November Favourites

Another month down, bring on December! But first, here’s what I’ve been enjoying during November.

Sarah Andersen Books


I’ve been a fan of her comics since my Tumblr days, and was pleased to find that she’s released two books! I went to library and grabbed both. They’re so easy and fun to read, and of course, very relatable. I was laughing while reading through the books (many times), and I’m debating on buying them so I can flick through them whenever I want!

Pohutukawa Flowers

For us in New Zealand, you can’t have a summer Christmas without these flowers. They’re only native to our little country, and are so beautiful. The flowers are made up of lots of red soft needles. Needles is a weird way to describe it, as they’re ultra soft. They also come in different shapes. Some are circular, while others are more oblong. Either way, they’re literally everywhere, and it’s nice to see so much red and green everywhere. They’re a natural Christmas decoration!

Pamper Nights

I’m still making my way through all the goodies from my Night Time Cozy box. Because of how much goodies there are, I always have something to enjoy. I’ve gotten into the habit of ending the week with a bath and a mask. I’m really enjoying the Blue Lagoon masks at the moment.

Brave Soul Playsuit

My first order from ASOS is this adorable navy blue playsuit from Brave Soul. It’s got embroidered birds along the top half, is super light and perfect for summer! I’ve already managed to wear it a few times, and each time I’ve gotten a compliment on it. That’s obviously not the main reason of it, but I won’t lie, it does give me a little boost to my day 😀

Summer Overalls

Another item of clothing that I’ve loved this month is my new short black overalls! I’ve been keeping an eye out for blue ones, but these ones fell into my lap that I figured I’d get this black pair instead. Now I have a pair for the colder months, and the warmer months! It’s a similar design to my original black overalls, but obviously, it’s shorter. It’s very comfy again, which is very important if I’m going to be wearing them all day.

That’s what I’ve been loving this month! What has been some of your favourites during this month?


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