Random Little Things

Random Little Things

I was trying to come up with a title for this post but was struggling. I just wanted to share some things I’ve liked over the past few months. I always liked doing my monthly favourites post, and I haven’t done any pretty much in a year. So get ready for a random post where I just talk about some little things that I liked recently.

Bao Boy

I have recently gone back to work after half a year’s maternity leave. On one of my breaks, I decided to wander around and saw a few new digs. I wandered into this one, thinking it was a cafe, but it’s a Japanese style restaurant. They do dumplings, noodles and all sorts. What caught my eye was the donuts, cause I wanted a sweet pick me up. They were deep fried milk bun donuts, coated in cinnamon sugar, condensed milk, and drizzle. It was soooo good. I definitely want to head back and try some of their savoury dishes too.

Colin the T-Rex


Another place I hadn’t visited in a while was Avalon Park. It’s a really big park near us, with an amazing playground, mini golf, grassy areas, and they recently redid the pond. It looks beautiful, but my favourite part is the t-rex in the middle. There’s a sign that says his name is Colin.

Finale Bouquet

If you’re ever in Wellington, you have to visit Te Papa. It’s the national museum of New Zealand, and there’s just so much cool exhibitions on. On my first trip with the kids there since I’ve been back, they had this new art exhibit up called the Final bouquet. It’s a simple idea, but the execution is so mesmerizing.

So yeah, these are some random little things I’ve liked recently. What’s something that made you a little happy recently?


Exploring the Gardens at Aston Norwood

So I mentioned in my weekend recap post that we had high tea at Aston Norwood. The food itself was okay, but we were blown away by the gardens! I was so excited to see all the cherry blossoms! A lot of the other trees were also starting to bloom, so we’re thinking of returning in around a month to see how it looks then. We’re sure it’ll be even more stunning.

We wandered around for a whole hour just drinking it all in. I took so many pictures, and the best I could narrow it down to share was 20. It’s just all so beautiful!

We went down every path, even the one that went uphill. After a while I realized I was getting winded a bit (hello baby), but we were near the top so I persevered. I think if we come back next month, I won’t be able to go up that path. The views were worth it though!

I love that I got my cherry blossom fill in the end.We may have missed it in Japan, but it’s in full swing in this garden at home!

I love looking back at all of these photos, it’s making me more excited to visit even more gardens. Even just doing general exploring as the warmer weather kicks in.

Have you guys visited any gardens lately?


Instagram in March

Now that we are entering April (crazy!), it’s time to look back at my top pictures from Instagram in March.

Before & After

before and after

This was uploaded on March 1. This was my first sneak peek into my final boudoir photos, and I was blown away! These photos have definitely given me a boost of confidence and self-love. I still very much recommend the experience!

Autumn Flatlay

flower flatlay

This was uploaded on March 4. My favourite flat lay I’ve done lately. This was inspired by one of the many flat lays on Pinterest, and I love how it came out! There isn’t much in it in terms of objects, but I really think it’s effective and pretty!


blogiversary 05

This was uploaded on March 6. The day of my blogiversary for obvious reasons! It was quite nice to share this on Insta as I have a mixture of online friends and people I know in real life who I don’t really talk about my blog with. Since the post, I’ve had a friend reach out and talk to me about my blog which is really nice!

Boudoir Shoot


This was uploaded on March 16. Surprise, another boudoir photo! I can’t help it, each photo I see makes me so proud and happy. The photographer, Victoria, likes to say that how she does these shoots is to show the subject the best version of themselves. I have to agree with that. I’m so thrilled with how I look in these photos (even the more risque ones hehe), and I love that I now have these forever. It started as a gift for Rory, but it’s also wound up as a gift for myself!



This was uploaded on March 25. Our anniversary! A big highlight for me this month. I went through a lot of our wedding photos trying to decide which to share. I landed on this as it showcased all the wedding traditions we did.

What are your favourite photos from Instagram this past month?


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A Walk to the Botanic Gardens

Continuing on from yesterday’s post, here are more of my photos from the Botanic Garden!  I’m just gonna say now, there’s quite a few photos in this post, but this is the most I could narrow it down. Just skim if you’d like!

I have a thing for taking photos from the ground up. I like squatting down and taking a photograph looking up at giant things. I may look weird as I do it, but the photo always comes out nice. This tree needs more leaves don’t you think?

gardens 01

This next tree on the other hand needs to get it’s branches under control.

gardens 02

This is the main garden. The official entrance takes you through here, but we like to come through the random side gates and make our way down. There’s always an impressive array of colours and pretty flowers here.

gardens 05gardens 03

I like these ones. I never confirmed it, but they may be baby’s breath. They are a favourite flower of mine (it’s tattooed on me and everything). Seeing so many of them together made them look like a fluffy cloud.

gardens 04

As we moved away from the main garden, we climbed up our usual path to make our way to the Rose Garden. The cafe is also in that area, and since we left just before lunch we were getting hungry. I like to stop at the highest point of the walk to take a photo of the garden from above.

gardens 06

In the middle of the rose garden is this little fountain. It’s nothing too impressive, but it makes a nice focal point. Also, ducks.

gardens 07

As we waited for our food, I galavanted around taking lots of photos of the flowers. If you want to see those photos, check out yesterday’s post! Next to the cafe is the Begonia House, which is always very warm and home to many tropic plants. My favourite part is the lily pond at the end.

gardens 08

There were many goldfish around which I kept trying to photograph, but they were all blurry. I did luck out with one particular shot though.

gardens 09

Finally, we just walked around aimlessly. Enjoying the sights, the sun, and each other’s company.

gardens 10

I did ask Rory to take some shots of me. I normally hesitate on asking people to take photos of me, preferring to take selfies (also I feel like I’m bothering people), but the background was too pretty to pass up. Here are my favourite ones from random places around the garden!

gardens 12gardens 11

gardens 13

The last stop we made was to the duck pond. Because you have to say hi to the ducks.

gardens 14

Hi Duck (and Pigeons).

gardens 15

Have you gone on any walks lately?


