March Favourites

I have now been sharing my favourite things each month for a year! I love that! Here are five of my favourite things  from the month of March.



The weather is slowly getting cooler and for me that means bringing out some of my favourite layers. One of them being this circle scarf. I’ve had it for a few years and I add it to most outfits. The colour is this purple/maroon shade, and it’s quite light. So I don’t get too hot with it on if the weather isn’t that cold yet. It’s just a nice addition, and I’m glad I’ve been able to start using it this month!

Wedding Guestbook


This month had two big anniversaries for me. My blog, and more importantly, my marriage with Rory! I still can’t believe it’s been a year since the wedding. So much has happened since then! I got really nostalgic and going through our polaroid guestbook is always a highlight. So much love and joy from friends and family are always waiting for us in that book. I love it! Plus, it also looks beautiful!

Boudoir Photos 


I mean yes, there’s also the album of boudoir photos which I love, but I have a fondness for the USB. This is what gives me access to share and save all my photos from the shoot. I’ve talked about them a lot this month, but it was seriously such a huge highlight! Also, the USB stick itself is quite snazzy!

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda

simon book

I’ve been a bit lacklustre with my reading lately, but this book was so much fun! I read it in a few days. It was fun, refreshing (compared to other books I’d read recently), sweet and a little tender. Becky’s writing style was so easy to read, which for me, is very important in the whole YA/contemporary genre. I had seen the trailer for Love, Simon and it intrigued me. Once I realized it was based on a book, I had to give it a go, and I’m so glad I did!

Too Faced Hangover Primer Mini

too faced primer

I mentioned that my last primer has run out, so I needed a new one. On a whim, I bought this as I’d heard lots of good things. I’ve only been using it for a week, but it’s already made it on the favourites list. It makes my face feel refreshed as well as smooth. I haven’t really noticed if it’s better for keeping my makeup on, as I also use a setting spray I love, but I’m gonna say it does. It also has this coconut scent, which I’ve really been into lately. I’m very happy to have this in my makeup collection!

mar faves

I also like to include some of my favourite blog posts from the past month:

What’s been some of your favourites this month?


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February Favourites

Another month gone, time for a post to share my favourites from February. Pretty much all of these are beauty products, but hey, it’s what I’m digging at the moment!

Colour Pop Double Entendre Palette

colour pop double entendre

Another ColourPop palette. I’m straight addicted. I want them all. This one is their neutral everyday palette. I have a nude every palette from Maybelline too, but I prefer this one. There’s definitely less fallout, and the colours are a lot warmer! Plus the packaging is just cuter. I’ve been wearing it everyday since I bought it a week ago.

Becca Shimmering Skin Opal Highlighter

becca highlighter

You may recognize this from the Sephora kit I bought recently. This highlighter had been on my try list for so long, and I’m so happy it didn’t disappoint. It’s so creamy and pretty, and like with the above, I’ve been wearing it everyday since I received it. I love it!

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer


Another thing on my list for ages. The formula for this is again so good! It’s not drying, and doesn’t settle into creases. It offers full coverage, covering up blemishes, uneven skin tone and brightens up my under eye. I will say though, that I got the medium shade which works well. But I sort of wish I got light medium so it brightens more as well as conceals. Plus, as my tan fades when I get into the colder seasons, it may not work as well. But that’s a problem for future Angela. Right now, I am loving this shade and this concealer!

Derma E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum

derma e vitamin c

I got a sample size from a subsciption box last year. I loved it! It smelt delicious and did help to brighten my skin after continued use. I was sad when it ran out and decided to try other products. However, this has been in the back of my mind still, so eventually I caved and bought a full size. I am so happy I did, and use it everyday!

Oasis Water Bottle

water bottle

The only non beauty product. But I’ve been loving this all summer really. It’s important to stay hydrated, but obviously even more when it’s hot. I go through at least two bottles a day, sometimes more as I keep up with doing exercises in the evening. Lately,  I’ve been preferring doing yoga. It’s just too hard to keep doing a high-intensity workout with it so hot. Also, this is the type of water bottle that keeps cold water cold, which is my preferred form of water.

feb favourites

I also thought I’d like to include five of my favourite posts from this past month!

diy - element jars

The cutest DIY I’ve seen on Pinterest! I had a lot of fun creating these.

lipstick collection

Sharing my current lipstick collection. I have a lot of nude colours, but a few pops of bright colours here and there!


