Looking Back on 2017 (Sep-Dec)

The final recap for 2017, we’ve reached the last months of the year, where we moved into our own house and had lots of celebrations!


The huge thing on this month though was moving house! We said goodbye to our small flat, and moved into our own house!

I also first got into bath bombs this month, as I finally had a bath to try them in!

At the end of the month, I bought a new camera! We immediately went for a walk and got snap happy. The quality of the photos was so amazing! It made me want to develop my skills more, and I’m still working on my photography now.



I took part in a photography challenge this month. We went on lots of little walks and drives for me to work on my photo skills. It was so much fun!

We also went up to Auckland and Waiheke Island for a few days. It was an amazing break as the weather was now brightening up for spring. The island was so gorgeous!


We celebrated Jo and Tibor’s wedding while on the island. It was an amazing day and we all took literally hundreds of photos!


Back home, it was time for Rory’s birthday!

291A5572 copy

This month was definitely another big one for celebrations!


Summer was around the corner, and it meant spending lots more time outside!

outside selfie

Not much happened in general this month. I bought a lot of stuff though. My ASOS playsuit, more makeup and clothes.


The best month arrives! I started off the month getting our house decorated for Christmas. We even built gingerbread houses!

gingerbread houses

I bought many things this month. What with it being my birthday, and then Christmas two weeks afterwards, I get in a “Treat Yo’ Self” mood.

For my birthday, we went out for a high tea, I got a new tattoo, spent lots of time with my family! At the same time, I got to celebrate 6 years of being with my now husband, Rory!

For Christmas, I spent time with both my family, and Rory’s family. I ate waaay too much goodies, and on top of that was given lots of extra snacks and mini gifts from my work.

Finally, blogging wise, I reached 2000 followers! My blog continues to grow more than I ever thought possible!


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Looking Back on 2017 (May-Aug)

Yesterday, I looked back on January to April, today it’s all about May to August! Otherwise known as the birthday months for most of my family.


Enjoying the last sunny days, we headed out to the new restaurant that people kept talking about. Comes & Goes. We stopped by for brunch, and their creations were really stunning!

We also celebrated my Dad’s birthday! We had dinner, gifts, hung out, took selfies and all that fun stuff.

Blogging wise I reached 500 followers which was mind blowing at the time!


The official start of winter for us. Which was a bummer as on the blog, everyone kept sharing pictures and posts about summer. The plus side of the weather being cooler is that it does motivate me to get moving. One weekend, I even walked the trek up to Mt Victoria!

This was also when we celebrate my brother, Andrew’s birthday!

Near the end of the month we also celebrated my mum’s birthday a week early (her birthday is in July) as Jo and Tibor came down to Wellington. So it was double the celebration this month!

The end of the month ended on a celebration for me as we finally received all the photos from our wedding! I had been waiting for these since March so it was really exciting!


By now, every weekend was spent going to open houses. It was starting to wear on us as we had put offers on many houses by now, and kept losing out. This month, we finally were able to buy a house!

This month was also huge for my blog. I reached 1000 followers and hosted a huge blog party! Since going self-hosted the likes and views reset, but the crazy amount of comments stayed!!

I also finally decided to go self-hosted, which was huge for me! I’m glad I went for it, even though I was so confused along the way. It did feel like the right time to make the jump for my blog. I’ve since updated how my site’s theme again, but I’m really happy with the current one!

I also took part in the Thrift List that Kali was doing this month. It brought back my love of checking out thrift stores which I’m so happy with it!


The month of my sister’s birthday.

In terms of life, we were just sorting things for our new house. I did also buy a new pair of glasses as I was bored of my old pair.

Speaking of changing up my look, I also cut my hair as I felt it was getting too long.

The middle months of the year were very quiet on our end. We were just chugging along with our daily lives, bearing through the cold seasons. The one huge thing though, was obviously buying a house!


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Looking Back on 2017 (Jan-Apr)

I could have just done one big post recap for 2017, but that’s not how I roll. I love to share details and get in-depth, so instead, I’ll be sharing my 2017 recap over three posts. Each one broken up into four months.

This one is all about January to April. The biggest months for me since it includes my wedding and honeymoon.

Here we go.


