Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick Review

I don’t normally do beauty review posts, but I thought it would be fun to try doing one. I recently splurged on buying the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick, and decided to share my thoughts.


I’d had my eye on this for a while. I had heard about it from Marzia, and general positive reviews from around  the internet. As with any beauty product, just because it works for someone else, doesn’t mean it’ll work well for you. But I’ve had a good run with products recommended by Marzia, so I decided to at least try it out. In store, I got matched to my shade (Ivory), and the lovely worker even agreed to fully apply it so I could see what I thought. I really liked it! So since I had saved up already, I decided to get it!

hourglass 02

I’ve never used a foundation stick before, but this one was really great to use. It goes on really smooth and fluidly. The foundation’s formula is very concentrated, so you don’t need to use that much. Even though it’s quite concentrated, it feels very light on my face.

hourglass 03

I apply a few dots all over my face and use a beauty blender to spread out the coverage. I used my Real Techniques expert face brush for a bit, but I find that a blender is easier to work with. I also apply more where I want to conceal, such as under my eyes. The foundation looks and feels quite natural, while still offering a lot of coverage. It has a kind of dewy finish, and lasts really well throughout the day.

hourglass 04

All in all, I’m really happy I splurged and got this! It’s definitely high-end, but to me it was worth it. I hear a lot of praise for this foundation, but some people do have issues. It has been suggested to me to apply an oil before this foundation, to help smooth it out more, but I haven’t had any issues. If you’re able to splurge on this, I say go for it. If not, there’s heaps of amazing dupes out there too!

Have you guys every tried this foundation?


Thoughts on “The Room”

So I watched The Room recently. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s developed a cult status as being the worst movie of all time. I first heard of it a few years back, when Sarah told me about it. We watched some clips on Youtube, and it was really weird. But I figured it’s cause the scenes were out of context, and that made them weirder. Well I finally watched it recently. It’s just weird..and uncomfortable…and slightly sinister. It’s taken me a week to wrap my head around it and get around to writing this post.

Image result for the room poster

Photo Credit

The person who made this movie is someone called Tommy Wiseau. He self funded this film (the budget was $6 million, and it only made like $1000 in its opening weekend), directed, wrote, produced and starred in this strange film. This dude is somewhat of an enigma, and no one know anything about him, not even his age or where he came from. But I found this out after watching the movie.

Image result for tommy wiseau gif

So, let’s get into my thoughts on the film.

“Why” came out my mouth a lot. Things just didn’t make sense. There were a few sex scenes, which were awkward and way too long. There were three in the first 30 minutes, and they actually used the same footage in two of them.

Image result for tommy wiseau gif

Plot lines came and go so fast that I couldn’t keep up with them. In one scene, the mother announces she has breast cancer, and all Lisa says is “Don’t worry about it” (which actually, everyone says a lot), and nobody ever mentions it again. Then, there was a scene where a guy with a gun threatens Danny with a gun asking about his money. You never hear from him again, and no one talks about this happening for the rest of the movie.

They throw around a football a lot. I don’t know why. One guy comes in with a football and then they start throwing it back and forth. There’s lots of laughing, then someone falls over, and everyone rushes over and asks if he’s okay. Then it’s the next scene. This happens twice.

Image result for the room football

Image result for the room football

Also, the way everyone speaks is so bland and odd.

I permanently had a confused face for the whole duration of the movie. Rory was with me, and he thought the movie seemed sinister. We couldn’t put our finger on it, but there was just watching this movie made for a really weird atmosphere. Am I glad I watched it? I don’t know. But it was definitely an experience. I’m now more involved with this now that I know The Disaster Artist has been made into a movie. It’s based on the book by Greg Senastra who worked on The Room alongside Tommy. I’m reading it, and getting more confused about the mystery that is Tommy Wiseau and The Room.

Have you guys seen The Room? If you have, I’m sorry. If you haven’t…well it’s interesting..


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Sephora Favourites – First Impressions of the Selfie Kit (+2700 followers!)

