Have You Met Laura?

Haaaaaaaaave you met Laura?

Laura blogs over at Lauzie’s Lifestyle. She’s 25 and based in the UK. She wears many hats in that she’s a published writer, a model, makeup artist, on top of running her amazing blog. She started her blog in January 2017 (that’s as far back as the archives go anyway). She blogs a mixture about beauty, healthy, life and her thoughts.

Here’s a quick snippet from her About page:

Beauty, fashion, health & well-being, poetry, mental health and general living. I hope to inspire like-minded individuals and create a space for them to think, relate and share

I’ve been following Laura for a while and I’m always impressed with what she writes. Whether it’s make up tips, health or fitness advice, personal stories or accounts, you know that she is writing from the heart. Her blog is definitely a space to think, inspire, encourage and enjoy.

Here are some of my favourite posts of hers:


Laura shares some advice about how to deal with those feelings of jealousy and competitiveness that rear their ugly head on occasion.


As those of us in the blogging world have found out, it teaches us a lot of new skills. Laura shares some of the ones she’s learnt.


Laura has been on a fitness and healthy journey for over a year now.  She shares with us her ups and downs of her time over the year.


As someone who still doesn’t quite get how to do make up or beauty things, I love when those who do share tips! This is also related to summer, which isn’t too far for me now! (Although it’s almost done for you all on the other side of the world)


Laura shares 25 life lessons with us in celebration of her birthday. Or as she puts it “Wisdom I Want to Remember”.


We all have those excuses. Even if we have that desire to get fit and healthy, at the same time our mind comes up with many reasons why we should just sit back down. Laura shares with us how she tackled her excuses.


Laura shares thoughts about how a photo nowadays seem to have lost value. We’re talking about all the editing and filters that goes into a photo before it’s uploaded or posted. There’s a pressure for perfection in photos now. Something that wasn’t done in the days of previous generations. Food for thought, and also one of my favourite posts from Lauzie 🙂

Fitness girl by river.

A recent post all about those weird lists that talk about everything you have to do in your 20’s. Laura reminds us that we’re all on our own journey, don’t compare yourself to these lists that often have conflicting things talking about travelling the world, living abroad, having parties, while at the same time getting a stable career, settling down and getting married. You don’t have to have things completely figured out by 30.

Also, check out Laura on Instagram too!


Laura, I love your blog and the thoughts you share with us all! You are such a talented writer, and I think you can rest assured that you’ve created an incredible space on the internet that leaves someone feeling inspired. I can’t wait to see what you share next 🙂

So, have you guys checked out Laura yet??


Have You Met Emma?

Welcome back to the Have You Met series!

Haaaaaaaaave you met Emma?

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Emma blogs over at The Emma Edit (previously EmZeeBee). She lives in Norfolk, in the UK. She’s in her mid 20s, she works as a chef (she has always worked in the hospitality industry I believe). She started her blog in January. She blogs about her interests which go from beauty, fashion, food to snippets about her life!


I’ve been following Em for a while now, to the point where I can’t remember who followed who. All I know is that we’ve been mutually supportive of each other, and her blog is both professional and fun to read!

Here’s a little snippet from her Facebook page about her blog:

I didn’t plan to start a blog, it just kinda happened. I was feeling uninspired one day and needed something to get me motivated again. I guess you could say I had a ‘light bulb’ moment and decided to start a blog.

When you start a blog you are recommended to pick a niche and only blog about that. But, I ignored that: I like to blog about beauty, fashion, recipes, lifestyle, and whatever else takes my fancy. 

Here are some of my favourite posts of hers!


This was one of the first posts I ever saw of Emma! I love her vanity table and the whole set up!


I didn’t know this was a trend until I saw people mentioning it, most notably Em! But I’m all for it. It looks really nice and works well on light walls.

BeFunky Collage2.jpg

Em recently went on a trip to Ibiza and she shares snippets of her travels with us! Be prepared for lots of gorgeous pictures 😀


Em has been a proud home owner for a year! In this post she reflects on how she was able to do this, and what her home is like now. Basically, she’s living the dream 😀


Em shares a lot of recipes with us all, but my favourite has to be this smoothie! Breakfast smoothies are always amazing. They’re fruity, delicious and the best way to start the day!


A recent post from Em has her sharing her first OOTD post! In this she shows different ways to style her denim overalls!

Don’t forget to check out her Instagram as well!