Back in January, I was still in wedding planning mode. By now, I was spending lots of time on Pinterest, trying to think of decoration ideas. I also had my hair and makeup trial, and we settled on a hair do and look. I eventually decided against a flower crown though, but that was the only thing we changed on the day.



We decided to have a mini getaway and headed up North to do the Tongariro Crossing. We stayed in a nice little lodge, where they gave us a ride up early Saturday morning to do this big hike! I wrote more about it here! It was exhausting, but definitely worth it! 

There was more wedding planning, including scouting out a potential spot for photos that was close to our venue. We landed on Percy’s Scenic Reserve, which also has a little track that leads to a cute waterfall! Way too muddy to walk in with fancy attire on though.

The month ended on me being able to take home my wedding dress. I felt so stunning with it on, even just standing in the boutique.


This month was pretty full on. With it being just a few weeks out from the wedding, it was pretty hectic. I still worked up to two weeks out from the date, and on my last day, the staff and kids had a big party for me, and gave me a huge bouquet of flowers!

Two days before the wedding, I was surprised with an impromptu hens night with my sister Jo and best friend Kruti. They plotted with Rory to get me in the right place, and we spent the night together playing bowling, laser tag, and then eating cake!

The evening before the wedding we had the rehearsal. I was nervous and wound up the whole time, but everyone came together to finalise decorations and work out how the ceremony would go.

Then, it was our wedding day! A long, but also fast, day filled with love, friends and family. I’ve written lots of posts about this, so I’ll end it on that note.


Technically we left for Fiji on March 26, but as it rolls over into April, let’s start recapping this month. So yeah, April started off with us hanging out in a resort on a tropical island. The best way to start a month. I wrote two posts about our time in Fiji. One about our stay, and the other about just the food!

Then it was back to reality. By the second week of April we were back at work, living in our little flat. A bit of a bummer after all the previous excitement. However, now that wedding and honeymoon planning was all done, I began to commit myself to my latest project, Life of Angela! I started baking again as I wanted to share my creations on the blog. I haven’t stopped since really.

Midway through the month, I got my first tattoo! I was so scared that it would be incredibly painful, but it was more just mildly uncomfortable. I was very happy with the final design!

The last weekend of April was spent with a mini trip up to Auckland to see Hans Zimmer live. We caught up with Jo and Tibor and spent a weekend hanging out.

A lot of big things happened in the beginning of 2017! It was definitely the most exciting section of the year for me!


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2017 Favourite Moments

2017 Favourite Moments

With 2018 literally around the corner, I wanted to take a look back through this year and share some of my favourite moments! I plan to write a post looking back through the year and recapping everything, but I want to break that up into a few posts. If you’ve been here much, you may know that I like to ramble. You also may know, that I like to dabble in making videos.

I have mashed up a little video recapping my favourite moments from this year. It was so much fun for me to make, as I always enjoy a little trip down memory lane!

What were some of your favourite moments of 2017?

Speaking of another favourite moment, seems like we’ve reached 2200 followers! 😀


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Birthday Weekend Recap!

Since it was my birthday I have a different weekend post this time! So let’s get into what I got up to this past weekend!

But before that, I want to quickly show you guys the huge bag of goodies I got from our family Christmas party at the centre I work at. Each year I’ve worked there, our lovely manager has given each staff member a huge bag of snacks as thanks. It takes Rory and I about a month to get through it all. We do give some to family, but most we keep for ourselves 😛

snacks galore

Anyway, Saturday was B-Day! I woke up and had pancakes for breakfast made by my wonderful husband. Then I spent the morning playing with makeup. I bought some new Tarte products, and I was loving playing with them!

angela 26

We headed out for a special High Tea at Alfred Coles just after lunchtime. This is the same place that we got married at! They remembered us and everything, it was really sweet. Rory had called and booked it. They do a high tea once a month, normally on the first Saturday, but he asked if it could be moved to the second Saturday on my birthday. They said yes! It was so cute, the food was amazing, and it was nice to hang out with my family! I took a lot of photos.

After high tea, we headed back to our place for presents and cake. Mum baked me a delicious lemon cake. I got lots of lovely presents from everyone! We were too full to eat the cake after all the treats though.

In the evening, we decided to go for a walk.

evening walk

Sunday was a bit of a shopping day, as we realized we had a few last minute gifts to get. I also just bought more things for my self, cause at this time of year, I just love to shop.


