Keeping Cosy

Keeping Cosy

I used to do a lot of outfit posts back when I blogged on an actual schedule. So I thought it would be fun to try do some more. Given the current situation, I thought I’d share my go-to cosy at home outfits.

Red, Black and Yellow

First one is good old fluffy cardigan and leggings.

cosy outfit 01

I got this red sweater from H&M over the holidays. It’s so soft and good as the weather is slowly getting cooler here. I often wear it with my black leggings which are getting older, but it just makes them even more comfortable.

cosy outfit 1

I wanted to accessorize a bit so I threw on my yellow headband to help tame my hair, and my little gold necklace that I’ve been wearing a lot. It’s quite minimalistic which is why I got it. Also, socks, cause my feet were cold.

cardigan flat lay

Finally, I attempted na outfit flat lay, throwing in the shoes I would wear if I was going outside. You can see the texture of the sweater a bit better in this too. It’s super fluffy and fun to feel.

Feeling Spacey

My other choice is my NASA hoodie which I got from H&M and paired it with a classic blue jean.

cosy outfit 2

You can’t beat a hoodie for comfiness. Especially an oversized one. The only downside of this hoodie is that it’s not oversized. I’m still looking for one. Otherwise, it’s comfy, breathable, and also has the NASA logo on it, and I like space.

cosy outfit 02

I wear jeans at home a lot, normally on the weekends. I know some people look down on that, but jeans are comfy too? That and I’m used to wearing them a lot. No accessories for this outfit, cause I’m very covered up.

hoodie flat lay

Another flat lay attempt. Again, if I was heading out, then I would add a bit more. At home I don’t wear a belt with jeans cause it doesn’t matter. I also like pairing this all with good old sneakers.

So yeah, those are two of the things I’ve been wearing a lot lately. Especially as down here we’re sneaking into autumn so it’s getting a bit cooler.

What have you been wearing lots lately while at home?


10 x 10 Outfit Challenge Completed! (Winter Edition)

So I’ll be upfront with you guys. I didn’t take these photos on the day I wore the outfits. Why? Because before and after work, it’s pitch black. So instead, I took notes on what I wore each day (and pre-planned a few days ahead) and just took all the photos this past weekend.

Anyway, if you haven’t read this post first, I suggest you do as it explains this challenge! As a refresher, here’s my 10 items.

Here are the 10 outfits I came up with!

Outfit #1

Outfit 01

I’ve been loving my overalls again! It’s so comfy and even more perfect for winter. I often wear this outfit nowadays.

Outfit #2

Outfit 02

This outfit embodies my love of layers. The hoodie is an added bonus as random rain happens often at the moment.

Outfit #3

Outfit 03

Good old tights. They allow me to still wear my skirts in winter.

Outfit #4

Outfit 04

I really love wearing this big heavy cardigan, it makes any outfit so much more warmer.

Outfit #5

Outfit 05

Wearing a pompom beanie is great when your hair isn’t behaving. I really like this outfit, it felt a bit more dressy than my normal outfits.

Outfit #6

Outfit 06

I had to bring back the overalls, but to make it different, I swapped out the sweater underneath.

Outfit #7

Outfit 07

Another favourite outfit of mine. Comfy and perfect for spending all day chasing babies.

Outfit #8

Outfit 08

My last overalls outfit for the challenge! It was a bit cooler, so I chucked on my big cardigan to make it a little different.

Outfit #9

Outfit 09

Could you tell how windy it was? This was similar to outfit 7, so I wore my boots this time round.

Outfit #10

Outfit 10

Ending the photos on the same pose as in outfit #1!

I’m pretty happy with the outfits I came up with. I don’t think I wore the same one twice, even if a few are quite similar. Since the items I picked were all similarly coloured, I was able to mix and match really easily! It made for a fun 10 days, and honestly, I’ll probably wear these outfits again as winter continues.

Let me know which outfit you liked the best!


10 x 10 Outfit Challenge (Winter Edition)

I loved doing this challenge back in summer, so I thought it would be fun to bring back for winter. As before, credit for this challenge goes to the lovely Style Bee. The rules of the challenge are pretty simple, come up with 10 items that you can mix and match into 10 outfits over 10 days.

