A Year of 1SE

As the title says, I’ve been officially using this app for a year! A year of collecting a random second throughout the day.

It was really fun watching this back, as I haven’t watched it all compiled since 6 months ago! I still feel like I spend a lot of my time sitting in a car. But it’s also the best time for me to remember to film my second. My favourite section in that whole year is the 12 seconds spent in Japan!

It is crazy to think I can compile a whole year of day to day life into just 6 minutes. I’ve decided to stop doing the app now, as I have a habit of forgetting it a lot now. But maybe I’ll pick it up again at a later date. I like the idea of starting it again in January of next year.

Have any of you guys been using this 1 second app?


We’re Back from Japan!

Hello friends!!

meguro river 06

We made it back home a few days ago, and we had such a blast in Japan! It was such a beautiful place, and we had so many new experiences! We managed to see and do pretty much everything we wanted to. There wasn’t a day where we didn’t go out and explore, and I would love to go back again one day!

shinjuku garden 06

That being said, it feels really nice to come back to blogging after a long break! I have so many Japan posts planned, it pretty much carries me into April. I’ll be back to blogging everyday for the rest of the month, just because I have so much I want to share! While I organize all our adventures into cohesive posts, I have made a little montage of our trip from the little videos I took along the way. As I fully wanted to enjoy the trip, I didn’t do vlogging of any kind. The videos are more little clips of where we were, and mostly of the animals we came across!

I hope you guys enjoyed the sneak preview of our trip to Japan! I’ll get a lot more in-depth in the posts of everywhere we went and what we did. There’ll be a lot of photos, but I won’t share all of them, as I literally took thousands!

If you guys were following me on Instagram then you would have seen quite a few photos from Japan already! I was very active when it came to posting photos and sharing stories on there, which you can still check out if you want to. I’m really happy to be getting back into blogging, I’ve missed my online friends!

Tomorrow, I’ll share all about Ueno Zoo, and our visit to the bird and hedgehog cafe!


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Who’s More Likely To? – First Anniversary Celebration

Isn’t that a fun title? It made me snort with laughter.

Anyway, it’s our anniversary today! We’ve now been married for one whole year! It’s crazy to think that. So much has happened since then.

To celebrate, I wanted to do a video. I’d seen these done with couples and friends before, but it’s the “Who’s More Likely To?” tag or challenge or whatever. I copied a bunch of questions, wrote them down, and one evening, Rory and I sat down and answered the questions.

It was a lot of fun, and I like to think we learnt a lot about each other.

Here’s the video:

Some things we learnt included the fact that Rory is clearly the more romantic one in the relationship, while I’m more likely to either fall over, cry or fall asleep in a random location. Good times!

Today is quite a laidback celebration for us, we do have gifts and a special dinner planned but that’s all. The real fun is in a few months when we go to Japan! I have a few more posts planned out in celebration of our first anniversary, so I hope you guys enjoyed this first one!


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Summer Memories

I have another little montage video for you guys! I always have fun editing these together. Plus, I have a habit of taking lots of little video clips in my day to day life, aided by my 1SE app. This one is all from the last few months though. During the months of summer, we did quite a few road trips, spent heaps of time with family, had lots of milkshakes, and enjoyed the sunshine!

Now that it’s March, we’re leaving summer and entering Autumn. So I wanted to share with you all this little video of what I’ve been up to this past summer!

Some of the moments I showed in the video, I also wrote blog posts about! Visiting the Botanic Gardens, having a picnic at Percy Scenic Reserve, and taking a road trip up to Cape Palliser!

As I begin entering these colder seasons, I pass all the summer vibes over to you guys on the other side of the world. Enjoy it, cause it’ll definitely come back to me at the end of the year! 😛

What’s one of your highlights from the past months?


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Starter Make Up Kit For Beginners

I am very much a beginner when it comes to makeup things, but I’d like to think I’ve gone up to beginner from knowing practically nothing. I’ve seen posts and pins from a whole range about what you should look for when creating a makeup kit. Especially for beginners. So since I’ve learnt a little (I stress, a little), I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring. More specifically, I made a video.

I like making these little videos. At first it was weird talking to the camera, and while it still is now, it’s getting less so each time I film. It’s kind of neat! Even if the video doesn’t get much views, I learn more about how I speak, my own mannerisms, filming, and editing. So I still consider it worth it! Anyway, enough rambling. Here’s the video.

So as a recap as to what I say in the video a few times. It’s really up to you about what you want in a kit. What I suggest is similar to other posts you’ll find out there. It’s all about experimenting and trying different brands and formulas and finding out what works best for you!

What do you suggest should be in a makeup starter kit?

Also, if you haven’t seen my earlier post about reaching 2500 followers, I’m celebrating with a Q’n’A which I’ll answer when I reach 2600. Feel free to leave any questions!


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DIY – Travel Scrapbook (Peru Adventures)

Before we get into this, a little bonus surprise! I edited together a montage video of our vacation back in Peru! Feel free to take a look, before getting into the scrapbook I made for our Peru trip!

