Instagram in June

Instagram in June

Previously I’ve done posts about my top monthly Instagram photos I’ve shared. I always love looking back and seeing what photos I’ve posted as I always have fun  trying to pick one to share each day 🙂

Let’s take a look at my top photos from the month of June!


Machu Picchu. This was posted on June 1. I spend lots of time reminiscing on my breaks, looking at old holiday photos, among other photos. I wanted to share one of Machu Picchu as I hadn’t shared much Peru ones lately. You can see more photos on my old post Machu Picchu.

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Wedding. This was posted on June 9. You guys know I love looking through my wedding photos, and that I share  them a lot 😂. This past month I posted a couple more of the photos on Instagram, and this one is one of my personal favourites.

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Instagram in May

Instagram in May

Previously, I’ve done Instagram in April, and Instagram in March. Now we’re almost in June and it’s time to look at my top five Instagram pictures from May!


Evening Walk. This was posted on May 6. I went for a walk around the waterfront one evening, and managed to get so many beautiful photos. Especially of the sky! Sunsets make the sky so much more colourful. I posted more photos on Evening Walks.

2016-09-05 13.47.45

Cherry Blossoms. This was posted on May 8. I had been seeing lots of pictures going around of cherry blossom trees. They’re such beautiful vibrant flowers! The last time I had seen them in person was during our trip to Sydney last year. In Katoomba, on our way up to see the Three Sisters, we stopped by a street that was filled with these trees and flowers.

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30 Days of Blogging Challenge – Day 30

Hey guys! It’s the last day of the challenge! I want to thank Maggie for starting the challenge, for Cheila jumping on board, and both ladies encouraging anyone to join, which is how I got involved!!

Day 30 is about Where Else You Can Find Me Online.

Obviously, you can find me here on my blog.

Instagram – I’m constantly on here


Pinterest – I still kinda use this


Facebook – cause everyone has one right?

Facebook Marriage

Twitter – I have not touched this in forever

First tweet

Snapchat – My username is angwool, I believe. I only really use it to play with filters and send weird pictures. I will include one of my favourite snaps that I have saved. Now its on the internet forever.

Goodreads – This has been great for storing all the books I eventually want to read


I think that’s everything. I do have a YouTube account, but I haven’t got any videos, you just have to have one to be able to watch things now. I may also have a Linked In? But who on earth uses that?

So yeah, that’s online me! That’s also the end of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge! What a rollercoaster, it has been a lot of work to do these, but I’m proud I got through it! I’m pretty good at planning and scheduling, so I have had these last few days ready since the weekend. I’d love to do another similar challenge, but I might wait till July. Just so I don’t stretch myself too thin XD


30 Days of Blogging Challenge – Day 29

Welcome back to the blogging challenge, we made it to Day 29, Maggie and Cheila! One more day to go in the prompt! Day 29 is about my favourite social media sites.

So, there’s only really a few social media sites I’m active on. That’s my blog, right here, where you can always find me as I never seem to leave. This is my top favourite, I’ve been on it for the least amount of time, but it has become the best social media site for me. I love everything about blogging, and I can see myself continuing to do it for a long time.


The other is Instagram. I love sharing photos (obviously, since my blog is heavy with them), which is why I love this platform! I normally only post once a day, usually with a recent image that’s been on my mind, or something as I reminisce and look through old pictures, I’ll post one of those instead. I normally do this during my lunch break at home. Also, I love looking through everyone else’s photos!!

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Instagram in April

Instagram in April

Hello all! We are now in May, it’s almost halfway through the year! You guys seemed to really enjoy my previous Instagram in March, so I think I will definitely keep this as a series. Also, I just realised that I’ve now been blogging for two months! Two whole months of daily rambles! Thanks for sticking around you guys 😀

Here are my top photos from the past month!

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Wedding Cake and Cupcakes. This was posted on April 7. I don’t remember if I talked about the desserts we had at the wedding. I wanted to share with everyone how incredible our wedding cake and cupcakes looked! I can’t share with you all how it tasted, but trust me it was amazing! Our cake was lemon and raspberry with buttercream roses frosting. The cupcakes were a mixture of Peanut Butter Chocolate, Mocha and Mint Chocolate. They were a great hit at our wedding. Literally 10 minutes after dessert was announced, 90% of them got snapped up. Our photographer, Kent, even took one home! XD

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Instagram in March

Instagram in March

So since posting my favourites of March yesterday, I thought I’d also start doing monthly posts on my top things I’ve posted on Instagram. It’s the only social media I’m really active on anymore (besides this blog) and I thought this would be a fun experimental blog for me to make. I post a LOT of photos, I try to at least limit them to one a day. At the end of each month, I’ll see what everyone liked the most, and share a little more about each photo. I’ll also upload them without the filters (I love Clarendon). Anyway, I’ll stick with a top 5, that’s a good number I think.

Got it? Okay, let’s get into it.


Engagement Photo by Kent Yu. This was posted on March 4. It was beautifully shot for our engagement shoot with Kent, and this is my personal favourite one. We shot this on Breaker Bay during ‘magic hour’ and Kent captured many beautiful moments. I posted it because it was exactly three weeks till our wedding, and I wanted to share one of our many engagement photos! I’ve used a couple more photos from this shoot in other blogs, like Discussions to Have Before Marriage and Lucky in Love.

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