We’ve covered A-E. I’ve figured out that I will finish this challenge/series in the middle of July. That is longer than I originally thought…Anyway F is for Firefly!!

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I was struggling on this, because I am a huge fan of Futurama. I love that show to bits, but I also love Firefly. In the end, I will devote this post to Firefly, because I have watched the show in it’s entirety so many many times.

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I still love you though Futurama

It was my dad who first introduced me to this show. He got out Serenity, which is the movie follow up to this show and got really into it, so he got the Firefly DVD set. One sick day at home, I decided to watch them..all. I watched the whole season in the span of two sick days at home from school. I was hooked. If you’re a fan of Joss Whedon, chances are you’ve seen this show and most probably are a fan. It has become a show with a huge following, even though it was cancelled after only one season.

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Here comes the premise. Space cowboys. That’s how I view it anyway. It’s a Western set in space, in the future. There’s a universal civil war going on, and we follow the crew of Serenity, a small transport ship (Firefly class) that takes on any job they can (legal or not) to get food on the table and to get from day to day. It’s such a fun show, and so well-written. Plus with only one season, it’s easy to rewatch. The show can go from hysterical, to heartbreaking, to terrifying.

Now, are you ready for some out of context quotes?

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As usual, Joss Whedon has a great way with words.

And now, let’s look at the main set of characters.

Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds (played by Nathan Fillion)

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He was on the side of the Browncoats, the Independents, who were against the Alliance, and the side that lost. Still bitter about that, he takes jobs that are both legal and illegal and just tries to get by. He is all about loyalty, and is often upfront with what he thinks. Very clever, and skilled at guns and fisticuffs, do not piss him off. Or cross him, or any of his crew.

Zoe Washburne (played by Gina Torres)

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The full quote of the above is “When you can’t run, you crawl. And when you can’t crawl, you find someone to carry you”. Zoe is all about loyalty, and not leaving a fellow soldier behind. She was second in command to Mal in the war, and continues this onto the ship. A loyal first mate, she follows orders, but will call out Mal if he’s doing something dumb. Just as clever (possibly more), and skilled at guns and fisticuffs, she prefers the stealthier approach. She is deadly and awesome. She is also happily married to Wash, the pilot.

Hoban “Wash” Washburne

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A gifted pilot, Wash has a more laidback approach to their lifestyle than the previous two. He is married to Zoe, and is sometimes a bit jealous of her relationship with the Captain. He is often the calm, sane voice of reason, and cracks heated situations with a joke. He may run from the action sometimes, but he has often risen to the occasion and fought alongside friends when he really needs to.

Inara Serra (played by Morena Baccarin)

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Inara is a Companion, which is a high-level companion service in the Alliance. She leases one of Serenity’s shuttles for reasons that she never fully explains. She is able to choose her customers, her service extends beyond sex, and she is often talking or counseling her customers. It requires a lot of training for years, covering a whole range of rituals, making her extremely knowledgeable about a lot of topics and not to be underestimated. Her stature in society helps out the crew in a lot of tight spots as she can cut through some red tape.

Jayne Cobb (played by Adam Baldwin)

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A big, muscular, threatening dude. He’s the typical muscle of the group. He is often seen as ‘simple’ and brutish but there’s hidden layers to him. He just doesn’t show it much, and is often tactless with how he speaks. His loyalty is often thrown into question, as money can sometimes get the better of him. But in the end, his loyalty wins out (usually). Also, he has a large arsenal of guns.

Kaywinnet Lee “Kaylee” Frye (Played by Jewel Staite)

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Kaylee is a sweetheart. She is an exceptionally gifted and talented mechanic, with no formal training. She’s that good. She is also often upbeat and positive. She loves girly things, and has a thing for Simon, the doctor. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and is not one for violence. She is very dear to the crew, and to everyone really.

Doctor Simon Tam (Played by Sean Maher)

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A serious surgeon, Simon starts off mysterious and suspicious. He is very serious, and is often the straight man to the crew’s shenanigans. He was high up working in the Alliance, and had a sheltered life. He left all of this to rescue his sister from a place that we don’t really know about. Except that it’s government related, and they messed with her head. He does his best to keep her safe and help her after what she’s been through. Because of his upbringing though, it makes him an easy target for the crew to laugh at during their misadventures. However, his skills make him an invaluable member to the team.

River Tam (Played by Summer Glau)

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A 17 year old prodigy and possible psychic. She grew up very close with her brother. When the Alliance accepted her into the “Academy”, she and her family were thrilled. But she was secretly being experimented on, to extremes. It seems that they were trying to build ‘weapons’. River has shown she is very skilled and deadly with weapons and fighting, but is often uncontrollable. In one episode, we find that they removed part of her amygdala, which is why she can’t control her emotions. She is often prone to outbursts, and is seen as emotionally unstable. She also has moments of intuition or psychic episodes which unnerves the crew. A lot of the time, she is sweet girl who is frustrated at her current situation.

Shepherd Derrial Book (played by Ron Glass)

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A lot is not known about the Shepherd. He is a religious figure and is often calm and advises the group (mostly Mal). However he is shown to be skilled in fighting, using a gun and posseses knowledge on a lot of the Alliance. Because of the show’s early end, we don’t get to fully unravel the mystery of Book.

That’s it for Firefly! This is an amazing show, and each episode is amazing in it’s own way. There’s only 14 episodes all together, followed by a movie Serenity. There are also comics which delve into the story more. Definitely watch this show, if you haven’t already.

G is next, I already know which show I’m going to do! Look out for it next Tuesday.



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