Weekend Review #25


It was just me for most of today as Rory got called into work. So I spent the morning doing blog things and getting the laundry done. Afterwards, I wanted to do a little bit of shopping, so I headed off to the mall.

I had a few things in mind I wanted, one being a Christmas shirt. To you guys, it’s normally a Christmas sweater, but with it being summer down here when we celebrate, a shirt is better. I found a cute Pusheen one in JayJays! While there, I also managed to finally find a pair of short overalls.

I then had a look around the department store at makeup, because it’s fun. I tracked down the Wet’n’Wild MegaGlo highlighter in Precious Petals. I’d been looking for it for a few weeks, but the other stores were always sold out. It’s so pretty, and good quality for such a low price!

I stopped by at a cafe for lunch and settled on fries and a lemon pie. Both were amazing.

For the rest of the afternoon, my brother came over and we played a bunch of games together. I was getting bored on my own and I felt like company. Plus my brother and I are always happy to play games together. We got really into Risk for whatever reason, but we played for hours. Literally. I stopped for a second to admire the sunset though.

For dinner we had pizza and a salad from a favourite restaurant of mine, Mediterranean Food Warehouse. By this point, Rory was back and he went and got the food while Andrew and I kept playing our game. Eventually it was 9, and we took him home. We called it a night soon after.


Today was a late start. We both did our own thing and lazed around, watching TV. Eventually we headed out.

We stopped by the mall again. First stop was The Body Shop. I wanted to grab a little gift set for a Secret Santa thing we’re doing at my work. I also noticed some bath bombs and bath bars that had just come out, and I got a few to try out.

Second, we looked around at Whitcoulls which is a stationary store, just for fun. I grabbed some summer themed Christmas cards to send to blogging friends! A lot of you guys have a  winter Christmas, so I thought this would be cute! If you’re interested in one, let me know!

Finally, we went and got our groceries.

Back home, I made a blueberry milkshake cause I wanted a milkshake.

After more blogging activities, I decided I wanted to play more Risk, so I went to my parents place and played some more with Andrew. That game is oddly addictive.

In the evening, I decided to end the weekend on a bath and a mask. I used the Coconut Bubble Bath I bought and just had a nice cosy night in to get ready for another week.

To-Do List

  • Regular errands – grocery and laundry
  • Find Christmas shirt
  • Get Secret Santa gift
  • Fill in journals
  • Finish reading a book – Nope
  • Practise a little bit of piano – Nope
  • Plan more for Japan – Nope

How was your weekend?


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