Winter is a time for all the layers, so I feel like I can do quite a lot of combinations and come up with 10 different outfits. I noticed that I have a neutral colour scheme in most of my clothes though. For this round, I chose three tops, two bottoms, two outer layers, and two shoes.

Here’s what I landed on.

  • Grey school sweater
  • Blue zipper sweater
  • Light grey baggy jumper
  • Blue hoodie
  • Blue skinny jeans
  • Blue mini skirt
  • Black overalls
  • Black woolly cardigan
  • Light brown combat boots
  • Dark grey boot wedges

I’m pretty happy with my choices. I can layer quite a few of them, and I feel like they’re pretty versatile. The only problem with taking photos of the outfits are that it’s always dark when I’m home now (yay for winter hours!). I might try take selfies, then take full outfit photos during the weekend. I’ll work something out.

Have you guys tried this outfit challenge before?


Five Favourite Outfits from Japan

Bet you thought I was done with my Japan posts lol. I’ve decided to have my last one be about some of my favourite photos and outfits from our trip. I brought a big bunch of clothes and put together a combination of comfy outfits that were perfect since we were always out and about everyday.

Stripes and Shorts

meguro river 03

meguro river 06

meguro river 05

On this particular day it was really hot. I’m talking 28 degrees. Heat that I’m not used to and spent a lot of time complaining about on our downtime. This definitely called for a summery outfit. I did bring my floral dress I love, but it has a habit of blowing up even in the smallest breezes, and I didn’t want to risk that. A red and white stripy shirt, denim shorts, black sneakers and a ponytail seemed like a good choice. Perfect for walking around all day. The red also went nicely with flowers that popped up on our walk to Meguro River.

Grey Days and Black Overalls

shinjuku garden 06

shinjuku garden 09

While we had some scorcher days in Japan, we also had mild ones. One Sunday, it was overcast all day and the occasional showers would come. However, it was still like 22 degrees, so it just made the day mild and pleasant. This was one of the few times I could wear my long black overalls, so I took the opportunity. Underneath, I wore my grey Superdry shirt, and paired them all with my trusty sneakers. I got a lot of use out of those sneakers in Japan. This outfit ended up being perfect for our trip to the garden. My overalls have a million pockets, so all the pamphlets, paper and rubbish I accumulated could just sit in my pockets.

Exploring in a Blue Jumpsuit

arashiyama bamboo grove 02

arashiyama 01

I bought this jumpsuit impulsively a few days before the Japan trip. I figured it’d come in handy for warmer days, and it did. It had been dreary colder days in Tokyo at the beginning of our trip, but once we went to Kyoto, the weather did a 180 and we were thrown in 30 degrees weather. The jumpsuit is made out of really breathable material so I was very comfy and not stuffy. The top dips a bit lower than I’m comforatble with so I threw my stripy shirt on underneath. I really like how this outfit came together. It was comfortable for the super hot day, and still pleasant as it cooled down into the evening.

Blue All Over

wizarding world 02

As you can see, it was another crazy hot day here. I originally wasn’t going to wear my blue cardi, but I always like to err on the side of caution. My overpacking habits are hard to override. In the end though, it all worked out. I did notice that all my clothes I chose were blue. Most of my closet is blue actually. It’s just a nice colour. Anyway, I was very comfy and not too hot during our day at Universal Studios. I do wish I had something yellow though since I am a proud Hufflepuff member, but I don’t actually think I own anything yellow.

Rainy Days and Combat Boots

ghibli museum 02

As mentioned earlier, our first few days in Tokyo were rainy and a bit cold. The lowest temperature we had was around 13, which isn’t that bad when you’re used to New Zealand weather. This was the only day we had to bring rainjackets and big boots as it did rain decently. The weather didn’t dampen our moods at all though, but I’m still glad I did decide to bring these items in the end otherwise I would have been very cold.

There you have it. Some of my favourite outfits from our trip to Japan! We did end up having a whole range of weather on some days, but most were quite warm. Something we got used to, before flying back to New Zealand and landing in winter. I miss those 28 degree days now that we’re stuck in everlasting wind and rain!