Talking about some places I haven’t yet been to in my own backyard. Spoiler alert, they’re all beautiful!

phone cover

Weighing in on the conversation of whether to take photos with your phone, or a DSLR.

closed box

Another beauty post, but this time I try out a sephora kit, which took forever to get!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been loving this month! Have you tried any of these products? What’s something you’ve been loving this month?


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January Favourites

The first month of 2018! Here are some of the things I’ve been loving this month!

jan favourites

Floral Dress

As some of you may know (as I keep bringing it up), it’s summer here! I’ve been wearing quite a few dresses. I shared a few of my favourite summer outfits a few week back. But the one I keep coming back to is this white and blue floral dress! It’s so sweet and feminine. The skirt is very floaty, and even has pockets! The back is a button up, and sits quite high above my waist, so I like to think it makes me seem taller!

Moon and Star Necklace


I bought this with my voucher from Kikki.K for my birthday. I didn’t know they had jewellery, but they had this sweet delicate necklace. They had a few designs to choose from, but this one called out to me! I’ve been wearing it practically on a daily basis, and I absolutely adore it!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (London)

nyx lippie

I mentioned this in my Favourite Makeup Products post a few weeks back, but I really do love it! The formula is so soft and easy to apply, and it dries matte. I adore the brown/mauve colour, and it goes well with a gold/nude eye (which is my go-to). It’s so good!



I’ve read four books so far this month! That’s the most I’ve ever done in a while. I had lots of spare time in the holidays, and also, I was just really into the books I’ve been reading. I’ve jumped around genres, but my favourite so far is definitely Lauren Graham’s book, “Talking As Fast As I Can”. It was so funny and heartwarming to read, especially since I’m a huge fan of Gilmore Girls.

Nerdy Nummies

nerdy nummies

This was in my favourites last month, and it’s back again! This time, I’ve already managed to make a few recipes from it, and I’m planning out the next ones I want to try. I’ve decided that I will have it as a long-term goal to make everything from this book!

jan favourites 02

That’s all my favourites from January! What have you been loving this month?

Also, just a reminder to feel free to leave me any questions which I’ll answer in my Q’n’A when I reach my next milestone! 🙂


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December Favourites

Another month gone, and we’re at the end of another year! Here’s my favourites from this month!


best mug

This month I got a few new mugs, and I’m already loving them. My favourite has to be the ones that my co-worker got me for Secret Santa. I use it everyday for my morning coffee. It’s the “I Woke Up Like This” mug. It’s cute, sassy, and the perfect size! I love my other mugs too though, but that one is just a little more on top!

Tarte Treasure Box Collector’s Set

tarte box opened

I am still so in love with this product! I talked about it extensively in this post. It’s technically many products in one gorgeous chest, but I keep calling it a product. I use basically everything in this when I want to get a bit more dolled up. I love the range of eyeshadows, the highlighter, and the bronzers! As for the extra goodies, I always use the Sex Kitten eyeliner now, and I really love the mascara and lipstick too!

Nerdy Nummies

nerdy nummies

I haven’t even baked anything from this book and it’s already in the favourites. Look, I wanted to bake something straight away, but the sweets level in our house is insane. We’ve been getting snacks from all direction, that I’ve decided to hold off on baking until after all the sweets have left, otherwise it’s just an overload. I have decided to try the basic recipes first, before trying one of the more complex ones. Just to test out my skills!

Scented Candle

scented candle

I only have two candles, but I have been enjoying have them a lot. They make the room smell nice, and both the ones I have are edible smelling. I have a little left of the vanilla candle. I also was given a bonus gift by Rory, which was a creme brulee scented candle! It smells so good, and looks so pretty! It’s on most nights!

Snacks Galore

So this doesn’t really make sense, but literally, the snacks have not stopped coming this month! Mostly all from work. From our centre manager, we got a huge bag of goodies, and then from lovely families of our centre. The Christmas spirit is very generous at my work, and there’s never a shortage of sweets and snacks in our house throughout December!

That’s what I’ve been loving this month! Can you believe 2018 is just a few days away??


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November Favourites

Another month down, bring on December! But first, here’s what I’ve been enjoying during November.

