Another week, another post talking about the highlights.

Paddling Pool Fun

Got Naomi another new toy, which will hopefully be in use for years. This inflatable paddling pool/ball pit. Naomi likes to chill in their and bring in all her friends. This includes stuffed toys and her baby.


We also put in water the other day and let her have a splash around in the warm sunroom.



I followed this recipe as well as I could. I’ve never worked with yeast before so I was worried it wouldn’t rise well,Β  but it did! The end result was delicious and quite filling. I might make miniΒ  versions next time. I’ll probably make this a full post to share later in the week cause I’m really proud with how they came out!



Still love to get out when we can and get that fresh air. This morning I took photos in was a little chilly as we had just had a cold snap that past day.


One of Naomi’s favourite things to play with is the selfie mode on my phone. I like to hit record and see what she does. I’m always adding these on Instagram. Also, it’s just fun to stop and take a selfie.

Keeping Busy

Again, still playing lots of animal crossing. I’ve given in and decided to also get a switch cause the new horizons game is just calling me. This lockdown has caused me to spend more money than is probably wise, but I’m thinking of it as an investment.

Also been squeezing in daily yoga still and occasionally cross stitching.

Feels like all my spare time has been taken up lately. But I’ve still been able to do lots of fun stuff so I’m happy.

What have you guys been up to this past week?



8 thoughts on “Weekly Wonders #7

  1. LOVE that you got a pool! It s still to cold here to put ours up, but it keeps the kiddos entertained for hours. They have actually been asking about it. Lol. That Ensaymada looks SO yummy! And I love that you are doing yoga! I hope you have an amazing week! ❀

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  2. haha we had a pool we filled with lots of balls as well but that ended up being a pain because my on liked to throw them out all over the place xD
    so nice you guys are getting to go out on walks, it’s been raining so much here it’s hard to go out, i cannot wait for nicer weather πŸ™‚
    hope you have a great weekend xx


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