Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour

We visited Sydney Opera House twice, the first day they were booked out of tours. So we came back a few days later and tried again. Then we returned that night to see a show, because it looked like fun.

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Sydney Harbour

If you’re visiting Sydney, it seems to be an unwritten rule that you should stop by Sydney Harbour to see the bridge and the Opera House. So of course, we went. We walked from our hotel in Haymarket, and that became around a 40 minute walk. We went through the Royal Botanic Gardens along the way, and got a little distracted as we headed to the Harbour.

2016-09-04 10.46.48

Lots of walkways to walk down, and fountains to stop by. We took our time going through, stopping to smell the flowers, so to speak.

2016-09-08 11.23.39

Look at that tree! I really wanted to climb it, but we agreed that probably wasn’t wise.

2016-09-04 11.48.49

We also came back through the gardens on our second trip to the Opera House.

Anyway, back to Sydney Harbour!

2016-09-04 11.23.05

But first, let’s look at some selfies I failed at.

What skills. Anyway, I was constantly amazed at how busy Sydney was, but with a city population that matches New Zealand, it’s no wonder. It was a lot of fun to wander around the Opera House the first day we visited. We got to see it in person, but as there was an event on, we couldn’t really see inside. We had a good view of the Harbour Bridge. We’d considered doing the skywalk, but it’s not cheap, and this trip already took out a chunk, so we decided to skip it.

2016-09-04 11.43.46

I really enjoyed the Opera House Tour, we learnt a lot from our guide, and we even got to go into the main hall, as there was no one rehearsing or performing inside. The architecture is really different to anything I’ve seen before. Both inside and out.

2016-09-08 10.49.44

We decided to get tickets for a show on that same night, as part of the Comedy Gala. We went and saw Beardyman. He’s a comedian/entertainer/beatboxer/musician, who makes songs on the spot based on the audience suggestions. We ended up having a lot of fun, and seeing a live show brings around a certain energy that can’t be felt during the tour. Also, seeing the Harbour at night was an added bonus.

2016-09-08 20.35.30

I’d love to come back and see a show in the main hall, but as it would cost a lot, I need to wait for a show that would be worth it (fingers crossed for Hamilton to come this side of the world someday).


Chinese Garden of Friendship

Chinese Garden of Friendship

Another favourite place we visited in Sydney was the Chinese Garden of Friendship. We were staying in Haymarket, and this was only a few minutes away, and the website had some neat pictures. Let me say, that the pictures does not do justice to the real thing. This garden symbolises the friendship between the people of Guangzhou (a  southern Chinese city, in the Guangdong province), and Sydney, hence the name.

As you come through the Main Entrance and go though the courtyard, you come across the Dragon Wall. Then as you keep going, you feel as though you’re entering another world.

2016-09-03 10.14.55

2016-09-03 10.17.45

We spent almost two hours here, simply walking around and taking in everything. It’s so peaceful and tranquil and there was always something new to look at.

2016-09-03 10.16.14

Moving on, there was lots of bridges and pavilions to look out from. There was also lots of different trees and plants. We couldn’t help taking lots of photos everywhere we looked.

2016-09-03 10.26.362016-09-03 10.27.13

As we made our way up and down the winding paths, we’d often stop to take photos, and then spend longer just looking around. It was a great way to start off our stay in Sydney.

We spent our whole morning at the garden, and we only left because we got hungry and needed to go to the grocery store to buy stuff for the week.

We would have loved to come back, but there was so much more stuff in Sydney we also wanted to see. If you ever go to Sydney, do not miss a stop at the Chinese Garden of Friendship. Photos of the place are amazing, but being there is like being in another world.


From Bondi to Coogee

From Bondi to Coogee

It’s been fun reflecting back on our Sydney travels. Today I wanted to talk about one of our highlights, visiting Bondi Beach, and doing the Bondi to Coogee walk.

2016-09-06 10.28.53

From Bondi to Coogee

It’s hard not to think of Bondi when you think of Sydney. It’s probably one of the most famous beaches in the world, not the top one, but I would think it’s up there. We went there twice, the first time we had to cut our trip short as my phone had a mini meltdown and we needed to head back to our hotel to see if we could fix it (SD card had corrupted it for some bizarre reason). Before we headed back though, we started following the coastal walkway. It looked neat, but we were dressed for the beach, not a long walk.

Then we chilled out on the beach for a bit. The water was colder than I hoped it would be, so I just lay in the sun. Here comes the obligatory feet on the beach shot.

2016-09-06 11.24.32

We came back a few days later, and focused on doing the walk. This was one of the best days of the trip. Just Rory and I hanging out, walking and enjoying each other’s company.

2016-09-07 11.02.30

The walk is very popular, there were many other tourists around, as well as many joggers. The walk had lots of stops that had exercises, Rory stopped a fair few times to try them out, and I just watched.

The walk took us around 3 and a half hours, we were just meandering our way over. It’s not a hard walk, and it makes for an enjoyable morning. The beautiful scenery just keeps on coming, and we stopped to take it in a LOT. I could see myself doing that walk on a weekly basis if I was a local.

In case you weren’t sure of where you are, there are signs to help you along the way.

2016-09-07 11.31.11

Finally, we reached Coogee. I found a giant chair and immediately climbed on top of it.

2016-09-07 12.13.33

We had lunch, and then took a bus back. We originally planned to go to the tour of the Opera House that afternoon but all the tickets were gone. So instead, we went to Paddy’s market, and wandered around Haymarket and Chinatown. We tried some ice cream dough balls. It was as described, a small ice cream ball, concealed by a small doughnut. It was a strange sensation, but not a bad one.

2016-09-07 16.28.18

At the end of the day, we bought ourselves some more little treats and settled in for an early night, and more adventures the following day.

2016-09-07 19.46.23

That’s the end of Sydney Adventures! I had so much fun recalling all these past events and looking over past photos. It was definitely a highlight of 2016.


Darlington Harbour

Darlington Harbour

The hotel we were staying at was in Haymarket, which is a few minutes walk away from Darlington Harbour. Wellington Harbour is nice, but it’s tiny compared to Darlington (I mean, so is Wellington in regards to Sydney, to be honest). We were there practically every day and evening, just walking along and having a look at everything that was going on. We also took in a lot of the attractions there, such as the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, Wildlife Zoo Sydney and Madame Tussauds Sydney. We also ended our trip by taking a dinner cruise on our last night in Sydney. Darlington Harbour is just as good (if not better) at night.

2016-09-09 18.32.13

Sydney Travels – Darlington Harbour

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Earth and the Wonders I’ve Seen

For my interpretation of this week’s photo challenge, I’ll take a look at all the places I’ve visited here on Earth.

I haven’t travelled as much as I want to, but I have seen quite a few incredible things.

In my home country of New Zealand, I hiked the Tongariro Crossing and saw the Emerald Lakes.


I went to Sydney, and I was able to see the Blue Mountains, an impressive rock formation.

2016-09-05 11.51.21

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Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

When Rory and I announced that  we were planning on going to Sydney, nearly everyone told us to go see the Three Sisters, or to go to the Blue Mountains. I had no idea that these were effectively in the same place until I started researching it (ha!). The Three Sisters are a peculiar rock formation in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. It’s about a two hour drive out of Sydney. We didn’t want to rent a car, so we researched a few travel agencies that did day trips, and then headed off.

2016-09-05 11.52.29

Sydney Travels – Part 6. Blue Mountains

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