Sarah Andersen Books


I’ve been a fan of her comics since my Tumblr days, and was pleased to find that she’s released two books! I went to library and grabbed both. They’re so easy and fun to read, and of course, very relatable. I was laughing while reading through the books (many times), and I’m debating on buying them so I can flick through them whenever I want!

Pohutukawa Flowers

For us in New Zealand, you can’t have a summer Christmas without these flowers. They’re only native to our little country, and are so beautiful. The flowers are made up of lots of red soft needles. Needles is a weird way to describe it, as they’re ultra soft. They also come in different shapes. Some are circular, while others are more oblong. Either way, they’re literally everywhere, and it’s nice to see so much red and green everywhere. They’re a natural Christmas decoration!

Pamper Nights

I’m still making my way through all the goodies from my Night Time Cozy box. Because of how much goodies there are, I always have something to enjoy. I’ve gotten into the habit of ending the week with a bath and a mask. I’m really enjoying the Blue Lagoon masks at the moment.

Brave Soul Playsuit

My first order from ASOS is this adorable navy blue playsuit from Brave Soul. It’s got embroidered birds along the top half, is super light and perfect for summer! I’ve already managed to wear it a few times, and each time I’ve gotten a compliment on it. That’s obviously not the main reason of it, but I won’t lie, it does give me a little boost to my day 😀

Summer Overalls

Another item of clothing that I’ve loved this month is my new short black overalls! I’ve been keeping an eye out for blue ones, but these ones fell into my lap that I figured I’d get this black pair instead. Now I have a pair for the colder months, and the warmer months! It’s a similar design to my original black overalls, but obviously, it’s shorter. It’s very comfy again, which is very important if I’m going to be wearing them all day.

That’s what I’ve been loving this month! What has been some of your favourites during this month?


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Looking Back on October

Back at the beginning of this month, I decided to take part in a photo challenge. It led to lots of mini excursions for Rory and I which was lots of fun.

Rory and I also finally bought a couch, which makes our living room feel complete. It’s also super comfy and only cost $15 from Sallies!

During this month I also did lots of DIY and baking. This includes my travel wall, baking apple and cinnamon muffins, doodles, and spider cookies!

The main event of this month was our mini holiday to Waiheke Island. It was so nice to have some time off work and spend time with my family.

Once we were back in Wellington, it was Rory’s birthday! We had a little celebration together, having lots of food, and I made a little scavenger hunt for the birthday boy!

I also did some shopping this month. Mostly for beauty related things. It was really fun.

After doing some shopping, I then received my prize from Emma’s giveaway! The end of this month has led to lots of pampering and relaxing which is the best way to end the month.

Workwise, I’ve had a student teacher, and it’s been fun being a mentor type person. It’s slowly been settling down as all the babies settle in. As we head into November we’re starting to plan for our annual Christmas show which is always so much fun!

That’s pretty much how my October was! What’s something that stood out to you in October?


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Instagram in October

It’s time for my monthly Instagram wrap up! Here’s my top five Instagram pictures from the past month.

River Side Photo


This was posted on October 2. My first photo session with my new camera was at the nearby river to our house. I’ve never actually been there, but it’s a popular track for walkers, joggers and bikers. We stopped by so I could play with my camera. While there, I asked Rory to take some photos of me. He took the initiative to get this gorgeous snap, which is now also my cover photo on my blog.

River Side Photo #2


This was posted on October 4. Seems that you guys love all these river photos as much as me. Again, this was taken by the lovely Rory. He perfectly (or accidentally?) timed it with a breeze which I love. You can see my hair whooshing around a little. By the way, those rocks were not comfortable to sit on, but the photo makes it worth it.

Hyde Park


This was posted on October 9. I was going through old travel photos so I could share some more. I’m always doing that. I found this one from Hyde Park in Sydney. When we stayed there, our hotel was only a few blocks from the park, so we often went over to it. It’s a very nice spot, and I love the paved walkways with all the cute streetlights.

Mudbrick Vineyard and Restaurant

This was posted on October 18. Fresh from our mini holiday to Waiheke Island to celebrate my sister’s wedding, I immediately took to Insta to share my favourite photos. Mudbrick was gorgeous itself, but the views just added to the whole beauty. This was taken from the top of the lavender field they had, right next to the helicopter landing area. It was amazing.