Pinterest Outfit Recreations

I had seen the lovely McKenz do a Pinterest Outfit Recreations post a while back, and I loved it! I really wanted to try my own hand on it, as there is so much amazing outfit ideas on Pinterest! So here’s my own spin on it! Thanks to McKenz for the post inspiration!

I tried to pick outfits that seemed more Autumn-y, as that’s the season we’re entering. But the day I took these photos it was still super bright and hot, so maybe I should have that through more. Anyways, here’s my recreations!

Outfit #1

I’m wearing a crop sweater here, but it looks like a regular sweater on me. Short people problems. Anyway, a crop sweater, high denim shorts and sneakers seems like a perfect casual outfit for less warm days. I could definitely see myself wearing this outfit on a more regular basis.

Outfit Details – Sweater: The Warehouse, Shorts: Dotti, Sneakers: Thrifted

Outfit #2

I had to get my floral dress out when I saw this outfit. The colours are all different, but I feel like I did a great job at recreating the outfit. I decided to leave out the tights as it was really hot. I love cardigans, and I’m so excited for autumn to fully kick in so I can get out all my layers. Scarves, cardigans, maybe even boots! I don’t normally do the belt thing around the waist, but it does add another element to the look.

Outfit Details – Dress: Thrifted, Cardigan: Thrifted, Scarf: Farmers, Shoes: Thrifted, Bag: Gifted

Outfit #3

I loved this outfit when I first saw it. I don’t normally wear blouses, but it does make a casual outfit a bit more formal. Like something you’d wear if you work in an office. I did my best job to recreate it, but apparently I don’t have dark blue jeans anymore. I definitely liked the matching the lipstick to the scarf aspect of the look. I really like this look, and I took so many photos in it. I may have enough to make an OOTD post.

Outfit Details – Top: Thrifted, Jeans: Thrifted, Scarf: Can’t remember, Shoes: Hannahs

Overall, this was such a fun post to do! I had a lot of fun scrolling through Pinterest and deciding which outfits to recreate. Let me know which outfit was your favourite. I’m torn between the second and third personally.


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10×10 Challenge Completed! (Summer Edition)

If you haven’t read this post, let me explain what this is about real quick. I saw a post by Meg, who did this 10×10 Styling Challenge, created by Style Bee. Basically, you choose 10 items out of your wardrobe, and for the next 10 days, your outfits can only come from the 10 items. The rules aren’t too hard and fast, but I decided not to wear the same outfit twice, as that seemed to defeat the purpose of this challenge.

As a refresher, here are my 10 items.

So, here’s my 10 outfits I came up with!

Monday – Outfit #1

I started off with my floral dress as it was a sunny day. Also, a dress is pretty much an outfit on it’s own, and I wasn’t feeling the most inspired this Monday morning. That being said, wearing this dress tends to cheer me up. It’s floaty and sweet, and I paired it with my comfy flats (again Mondays). I took this picture before work (still kinda tired tbh), as I normally tie my hair back in some way at work. Babies like grabbing hair.

Tuesday – Outfit #2

Another warm day, so I put together an official outfit. T-Shirt, Shorts and Sandals are comfy and perfect for another hot day. This was taken after work, and I’m not quite sure what I’m doing, but I kinda liked this picture.

Wednesday – Outfit #3

Today was Valentine’s day! I put my hair in a braid rather than a ponytail to be a teensy bit more festive. I wore my floral singlet, harem pants and also a grey cardi. It was cooler in the morning, but by mid afternoon I had to take it off as it got really hot again. This was the also comfiest outfit I’ve had so far, I love these pants 😀

Thursday – Outfit #4

I was feeling kind of lazy on Thursday, as you do. So I wore almost the same outfit as Wednesday, except I threw on my Superdry shirt instead. Still counts right! Plus, I left my hair down (which was a mistake as it was windy today).

Friday – Outfit #5

It was a little cooler today, and by that I mean it was cloudy instead of just sunny. So I decided I could wear my sweater. There haven’t been too many days where I could wear that, as I would just get to hot. But, paired with shorts and sandals, it was okay. I also wore a necklace today just for fun! It’s my little owl one, the kids are fascinated by it.

