Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Here we are at S! We’re reaching the final few weeks of this challenge!

S is for Stranger Things

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Another Netflix show! This show alone makes me think our subscription to Netflix was totally worth it. Rory and I absolutely love this show! We got sucked in and binge watched as much as we could in between sleep and work. We finished it in a few days, and watched the last four in concession as we couldn’t bear not knowing what happened next. This show has so much hype around it, but unlike so many, it’s definitely warranted. Stranger Things is a must to watch if you have even a faint interest in sci-fi, fantasy or thrillers, especially if you love 80s movies, as this has a lot of throwbacks to it (Oh my god the synthesizers!)

Speaking of, let’s listen the opening theme.

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Orphan Black

Orphan Black

Let’s keep going with this A-Z Challenge I got going on. We’ve made it to O.

O is for Orphan Black

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I love this show. I got sucked in during the first season after binge watching it. I’ve been keeping up with it since it aired, and I’m looking forward to the final season coming up this month!! I love shorter shows that have 10 episodes per season, rather than the US ones which have more than 20. These have less filler/random episodes, and we can just get into it.

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We are halfway through the challenge! We’ve been through A-L and we have landed on M. M is for Misfits.

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Now, I’ve only watched the first three seasons, after that too much of the main cast is gone and it’s not as appealing to me. To be honest, I started losing interest during the third season, but I stuck it out. The first two seasons however are outstanding!

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This is from the opening credits

Here’s the premise. A group of ‘misfits’ are rounded up for different reasons, they have been put together randomly to do community service. They are all unique characters, all with attitude and indifferent to the others. During their time picking up rubbish together, a weird storm appears. Seriously weird. Lots of ginormous hail balls and crazy clouds. Then they get struck by lightning. From there on out, we discover that they (and a lot of other people in town) have developed superpowers.

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Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Previously, C is for Community, and now here comes D. Which you will already know the answer to because of the title 🙂

D is for Doctor Who.

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This show has been on for decades, literally. The newer series was a reboot which began in 2005, and was one of the earliest shows I every became a fan of. It was my introduction into being sucked into a television show, and wanting to explore all the behind the scenes and secrets of a show. For that, Doctor Who will always have a soft spot in my heart.

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