January 1 2015, and I received it on January 2 2016.

Dear FutureMe,
So right now its the beginning of 2015, and you’re alone in the house listening to BabyMetal. I’m hoping that while I read this email I have a few things sorted, speaking mostly in the career department. I really hope you have a full time permanent job and we’re on our way to getting Provisional Registration. Also it would be cool if we had saved up a decent bit, cause being financially stable would be a nice change. Then we can go to cafes without feeling guilty. Also I assume we’re still with Rory, it would suck if we’re not, but I see no reason for us to no longer be together in one years’ time. It would also be good if we made more headway and maybe go for full license, but that doesn’t really matter. I hope Kruti’s wedding was fun, and that we didn’t screw up as maid of honour. Basically I hope things are still the same, except that I would have an actual job and decent savings. Maybe even planning to do an overseas trip at some time 🙂
Anyway..this will be interesting to read. I wonder if I’ll remember I wrote this…Probably not

From the past Angela

So let’s unravel this. Early 2015 me was really freaked about my job prospects. Also, Babymetal? That rings a faint bell. Early 2016 me had saved up a lot. Way more than 2015 me thought I would. As for Kruti’s wedding, that didn’t happen in the end, but that’s a long story, and not mine to tell. But I did what past Angela asked, I got a stable job and decent savings and I’m still with Rory.

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