Saturday – Outfit #6

The weekend! Saturday was a fairly busy day for us. We were out for almost the whole day, driving here and there. We also decided to eat out for dinner which we haven’t done since last year. We normally get takeout. We went to a little Italian place and the food was so goood! I’m happy with my outfit choice. I love this floral dress, and since it was a bit cloudy, I could bring out my trusty cardigan for an added layer. I also wore contacts for a change, cause I wasn’t too lazy.

Sunday – Outfit #7

It only now occurs to me that I’m derping in this picture, but too bad. It’s staying. Another sunny weekend day. A bit warmer than before, so out came my combo of singlet, shorts and sandals. I did have to check that I hadn’t worn this combo before, but I have been keeping track of the combos in a notebook, and I was safe. Also, I like pairing something floaty with something a little more fitted. I also realized that I’ve been wearing these sandals for a few days in a row, but they’re so comfy!!

Monday – Outfit #8

Still a warm day, but with lots of clouds. Pairing my cardi, with my stripy singlet and shorts proved to be a good mix. Since it was slightly cooler, my cardi helped keep me warm, but since I was in shorts, I wasn’t too warm. Also, this is comfy to move around in all day, as working with little kids and babies, you tend to prefer comfort over style.

Tuesday – Outfit #9

There was a decent bit of rain today, so I actually wore boots today, but for the sake of the challenge, I put on the black flats, which was my original shoes I was going to wear. I wanted to wear my floral dress one more time, but I wanted it to look different. So, since there was rain and it was a bit cooler, I threw my sweater on top. I’m not quite sure what I thought of this outfit. It seems a bit too preppy, but hey, I was super comfy in it!

Wednesday – Outfit #10

I was trying to think of what I hadn’t worn together at this point. It was a little warmer, so I didn’t want to have too many layers. Black and white is always a good mix, so I wore my stripy singlet with harem pants. I wore my yellow sandals just for a pop of colour.

There you have it! My first ever outfit challenge completed! I actually had a lot of fun putting this together, that I’m planning on doing this challenge seasonally. Otherwise, I’d just keep using the same 10 items. I recommend giving this a go, even if you only do it for 5 days instead of 10. It definitely helped me to mix and match more, rather than wearing the same thing everyday to work, like I sometimes do. But hey, the kids do it too 😛

Which was your favourite outfit? Mine’s a three way tie between 5, 6, and 7.


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10×10 Style Challenge (Summer Edition)

To be fair, I have a habit of wearing the same clothes a lot. I just know what works for me. But the point it, I want to try change up how I wear them. I’ve seen Meg do this recently, and she credits Style Bee for first introducing the challenge. The rules aren’t set in stone, you’re allowed to play around.

But basically, over the next 10 days, the outfits I wear should be made up primarily of 10 items I’ve chosen beforehand.

So here are my 10 items.

  • Floral Skater Dress
  • White and Black Striped Singlet
  • Superdry T-Shirt
  • Blue and White Floral Singlet
  • Dark Blue Light Sweatshirt
  • Grey Cardigan
  • Black Harem Pants
  • Blue Denim Shorts
  • Black Open Toe Flats
  • Yellow Sandals

Over the next 10 days, I’m going to style a different outfit. That’s the goal anyway. As I’m still in summer, I’ve chosen lots of light layers and shorter items.

I’ve tried to pick different colours and patterns, mixing favourite items with some versatile ones. I think I’ll do good with these. Well we’ll try anyway. At the end of 10 days, I’ll share the outfits that I came up with.

Have you guys done a challenge like this before?


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Favourite Summer Outfits

The weather has been lovely lately, and I’ve found myself wearing particular outfits more than others. They’re basically all dresses or playsuits. Outfits where I don’t have to worry about a top or a bottom, as they’re just one! So it’s kind of cheating calling these outfits actually, but I still love them.

Here we go!

Outfit #1 – Brave Soul Playsuit

I love this so much, that I even made an OOTD post for it. Since then, I’ve been wearing this a lot, and it’s been perfect for the warmer days. It’s also incredibly comfy! Plus, the design of the birds, and the navy blue colour just make it even better for me.