First of all, I want to say thanks again to Sarah from Vintage Tea Rose! Without her, this post wouldn’t have happened. There is an online store for Sephora, but they don’t have nearly as much stuff as the US store. When I first saw this kit, I was all set to buy it, till I realized that I was looking at the US site, and not NZ. I really wanted it and so my solution was to ask Sarah to be my go between. I ordered it online and shipped it to Sarah’s place in the UK, who then shipped it to me. Fun fact, after I placed the order, my bank called me to clarify it was me who placed the order on my credit card and not someone else, which had never happened before. So all in all, it took a lot to get this kit, and I’m so glad I finally have it!

closed box

open box

So this kit is advertised as “A multibranded sampler set of essentials to help achieve your best selfie.” It comes with one full size, and five deluxe sized products, and in my little bit of research, all the brands are cruelty free! The kit costs $28USD, but all the stuff you get apparently is worth $100USD. I viewed it like a subscription box full of goodies, which is what I got.

sephora favourites

Here’s what it comes with:

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Ashton
  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Opal
  • Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara in Noir
  • Milk Makeup Blur Stick
  • Stellar Cosmic Face Powder Glow 02
  • Tarte Tarteist Double Take Eyeliner in Black

I’ve had a play around with it all this past weekend, so I thought I’d share my first impressions on these products with you guys!

sephora selfie

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Ashton

anastasia lipstick

anastasia lipstick swatch

I really like the packaging for this. The little gold band with the pattern just looks really cute. On swatching this, the colour was really vibrant and pigmented. Ashton is a midton yellow brown colour. On me, it was quite a dark brown/red shade. When I applied it on my lips, it felt a little drying after a while. I often have lip balm on underneath, but even with that, my lips kept feeling dry. The colour stayed bright though. However, I didn’t wear it for long so I don’t really know how transfer proof or long lasting it is. That being said, even though I only had it on for half an hour, it took forever to come off. So I’m guessing, it may be pretty long lasting.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Opal

becca highlighter

becca highlighter swatch

So this is a product I’d been wanting to try for a while. As far as highlighters go, this one was hyped up a lot and best described as a cult favourite. The packaging is in a cute little compact, with a mirror. I love when things come with a mirror, as a random sidenote. Anyway, I swatched it with just one swipe, and I love how it came out. It’s pigmented, creamy, shimmery and goes really well with my skin tone. I’m so happy I finally get to try this highlighter!

Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara in Noir

marc jacobs mascara

I already actually have this mascara. I received a full size in a previous subscription box. This has been showing up everywhere lately though. I still like this mascara, it does offer a lot of volume. But to be honest, so do a lot of other mascaras. I still prefer my Tarte and Too Faced Mascaras, it just comes down to preference.

Milk Makeup Blur Stick

milk blur stick

So this little tube confuses me. I had no idea what it was or what to do with it, so I looked it up. It’s meant to act like a primer. You apply it all over your face before foundation and it’s supposed to make it last longer and give you a smoother application. Well I used it before applying foundation, but I couldn’t tell if it did anything. I looked up general reviews of this on Sephora, and no-one seems to really like it. I’m not quite sure why it’s included, but I probably will stick with my regular primer.

Stellar Cosmic Face Powder in Glow 02

stellar powder

I have a Tarte and Rimmel finishing powder, but I don’t use them that often. I’m still not really sure what it’s meant to do. But powders are fun to play with, so I had a play. My previous powders are translucent, but this one is in Glow. I did note that it was quite a warm colour, so I don’t think it’d work too well on pale skin. With me, I made sure to use a light hand and it looked quite nice.

Tarte Tarteist Double Take Eyeliner in Black

tarte eyeliner

tarte eyeliner swatch

I am a huge fan of Tarte in general. I have many of their products already, including a creamy eye pencil, the Sex Kitten Eyeliner, but I’d been wanting to try a liquid liner from them. This eyeliner is double-sided. It has a liquid liner on one end, and a pencil on the other. The liquid liner goes on so smoothly and once it’s fully dried, it’s not going anywhere. The pencil also glides on smoothly, and is pretty much the same as the Sex Kitten one. I’m really happy with both of them, and will continue to use them in my quest to try figure out better my eyeliner skills.

sephora selfie 2

In these photos, I’ve tried on all the products. I did the teensiest wing with my liquid liner, as I was terrified of messing it up. I also did a purple/brown mix for my eyeshadow to try match the lipstick. I’m pretty happy with how it all came together. I took off the lipstick after a while cause like I said, my lips felt dry. I changed it for more of a neutral colour and that was my makeup for the rest of the day!

All in all, I’m really happy with this little kit. I’ve been eyeing up some of the other Sephora kits, but I also need to focus on saving, so I may save them for a later date!

