Weekend Snapshots (Sep 15-16)

Back to another quick highlight reel of this past weekend. We went out a bit more than we usually do, which was nicely balanced by playing the Spiderman game for hours longer than I meant to.



Seeing a musical live means so much to me, especially since it barely ever happens in my town. It’s like a once a year thing. Chicago came down to Wellington as part of a world tour so we decided to go with a friend on Friday night. We all had dinner before hand, caught up, and then watched the show. I still personally prefer the movie version, just cause it’s a lot ‘showier’. I get that there is limitation to a stage performance than a movie, and I still really enjoyed it. But movie magic is still my favourite.

High Tea & Dinner

We had a double whammy of going out for food on Sunday. In the morning, we had a voucher to go have a high tea breakfast at Aston Norwood. Ending the day by dinner out at La Bella Italia. The first one we had a voucher for, the dinner was comped by Rory’s work since they’ve been crazy busy lately. Lots of good food to end the weekend on.


gardens 01

So the place where we had high tea are also known for their gardens. It’s something they brag about on their site, and they should. It was beautiful, and it also features cherry blossoms! I got really excited when I saw that, especially since we missed cherry blossom season in Japan, I needed my fill of the pink flowers. I’ll have a full post later in the week with more pictures, since I had so much fun photographing everything. I even brought out my DSLR which I haven’t used in a while!

So that was our weekend. We went out quite a bit, ate out a lot, but still managed to keep on top of our weekly household errands and relax. That’s a weekend well spent I think.

How was all of your weekends?


Weekend Snapshots (Sep 8-9)

Hello! I feel like returning to my roots a little with some posts, and sharing more about my everyday life. I have lots of fun with my other posts talking about food, DIY, makeup or what have you, but I feel like I’m running out of creative juice for those kind of posts. So, let’s talk about what happened over the weekend! After all, this blog is about my life.

Before I keep going, thank you so much for all the well wishes from my last post! We’re so excited about this pregnancy, and we love being able to go on this journey. I can’t even imagine what life will be like in a year, or even 6 months from now!

On to the post.



I had last Friday off because we had our 12 week ultrasound. I love being able to see baby during these! When the technician first took a look, we saw our little baby doing a headstand. They were literally upside down just hanging out. As the appointment went on though, they flipped around and started laying down instead. We even saw their little legs and arms! It was very exciting. Afterwards, I shared the photo all over my social media. Now that I’m 12 weeks along, we’re happy to let everyone know that we’re expecting.

New Cookbooks

recipe books

I’d been eyeing up these cool cookbooks from Kmart for a while. They’re each only $5 and each come packed with so many recipes! We grabbed 5 of them since they were cheap, and have already tried a few of them. They’re really good! We tried Pumpkin Soup with Lentils, Rice Pudding, Burrito Bowl, and we’re eyeing up more  to do.

Walking Around

Rory’s sisters were down in town for the day on Saturday, so we had lunch together. Afterwards, we were walking around town for a while checking out shops. I normally am fine with walking around for a few hours, I’ll get a bit tired but nothing too major. Except, I haven’t done this much walking since being pregnant. I got wiped out pretty early. Once we got back home, I crashed and had a two hour nap. #pregnantlife

Spiderman Game

So this last bit is random, but I have been having so much fun with this game! I was a big fan of the Spiderman 2 game on PS2 cause it was so silly and fun. This new Spiderman game reminds me so much of it and I’ve already spent way too many hours on it. It’s all I want to do.

That’s it for my weekend! I wanted to do some house cleaning, but I ended up playing games for hours instead. What did you guys do?


Birthday Weekend Recap!

Since it was my birthday I have a different weekend post this time! So let’s get into what I got up to this past weekend!

But before that, I want to quickly show you guys the huge bag of goodies I got from our family Christmas party at the centre I work at. Each year I’ve worked there, our lovely manager has given each staff member a huge bag of snacks as thanks. It takes Rory and I about a month to get through it all. We do give some to family, but most we keep for ourselves 😛

snacks galore

Anyway, Saturday was B-Day! I woke up and had pancakes for breakfast made by my wonderful husband. Then I spent the morning playing with makeup. I bought some new Tarte products, and I was loving playing with them!

angela 26

We headed out for a special High Tea at Alfred Coles just after lunchtime. This is the same place that we got married at! They remembered us and everything, it was really sweet. Rory had called and booked it. They do a high tea once a month, normally on the first Saturday, but he asked if it could be moved to the second Saturday on my birthday. They said yes! It was so cute, the food was amazing, and it was nice to hang out with my family! I took a lot of photos.

