Knick Knack Collection

So in the course of our packing to move, it’s occured to me that Rory and I have quite a few knick knacks.

I have a fair few that I’ve accumulated over the years.


Also, over the years, Rory has ended up accumulating a few as well. Together, we have a bigger collection.


I thought that it would be fun to go through each of these and try remember where they all came from.

Pop Vinyl


Both of these were presents. Rey was a birthday present for me from my dad. I love to make her head bobble. Q*bert was a Christmas present for Rory from my sister.

One Piece


Rory bought these from a stall at Paddy’s Market when we went to Sydney. These two are from One Piece, which is a pretty big and long-running anime. To the left is Trafalgar Law, and to the right is Zorro. I still keep messing up their names and had to confirm with Rory that I got them right just now.

TV and Movies


These are all from different things, but I wanted to combine them, cause I like to think they’re all friends (I don’t know why). Anyway, from left to right, we have BMO from Adventure Time, Hedwig from Harry Potter, a Dalek from Doctor Who, and Pikachu from Pokemon. BMO was a present from my sister, she made it!! Hedwig is a little plushy I bought a few months ago. The Dalek is a little wind up toy that my sister got me (I just realized my sister gifted me a lot of these). And Pikachu is Rory’s, and he has still never painted him (and he just told me that he broke his tail a little, can’t remember how).

Video Game


These are all knick knack/memoribilia from various video games. From left to right we have, Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, Tigrex from Monster Hunter, and Sans from Undertale. Sephiroth is Rory’s, he got it from an Armageddon convention. Tigrex is also Rory’s, he bought it from Amazon last year. Sans was made by my friend Chris. She made him from felt!



So we got a few previous ones from overseas, but this was the only title I could think for this group. You guys know Pedro. He’s the alpaca I bought when I visited Peru. The Panda and monkey in front of Pedro are gifts from my friend Sarah when she visited China.

Tiger and Lion


These are Rory’s. They were gifted from his grandparents.



Rory’s family all have a collection of dragon knick knacks. This is Rory’s.

Random Knick Knacks


I couldn’t think of another title for this group. They are all Rory’s. The glow in the dark spider (which freaked me out for a while) used to belong to his dad. The skull in the skeleton hand was a gift from Sydney. The little tank Rory made from a kit that was a gift from his dad.

That’s it for our knick knack collection. I just thought that it would make for a fun post!

What kind of random knick knacks do you guys have lying around?


6 thoughts on “Knick Knack Collection

  1. Oh my goodness Angela, the first thing I love about you’re combined collections, so many are from family, generations. Grandparents, siblings, and parents. Second, they are amazing :):) the bobble head is cute but q bert ah, that brought back memories 🙂 The dragon from the video game collection is my favourite 🙂 I agree the “friends” look like friends hahaha


  2. I love your little Hedwig! 😀 I have lots of the Disney Tsum Tsums at home. I collected the Finding Dory ones last year. I also have lots of little Doctor Who figures and just loads of random bits and pieces!


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