We didn’t really do too much that day. Mostly just lazing around the house, watching TV, playing games, and making our way through the mountain of snacks that keeps accumulating. Something we did watch is Real or Magic. A Netflix documentary/show with David Blaine. I’m fascinated with that stuff.

We did go for another walk in the evening.

evening walk 2

That brings us to Monday. Rory and I took both took an extra day off. We decided to head out again since Sunday was spent mostly relaxing. I’d seen a friend recently gone to Kaitoke Regional Park, which is where they filmed the scenes for Rivendell (the elf place from Lord of the Rings). It was only a 30 minute drive from us, so we headed out in the morning.

rivendell sign

They had lots of signs along the way, talking about the filming. Most of the props were since gone, but the big arch where they all said goodbye in the end was still there. There was also a fun sign where you could measure yourself against the characters’ heights. It’s there I learnt that I’m not much taller than a dwarf.

Also in the regional park there were lots of tracks to walk too. We spotted a swing bridge and immediately made a beeline for it. I enjoyed going across it, as it did swing and bounce a bit. That was helped along by Rory running along it!


The last thing we did there was climb this massive rock. I asked Rory to snap a picture of me on top of it. It was kind of awkward to climb up it, and even more awkward to get down. But the photo op was worth it!

on the rock

It was such a fun morning! Afterwards, we headed out for lunch. We wandered what to do next, and landed on seeing the latest Thor: Ragnarok in the movies. I really enjoyed it! It’s so funny, the music, aesthetic and action sequences were so good. It also felt quite ‘kiwi’, but that may be because the lovely Taika Waititi being the director. If you guys haven’t seen it yet, you really should!

After the movie, we headed back home. We made a quick pit stop by my favourite thrift store. I found another dress, and also a denim jacket which fits me nicely! I’ve been keeping an eye out for one so I’m really happy!

We ended the night by watching The Hunger Games on Netflix. All in all, I had a lovely birthday weekend spent with family and my amazing husband. I still have one more day off on Tuesday, where I will be getting my floral tattoo finally! Keep an eye out for that!

How was your weekend?


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Our Wedding

Our Wedding

*This was originally posted on April 3. We had just returned from our honeymoon, and writing this up was so much fun! I’ve included a few more tidbits and some more photos since then*

We’ve still got a few days before returning to work which is great. We are currently making our way through wedding cards and gifts, left over decorations, dry cleaning suits and dresses…basically everything we left before heading to Fiji! For now, I wanna think back on the happiest day of my life (so far!)


6am. I woke up numerous times throughout the night. Why? No idea. Nerves, heat, excitement? We had just done the rehearsal the night before and had sorted out everything we needed to. Everyone knew what to do, we just had to do it later that day. I was still nervous though. Mostly about weather, it was said to rain that day. It was spitting all morning, but I talked it out with Rory and it’s okay. It’ll make the photos look cool if its raining. We have umbrellas, we’re prepared.

8.30am. We got to my parents house, so I could start getting my hair and make up done. Rory said he’ll see me later and went back home to relax until lunch. Hair and makeup take a surprising amount of time. Anyway, Dom got my hair to set, and I wandered around in curlers. My sister (and bridesmaid), Jo, got her hair done first, then Kruti (best friend and maid of honour), then Bex (Rory’s sister and groomslady). Then we started on makeup, we were all set to go by 12.30. Where Mum made us lunch. I kept looking outside and the rain had fully stopped. We could get our photo session outside!

Here’s the finished look, taken from Dom’s Instagram.

hair and makeup

12pm. On the boys side, they were all together at Rory’s dad’s place. They got their photos done and were all set by 1.

Wedding 02

1pm.  Kent came to our side, we got dressed, then took our photos. As I mentioned, it had been raining. So the grass was kinda mushy, our heels sank. But, just keep balanced on your toes and we made it through. My brother Andrew (also bridesman) joined us for the photo session. We also took many selfies that morning, because we were all dressed up and looked awesome. It helped to distract nerves. I also practiced walking around holding my train and bouquet, it takes more skill than I first thought.