Have you guys tried any of these products?

As always, I like to celebrate every milestone my blog hits! I hope it’s not getting annoying each time I mention it, but as someone who started with no intentions of her blog being seen or read at all, I’m still so proud of how my blog continues to grow! You guys are all amazing!!


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Tarte Treasure Box Collector’s Set Review

I shared this little goodie box in my earlier post about my Birthday Haul, but I’m not done talking about it. I’m so happy with it! I went back and forth over getting this or not, as it was little pricey. But, I saw reviews, and it looked beautiful, and I just really wanted it, so hey, treat your self!

Let’s get into this amazing package!

tarte box

First off, the packaging is really sweet. It’s a metal box, which folds out to reveal all the goodies. I love the colours and floral design!

Let’s take a peek inside.

tarte box opened

Ta-da! Look at how much is packed into it! It’s more makeup than I needed, but I definitely want all of it. It’s a combination of blush, bronze, highlight, eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss and also, a mirror!

Time for a closer peek.

contour swatches

To the left is two bronzers, on top is two blushes, and in the middle is a highlighter. The bronzers are Amazonian clay bronzers in Navigate (matte bronze), and Excursion (bronze lustre). The Amazonian clay highlighter is in Wanderlust light champagne). The Amazonian clay blushes are in Perk (carnation pink) and Wish (watermelon pink). I did a swatch thing, cause those always look like fun! I really like the highlighter! I’m not too into blush, but I still plan to play around with everything.


The treasure box comes with 24 colours! They’re all really pigmented, and a mix of matte and metallic colours. They also all have cute names. I like the mix of dark, neutral and lighter colours! I can’t wait to play around with everything. The names are also all really fun.

In the first photo, from left to right we have Palace, Artisan, Craft, Culture, Scenic, Whirl, Tales, Trinket, Awe, Bazaar, Cloud 9 and Utopia. In the second photo, from left to right we have Legend, Tempt, Emporium, Globe, Adventure, Souvenir, Odyssey, Joyride, Wayfarer, Lantern, Caravan, and Quest.


Finally, the extra goodies, or the ‘hidden treasures’.

The Sex Kitten eyeliner is first. I use eyeliner most days, and I love playing with this. On one end is the pen, on the other is a smudger.

Next is the Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara. It was easy to apply, and after only one coat, I could already see a difference.

Finally, we have the Tarteist Lip Paint in Grand (Deep Rose). I really love the colour of this on me! Normally, I stick with nude, but I will make an exception for this one. I really like the formula for this lipstick. It goes on so smooth and once it’s dry, it doesn’t budge. I was eating food, drinking from glasses all day, and it didn’t smudge or budge!

To end it all, here’s a picture of me wearing makeup, of which most of it was just from this box.

What’s one of your favourite products at the moment?


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Weekend Review #28


Driving around this morning, I noticed lots of Christmas decorations around town. Isn’t it cute? 🙂

christmas banner

We got to return to Comes & Goes in Petone today! I haven’t been there since May, but this is a very popular restaurant that serves amazing food! The presentation is always too good to eat, but we do eat it anyways. This time I had the coconut chia pudding. It looked so beautiful as always!

coconut chia pudding

Afterwards, I wanted to get lots of Christmas things to get into the mood. We went by quite a few stores and I collected lots of christmas decorations! I also found this cute little gingerbread house kit which I’ve always wanted to do! I got two as Rory was keen to join.

christmas decor

Literally the whole afternoon was lost to decorating the tree and living room. It took waay longer than I thought it would but I was having so much fun!

christmas tree

In the evening, I wrote a few blog posts for the coming week, as I do. I ended the day on more reading, and watching a few shoes.


A bit of a late start to the day. We didn’t have much planned other than grabbing some groceries. I always get the Nescafe instant coffees and saw they had a new edition out! Toffee Nut! I’m so excited to try it!

toffee nut coffee

In the afternoon though, we decided to try out the gingerbread house kits. I even filmed it, so hopefully I can do a little Christmas themed video soon! Here’s a peek at my finished house! It’s a bit wonky, but as am I! I’ll show both of ours in a later post, but we had so much fun making them! It literally took over 2 hours, and we didn’t realize till after 😀

angela's gingerbread house

The rest of the afternoon was lost to watching more shows. I ended my weekend on yet another bath bomb! I went to Lush earlier in the week and bought two new ones. Today, I tried the Sunnyside Bubble Bar!