Crazy Clouds


This was posted on October 28. One evening while hanging out at home, I turned around and saw this amazing sight. Sometimes clouds just make the most incredible patterns way up high.

That’s it for this month’s Instagram wrap-up! I shared a lot of travel pictures again, but why wouldn’t I? They’re so pretty! What’s your favourite Instagram posts to look at?


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October Favourites

November is nearly upon us, which means two months left in 2017!! Bring on Christmas!

I’m sticking to my new set up, and talking about five of my favourite things from the month of October!

Waiheke Island

I’ve never visited here in all my previous visits to Auckland and I have no idea why. It’s so beautiful!! Also, the added bonus is that I went to Mudbrick which is a vineyard overlooking the whole island, to celebrate my sister’s wedding. Altogether, this place is definitely a favourite from the past month.


The Millenium Series

I got a decent bit of reading done this month. Mostly due to the one week off I had this month due to my holiday. But I finished the whole Millenium series, and I really enjoyed it! My favourite is by far The Girl With the Dragon tattoo. The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest were good too, but they paled a bit as the series went on. Just my personal opinion.

Image result

Night Time Cozy Subscription Box

I had a whole post devoted to this, but if you guys didn’t know, Emma hosted a giveaway for this, and I was lucky enough to win!! The box arrived last week, and I’m still delving into all the goodies, and they all mean so much more to me since they were gifted by a fellow blogger. It’s definitely given me a major mood boost after those minor blogging hiccups of last week.

Bare Minerals Original Foundation

I finally decided to try this foundation since curiousity got the better of me. While I still love my BB cream, I have been so impressed with this foundation! Yes it’s powder, but it provides such nice coverage (which I didn’t expect!). It feels nice on my skin, and it’s so much fun to play with. Also the packaging is quite minimalistic and chic.

Blog Planner

Again, I have another post devoted to this, but I love my new planner! I’ve always wanted a big planner like this, but for my personal life, I wouldn’t use it. I have my calendar for that. For blog purposes however, this is perfect. I can plan out my posts by month and week, and I have lots of extra pages to play and doodle on. It’s perfect.


So yeah, that’s my favourites for this month! A lot of them aren’t specific things, but more a group of things, or a place, but I had to include them!

What’s your favourites from the month of October?


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September Favourites

Another month gone by, time for another favourites post!

Normally I share my favourite movies, music, books and games, but I feel like shaking things up this month. It doesn’t mean that I’ve watched zero new movies or read zero new books this, not at all *cough*

Instead, here’s five favourite things from the month of September!

New House

Obviously, I’m so happy we’re finally in our new place and diving fully into making it truly ours.


I’ve been working harder this month when it comes to my blog photos (well some of them anyway). My post on Selfies Recreations was one of my favourite posts I’ve ever done. It also has given me my favourite profile photo ever. Which I took!! Also, last week, I started trying to do flat lays. I’m starting very minimal, trying to work out what looks nice. But I’m really proud of how they’re coming out. I really feel like this month, my photo skills have been improving. I’ve felt enough confidence in fact, that I’ve even gone and bought my first ever DSLR! But more on that later 😀

Vanity Dresser

I’ve dreamt about having a little space of my own to get ready and have all my makeup, skin and hair care products in one place. Instead of spread out around the bedroom and bathroom. Every morning, I spend 10-20 minutes here, and I’m so happy with my little spot. I’d like to decorate it more, but I’m still thinking over ideas.

Bath Bombs



You guys have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to try a bath bomb. Ever since I first heard about them like five years ago. I just never lived in a place in a bathtub! So when we got here, I bought two to try. Intergalactic (the glittery, space one), and Dragon’s Egg (the aromatic, relaxing one).  They both were so much fun, and I loved being in it. That being said, I’m sad to announce, that the plumbing under the bathtub wasn’t stellar, so we’ve made the decision to get rid of it soon, and replacing it with just a shower. But I’m glad I got to try a bath bomb at least once in my life.

BB-8 Cookie Jar

Do I need to elaborate on how amazing and useful he is? It’s the best thing we’ve bought for our house so far.

So there we go! Five of my favourite things from the past month. What’s one of your favourite from September?