Outfit #2 – Blue Patterns Dress

favourite dress 4

favourite dress 3

I went through a period where I hated dresses and skirts in general. This was in highschool, and most of uni. I would only wear jeans and sweaters basically. Even in summer. However, when I started an office job, I started loving wearing more ‘girly’ things. Since then, the love has grown. I found this in a thrift shop. I’m a sucker for patterns, and the colour blue. The dress is made of thin, floaty material, and it’s perfect for hot summer days.

Outfit #3 – White Floral Dress

favourite dress

favourite dress 2

Another thrift shop find! This is a similar shape to the previous dress. However, it’s a lot more floaty. I like spinning in it. But not too much, or I’ll accidentally flash my underwear. Also, this dress has pockets! That alone made my buy it. I can put my phone in my pocket and it weighs down the skirt on windy days so it doesn’t fly everywhere. Again, I’m a sucker for patterns, and the blue/white colour combo is a classic.

Throughout this summer, I basically lived in these three outfits. Especially during the holidays! They are all perfect to be worn all day, and I feel like they can be casual or dressed up. Also, in the evenings, when it gets a little cooler, I can just throw on a faithful cardigan and keep going!

What’s an outfit you’ve been loving lately?’


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Community Lookbook

So, has anyone watched Community?

Image result for community tv

If not, I suggest you do. I mentioned it in my A-Z Challenge (anyone remember that?), and it’s a sitcom based around a study group in community college.

The point of this post is that I was watching some episodes and thought that I dress similiarly to Annie. She wears a lot of cardigans. From that thought, I decided to try do a lookbook inspired by some of the characters from the show.

Let’s get into it.

Annie Edison

She’s the overachiever of the group. She studies the hardest (too hard) and is incredibly ambitious and kind of highly strung. She often wears bright cardigans, floral themes, lots of patterned dresses, mini skirts, and mostly ballet flats.

Image result for annie edison outfit Image result for annie edison outfit Image result for annie outfit floral shirt mini skirt

Since she’s into bright patterns and florals, I chose my floral sweater, and paired it with my favourite blue mini. For the shoes, I went with ballet flats.

annie outfit flatlay

Image result for annie outfit floral shirt mini skirt annie1


Britta Perry

She’s the ‘activist’ of the group. She gets riled up over anything and everything, and while her heart is in the right place, she can mess up a lot. She normally wears leather jackets, striped sweaters, singlets and always jeans with boots. As well as normally some kind of necklace.

Image result for britta perry outfit Image result for britta perry leather jacket Image result for britta perry outfit

I couldn’t find my striped sweater, so I went with my striped shirt, and paired it with a dark blue vest. I then matched it with my blue jeans (since I don’t actually have black jeans), and my dark grey booties.

britta outfit flatlay

Image result for britta perry outfit britta 1

britta 2

Abed Nadir

Somewhat socially unaware and awkward, Abed is analytical and ‘meta’. He talks a lot about the fact that their life is like on a television show. He often wears a graphic print tee, with a cardigan or hoodie on top, skinny jeans, and sneakers.

Image result for abed nadir outfit Image result for abed nadir outfit Image result for abed nadir outfit

I don’t have any shirts with cute designs on them apparently. I looked through my whole closet but since I decluttered recently, I must have donated them. So I borrowed one of Rory’s graphic shirts. Then I added my stripy cardigan, blue jeggings, and sneakers.

abed outfit flatlay

Image result for abed nadir outfit abed 1

abed 2

Troy Barnes

His identity used to revolve around football, until he embraced his nerdy, laidback side. In the first season, he often wore his letterman jacket. But normally, he just wears a regular sweater and jeans. Sometimes a hoodie.

Image result for troy barnes outfit Image result for troy barnes outfit Image result for troy barnes outfit

For my take, I got my blue sweater, and matched it with blue jeans and sneakers. It dawns on me that I have a lot of blue clothes and not much other colours.

troy outfit flatlay

Image result for troy barnes outfit troy 1

troy 2

That’s all I have. I don’t know how well I matched to the outfits, but it was fun looking through my wardrobe to see what I could do!

Let me know which one was your favourite, and if you’ve seen the show!

Community Lookbook.jpgAngela.