Em, I love your blog! It’s clear you love writing and sharing your passions and many interests with us! I can’t wait to see what you get up to next 🙂

So, have you guys checked out Emma yet??


Have You Met Natalie Vinh?

Let’s get into another introduction!

Haaaaaaaaave you met Natalie?

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Natalie blogs over at Natalie Vinh (her full name). She is based in Northern California over in the US, is 16 years old and is studying independently. She blogs about beauty, food, travel, food, fashion, and life in general.

Here’s her words (from her About page) about her blog:

I started this blog in February of 2017 after I started studying independently and wanted something to fill my extra time. I’ve been writing posts on fashion, food, beauty and travel ever since, all of which have been met with the utmost kindness and unbelievable support of my readers. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this little website, and I am thankful for those who give me the encouragement and support to do so.

I love that last statement she makes. We do put a lot of ourselves into our blog, and it’s really amazing how encouraging and supportive this community is!

Natalie is another blogger who I’ve known for a while (back since March!!). I didn’t actually know her age for a few months (a personal choice of hers, she didn’t share it till she went self hosted 🙂 ), and thought she was around my age! I always enjoyed talking to her, and seeing what blogs she posted!

Speaking of, here are a few of my favourite posts of hers:

An oldie, but a goodie. Natalie talks of how she compares herself to others and how difficult it can be. We all do it, and we all try to be better. It’s a trap that we fall in, but every now and then it’s good to remind ourselves to be proud of what we’ve accomplished. Be confident in yourself, practice self love and appreciation. It’s hard, and it’s trying, but it’s worth it!


Another classic! This was one of the first baking posts I came across in my early blogging days, and made me think, I could do this too! I have since done many more baking posts and found many more blogs that are inspiring in this domain! But I hold a special place in my heart for Natalie’s post about this classic cookie 😀

This post has been around a few times, but I love the set up of it. It’s a great way to see what is on someone’s mind. I look forward to reading these kinds of posts from Natalie, as it’s like having a conversation, or a coffee catch up! Plus Natalie normally always grabs an iced coffee, which is also my go-to choice.


I absolutely love travel posts of any kind! It gives me a chance to see another part of the world through another pair of eyes which is always so much fun! Natalie recently visited San Francisco, she originally wasn’t going to do a post about it, but decided in the end she wanted to share her trip with us! She was also lucky enough to see Hamilton (which I will forever be jealous of!), as well as walking around town, and seeing Pier 39!


First of all, isn’t that the best title?? Natalie shares in this post, her go-to summer dress, alongside gorgeous photos of the best wall ever.

Natalie recently went on a trip to Dillon Beach with some family and friends and daily posted while she was there! I’m super proud of Natalie for daily blogging while on holiday, cause us those of us who daily blog know, it ain’t easy! My favourites of these were Day 3, where she and Bryan got some amazing shots of the sunset! Her little cousin has a gift with photography!

Before we wrap up, be sure to say hi to Natalie on Instagram as well!

So, Natalie, first off, thanks for being such an amazing blogging friend! You’re always so friendly and sweet, I’m always curious to see what you’ll share with us next! You write really well, and you have a knack for coming up with some awesome titles 😀

So, have you guys checked out Natalie yet??


Have You Met Azra?

Welcome back to another weekend of Have You Met goodness! I originally wanted to do them last week, but what with self hosting and all, I couldn’t do them in time. So, let’s get back into these. Would you believe I still have bloggers I want to talk about till October at this point? 😀


Haaaaaaaaave you met Azra?


Azra blogs over at Simple Serenity. She is based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is 23 years old and is currently at university, studying chemical engineering, as well as working. She blogs about primarily beauty, but also fashion and lifestyle.


Azra started her blog last year in 2016, but started posting more frequently this year. She often does reviews and impressions on makeup and beauty products. She also shares tips and tricks on beauty and makeup, as well as on blogging itself. Her tagline on her blog is “There’s beauty in simplicity”.

She explains why she started her blog in a Q’n’A post back in April.

This is going to be super long answer. I always wanted to have my own blog, I though that’s really cool. But to be honest I was scared to start it, because people can be really judgy. Thankfully I started this blog last year and I’m loving it so much. I wasn’t really posting a lot last year, which is such a shame. I don’t know why but I just wasn’t that much into it. But now I’m on track with keeping enough of new content, hopefully it’s interesting and helpful. Why I started blogging? Usually girls would ask me which products I use and which products I recommend so that’s how it started. Also I started to be really good at makeup, so I would usually do makeup on my friends, it was something I really enjoyed so I started blog so I can share my passion with people who feel the same way.