After high tea, we headed back to our place for presents and cake. Mum baked me a delicious lemon cake. I got lots of lovely presents from everyone! We were too full to eat the cake after all the treats though.

In the evening, we decided to go for a walk.

evening walk

Sunday was a bit of a shopping day, as we realized we had a few last minute gifts to get. I also just bought more things for my self, cause at this time of year, I just love to shop.


We didn’t really do too much that day. Mostly just lazing around the house, watching TV, playing games, and making our way through the mountain of snacks that keeps accumulating. Something we did watch is Real or Magic. A Netflix documentary/show with David Blaine. I’m fascinated with that stuff.

We did go for another walk in the evening.

evening walk 2

That brings us to Monday. Rory and I took both took an extra day off. We decided to head out again since Sunday was spent mostly relaxing. I’d seen a friend recently gone to Kaitoke Regional Park, which is where they filmed the scenes for Rivendell (the elf place from Lord of the Rings). It was only a 30 minute drive from us, so we headed out in the morning.

rivendell sign

They had lots of signs along the way, talking about the filming. Most of the props were since gone, but the big arch where they all said goodbye in the end was still there. There was also a fun sign where you could measure yourself against the characters’ heights. It’s there I learnt that I’m not much taller than a dwarf.

Also in the regional park there were lots of tracks to walk too. We spotted a swing bridge and immediately made a beeline for it. I enjoyed going across it, as it did swing and bounce a bit. That was helped along by Rory running along it!


The last thing we did there was climb this massive rock. I asked Rory to snap a picture of me on top of it. It was kind of awkward to climb up it, and even more awkward to get down. But the photo op was worth it!

on the rock

It was such a fun morning! Afterwards, we headed out for lunch. We wandered what to do next, and landed on seeing the latest Thor: Ragnarok in the movies. I really enjoyed it! It’s so funny, the music, aesthetic and action sequences were so good. It also felt quite ‘kiwi’, but that may be because the lovely Taika Waititi being the director. If you guys haven’t seen it yet, you really should!

After the movie, we headed back home. We made a quick pit stop by my favourite thrift store. I found another dress, and also a denim jacket which fits me nicely! I’ve been keeping an eye out for one so I’m really happy!

We ended the night by watching The Hunger Games on Netflix. All in all, I had a lovely birthday weekend spent with family and my amazing husband. I still have one more day off on Tuesday, where I will be getting my floral tattoo finally! Keep an eye out for that!

How was your weekend?


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Weekend Review #28


Driving around this morning, I noticed lots of Christmas decorations around town. Isn’t it cute? 🙂

christmas banner

We got to return to Comes & Goes in Petone today! I haven’t been there since May, but this is a very popular restaurant that serves amazing food! The presentation is always too good to eat, but we do eat it anyways. This time I had the coconut chia pudding. It looked so beautiful as always!

coconut chia pudding

Afterwards, I wanted to get lots of Christmas things to get into the mood. We went by quite a few stores and I collected lots of christmas decorations! I also found this cute little gingerbread house kit which I’ve always wanted to do! I got two as Rory was keen to join.

christmas decor

Literally the whole afternoon was lost to decorating the tree and living room. It took waay longer than I thought it would but I was having so much fun!

christmas tree

In the evening, I wrote a few blog posts for the coming week, as I do. I ended the day on more reading, and watching a few shoes.


A bit of a late start to the day. We didn’t have much planned other than grabbing some groceries. I always get the Nescafe instant coffees and saw they had a new edition out! Toffee Nut! I’m so excited to try it!

toffee nut coffee

In the afternoon though, we decided to try out the gingerbread house kits. I even filmed it, so hopefully I can do a little Christmas themed video soon! Here’s a peek at my finished house! It’s a bit wonky, but as am I! I’ll show both of ours in a later post, but we had so much fun making them! It literally took over 2 hours, and we didn’t realize till after 😀

angela's gingerbread house

The rest of the afternoon was lost to watching more shows. I ended my weekend on yet another bath bomb! I went to Lush earlier in the week and bought two new ones. Today, I tried the Sunnyside Bubble Bar!

The water was so glittery and smelt citrusy again which is one of my favourite smells. On top of that though, was so much bubbles!

I had so much fun, and it was once again the perfect way to end the weekend!

To-Do List

  • Buy christmas decorations and gingerbread house kit
  • Regular weekend errands
  • Send off Christmas Cards
  • Fill in journals
  • Have another bath night, and try a new bath bomb!
  • Clean house

How was your weekend?


