Weekend Review #16


Had porridge this morning. I realized I hadn’t had it in ages. Also, we had blueberries, cinnamon and maple syrup, so I just threw those all in too.


After breakfast, we did the the usual laundry. Alongside just sitting around and playing/watching our own thing, eventually we made out grocery list and headed out.

Grey old day
Weekly Shop

For lunch, I couldn’t decide, till Rory reminded me of a little German bakery I always went on and on about but hadn’t been to in a while. So I ran there after our groceries to grab some delicious food. I settled on a Chicken and Brie Panini, and a Berlina jam donut. Both so good.


Funny story, while in there, I bumped into an old friend who I haven’t seen in over 10 years. It was funny catching up, cause she is so different to how I remember her. In my head, she was permanently a 12 year old, and seeing her now as a grown adult threw me a little. I think I did to her too. We’re friends on Facebook but don’t really talk anymore. It was nice having a quick chat, but there was an air of awkwardness like we didn’t know what to say.

Back to business, the food was so gooood. After lunch, I wanted to do some decluttering. I went through our closet and lay everything out on the bed. I decided what I wanted to keep, and what to donate, and a small section to throw out. After ransacking the closet, I took on our shelves. We’re donating all our DVDs, cause we never watch DVDs, and a big collection of games which have always been there. We have quite a large donation pile now, which we plan to drop off at Sallies next weekend, since they’re closed on Sundays.

We also plan to finally start packing, and taking some stuff over to my parents house tomorrow. They’re close to our new place, and it means on the day, we have to bring over less stuff. Finally, we hung around till 5, when our flat was available for viewing. It’s such a pain keeping things tidy all the time, but it’s also surprisingly nice.

After that, we headed off to Five Boroughs to have dinner out with some friends. We tried another Wellington on a Plate burger. I got caught up talking and hanging out, so I didn’t take pictures. Also, the light wasn’t too good, so I didn’t want to spend ages trying to take a good picture! So here’s one from their official Instagram page:

flippin the bird burger

Flippin the Bird

After we got home, we just relaxed and watched some tv. I also finished reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I’ve picked The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to read next, since that has been no my TBR list forever.



Scrambled eggs for breakfast, since we actually have eggs after yesterday’s shop.


The morning was lost to watching HIMYM, before remembering we wanted to clear out some stuff early and move it to my parent’s place. So there’s less to move in two weeks. We got to work on that, and ended up with a small, and still decent pile.


After that, we had a quick lunch. I had crackers and cheese since I love that, and then some yogurt.

At around 1, we headed out with our little blue car packed with things. We hung out with my folks for a bit, then headed back to town.

Hello Sun
The only weekend selfie

After some blogging for a bit, I headed out to meet Sarah for another catch up. We met at the Library for some snacks and nibbles. We had fries with black truffle aioli, and sorbet. The sorbet was so interesting! It was lemon and sage, blueberry and lavender, and strawberry and champagne. I also had my watermelon cooler drink again. It was nice to catch up and talk. Not much had happened since last time we caught up, but it was nice to see her face to face and chat anyway.





Then I got home and Skyped for a bit with Kruti. Afterwards, we talked a bit about the Studio Ghibli celebration going on at the Embassy cinema at the moment. Rory and I quite like those movies, and we considered going to see them as we haven’t actually seen any on the big screen. In the end though, we decided we’d just watch them at home, what with moving and everything.

So we ended the night watching My Neighbour Totoro which I’ve been meaning to watch forever. I really liked it 😀

Image result for my neighbor totoro

To-Do List

  • Groceries
  • Laundry
  • Declutter – Throw Out, Donate, Start Moving
  • Sort out Insurance
  • Plan blog posts for upcoming week
  • Colouring
  • Reading – Finish Wizard of Oz
  • Skype with Kruti
  • Catch up with Sarah
  • Do some cleaning

That’s it for this weekend. The countdown is still going to moving day. Just get here already!!


30 thoughts on “Weekend Review #16

  1. Wow you pretty much had your to-do list all ticked off! I did decluttering as well this weekend and it feels amazing. I am slowly starting to want to be more minimal and I found that I was holding on to all sorts of rubbish. I also love your porridge – it looks delicious!