Isn’t that wonderful? 🙂

Azra is another of the bloggers who I found very early on. I found her through another blog, and even though I wasn’t very interested (at the time) in beauty bloggers or makeup posts, I was taken in by hers. Her photos are stunning, and the way she talks about the products and routines grabbed me. Now, I follow a whole bunch of beauty bloggers, I love them all to bits and will sometimes try out the tips you all share. So I have a soft spot for Azra, who opened up the floodgate of beauty blogging for me 😀

Also, she’s just the sweetest!

Here are a few of my favourite posts of hers:


I think I’ve said this a lot, but I love Day in the Life posts! It fascinates me to see what people get up to on a regular day. Azra shares with us a typical Saturday, which consists of spending time with friends and family, doing some work for her blog/uni/job, and on occasion, ending the day with going out or clubbing. It was really cool to get a glimpse into Azra’s daily life 😀


Azra currently has a series about blogging tips and tricks. She’s an amazing beauty blogger (one of the best!), and has over 1000 followers, so it’s great that she shares tips and tricks with us all! One of the highlights of Azra’s blog are her photos. They are always professional and stunning, and also take a lot of work. I think we can all agree that the end result is nothing less than perfect! ❤ Definitely check out this post!


The title explains it all really. Azra shares tried and tested beauty hacks with us all. As someone who still has no clue about most beauty things (and is too lazy to find out more on her own), these kinds of posts are fascinating and so very helpful.


As well as reviews of beauty products, tips and tricks, Azra frequently shows make up looks. She has done quite a few, but as a fan of more neutral colours and lots of eye detail, this one is one of my top favourites! She looks super dramatic, and the kind of girl that I would try to subtly stare at (in awe) if I saw her around.


Azra shares with us what’s in her makeup bag currently. She’s done a review on a fair few of them. I love seeing what products she uses, as I trust her judgement that these would be good products. Also, we both use Garnier BB cream foundation which cheers me up, as I feel like it’s validation that I’m using a good BB cream ?


In this post, Azra shares her picks on what everyone should have in their makeup collection. For each item, she mentions whether it’s just personal preference, something that is important and a must, or would just be fun to have.

Make sure to check out Azra on Instagram as well!

Azra Instagram

Azra, you are amazing at what you do! Your posts are always so well written and presented, and I love seeing what you’ll write about next. You’re such a supportive and lovely person, and I’m so happy to have met you online!

So, have you guys checked out Azra yet??




This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge theme is about a Friend.

“The language of friendship is not words but meanings.” — Henry David Thoreau

I have a few very close friends, these are friends who I can go weeks without  talking to (because we often get busy in our daily lives), but when we catch up to chat, it’s like nothing changed. These close friends I have known since high school. They’re amazing people and they inspire me for different reasons.

Kruti is one of my closest friends. We’ve known each other since the beginning of high school. We both can’t remember who friended who first. Just that, we bonded and never left each other’s sides. We were very touchy-feely friends which I normally wasn’t before. We hugged constantly, and sometimes would randomly hold each other’s hands. We talked for aaaaaaaaaages about Harry Potter, as well as completely random subjects.  She also shares my love of taking photos of things, and we constantly take selfies now when we’re together XD This carried through till uni, and then when she moved to Australia. We love when we’re able to catch up, and this was most recently done at the wedding!


Cape Preparing 2



Sarah is one of my closest friends. She shares my love of sci-fi and fantasy shows (she knows more than me actually), movies and games. Growing up, I was at her place often as we attempted to pull many all nighters with movie marathons (I almost always fall asleep eventually). She is currently living in China teaching English (Hi Sarah), so I haven’t seen her in person much lately either, but we Skype and message each other consistently. She is also the reason behind my Peru trip, that  trip brought us even closer together. We had an amazing time, we did also bicker a teensy bit, but hey if you go on a one month long backpacking trip with your close friend and live in close quarters for all that time, you’re gonna bicker a little XD Our friendship stuck it through though!


hill 005.jpg



I’m proud to have these ladies as my two closest friends. They’re both smart, gorgeous, talented ladies who, by association, make me that too XD

Thanks for reading!