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Weekend Review #27


Before I get into this weekend, I wanted to share my gifts I got from our Secret Santa at work. My lovely co-worker got me some cute mugs and this pretty stone platter. They were all also piled with chocolates which me and Rory ate already!

secret santa

So onto the day. Starting it off with breakfast, coffee, and getting ready for the day!

We then headed off for errands for the day. Groceries and such. I wanted to go to the mall to get the last of presents, but the mall carpark was closed cause it was that full. Yikes.

Back home, we decided to make some milkshakes, topped with whipped cream! We threw in strawberries, bananas, blueberries, honey and yogurt!!


Afterwards, I wanted to go to Rebound. It’s a local thrift store and I haven’t gone in ages so I wanted to see what I could find. I found three pretty things. These yellow sandals, a black and white singlet, and this singlet dress thing. All perfect for summer!

For the rest of the afternoon I started writing out my Christmas cards! I had so much fun and even started doodling on them.

christmas cards

After dinner we had some hot chocolate, and just relaxed till bedtime.

hot chocolate


I was in the mood for muffins for breakfast. Specifically, the Apple Cinnamon Muffins I made a month back. They’re just as delicious as I remember!


I paired it with coffee again from my new giant mug.

I decided to wear my new top as we went out to the mall again. This time, we got a park and managed to finish our shopping. I also got a new concealer, as my current one is running low. I got the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. Another thing I bought was a new water bottle. It’s one of those neat ones that keep cool drinks cool and hot ones hot for up to 24 hours!

Back home, I did some blogging things then tidied up a little as a friend was coming over to hang out. We played a few new board games which made for a very relaxing afternoon.

As always, I ended my weekend on a little pamper session. I used the last of my bubble bath bars from the Body Shop. This one was Pink Grapefruit. I also tried the last mud mask from Blue Lagoon.

bath time

To-Do List

  • Do some cleaning
  • Household errands – groceries and laundry
  • Finish Christmas shopping
  • Write Christmas cards
  • Check out Rebound
  • Start decorating for Christmas – maybe next week

That’s all for our weekend! How was yours?


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Weekend Review #26


Today was a pretty full-on day. After a short breakfast, we headed off for an hour and a half drive out of town to catch up with lots of Rory’s family. Once a year, most of the family meet up to have a big get-together which is always nice. The drive up was fairly cloudy, but it got more sunny as we got further up.



We spent quite a bit of time in the nearby park with the niece and nephew. They were also flower girl and ring bearer respectively in our wedding.

We also caught up with all the adult members of the family too. Of course, we had a big barbecue and lots of delicious food. The whole day was lovely and we arrive back home at 6pm completely exhausted. We had a light dinner, and just watched some tv for the rest of the night.


Both of us were feeling a little under the weather today. Rory more than me. Since we  had a full on day yesterday, we didn’t do much today. I did do some Christmas shopping though as I had a good idea what to get for most of my family.

After lunch, it was getting sunny again, so I lay down outside for a while. Then I just did blog things, a little reading, watched some videos and relaxed for most of the afternoon.

I now like to end my weekends on a bath and a face mask. It’s a really nice way to prepare myself for the coming week! Today’s mask was from Blue Lagoon again. I tried the Lava Scrub. It definitely exfoliated my skin. I really am impressed with their masks. The bath bomb was another new one from The Body Shop. It was a mango one and I was a little underwhelmed. Altogether though, I like ending my weekend with my little pampering tradition of a mask and a bath.

To-Do List

I didn’t actually make one this weekend. I could have done one now, but there wouldn’t actually be anything on it. Ah well.

How was your weekend? Are any of you guys getting sick of November? I want December already!! For both birthday and holiday reasons 😀


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Weekend Review #25


It was just me for most of today as Rory got called into work. So I spent the morning doing blog things and getting the laundry done. Afterwards, I wanted to do a little bit of shopping, so I headed off to the mall.

I had a few things in mind I wanted, one being a Christmas shirt. To you guys, it’s normally a Christmas sweater, but with it being summer down here when we celebrate, a shirt is better. I found a cute Pusheen one in JayJays! While there, I also managed to finally find a pair of short overalls.

I then had a look around the department store at makeup, because it’s fun. I tracked down the Wet’n’Wild MegaGlo highlighter in Precious Petals. I’d been looking for it for a few weeks, but the other stores were always sold out. It’s so pretty, and good quality for such a low price!