2.30pm. We all separately made our way over to Percy Scenic Reserve. We were going to have a First Look shoot as we wanted to get photos done before the ceremony. So guests aren’t waiting around for us to come back before we dig into food. We didn’t really plan this well, Rory drove over as I was standing around without anyone blocking me. So he already got a quick look, woops. Also, a few of the groomsmen got lost on the way to the reserve. Double woops. We continued anyway.

2.45pm. Rory now had his eyes tightly shut as he didn’t want to see me again before the official shoot. He held onto Bex, who guided him to the first look location. I made my way through more mushy grass and got Rory to turn around by tapping his shoulder and saying something like ‘Sup’. This picture still makes me smile, even though he already kinda knew what my dress looked like, he was still emotional. After the first look, we did portraits, and lots of group photos. By the way, has anyone here done these kind of wedding portraits before. Cause they’re kinda weird. You’re moved into positions and told to act like they’re not there, or you have to suddenly smile or laugh. It feels a little awkward, I got into it more as the day went on, but there’s still that level of weird hanging around. At least in the official portrait photos.

3.15pm. When it came to the photos of just me and Rory. There was no awkwardness, he just told us where to walk and look in love. Easy.

4.15pm. Now we made our way back to the venue. This is when I  was the most nervous. Waiting sucks. We were just sitting around, and I had time to think about everything that could go wrong. I texted Rory and asked how everything looked. Everything was all good.

5pm. Dad texted me telling us to come on over. It’s showtime. We walked to the bottom of the stairs. Our procession was pretty short (as was the aisle). Rory’s side was all already up at the front. Walking up, our order was Maid of Honour (Kruti), Bridesmaid (Jo), Groomsman (Andrew), Flower Girl and Ring Bearer (Niece and Nephew of Rory), then me with my dad. I walked up the stairs fairly awkwardly, dress kept catching on my feet, but at least I didn’t fall completely over. Dad walked behind me trying not to stand on my dress. Then I gathered myself at the top of the stairs and held my  dad’s hand and went in. I waved to friends as I walked down the aisle, because why not?


5.05pm. Ceremony time. We included the filipino traditions I talked about in Mixing Traditions for a Wedding. Except for the candle, because turns out the old wooden villa we were using has very strict rules about fire. That all went well.


Next, the vows. By the way, during the rehearsal, Rory looked me right in the eyes, and with so much sincerity, said the vows, that I knew I wasn’t going to make it through mine without crying. I was right, and I cried and sniffled my way through the vows. So many emotions. I was determined to hold it together for the actual ceremony…I didn’t. Cried at the same spot I did the previous night. My friends were prepared for this, and a tissue was handed to me the next minute. Even Rory got a little teary. I made it through the rest of the ceremony without any more tears, then we kissed and were officially married 😀

5.45pm. Signing the license. We decided to sign right after the ceremony so it wouldn’t be forgotten. We all moved to the back, where all who needed to sign did. After that, I set off crying again. I couldn’t pinpoint why, just too much happy emotions I guess. Then Rory gave me a hug, so I cried more. Then family and friends hugged me and congratulated me, so I kept crying. Eventually, I pulled my self together for family photos.


6pm. The next 40 minutes was a lot of talking, catching up, eating (food kept coming my way, I suspect my husband and/or maid of honour wanted to make sure I ate). The food was delicious. It also gave people a chance to sign our guestbook. I saw ideas on pinterest of how to shake up guest books, so we made a polaroid guest book. We used an instax camera, a LOT of film, photo corner stickers, pens, guest book and a sign explaining what to do. Everyone LOVED it. Also since there was so much film, lots of people took home little polaroids as souvenirs too. Bonus! Kent also took me and Rory aside to take some photos by the stairs, so we got some alone time which was nice. It didn’t happen all that often, which surprised me. I thought I would have lots of time with my new husband, but after the ceremony, we kept getting pulled in different directions. Funny that.


6.45pm. Dinner time! We had a tv in the corner on a cabinet, so we tracked down photos of ourselves growing up, and my dad turned it into a cute little slideshow for people to watch while we eat. We chose the photos, so we kept out any awkward ones. More talking, eating, and having a good time.