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Summer Flowers

We went to the Botanic Gardens recently, and I brought along my camera. I love taking pictures of nature and scenery! There were so many flowers everywhere, I got very excited in photographing everything. I have split my photos into two posts as I thought it worked better that way.

This post will be sharing my favourite flower photos I took. Tomorrow, I’ll share some general ones I took at the gardens.

You know, it’s crazy how nature is designed. Flowers come in so many different shapes. I like how different the petals are with each flower.

flowers 01

flowers 04

flowers 06

While exploring the rose garden, I kept coming across bumblebees doing their thing. I wanted to take closer photos of them, but I was too scared to get any closer.

flowers 02

flowers 03

The different colours and types of flowers entertained me for aaages. The cafe is nearby, so after we ordered, I headed out to take photos. Rory had to text me to remind me to come back for food. After eating, we headed back out and I was back to taking photos!

flowers 05

flowers 07

flowers 08

We went inside the Begonia House, which has more tropical displays as it’s in a temperature controlled room. There were all sorts of amazing looking plants there.

flowers 09

flowers 10

flowers 11

At the end of the Begonia House was a lily ponds with lots of aquatic plants. I really loved this one purple flower.

flowers 12

Finally, we wandered around the rest of the gardens. Here’s a few more of my favourite photos to wrap up this post!

flowers 13

flowers 14

That’s all the photos! There were way more, but I liked these the most. I think the photos came out really nice. I don’t know if there’s a proper way to take photos of flowers, but I had a lot of fun!


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Instagram in November

Come have a look at the top photos I’ve shared on Instagram this past month!

Bondi Beach. This was posted on November 7. Rory and I had a mini holiday to Sydney last year, and this was one of the most picturesque spots. Bondi Beach is one of the most iconic Sydney beaches. Golden sand, blue water, and amazing scenery. It definitely put me in the mood for summer.

Oneroa Beach. This was posted on November 11. Last month we went to Waiheke Island, another beautiful spot! This was one of the beaches we went to and it was lovely. It was already a busy spot full of tourists and locals alike. The weather was also on our side that day. I have had beaches on the mind lately.

Floral Centrepiece. This was posted on November 13. I realized I had never shared this one of my little jars that I had as centrepieces for my wedding. The mixture of delicate flowers with larger ones was such a cute choice, that I wanted to share it. I was really happy with the arrangements my florist came up with.

Lake in the Park. This was posted on November 15. On another little evening walk, I took lots of photos. We went to the nearby park which is really cute. One of my favourite spots is of the little lake where the ducks hang out.  I took many pictures there, but this was my favourite!


Engagement Photo. This was posted on November 24. I haven’t shared any engagement photos recently, but it dawned on me that it’s been around a year since they were taken! Time really does fly by!

I’ve had summer on my mind, and the photos I chose to share this month seem to reflect that! What have you been photographing this past month?


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Leisurely Walks to the River

I never did share the rest of the pictures I took back when we first took my camera out for a spin back in October. Well what a perfect excuse for leisurely walk post!

I was excited to explore more with my new camera. I love taking photos of nature, as it’s always just so pretty to look at. We walked to the nearby river and just took a bunch of photos. I’ve shared quite a few of my favourites with you guys already, but I wanted to share a few more.

Here come the pictures! There is a lot.

You may recognize the last one as it’s now the header image of my blog. I’m glad that this was my first photo excursion with my new camera. It was such a fun evening, and since then we’ve gone on more walks and I’ve taken even more pictures!

Have you gone on a walk recently? Where’d you go?


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Leisurely Walks to the Park (and 1800 followers!)

I haven’t done a leisurely walk post in ages! It’s basically where I go for a walk somewhere and stop to take lots of pictures.

Before I get into that, it seems that we’ve reached another little milestone! As you guys may know, I like to acknowledge these. So again, another huge thank you for helping my blog continue grow!!

Alright, back to the walk.

One spring evening, we didn’t feel like staying at home, so we walked to the nearby park. It has huge playgrounds, and a mini carnival was on.

It was a really nice walk around the park. We saw lots of trees with beautiful flowers, and even made a stop to the big pond where all the ducks were. We managed to catch the sunset, so all the photos were taken in that whole ‘magic hour’.

Anyway, here are the pictures I took.

Flowers blooming
Paths to walk
Sneaky sunset
Playground in magic hour
Birds flying around
Ripples in the pond
The ducks approach
Clouds in the sky


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Black & White Photo Challenge

I’ve seen this challenge going around lately about posting a black and white photo every day for seven days. The rules are that you post a black and white photo of your life, with no people, and no explanation. You’re also to challenge someone new each day.

I have been nominated by Anni (Gluecksgeist) on Instagram, Lee (Golden Pink Journal) and Pat (Kindergarten Knowledge) on WordPress. I have really wanted to do this challenge, but following on from my 30 Days of Photography Challenge, I didn’t want to do this everyday for a week as it felt too similar. Instead, I’ll put them all in one post!

Here we go!








I tag anyone who wants to take part.

That’s all for this post!


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