Earth and the Wonders I’ve Seen

For my interpretation of this week’s photo challenge, I’ll take a look at all the places I’ve visited here on Earth.

I haven’t travelled as much as I want to, but I have seen quite a few incredible things.

In my home country of New Zealand, I hiked the Tongariro Crossing and saw the Emerald Lakes.


I went to Sydney, and I was able to see the Blue Mountains, an impressive rock formation.

2016-09-05 11.51.21

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Leisurely Walks

Hello all! I would like to complain about the weather. The weather has sucked here lately. We have been lucky enough to have one sunny day here or there, but as we head into more of autumn, and then winter (ugh), I’m sure we will see more grey and rain.

I thought it would be nice to upload photos of past summer days where Rory and I would walk around town. We’d walk around the waterfront, Courtenay Place, and just look around. I would constantly stop to take photos of whatever interested me. I’ve posted some of these photos before, but I have a lot sitting in my phone. So I thought I would pick out the best and show them to you guys, while I wait for the rain to go away.

Frank Kitts Lagoon

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It is Easy Being Green! (WPC)

It is Easy Being Green! (WPC)

Hey, so I’m enjoying these weekly photo challenges. So here’s a bonus post in between my Peru adventures recap.

I was spoilt for choice this week, as I live in a city and country that has greenery everywhere. New Zealand is one of the lucky countries where green is easy to come by.

Sidenote: If you’re interested in seeing more about New Zealand, have a look through some old posts where I’ve got lots more pictures about them. Tongariro CrossingTop 5 of Wellington CityWalking around WellingtonWhat else to do in WellingtonFamily and Life.

Back to my entry. This picture is from Pollard Park , Blenheim. Somewhere I frequently visited when visiting my grandparents for Christmas.

The park is beautiful, full of greenery, creeks and ponds, gardens…I’ve always loved it. A few years back, we saw this new addition, supporting the 5 + a Day Campaign. Basically encouraging New Zealanders to stay healthy by eating more than 5 fruits or veges everyday.

Dec.21.2013 5 + a day

I thought this picture was a perfect fit for the challenge, as it can take the meaning of green from the literal colour, nature, and being healthy!

There you have it, It IS Easy Being Green!


What else to do in Wellington

What else to do in Wellington

Since writing my previous posts, I’ve been thinking about other places around Wellington that I have enjoyed visiting. So here’s four other places you should check out, if you have time.

Staglands Wildlife Reserve

Drive an hour out of town to Upper Hutt (I don’t think there’s any public transport that would take you out there) and take a trip to Staglands. If you like farm animals, then definitely take a trip here. A lot of the animals wander freely, and you can buy a bag of food to feed them right out of your hand. Watch out for the goats though, they took a bite out of my bag, then grabbed all the food as it fell out of the hole.

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Walking around Wellington

Walking around Wellington

Living near town means that I often walk around on the weekend, either shopping, going to cafes or just hanging out. I thought I’d share some of these places that I like to walk around.

The waterfront is one of my favourite places  to walk around. It is where Te Papa is located, as well as Frank Kitts Park, the lagoon, and is often host to a lot of city events. For example, Guy Fawkes Night, Farmers Market, etc. There’s always something going on here.

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Top 5 of Wellington City

Top 5 of Wellington City

I had a lot of fun relieving my travel experiences through my Sydney Adventures series. I’ve got a couple more ideas for travel series from when I went down to Peru for a month a few years ago, spending a few years growing up in the Philippines, and other places I’ve visited around New Zealand. Before diving into those, I thought I would do a few pieces  about my hometown, Wellington.

2016-07-10 11.51.31

I’ve lived here for pretty much all my life so I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable of this city. I thought it would be fun to look at what the internet (mainly TripAdvisor) considers the top sights of Wellington and offer some local opinion on it.

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Family and Life

Family and Life

Lately I’ve been reflecting back on my life. This is thanks to this blog, mostly. I’ve been thinking back on travel adventures, both recent and while growing up. This led me to think about my life in general and it’s been pretty good. In fact, I’ve been pretty lucky. I have a great support system which is my family.

This consists of :

  • My awesome Dad, Jeff, who has always supported me and my siblings in everything we do, and has endless patience (except when it comes to his football). He also loves to tell us stories about our life (both past and present), and is a fantastic story teller. (My favourite is the one where he made me suddenly cry because he started screaming and jumping up and down when his football team won their match, and toddler me had toddled into the room with no idea what was about to happen.)
  • My lovely Mum, Julie, who surprises me with random sweet messages  and updates on either facebook, email or text every other week. She is also the reason why I now like to take photos everywhere I go, as she has thoroughly documented my life growing up with hundreds and hundreds of photos.
  • My cool older sister, Jo, who has been my best friend growing up. We are only 16 months apart, so we were constantly together, playing, talking and being silly. Since we both moved out (and she went to Auckland) and have our respective lives going on (with our respective partners), it’s been harder to keep in as regular contact as we used to, but we try. Bonus shout out to Tibor, my stoic, soon to be brother-in-law  (you’ve been engaged for like three years now, come on guys).
  • My younger (and now taller) brother, Andrew, who completed the trio of siblings. He’s 6 years younger than me, so there was a bit of a gap, and we considered him the ‘annoying’ younger brother sometimes. But I still remember all the silly things we got up to as a trio, especially with our first ever digital camera. All those files are safely stored away on a hard drive, to make sure they never see the light of day unless we want to embarass each other.
  • This last person has been a more recent addition to the family (and he’s not ‘techically’ family till the 25th), but my wonderful fiancé, Rory. We’ve been together for over 5 years now, and having someone like him be in my life and be my partner has been (and will continue to be) an incredible experience.

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