Wedding 19

7.30pm. Toasts! We did the usual of best man and maid of honour. Both were very sweet and personal. Rory teared up when Daniel did his speech, I burst into full on tears during Kruti’s. (If you’re counting, that’s three times I’ve been crying). Then both our dad’s did their speech. Also both very sweet and personal. I will also say that our guest list was only 38. We didn’t want too many people, only close friends and family. This way, we were able to talk to everyone, and basically everybody knew each other, and we’re all nice people. So it was always going to be a hit really, I shouldn’t have worried. We opened it up to the floor then, and friends and family had their say about how lucky we are, our great characters, and the importance of family. I was on the verge of tears by this point, but I held it together.

8pm. Dessert! So before cutting the cake, it dawned on us that we hadn’t made a speech. So Rory thanked everyone for coming, thanked the wedding party, and opened up dessert. I said nothing as I was feeling teary again, and was trying to get myself under control. We cut the cake and dessert was open! Another note, we only had a one tier cake, and then we had lots of cupcakes. Three different flavours of them actually (choc peppermint, mocha and peanut butter choc), they got knocked down pretty fast. I looked over 5 minutes later and 80% was gone. Our cake was lemon & raspberry, so we cut up half into little pieces and everyone had a slice. Then it was more eating and talking.


8.30pm. Hanging out. So normally, at this point in a wedding there’d be dancing. That’s not really our scene. Or our families, or much of our friends…also our venue was small, perfect for not dancing. So we all brought together a variety of board games so people could play that instead. Funnily enough, we never even used them. After dessert, drinking, taking more polaroid photos, laughing…we were happy just hanging out. People came up and started saying bye from this point. Rory and I snuck off one more time to take photos on the balcony. By 9.30, most people had left beyond the core family and friends. So we just started packing up our decorations. All the decorations, except for the floral displays, were pretty much set up by us the night before. It was fun actually. The rehearsal the previous night allowed both sides to get to know each other better, talk, and laugh as we set up decorations, then practiced the ceremony. Kruti made sure that the guest book was filled up with many many polaroids. I still love going through our guest book. I personally think it’s much better than just a book where people write their well-wishes.

Wedding 24

10pm. By this point, we were all knackered. So with decorations cleared, we all headed off to our rooms. Did I mention that the venue has a motel on-site? So most of us just walked back to our rooms and crashed. Before I crashed, I did upload an update to instagram and facebook. Social media is a lot more fun when you have something big to share 🙂 Then Rory helped get all the hundreds of hair pins out my hair, and massaged my feet that had been in heels all day. What a sweet husband I have! Then we literally fell asleep cause it was a long and exciting day.

There you have it! An almost too-detailed account of Rory and mine’s wedding day! Ours went incredibly well, I can’t think of any regrets. I mean, sure, some things didn’t go according to my very detailed timeline. But you know what, I didn’t really care. Which is great, when you hear about wedding nightmares and disasters. I credit a lot of this to the fact that we kept our guest list small and limited to only people we really wanted to come.

I will write a list of all the vendors who helped out during the wedding. They all had reasonable costs, and were amazing to work with. Videographers was something we wanted, but they were all out of our price range, luckily, my almost brother-in-law was happy to film the day for us 😀

Wedding Venue: Alfred Coles House

Photographer: Kent Yu

Dress: Diana by Sally Eagle

Bridesmaids Dresses: JJ’s House

Cake and cupcakes: Sweet Bakery and Cakery

Flowers: Em’s Flowers. For more shots of our flowers on the day, you can check out a post on Em’s Instagram page.

Hair and Makeup: Jo & Dom Styling

I also wanted to include our little highlights reel video that Tibor (my almost brother-in-law) made for us!

Feel free to share any comments you want down below. What are some different or unique things that happened to weddings you’ve been to? How did your own wedding go if you’ve been married?


Our Wedding

Hey internet friends! I’m finally back home in Wellington, we arrived yesterday afternoon. I also wanted to formally acknowledge a big thank you to everyone, because I officially hit 100 followers! I mentioned it in my last post The Blogger Recognition Award (100 Followers!), but I wanted to say thank you again, because it really does mean a lot!

Back to the topic at hand, we’ve still got a few days before returning to work which is great. We are currently making our way through wedding cards and gifts, left over decorations, dry cleaning suits and dresses…basically everything we left before heading to Fiji! For now, I wanna hit Pause and think back on the happiest day of my life (so far!)

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