    1. Thanks Laura! When I get determined, I’m pretty good at getting lots of things done, it’s just getting to that stage that takes effort 😀
      Decluttering does feel good, I find lots of random things I held onto, and I’m not even sure why!


  2. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series is one of my all time favourites! If I where you Id get your hands on the next two as you’ll wanna dive right in to them straight away 🙂 Let me know how you find them!! The movies are cool to! Clearly books are better but if you wanna watch em after 🙂 xx


      1. Oh I’m so jealous!! I love tucking into to good series!!
        After finishing Game Of Thrones I’m now thinking of biting that bullet and getting stuck in!! Have you looked at them? xxx


      2. I have read them!! I really enjoyed the first three, the last two were okay, but not as good. They kind of dragged, at least to me. If you enjoy the series though, you’ll definitely get into the books 😀


      3. Oh thats so good to hear! Im scared they’ll be kinda heavy! Plus all the names being crazy I’m afraid ill get all mixed up! Ill let you know how i get on with em 🙂 I love a good book for my commute! xx


  3. I like that you’ve most of your to-do list ticked off! Also, I love The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Its my favorite series to date.


    1. Thank you! It’s always nice to see that i got a lot of what i wanted done ?
      I’m keen to start reading the books! I feel like i never have much time to read, but ive been wanting to read these for so long!


  4. Damn girl, you were busy!! I love doing a good cleanup and to get rid of old or unused stuff. Rui and I have moved twice and, each time, we start packing like 2 days before lol Luckily we always manage to get a good group of movers lol My stepdad has taken a day off for both our moves. Last time we had my parents, Rui’s brother, and two of our friends (a couple, he used to work with Rui). My sister was working, otherwise she would have been there too. It’s funny because that couple I just mentioned actually moved to our old apartment. When it was their turn we helped as well.


    1. Yep, and next week we hope to do a but more decluttering and moving some more things. We hope that come moving day we can do it all in one trip. We dont have too much stuff and we’ll be doing most of it on our own. We’re also hiring a moving truck for our bed and living chairs though. Normally our family is happy to help out but they’ve since downsized their car so it isn’t much how for moving now ?


      1. We also hired a moving truck. It’s actually a funny story, one of the moving guys was high as a kite! Really, it was funny. He kept asking to go to the bathroom and was practically useless. Then when we got to our new house he asked to use the bathroom again and peed all over our toilet sit and floor. Then he asked if he could take a lemon from the lemon tree and got a backpack and took about 20. My family and I just laughed so hard. You may not have much stuff now but you will. Each time you move, you have 3 times what you had when you first moved into the current place. We have been here 1 year and already have about twice what we had in our last apartment. Sorry for the long ass comment. ❤


      2. Haha, really?? I hope our guys will both be useful, but I guess you never know 😀 At least he was the funny kind of high. I have slowly noticed that in the year and a half we’ve been at our current place we have picked up quite a bit of stuff. When we moved into our first place, we had nothing pretty much. But the plan is to stay in this next place long term, so we shouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of moving for a while 😀
        P.S. Feel free to leave long ass comments anytime 🙂


      3. I was very lucky because when I moved in with Rui he had been living alone for a year so he had quite a few things. Obviously we have bought about 10 times that together. I hope we don’t have to move for a few years lol


  5. I got some of those Nescafe Cappucino sachets in the supermarket last week. I finished up a box of the Vanilla Latte ones which were delicious! I find the Cappucino too strong even with the chocolate topping and sugar in my coffee :/ Donating your DVDs is such a worthwhile cause and creates space. Your bakery lunch looks super tasty 🙂


    1. I love the Nescafe coffee sachets! I used to find the cappuccino ones too strong too, but I’ve been getting used to them lately. I still prefer the vanilla and caramel latte ones though! ?


    1. I do one every 6 months now it seems. I’ve been getting better at not buying as many unnecessary items though I think. But yeah its funny when you stop to look at your closet and think “I don’t wear a lot of these” ?


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