The water was so glittery and smelt citrusy again which is one of my favourite smells. On top of that though, was so much bubbles!

I had so much fun, and it was once again the perfect way to end the weekend!

To-Do List

  • Buy christmas decorations and gingerbread house kit
  • Regular weekend errands
  • Send off Christmas Cards
  • Fill in journals
  • Have another bath night, and try a new bath bomb!
  • Clean house

How was your weekend?


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Looking Back on November

November was a fairly chill month to say the least.

I worked pretty much every weekday of the month. As much as I love being on the floor with the kids. I cherish my time in the office, where I get to take a breather, and also snacks.

It also means I get to enjoy more walks, sometimes on my own in my lunch hour. Other times, with lots of children in tow.


I booked the appointment for my next tattoo, a delicate floral tattoo made up of wildflowers and baby’s breath. In celebration, I also treated myself to a banoffee milkshake from Sweet Bakery and Cakery.

banoffee milkshake

One of my videos this month was a short little vlog I put together about a relaxed Saturday. It’s still one of my favourite videos I’ve ever made!

I did a little baking this month. Pumpkin White Chocolate Snickerdoodles, and Apple Cinnamon muffins.

My favourite part of summer began blooming everywhere. Pohutukawa!

I finished my Reading Challenge last month, but I still manage to read a few more books. One of these was Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon finally. I also read a few comics. Two by Sarah Andersen. A series I started on is Tokyo Ghoul, which is a manga.

I bought a lot of things this month too. Both makeup and clothes.

Can’t forget food! Takeout snuck up a bit more this month.

Finally, I began preparing for Christmas. I bought lots of Christmas cards, and have now sent them out to many blogging friends around the world! Christmas shopping for my family is also completed. I’m slowly working towards getting my decorations out! Finally, the big Christmas tree in town is up, it’s definitely the Christmas season!!

How was your November? You getting pumped for Christmas??


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Weekend Review #27


Before I get into this weekend, I wanted to share my gifts I got from our Secret Santa at work. My lovely co-worker got me some cute mugs and this pretty stone platter. They were all also piled with chocolates which me and Rory ate already!

secret santa

So onto the day. Starting it off with breakfast, coffee, and getting ready for the day!

We then headed off for errands for the day. Groceries and such. I wanted to go to the mall to get the last of presents, but the mall carpark was closed cause it was that full. Yikes.

Back home, we decided to make some milkshakes, topped with whipped cream! We threw in strawberries, bananas, blueberries, honey and yogurt!!


Afterwards, I wanted to go to Rebound. It’s a local thrift store and I haven’t gone in ages so I wanted to see what I could find. I found three pretty things. These yellow sandals, a black and white singlet, and this singlet dress thing. All perfect for summer!

For the rest of the afternoon I started writing out my Christmas cards! I had so much fun and even started doodling on them.

christmas cards

After dinner we had some hot chocolate, and just relaxed till bedtime.

hot chocolate


I was in the mood for muffins for breakfast. Specifically, the Apple Cinnamon Muffins I made a month back. They’re just as delicious as I remember!


I paired it with coffee again from my new giant mug.

I decided to wear my new top as we went out to the mall again. This time, we got a park and managed to finish our shopping. I also got a new concealer, as my current one is running low. I got the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. Another thing I bought was a new water bottle. It’s one of those neat ones that keep cool drinks cool and hot ones hot for up to 24 hours!

Back home, I did some blogging things then tidied up a little as a friend was coming over to hang out. We played a few new board games which made for a very relaxing afternoon.

As always, I ended my weekend on a little pamper session. I used the last of my bubble bath bars from the Body Shop. This one was Pink Grapefruit. I also tried the last mud mask from Blue Lagoon.

bath time

To-Do List

  • Do some cleaning
  • Household errands – groceries and laundry
  • Finish Christmas shopping
  • Write Christmas cards
  • Check out Rebound
  • Start decorating for Christmas – maybe next week

That’s all for our weekend! How was yours?


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Another Beauty Haul & Mini Review

I did a post called Beauty Haul & Mini Review a few months ago and it continues to be one of my most popular posts. It’s a fun way for me to share the range of beauty products I’ve bought recently and to share my thoughts on them. Empties posts are another fun way to do this, but some products won’t be finished for a pretty long time, so I thought it would be fun to do another haul and mini review post!

Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette (Deep Brown)

This is now my go-to eyebrow product. I had just a pencil before, but I didn’t really like it. These have a sculpt, colour and highlight palette. I don’t really ‘sculpt’, cause my eyebrows are fairly tame. I colour them to my liking then add highlight underneath. This is definitely a great eyebrow palette for it’s price.

Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter (100 Light/Iridescent)

So I was a little disappointed in this. The colour and shine of this highlight is really nice when I tried it on my hand. But after my first try with it, I realized that it’s quite blotchy. Maybe it’s just me not knowing how to blend liquid highilight properly, but it keeps happening. It looks obvious, blotchy and now it just sits in my drawer.

Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation (Medium Beige)

I’ve talked about this a lot recently and that’s cause it’s amazing! It offers so much coverage and never feels heavy. I don’t use that much on a daily basis, so this will last me forever! I’m so happy I got it.

NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer (Clear)

Compared to my previous Rimmel primer, I’m really impressed with this one! I’ve only used it a few times, but the second I put it on, my face feels nice. It’s a thick, clear liquid, but once I rub it in, my skin feels smooth. I’m keen to try the Lavender and Green Colour Correcter versions too.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I use this more than my knock off beauty blender. It does a good job of blending out my concealer. That’s my main use for it, and it does it better than my brush or fingers so I’m happy.

Too Faced Mini Concealer

I like this little concealer. I’m using it as my under eye concealer at the moment. It brightens the area and doesn’t crease, which is always a plus.

Wet’n’Wild Mega Glo Highlighter (Precious Petals)

I was searching for this for so long, and I’m so glad I finally got it! It’s so pretty!! It doesn’t show up too much on my skin tone, so I get more of a subtle glow rather than the ‘blinding’ one this highlighter is known for. That suits me perfect, and I love just playing with it.

Tarte Amazonian Finishing Powder

I’m going to be honest, I still have no idea what the different between a finishing powder and setting powder. But, I do use this more than my Rimmel setting powder, just cause it’s more fun to play with. I have been putting this on top of my base makeup, and it does a good job of keeping it smooth all day. I also use setting spray though, so I don’t know if it’s that to thank for keeping my makeup in place all day (or both?)

Real Techniques Brushes

more brushes

I bought a few more brushes, and since I still really like Real Techniques I decided to play it safe and stick with them. I got their expert face brush, and then a few eyeshadow brushes. These are the base shadow, deluxe crease and fine liner brush. I wanted to play with some eyeshadow brushes, as I want to work on my eye makeup skills.

That’s all of my recent beauty buys! Have you guys tried any of these products? What have you bought lately?


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Weekend Review #26


Today was a pretty full-on day. After a short breakfast, we headed off for an hour and a half drive out of town to catch up with lots of Rory’s family. Once a year, most of the family meet up to have a big get-together which is always nice. The drive up was fairly cloudy, but it got more sunny as we got further up.



We spent quite a bit of time in the nearby park with the niece and nephew. They were also flower girl and ring bearer respectively in our wedding.

We also caught up with all the adult members of the family too. Of course, we had a big barbecue and lots of delicious food. The whole day was lovely and we arrive back home at 6pm completely exhausted. We had a light dinner, and just watched some tv for the rest of the night.


Both of us were feeling a little under the weather today. Rory more than me. Since we  had a full on day yesterday, we didn’t do much today. I did do some Christmas shopping though as I had a good idea what to get for most of my family.

After lunch, it was getting sunny again, so I lay down outside for a while. Then I just did blog things, a little reading, watched some videos and relaxed for most of the afternoon.

I now like to end my weekends on a bath and a face mask. It’s a really nice way to prepare myself for the coming week! Today’s mask was from Blue Lagoon again. I tried the Lava Scrub. It definitely exfoliated my skin. I really am impressed with their masks. The bath bomb was another new one from The Body Shop. It was a mango one and I was a little underwhelmed. Altogether though, I like ending my weekend with my little pampering tradition of a mask and a bath.

To-Do List

I didn’t actually make one this weekend. I could have done one now, but there wouldn’t actually be anything on it. Ah well.

How was your weekend? Are any of you guys getting sick of November? I want December already!! For both birthday and holiday reasons 😀


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