I stopped by at a cafe for lunch and settled on fries and a lemon pie. Both were amazing.

For the rest of the afternoon, my brother came over and we played a bunch of games together. I was getting bored on my own and I felt like company. Plus my brother and I are always happy to play games together. We got really into Risk for whatever reason, but we played for hours. Literally. I stopped for a second to admire the sunset though.

For dinner we had pizza and a salad from a favourite restaurant of mine, Mediterranean Food Warehouse. By this point, Rory was back and he went and got the food while Andrew and I kept playing our game. Eventually it was 9, and we took him home. We called it a night soon after.


Today was a late start. We both did our own thing and lazed around, watching TV. Eventually we headed out.

We stopped by the mall again. First stop was The Body Shop. I wanted to grab a little gift set for a Secret Santa thing we’re doing at my work. I also noticed some bath bombs and bath bars that had just come out, and I got a few to try out.

Second, we looked around at Whitcoulls which is a stationary store, just for fun. I grabbed some summer themed Christmas cards to send to blogging friends! A lot of you guys have a  winter Christmas, so I thought this would be cute! If you’re interested in one, let me know!

Finally, we went and got our groceries.

Back home, I made a blueberry milkshake cause I wanted a milkshake.

After more blogging activities, I decided I wanted to play more Risk, so I went to my parents place and played some more with Andrew. That game is oddly addictive.

In the evening, I decided to end the weekend on a bath and a mask. I used the Coconut Bubble Bath I bought and just had a nice cosy night in to get ready for another week.

To-Do List

  • Regular errands – grocery and laundry
  • Find Christmas shirt
  • Get Secret Santa gift
  • Fill in journals
  • Finish reading a book – Nope
  • Practise a little bit of piano – Nope
  • Plan more for Japan – Nope

How was your weekend?


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Weekend Review #24


We literally have no plans for this weekend. I was hoping for some sunny weather again, but the weather predicted lots of clouds and wind. Anyway, we lazed around and eventually got up to make breakfast.

eggs on toast

I spent longer than usual getting ready. Messing around with makeup, hair, clothes and all that.


Eventually we did our errands for the day.


Surprise donuts!


Then we came back home and had lunch while watching Netflix.

sausage rolls

The rest of the day was lost to doing our own thing and general relaxing. We watched The Girl Who Played with Fire to end the day.


Another windy but still warm day. Also, another relaxed day.

I did more baking, because I’m unable to stop.

Then the rest of the day was lost to just doing nothing again. We ended up going for a walk near the end of the day.

Finally, we watched The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest to round off the weekend.

To-Do List

  • General Errands
  • Write posts for the week
  • Take pictures for blog posts
  • Bake something
  • Cleaning

How did your weekend go?


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Weekend Review #23


We’ve been having such a good run of sunny weather! Spring is officially here, I’m calling it. I no longer need to pile on layers, and I’m so happy! Anyway, the morning was spent doing errands as per usual.

For lunch, we watched a few episodes of the second season of Stranger Things.

I was hit with the urge to have something sweet. Specifically a lolly cake slice, which I was surprised to learn is a kiwi snack. I thought it was everywhere. It’s easy to make though, so I made some, and will share the recipe in a later post!

We didn’t have plans to go out really this weekend, we just wanted to relax. I went outside and just lay in the backyard for a while. It was really warm, and I got sleepy. I managed to finish reading my book before having a quick snooze. I also took a lot of selfies.

During (and after dinner), we watched more of Stranger Things. While we were watching I tried the Borghese Eye Masks. They felt sooo nice on my eyes, and didn’t feel  sticky at all when I removed them after 10 minutes. I would totally use them again if I had more.



We went for a early Sunday morning drive today. I didn’t snag any photos since I was the one driving for a change. It was nice to drive again, as I don’t do it so often anymore. We did stop by Kmart though as our laundry basket broke.

Afterwards, we came back home and finished watching Stranger Things. Then the rest of the afternoon was lost to some good old spring cleaning. We cleaned our whole little house, and threw out a lot of random papers and things we didn’t need. It felt good. For the rest of the evening, I doodled, and Rory did his own thing.

It was nice to wind down in preparation for another week.

To-Do List

  • Chores (Cleaning, Grocery, Laundry)
  • Take rest of photos for photo challenge
  • Bake something
  • Watch Stranger Things
  • Finish reading current book
  • Work on journals and planners
  • Practise music (piano and ukulele) – totally didn’t
  • Try more of subscription box goodness
  • Go mini-golfing – hopefully next week


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