Leisurely Walks – Botanical Gardens

Hey all! Over  the weekend, Rory and I took advantage of a beautiful wintry day to take a walk. I thought it would be fun to go to the Botanical Gardens. Sure it’s winter and it wouldn’t be as spectactular, but it’s still peaceful and pretty, and we were up for doing some walking. All in all, we were out for 3 hours, just walking around. So without further ado prepare for a photo dump of our walk 🙂

I stopped and took lots of photos along the way. We stopped by Te Aro Park.


I also took some pictures of some of the buildings went by.


Eventually we made it to the Gardens.


As expected, there wasn’t an explosion of colour as there is in Spring, we still had fun just walking, talking and spending time together.






It was such a fun afternoon. Do you guys have local gardens nearby?


Leisurely Walks

Hello all! I would like to complain about the weather. The weather has sucked here lately. We have been lucky enough to have one sunny day here or there, but as we head into more of autumn, and then winter (ugh), I’m sure we will see more grey and rain.

I thought it would be nice to upload photos of past summer days where Rory and I would walk around town. We’d walk around the waterfront, Courtenay Place, and just look around. I would constantly stop to take photos of whatever interested me. I’ve posted some of these photos before, but I have a lot sitting in my phone. So I thought I would pick out the best and show them to you guys, while I wait for the rain to go away.

Frank Kitts Lagoon

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What else to do in Wellington

What else to do in Wellington

Since writing my previous posts, I’ve been thinking about other places around Wellington that I have enjoyed visiting. So here’s four other places you should check out, if you have time.

Staglands Wildlife Reserve

Drive an hour out of town to Upper Hutt (I don’t think there’s any public transport that would take you out there) and take a trip to Staglands. If you like farm animals, then definitely take a trip here. A lot of the animals wander freely, and you can buy a bag of food to feed them right out of your hand. Watch out for the goats though, they took a bite out of my bag, then grabbed all the food as it fell out of the hole.

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Walking around Wellington

Walking around Wellington

Living near town means that I often walk around on the weekend, either shopping, going to cafes or just hanging out. I thought I’d share some of these places that I like to walk around.

The waterfront is one of my favourite places  to walk around. It is where Te Papa is located, as well as Frank Kitts Park, the lagoon, and is often host to a lot of city events. For example, Guy Fawkes Night, Farmers Market, etc. There’s always something going on here.

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