DIY Collection

A few days ago, I shared all the links for the baking recipes on this blog. I thought it would be fun to see all the DIY I’ve done so far as well. This was also something I wanted to do more of this year, so it will be nice to see all the things I’ve made in one post.

Travel Wall

travel wall update 01

I recently did an update on how my travel wall is going. I have so much I want to add to it still. In general, I have lots of home decor idea, but I don’t want to run out of wall space haha! Looking at my travel wall definitely helps to inspire my wanderlust.

Travel Scrapbook

scrapbook cover

If you don’t know, I went to Peru a few years back. It was an amazing trip and I made a scrapbook detailing where we went and what we did. I love looking back at this scrapbook, and I’ve been thinking about making one for our recent Japan trip.

Element Jars

element jars 03

My first Pinterest inspired craft, and it came out really well! I only needed a few items to make these element inspired jars. They still sit on our windowsill today and look exactly the same as they did 6 months ago.

Rustic Wall Hanging Sconce

flowers 2

This is the DIY project I’m most proud of! I did this as a collab with Sarah over at Vintage Tea Rose. As inspiration, we looked at lots of Pinterest ‘Mason Jar Hangings’, then did our own spin on it. I had so much fun putting this together, staining the wood, attaching the clamps and jars, even buying the flowers!

Marbled Jars

diy jars 05

This little project is easy in theory but tricky in execution. Sometimes you wind up with something incredibly beautiful, while sometimes I end up underwhelmed with the pattern. Either way, it is something I want to try again.

Crayon Art

crayon thumbnail

This is still by far one of the most fun projects I’ve ever done. Melting crayons with a hairdryer on a canvas. I really recommend it, but make sure you protect whatever surface you’re working on.

My “Blue” Zine


Making this little zine made me so happy. I’ve since made another one for my dad’s birthday, filled with pictures of all of us growing up. There’s an endless list of things to make a zine about!

I have future DIY plans that I’m excited to try. Pinterest has so much creativity and inspiration that I always add more to my boards.

What DIY project have you been working on?