A Week in Outfits

Meg recently did a post sharing all the outfits she’d worn that week. I thought it sounded like fun, so here I am!! Thanks for the idea Meg!


Overall Selfie2


Good old moving day. I literally also wore this outfit on Friday, but I couldn’t be bothered wearing anything special for moving day. I wanted to wear something I didn’t mind getting a little dirty and was super comfortable for moving things around. I wore my grey jumper, black overalls and little ankle boots.



The day after moving, we still had heaps to unpack and spent most of the day in and out. Doing errands like laundry, groceries, and going to buy supplies like mops and shower curtains. So I opted for comfiness. My new pink off the shoulder sweater (which conveniently shows off my mandala tattoo), my light blue jeans and comfy shoes.



We still had the day off, but I felt a little dressier than jeans. So I threw on my favourite grey jumper, blue mini and tights, cause it’s still cold. I also wore my brown boots, but they’re not pictured. Another comfy outfit as this time we had errands to do in town. So I wanted to be comfy, but not a total slob you know?


We had more of a relaxing day planned, filled with just hanging out at cafes and chilling at home, so I had fun dressing up. I got my new Mirrou top and paired it with my blue summer skirt from the July thrift list. I did wear the skirt for a little, but it’s not that warm yet, so I had to change to jeans. But I did really like wearing the skirt till my legs started getting cold.



Our first day back to work. Lucky it’s a short week! I wore a typical work outfit which is a jumper, jeans and sneakers. All things loose and comfy so I can spend all day looking after babies and toddlers. Which I did. I always forget how exhausting my job actually is until I’ve had a few days off. Takes a while to get back into maintaining that level of energy all day.


Another work day. Today I chose my big comfy black cardigan, on top of my Mirrou short and another hidden light cardigan. Of course I wore jeans, and my boots. My work outfits are often dark coloured, for good reason. Things get on them.



The end of another work week. As you guys have probably identified, I like to wear jeans, boots, and a comfy top. Today I went with my zip-up hoodie. I have many go-to outfits for work, and these are a few of them. I never dress up for work, I feel like I would if I worked in an office, but whatever comes to work, I have to be prepared that something will get on it.

So that’s a typical week’s worth of outfits for me. Like I said, it’s nothing too fancy. I focus on comfort and what I can move easily in. If I’m not heading into work, I like to dress up a little more, unless I just feel like staying home all day.

What do you guys wear on a typical day?




The theme of this week’s Photo Challenge is Delta. Another theme I was unsure of how to interpret. In the original post, they suggest sharing a photo “that symbolizes transitions, change, and the passing of time”.

For me, I immediately thought of clouds.


Clouds are our first reminder of the seasons.


We often look up to determine what the weather will be.


Lately, the clouds in our sky have been full and dark.

Excuse how dark this one is, I was focusing on the sky

They look impressive, and hold a sinister promise of rain.

But soon, they will pass. Bringing back blue skies, fluffy clouds, and giving the sun another chance to shine.




Clouds are a reminder of the changing times. They’re always moving, never keeping still, changing throughout the season and even throughout the day. They are a friendly reminder that we’re all just hanging out on a spinning ball in space 🙂


Dense (WPC)

Dense (WPC)

This week, I looked back through my photos and thought of how to interpret Dense. I landed on a few photos. They’re all nature related. I’ll show each one and explain how I think it fits the theme.

Dec.21.2013 Looking up a tree

This first one is of a tree. I think it was in Pollard Park again. I don’t know what kind of tree it is, if someone knows, then let me know 🙂

All I know is that I was very impressed by the magnitude and density of this tree. It was huge, and incredibly thick.


This one was from Tongariro Crossing. We did this last month in February, and it was incredible. The beginning part surrounded you with wetlands, filled with dense grass and rocks. The whole walk itself is definitely a must do in New Zealand. It takes you through an amazing range of terrain.


Another nature one! This time from my time doing the Salkantay Trek. The last part of the second day took us through an amazing forest. In fact, it was the top part of the Amazon Rainforest, which I have also been lucky enough to visit.  You can also see how dense the fog is at the top of the picture.

So there you go, that’s my multiple entries into the weekly photo challenge. Normally, I try to narrow it down to one. But the topic is so interpretive, that I wanted to show all my ideas! I hope you had fun looking at the photos, I’m going to go have a look at what others have done too!