I don’t know why I haven’t shared this before. Basically, back in 2015, I made my first ever scrapbook. I wanted to do something for my big Peru Adventure. For those who don’t know, Sarah and I went away for a month, to explore all over Peru. This was the topic of my very early blog posts, and I still like to go back and reread them. I also love my scrapbook I made of my time there.

I bought lots of scrapbook bits and pieces, printed off lots of photos, and found lots of mementos and pieces of paper that I kept as souvenirs. It took me forever at the time, but I was having so much fun.

I chose a nature themed scrapbook, as it was just adorable.


I made a title page so everyone would know what they’re about to see. I didn’t trust myself to be able to write a big neat title, so I printed one off. I also printed off a few maps of Peru. Then, I added little decor stickers here and there. I love the camera one!

scrapbook cover

I broke up the pages in chronological order of the places we visited. I pre-planned how each page would look in a notebook, before putting it in the scrapbook. First, I added the photos, as they were the biggest. Then I made room for any memorabilia I had, like tickets. Next, was the titles. Again printed, but also added on to a little border I made from spare coloured paper. Finally, I threw on more decorative stickers!

scrapbook 1

For some of the photos, I tried to make it look like a polaroid. I had white paper, so I stuck the photo on it, and then cut out a border. I left more space at the bottom so I could write a little caption of where it was taken.

scrapbook 2

I had kept essentially all paper memorabilia from our trip. They were stored in a little box, but I wanted a way to display them. This is how my scrapbook came about.

scrapbook 3

When it came to doing the Salkantay Trek up to Machu Picchu, I couldn’t help but share even more photos.

scrapbook 4

Look at all the embellishments. But I bought so much, and I liked adding them all on!

scrapbook 5

scrapbook 6

scrapbook 7

There you have it! I do love my scrapbook. I spent so long on it, and I’m proud of how it came out! Have you guys made a scrapbook of a vacation before?


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House Tour

Hey! So since I shared a little video tour of our old flat, I figured I should make one for our new place too.

So here we go!

We’re so happy with our place! Those of you who have been with me for a while may know that we’ve been house hunting for most of this year, and we’re so lucky to have found this one! It’s nice to know that we have a place we can really call home.

Before I go, I am super stoked to see that this blog has just reached 1900 followers! Crazy! Thank you once again for all the support! I feel like a broken record, but this is seriously an amazing community and I am so grateful to be a part of it 😀 ❤


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Celebrate All The Milestones!

Hey! So, I mentioned a while back that I wanted to do another celebratory post about follower milestones. Back in July was my last one, where we had the biggest Blog Party the world has ever seen. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that insane, but it was pretty crazy! 429 comments!! My notification feed was non-stop and it was hard for me to keep up. It was amazing.

Since then, I went self hosted, and my engagement rate slowed down a tad. As someone who was starting to celebrate reaching milestones quite often, this dampened my enthusiasm a little. The numbers have still been steadily rising though. When I reached 1100, I thought, “I should do a celebratory post!”, but I didn’t. Then I reached 1200, 1300, and most recently 1400. As I write this, my count stands at 1451. So over the weekend, I was determined to do something fun to celebrate and show my gratitude for all you lovely people who read my ramblings!

I was going to do a House Tour, but it’s still pretty messy. But after reading some posts, I got inspired by doing this “50 Questions You’ve Never Been Asked Tag“. I decided since it was a huge number, I would break it up by answering all over the house. In video form!! So you get a sneek peek at our place, and hopefully learn more about me.

Here it is!

I had the most fun I have ever had filming a video! It was also super planned out, I wrote out all the questions, and decided which room or spot to film it in. The whole process was confusing and hilarious, and Rory kept finding me everywhere, tripod in one hand, notebook in the other, and phone in mouth cause I was out of hands.

In fact, out of all the bonus footage, I decided to make a little bloopers video out of it, which makes me laugh at least!

As fun as all this was, I really just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who supports, reads, likes, comments and follows me on my blog! I still consider myself a newbie, I’m still learning as I go, but this whole blogging business has been so incredible! I have never felt more connected with like minded people all over the world, have friends in so many timezones, and spend so much time writing, filming, taking photos, and having so many new experiences!

Thanks for being a part of my blogging journey, lovely people!


House Tour

Well hey! I said a while back that I was considering doing a House Tour vlog and that’s what I did over the weekend!

I finally cleaned after weeks of talking about it (and now it will be weeks again till I clean), so feeling energized from all of that, I decided to film a House Tour. This vlog wasn’t planned at all, and my thoughts are all over the place during it. (As is my hair, also so much camera shaking 😂) But honestly, this is how I would show my place around to new friends who come by, which I guess you guys are.

So there’s lots of rambling, and random thought patterns, so you guys get more of a sense of what it would be like to talk to me 😂

Thanks for watching!